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  1. Coroner: self-help course led to woman's suicide
  2. Iraq veteran sentenced to state hospital in PTSD murder case
  3. Female Scout leader accused of sex with youngster
  4. Jorge Luis Perez arrested for child porn at Houston TX day care site
  5. Tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold=5.4 million dead
  6. NY Mother shot in front of her children
  7. NJ - Jersey City man told cops he discovered dead wife, stabbed baby, sources say
  8. Over 100 dogs found chained, freezing on Ore. property
  9. Prominent Los Angeles Attorney Shot and Killed
  10. Sweet Home, Oregon man arrested for child porn
  11. Neo-Nazi in Florida murder case gets tattoos covered for trial
  12. Minister Wife Charged- Human Trafficking
  13. WA hit and run driver and the Starbucks defense
  14. Texas judge refuses to make child porn users pay damages
  15. Seeking rapist sting nets 102 arrests
  16. GA- Brandie Danielle Davis, 19, found murdered inside her apartment
  17. Laura Lundquist, 98-Charged with murdering 100-year-old in nursing home
  18. 12 Days of Fugitives
  19. Orlando Woman Charged With Drowning Baby In Toilet
  20. Police in Lakewood Co looking for sexual assault victims!!!
  21. Domestic violence murders: Community and victims cry out
  22. Reoffending sex offender
  23. Joseph Gardner, MA, rapes another toddler while out on bail.
  24. Medford, NY Woman found stabbed and burned
  25. CA-Multiple homicides in San Clemente
  26. NC momster sentenced for putting toddler in boiling water
  27. daycare worker gets minimum of only 7 years for atrocious sexual abuse of children
  28. Chat Tonight. Limb from Limb Author and Websleuths Member Melissa Preddy.
  29. 3 year old "Bait Dog" recovered in MA
  30. Brazil toddler has 50 sewing needles inside body
  31. Animal Rights Activists eye VT Supreme Court regarding the death of a dog
  32. The pitfalls of supervised release of child porn addicts--Oregon
  33. Animal Rescuer Arrested for not Returning a Wounded Dog-ID
  34. 3 Dead in Double Murder Suicide.
  35. Utah, Two adults, two children dead in murder suicide-West Jordan
  36. Texas polygamist gets 33 years for child sex abuse
  37. Female proctor parent charged with rape of teen
  38. Cobalt teacher charged with online child luring
  39. Pediatrician Videotaped Sex Acts on Toddlers per Court Documents (Lewes, Delaware)
  40. Women going online to share sex abuse fantasies
  41. Southern Oregon Pedophile extradited from Israel
  42. Man cuts girlfriends finger off
  43. Missionary shot/killed in GA
  44. America's Best Dance Crew Judge charged with Child Molestation
  45. Former Duke researcher pleads guilty to child sex crime
  46. Loophole lets mentally ill Texas juveniles go free
  47. Sing sing so abducts teen
  48. Baby abandoned while mom shops
  49. Chilling 911 Call Could Be Woman's Last Words
  50. Level 3 sex offender tries to kidnap baby
  51. WA: Two officers shot in Pierce Co. during domestic
  52. Possible shooting - WV
  53. Mob backstory: Police arrest 10 in Char-Pal Lounge drug sting
  54. Fugitives on the run after being charged with child abuse
  55. Video: Accompany LE to make child porn arrests
  56. VA- 5 Hostages Being Held Inside Post Office 12/23/09
  57. NE - Amber Alert 15mth old boy Jarez Wilson Jr
  58. Baby Found With 22 Broken Bones; Parents Arrested
  59. Homeless parents arrested; infant taken in custody; living in unheated barn
  60. Man Accused Of Attempted Child Abduction Appears In Court-Toronto
  61. Girl, 9, almost abducted on post
  62. Stanley Tippett found guilty of kidnapping, sexually assaulting girl, 12-Canada
  63. CA - Ex-School Administrator Arrested; Sex w/14 Yr Old Boy
  64. Salvation Army major shot in front of children
  65. Actor Charlie Sheen arrested in Colorado
  66. Pope issues letter to Irish Bishops re: reporting SA to LE/Bishops quit *merged*
  67. A Christmas miracle...abducted girl found safe
  68. State's mental-health system killed Edwin and Jesse
  69. Search for Texarkana kidnapping suspect continues
  70. GA - LE Seeks Public's Help Locating 10 Sex Offenders
  71. Police: Pa. pastor fatally shoots son during fight
  72. Creepy dad posts pictures of daughter
  73. Satanic Rituals Suspected In Philadelphia Home
  74. TX- Police searching for a prison guard who murdered his wife and mother in law 12/28
  75. Three Preschoolers Injured Trying to Help Mom
  76. Teen gets 50 days in sex assault/must pay fine of $220.45
  77. Grisly death in Waterfront Park, Vancouver BC
  78. Ind. Woman Gets 125 Years For Videotaped Molesting
  79. Man teaches boy lesson shoots him with pellet gun
  80. Tampa Man Throws Baby Against Wall
  81. Victim Attacks Molester 30 Years Later
  82. CA - Shootings at Barona Casino, San Diego
  83. 19 yr. old used Facebook to blackmail students into sex
  84. 11 year old sets mom on fire in plot to kill her
  85. 14 going on 15 boy sent to prison
  86. Sheriffs Deputies attacked at Fauquier County, Va. Courthouse
  87. Woman tried to cut unborn baby from captive pregnant woman’s body
  88. Naked Man Kills Dog
  89. Illinois early secret prison release a mistake
  90. Mom in Swinger Chat While Children Die in Trunk
  91. Mo. dad, son accused of torture and murder of Ohio man
  92. Alma Elizabeth Von Steinner 57 found murdered at home Va.
  93. Brownsville, TX Asst. Principal Accused of Texting for Sex
  94. Up for Parole Child Killer... *extremely disturbing*
  95. FL - 2 Year Old Boy Beaten to Death
  96. Gary man: I don't remember sex with young relative
  97. IL - LE Trying to ID Abandoned 6 Mths Baby Girl
  98. Father accused of murdering man who allegedly sexually abused his child
  99. Woman stabs boyfriends 3 year old
  100. Disneyland worker arrested posession child pornography
  101. GA - Parents Arrested for Giving Kids Tattoos
  102. Two Federal Officers Shot at Federal Courthouse In Las Vegas
  103. Florida Man Uses Infant As A Stun Gun Shield
  104. 4 yr old stabbed and father stabbed, & mother murdered TX
  105. UT- Manhunt Underway For Sheriffs Deputy's Killer
  106. DCF ignored case of baby who later died...Florida..Bryce Barrios
  107. Whoops. Show was Taped. Wil air on Jan. 14th.
  108. 2 teens raped and attacked with hammer by moms boyfriend
  109. OK Teen mom charged with infant's death
  110. Chandler AZ woman raped twice by same guy 5 years apart
  111. TX-High Schooler hires another student to kill his mother.
  112. Registered sex offender holds woman captive 4 days
  113. John Perez 39, guilty of Rape of a child in MA
  114. Paula Sladewski Found Burned in Trash Can While on Vacation
  115. Get Drunk, Kill a Man, Serve One Year In Prison!!! WTF
  116. Gunman shoots 8, kills 3 at ABB power plant in St. Louis.
  117. 9 Month Old Thrown From Car During Fight
  118. 77 year old registered sex offender makes bizarre YouTubes
  119. Traffic stop ends in rescue of 14-year-old Portland prostitute
  120. Tx-Man Kills Wife, Daughter & Father-in-law
  121. Pa man shakes 7 week old infant
  122. Woman Fights Off Rapist Who's A Registered Sex Offender
  123. Pasadena Prostitution Ring
  124. MO- 14yo Katie Rios murdered by Juvenile relative
  125. After a lifetime of abuse, a girl sees justice done/helps others
  126. Parents Tug Of War With Infant
  127. Anchorage police officer shot several times
  128. Or registered sex offender banned from zoo
  129. Wife's Body in Pickup While Man Drives Around
  130. Man Wanted for Attacking Women with Hatchet-Oklahoma
  131. POI Arrested In Two Louisianna Rapes
  132. Wal-Mart Molester Arrested
  133. Ymca super hero champ to kids busted
  134. Attempted Abduction of 12 year old girl Navan (Ottawa) Ontario, Canada
  135. Attempted Abduction-Bettsville, Ohio-Jan. 11/2010
  136. BIZZARE STORY!: Newton County NJ Pet Store Kidnapped; FBI Investigating Alleged Crime
  137. Illionis man found with 300K rounds of ammo, 100 firearms - threatened to kill family
  138. Registered sex offender assaults girl knifepoint
  139. Mom of newborn with drugs in system arrested
  140. Would be nanny busted on child porn charges
  141. GA - 2 Dead, 3 Wounded In Disgruntled Ex-employee Shooting, Kennesaw
  142. 15 Year Old Boy Arrested for New Years Day Murder
  143. Dad molests daughter, she gets friends to beat him
  144. Cybill Sheperd's Son Arrested For Mid Air Theft
  145. 44 Arrested In Georgia Child Porn Sweep
  146. Librarian found murdered
  147. Convicted abductor poses risk, Oregon jury finds
  148. Arrest Made In Alaska Cold Case
  149. Registered Sex Offender In Oregon Arrested Luring 14 Year Old
  150. Mom Trades Baby For Gun
  151. Pheonix-Mother Accused of Trying To Trade Her Child For A Gun
  152. Manslaughter conviction in sex dungeon killing
  153. Scott Ritter- Former UN Weapons Inspector Caught in Online Sex Sting
  154. Guilty Plea Gets Sex Offender Lighter Sentence in Oregon
  155. Montreal police investigating death of 25-year-old man found stuffed in suitcase
  156. Two killed, two injured in Brooksville, FL shooting
  157. Man accused of forcing Portland girls into prostitution arrested in NM
  158. Natl Guard Soldier Caught With Child Porn In Afghanistan
  159. Democrat Martha Coakley Recommended Convicted Child Rapist Be Released with No Cash B
  160. Mom accused of drowning toddler
  161. Clearwater Man Arrested Attempted Kidnapping
  162. Muskegon man busted for making child pornography
  163. Nurse charged with sexually abusing teen - in an outhouse
  164. Springfield, Mo-Man gets 15-year prison term for plot to kidnap and assault girls
  165. Body of San Antonio Man Found in New Mexico
  166. Newark girl 7 abducted in front of home
  167. Husband says wife brainwashed their children - so he beat her w/ a crowbar
  168. Attempted murder suicide
  169. Eddie Lawrence wants out - Sarah Tokars' murderer
  170. Serial rapist targeting elderly women in rural Texas towns
  171. Baby caught in carjacking
  172. Peeping tom with child pornography
  173. Another Murder in My Town
  174. TCU student found dead, bound in home near campus
  175. Jacob Watson Accused Of Killing 2-Month-Old Daughter because of relationship w/ wife
  176. Shooting Rampage, Appomattox, VA
  177. MI-Hastings Police: Three Men Charged with Rape as Woman's Child Begged Them to Stop
  178. Mom arrested cooking meth in frony of babies
  179. Sex offender sends grooming letters from jail
  180. VA- Manhunt launched for Christopher Speight, accused of killing 8
  181. Kournikova Mom Charged With Child Neglect
  182. 13yo shot and killed by police, Harnett, NC
  183. UF Gators broadcaster Steve Babik faces federal child pornography charges
  184. MTV Reality Star Wanted in Brutal Baby Attack
  185. NC - UPDATE IDENTIFIED Body found in shallow grave
  186. 13-Year-Old Taken Into Custody After the Shooting of His Father
  187. Human Trafficking and Smuggling houses used to torture
  188. MA man pleads guilty to child rape and receives 7-8 years.
  189. Atttempted Abduction Toronto-
  190. Louisburg, NC Teenager Kills Sister, Stabs Mother
  191. Caldwell teen arrested after girl found lying in pool of blood - Idaho
  192. Shots fired on Texas Capitol steps
  193. Wisconsin 13 year old Boy Kills Father Then Goes to Walmart
  194. Girl, 7, found in Aloha, OR drug-house raid
  195. Georgia Mom Forces Son to Kill Pet with a Hammer
  196. Registered Sex Offender Assault Mentally Challenged Man
  197. Disney Security Guard Arrested On Child Pornography Charges
  198. Family fears accused rapist after he bails out
  199. Georgia Mom Forced Son To Kill Hamster Punishment For Bad
  200. Mother and 11 year-old Son Found Stabbed To Death In MO Home---Father Missing:
  201. 10,11 Year old boys torture younger boys
  202. Today's Wal-Mart Registered Sex Offender
  203. Florida Police Say Husband Admits to Killing Wife, 2 Children
  204. If he had switched to Geico he wouldn't have to rob banks.
  205. Woman Crushes, Kills Boyfriend by Sitting on Him get 3 yrs probation
  206. Toledo police: daylight, busy street, 15-yr-old confesses to rape of autistic woman
  207. Toddler shot in road rage incident/Tacoma, WA
  208. Susan Smith Asks For New Trial
  209. Pa. man accused of looting crypt to stand trial
  210. Boy,9,Commits Suicide at School
  211. Child prostitution rings busted
  212. Man admits to incest with 87-year-old relative
  213. Delaware ex-judge, William Bradley Jr., admits sexual abuse
  214. DE - 250 Pairs Of Shoes Found May Lead To Fetish Burglar
  215. Today's wal-mart registered sex offender
  216. Lake in the Hills pair charged in juvenile pimping
  217. Mother Arrested for Smothering 2 month old son
  218. Transgendered Person Slays Pastor, Satanic Manifesto Found
  219. Man sentenced for encouraging kids to beat mother
  220. Police search for gunman who killed husband, injured wife
  221. 2-year-old Found Locked in Closet
  222. OK - man accused of killing wife, kidnapping girl
  223. Large Child porn bust!
  224. Convicted child molester strangled in prison
  225. Parents Accused of Starving Baby Because They "Didn't Want a Fat Baby"
  226. Neb. woman accused of having sex with young son
  227. Baby found dead inside SUV; father faces charges (Louisville, KY)
  228. Tennessee Gives Medical License To Sex Offender Doctor
  229. Mum confesses 'ive killed my children'
  230. Human Predators Stalk Haiti's Vulnerable Kids
  231. CPS: 11-Year-Old Impregnated by Family Member
  232. Police report another gang rape in Richmond
  233. Today's Reoffending Sex Offender
  234. Day Care Provider Arrested Child Endangerment
  235. Sexual Assault Of 9 Year Old Offender Found Hiding
  236. 10-year term given to former UT Health Science center employee for child porn (TX)
  237. Boston Man An Alleged World Leader In Child Porn
  238. Reoffenders while at Mcneil Island continue to reoffend
  239. Job Seeker Guts Employment Counselor
  240. Baby found dead inside SUV; father also convicted in 1991 murder of baby
  241. OR man sexually assaults woman and then passes out
  242. Bizarre Missing-Person Case Baffles Investigators
  243. Alexis Andres Longoria busted for child porn--considered among worst offenders in TX
  244. Texas father found guilty in wife's drowning death of baby
  245. Head Start teacher murdered in Salt Lake City
  246. Man sets puppy on fire while kids hold dog
  247. Rip Torn charged with breaking into Conn. bank
  248. MA Teacher Kidnaps Ex Sis-In-Law
  249. Woman raped live on internet - grand jury indictment tossed (AZ)
  250. Mother and brother arrested in woman's torture death (NY)