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  1. Home daycare provider & Son charged with child molestation
  2. Teacher Charged With Abusing Special-Needs Students
  3. Police kill World's toughest bad guy?
  4. Convicted Rapist Speaks to victims family at Sentencing
  5. Inmates at a California Youth Authority facility allege sexual abuse
  6. Judge orders drug addict to stop having children
  7. Pamela Smart Seeks Pardon
  8. Hooker's Tip Leads To Child porn Bust
  9. Teen age Tsunami Victim Raped by Rescuer
  10. 1st graders tried to have sex at school??!!??
  11. 1-Month-Old Hospitalized With Fractures, Bite Marks
  12. Pregnant mother stabbed to death
  13. Prostitute does the right thing
  14. Mother injured while attempting to kill her children
  15. Mother accused of murdering two children years apart
  16. Police: Women Use Baby In Shoplifting Escape
  17. Another murdered woman
  18. Denial of battered pregnant woman's divorce sparks outrage
  19. Retirement home housekeeper goes on rampage
  20. Another domestic homicide
  21. Canadian Black Widow tries to strike again
  22. 12 Year Old Charged with 3 Year Old's Rape/Murder
  23. Guard cut for sex fiend
  24. news of the weird..
  25. Girl's Mother forces her to drink Bleach
  26. Would be abductor stopped by family
  27. Police looking for child rapist
  28. Helen Walker murder in Florida
  29. Man allegedly murders mom in hospital
  30. Man Charged with Killing Girlfriend's Two-Year-Old
  31. Dad breaks his baby's legs, & ribs :(
  32. Another sad case of a murdered policeman.
  33. Please write letter about Jeffrey McDonald's parole hearing
  34. 2 Women Charged With Rape
  35. So SICK! Man "marries" 10 year old, claims legal
  36. Perverted Justice
  37. Sally Geerson killer - sad, but fascinating story
  38. Terrifying attack called hate crime
  39. Teen Boy testifies he murdered Dad after sexual abuse
  40. Teen Baby Killers
  41. Man Faces Animal Abuse Charges...
  42. Mother allowed 12 yo son to rape and kill 3 yo
  43. Elementary students try to hijack school bus
  44. Woman accused of holding sex-and-drug parties for teenage boys
  45. Yet another young murderer. Convicted.
  46. The second life of Larry Swartz: Florida friends remember murderer
  47. The Death Penalty, Schwarzenegger and The Exonerated
  48. Mom gives Crack to 4 Yr Old to "calm him"
  49. 'Survivor' Winner Arraigned on Tax Evasion
  50. Police praise woman who escaped attacker
  51. Texas reportedly #1 in prison rape
  52. 21 students claim abuse
  53. Man who lost home kills new owner
  54. "Cool Mom" charged with drug/sex parties
  55. With temperatures in 20s, kindergartner is found wandering in an industrial park
  56. What they are doing to Sponge Bob is a crime
  57. Another murder solved after 30 years!!!
  58. Boy, 6, charged with a felony after hitting teacher, cop
  59. Teacher taped shut kids' eyes, mouths shut
  60. Judge says high school locker room incident was assault, not rape
  61. 3rd grader hanged herself?
  62. Police believe dog attack, hypothermia killed Erie girl, 14
  63. 'Sadistic' mother jailed for two years
  64. Death penalty "the process"
  65. Missing Indiana Girl Found Dead
  66. Question on Robert Pickton-Canada
  67. Child Killers Released Early
  68. What the...?!: Priest asks girl, 12, and mom to perform a sex act
  69. Abuse of Girl Results in 90 day sentence.
  70. Boy with Down Syndrome turned into "suicide" bomber
  71. Daughter Murders Her Mother
  72. so sad, poor sweet baby
  73. Bill Cosby accused; will charges be filed?
  74. Kudos to Toronto Police - maybe you can help too?
  75. Mom starved her 3 children to death
  76. NJ - Mother bludgeons 14 year old daughter to death
  77. woman claims to be kidnapped, released
  78. Child Porn Filmed At Disney!!
  79. Husband Charged in 1993 Death
  80. Unfathomable child abuse in TX
  81. Teen girl tied up and scalped
  82. Haltom City (ft. Worth) Girl, 14, Found Killed On Playground
  83. Siblings kill family members
  84. Psychiatrist sticks to claim that Zoloft caused boy to kill
  85. Another Child Unbelievably Abused
  86. Woman defends sexual abuse of boy as 'cultural ritual'
  87. Cop's Taser puts boy in cardiac arrest
  88. Cop sues McDonalds for 6million after glass in burger incident
  89. Husband Finds Out Wife's Sad Porn Past
  90. Teen locked in her room for OVER A YEAR
  91. Newborn Baby Tossed Out Car Window
  92. An attempt to kill to steal baby: breaking news
  93. Woman Who Cut Arms Off Baby - Update
  94. Mass suicide planned in Yahoo chatroom
  95. Wrong Prisoner Released From Osceola Jail
  96. Judge Commits Suicide After Allegations Of Child Molestation
  97. Deputies shot- 1 dead three injured
  98. 3 Yr Old Girl Killed By Dad's Best Friend
  99. Le Catches Abductor In The Act - 9 Yr Old Girl
  101. High-Tech Stalking
  102. Man admits to murder of single mom
  103. Teacher accused of instructing students on bomb-making
  104. OH - 2 New highway shootings- Cincinnati
  105. Woman sees her rapist working at Target
  106. Mom admits fouling young daughter's IV
  107. 12 year old girl murders younger sister
  108. Capital Charges In Baby's Death
  109. Man charged with chaining 4-year-old
  110. Man Cloaks Himself In His Mother's Skin
  111. Serial rape suspect captured
  112. Mother ARRESTED for protecting kids from plainclothes cop
  113. Rape story to be on '60 Minutes'
  114. Suspect robs couple, rapes woman, then shops for children's items
  115. Would-be rapist picks wrong victim
  116. Columbus Rape Linked Via DNA To Michigan Attacks
  117. Pregnant woman presumed dead....
  118. Two kids murdered by their dad in GA
  119. This is terrible : Adrianne Reynolds 16 May she rest in peace
  120. She got pregnant HOW???
  121. Official: Victim killed over pregnancy
  122. Angelene Plummer 3yr old; babysitter charged
  123. Girl, 14, gives birth alone, hands baby to a neighbor
  124. Another child support murder
  125. Man maced when he tried ot get help for dying dog.
  126. Another Munchausen By Proxy case...
  127. Police say 'predator' baby-sat
  128. Pregnant woman killed attacker
  129. Execution. To be or not to be?
  130. 13 yr old shot by police in Los Angeles
  131. Man Murders Wife, Their Children See It
  132. Imprisoned Wife Dies, Daughters Find Her Body
  133. 66 accused as mammoth child abuse trial begins
  134. Judge's husband & mother murdered in home
  135. Sperlik Bondage Music Teacher
  136. Teacher Has Sex with Pupil While Baby in Car
  137. Cops: Woman hid drugs in infant's diapers
  138. School bus driver shot, student held
  139. "mother" says boyfriend sacrificed her baby
  140. Daycare owner's son charged in child porn case
  141. Turnpike Tragedy: What Really Happened?
  142. sex with students; 2 coaches and principal charged
  143. Salon Owner, Elderly Customers Found Slain
  144. 4 police shot and killed near my home
  145. Man Stuck in Windshield Case
  146. Pilot Arrested On Suspicion Of Being Drunk
  147. Little League mom ordered to watch sportsmanship video, write essay
  148. Young couple disappears
  149. Woman Charged With Threatening Judge
  150. 5 yrold child thrown from car by suicidal father
  151. Teacher had affair with student and his father
  152. School Sex Scandal Gets Worse
  153. Mom/Granma charged in baby's diaper rash death
  154. 30+ Kids Die of Food Poisioning
  155. Man Raped 3-Year-Old For Internet Video
  156. Former Minister Accused Of Molesting Young Boys
  157. Man Pleads Not Guilty To Sex Assaults On Other Men
  158. Parkway Rapist:A monster among criminals
  159. Mom Leaves Daughter In Car While Gambling
  160. Cops: Teen sent semen-frosted brownies to student on V-Day
  161. Mother, 82, left alone while son gambled in casino, say police
  162. 17 Yr Old Found Starved In Cage, Wearing Diaper
  163. Hotel Shooting, 8 dead, Brookfield, WI
  164. Mom shot to death at dentist's office
  165. Mom arrested after toddler abandoned in woods
  166. Man sets up methamphetamine lab in K Mart Bathroom
  167. 6 year old rapist quietly moved to new school
  168. Man shocked, then shot family pet
  169. Teacher, Father Were Making Child Porn
  170. Toddler found dead in garbage can
  171. Child Rapist was in church as face appears on "Most Wanted" show
  172. Mom planted daughter's nude photos in ex-husbands house
  173. Parents shop at WalMart as kids die in home fire
  174. 5 Yr. Old Arrested
  175. 6 and 7 year olds being raped by classmates
  176. Mother and 3 sons killed inside Florida apt
  177. Blind Girl Raped In Subway
  178. Coach accused of climbing to ceiling to watch girls undress
  179. 14 shot, some fatally @ Minnesota school
  180. I'm devastated! Rae Carruth DENIED another trial
  181. DAD ONLY GETS 22 YRS?? For hanging his little boy?`
  182. First-grader hands out crack cocaine, thinking it was candy
  183. Neighbors Ignore Screams While 70-Year-Old Is Raped
  184. Blind girl raped in Subway
  185. Dad gives marijuana to toddler
  186. Scared Woman Shoots Chihuahua
  187. Follow the money trail
  188. Man Arraigned For Allegedly Killing Family
  189. Man Shot Near School, Indiana, Pa.
  190. Infant Abused - What is this world coming to?
  191. Family Pets Stolen for Dog Fight 'Bait,' Cops Say
  192. Florida Teen Girl Gets 45 Years for Killing Friend
  193. Man Kills Dog with Pick axe because of it's Name
  194. "Easter Bunny" attacks
  195. Woman shot 18 times, drives self to hospital
  196. CO - Death sentence overturned due to jurors consulting Bible
  197. Retired Boy Scouts official charged with child porn possession
  198. Cop Comes Across Son At Fight Scene
  199. Comatose girl awakens, 10yo Hawaii
  200. Doctor Charged With Sexual Abuse, Indecent Exposure
  201. Mom Talks About Alleged Daycare Abuse
  202. ANOTHER Florida tragedy
  203. Man brutally beats 1 month old baby
  204. 7 yo boy wants to do "nasty stuff" with 6 yo girl
  205. New Jersey girl slain after refusing to give man a kiss
  206. Colorado serial rapist Brent Brents
  207. Cops shoot naked psycho Dad on street
  208. Update on Lisa Ann Bourquardez
  209. Baby's body found in mud near reservoir
  210. Searching garbage dump for woman's body
  211. Man accused of letting 3-year-old brandish gun
  212. Mom turns in son to save grandchildren
  213. Beau Kills Gal Pal With Ice Pick
  214. Girl's beating broadcast on net
  215. Felony animal abuse- R rated
  216. Child and Elder abuse
  217. Nurse Convicted for sexually assaulting Brain-Damaged Patient
  218. Man strangles, beheads (pregnant?) wife
  219. Homeless woman walks around with dead infant
  220. Suspect sought in abduction, rape of teen in Coral Springs, Fl
  221. Man found dead in his home's basement
  222. Arson and murder of 17yo's sibling's. Possible sexual abuse
  223. Dead woman's home filled with snakes, other tough critters
  224. Skateboarders son dead of head injuries
  225. Teacher Assaults Teacher in Class
  226. Texas - Still No Life Without
  227. Woman Held Captive for 10 Years
  228. Man suspected of killing his first wife, and pregnant girlfriend
  229. Woman corrupted teen boys, police say
  230. Princeton grad student Charged With Despicable Crime
  231. Accused Sex Offender Still Free
  232. Man Convicted Of Sex Assault On Flight
  233. Houston Woman Walked Around With Dead, Abused Baby
  234. Screams lead police to abused toddler's body
  235. Principal accused of sex charges
  236. Judge gives man 40 years for scalding his daughter
  237. Mother of boy killed in fire was shopping, officials told
  238. Baby faces gun ****!
  239. TX HS Football coach shot
  240. Life for Beating Death of Toddler
  241. Man Kills Girlfriend and Keeps Body in Storage
  242. Federal inmate indicted for threatening judge
  243. Riverside college student who killed his mother sentenced to prison
  244. Man says he killed and cut up friend
  245. Lawyer suspended for jailhouse sex with triple-murder defendant
  246. Police: Palatka woman burned young girl with iron 16 times
  247. Man dies after police shoot him with bean bags
  248. "Sopranos" star charged with assaulting girlfriend in Little Italy
  249. Famlies Badges Worn at a Murder Trial May Lead to a Convict's Release
  250. Murder suspect may return to area