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  1. AZ - Woman's body found in desert south of Tucson
  2. PA Mutilated Dog Found On Woman's Porch
  3. AL Ellis L Patton on Run after raping 2 women, leaving 1 dead Tuscaloosa 10/26/2010
  4. PA Man Gets Jolted By 6900 Volts Stealing Copper Halts Amtrak Service
  5. Registered Sex Offender Drops Dead Body Off At Sheriff's Office
  6. Think very very hard before you have surgery at Rhode Island Hospital
  7. CA~Teen thrown off overpass/two arrested
  8. PA Feds Swarm A Philly Business Possible Prostitution Ties
  9. Gov't Probe: Guardians Of Elderly Not Screened, Monitored - elderly abused
  10. CA~Two more men forced off bridge after robbery
  11. LA - "Not my job" says April Johnson, arrested for horrific elderly abuse 28-Oct-2010
  12. NV- Gunman shoots 3 people in Reno WalMart 29-Oct-2010
  13. CO- Victim says she was tortured for 20 hours, a woman led attack
  14. PA - Fire chief says Schuylkill County fires are Arson
  15. CA~Adult abuse victim severely beats Jesuit priest abuser
  16. MO~Rev. Ryan Price arrested for assault/"taking care of a pedophile"
  17. CO - Body Found In Car Outside Jail, Driver Held
  18. OK - Woman found dead near train tracks with baby blanket...
  19. Man crashes into East L.A. home, killing girlfriend, newborn baby
  20. OH-Teen found 3 family members dead thought it was a Halloween hoax
  21. Witness recalls seeing body in incinerator....Canada
  22. Montreal school owner Reza Mohammad Tehrani-Cohen possibly kidnapped
  23. PA Woman Shoots Boyfriend And Then Shoots Herself
  24. Ok - Found Deceased -Julie Mitchell, 34
  25. TX-Again: Homeowner Kills Would be Intruder
  26. PA Cross Dressing Prostitute Murders Man In Omni Hotel
  27. Anthony Santos' sensitivity chip is missing
  28. IL - Crystal Terpening, body found and identified
  29. PA Serial Arsonist Caught Red Handed
  30. CA~Kidnapping for ransom victim jumps from 2nd floor window
  31. FL - Nancy Bruneau, brutally killed by son, Hollywood Lakes, November 2010
  32. AK-Torture and death of Benjamin Kaiser, a 19-year-old from Hooper Bay
  33. PA Nursing Student's Body Found In Lot
  34. FL-Trainer charged with 37 counts of felony animal cruelty
  35. Catholic Priest steals money for porn addiction
  36. 80 yr old woman robbed of purse and pet Yorkie
  37. Morgan Stanley financial adviser escapes felony charges for hit-and-run 'because it c
  38. Random Stranger beaten to death by partygoers Douglasville, GA
  39. NH teen gets life sentence for machete attack
  40. Ohio teen admits animal cruelty in alpaca death
  41. NJ Man Arrested For Murder Of Virginia Man He Met Online
  42. CA Have You Seen This Sex Offender On The Run?
  43. TX-19 yr old Amanda Anderson shot to death in her home
  44. FL- Officials: Personal ad led to murder of Danielle Santangelo
  45. WANTED FOR MURDER - Cory Thomas - 19 years old - Bassett
  46. TX - San Antonio woman stabbed to death: Ofelia Alvarado, 25
  47. IL ** graphic images @ links - Sandra Vasquez 15 Years DUI Crash Killed Five Teens
  48. Driver sought in motorcycle crashes that killed 5
  49. NJ Woman Abducted From Philly Venue Raped In New Jersey
  50. Sheriff: Woman pushed from LA train platform dies
  51. Natalee Holloway - Possible New Physical Evidence
  52. CA - Murder In Beverly Hills: Publicist Ronni Chasen found shot five times
  53. Justin Boulay, Andrea Will's Killer, Free And Moving To Hawaii
  54. Bond set for woman accused of rape
  55. Super Bowl: ‘Magnet for Sex Trafficking’
  56. LA - Hurricane Katrina and the Death of Henry Glover
  57. Two women, one boy found dead. 13 year girl found alive in Ohio
  58. Spies, Sex, MI6, & The Body in a Bag: The Lonely Death of Gareth Williams
  59. NJ Woman Raped In Portable Toilet Sketch Available
  60. Serial killings study prompts police to launch investigations
  61. GA Registered Sex Offender Attempts To Rape Young Woman
  62. moab utah, park ranger shot
  63. PA Teen Shot Dead By Campus Police After Carjacking
  64. PA Cabbie Burned With Cigarette And Beaten By Irate Fare
  65. TX-Ft Hood Soldier,Jed Paul Naisbitt-30,Shot Dead in Car
  66. Jawbone Found in Aruba is Not Natalee Holloway!
  67. PA Violent Rapist/Robber Preying On Young Women Coming From Clubs
  68. PA Man Beat 70 Year Old Wife Brutally After She Played Cards
  69. CA-88 yo old man charged in mercy killing
  70. NC-Photos of cats holding knives, cigarettes prompts animal control investigation
  71. AIDS Tainted Razor Blades Sent To Professor
  72. Honeymoon Killer Gabe Watson deported from AU to USA
  73. SC - Two Teens Found Fatally Shot in Woods
  74. Nancy Grace Special-5 top Cold Cases/children
  75. OH - Mother, 2 Children Fatally Stabbed / 1 Man Injured (Columbus)
  76. Parents attack Hijacker to Save Baby!
  77. OR-Teen suspected of trying to set off bomb at public event
  78. TX - Body of woman found along road in Elgin
  79. Police with guns drawn raid Organic Store
  80. PA Teen Murders Mom With Hammer
  81. Hate crime being prosecuted in NM Town
  82. St. Patrick's School principal arrested in connection with stabbing of ex-boyfriend
  83. MO-Multiple People Shot at A North St. Louis Funeral Home
  84. 2 women found dead in Escambia CO, FLorida-same place different times of death
  85. Woman Accused Of Pushing 100-Year-Old Walmart Greeter
  86. Social Media and Criminal Harassment
  87. Five dead in MO killing spree, shooter suicide
  88. K-9 Murdered in Line of Duty
  89. UT- Sherry Black stabbed to death at her home bookstore 11/30/10
  90. Matteo "Patrick" Giovanditto-first murder in the picture-perfect town by Disney
  91. CT Teens Killed Because They Were Bored: Judge
  92. CT - Brett & Candace Bednarz named POIs in East Hartford triple homicide
  93. Jim Leyritz, disgraced ex-Yankees World Series hero, fined $500 for misdemeanor DUI
  94. Man killed by crossbow at library
  95. TX - Landlord dentist secretly taped woman & daughter - also facing child porn charge
  96. FL~Disney Town Sees Second Death This Week
  97. Mexico Arrests US Boy Alleged to Be Drug Cartel Hit Man
  98. PA Man Blames Faulty Vending Machine For Busting His Mom's Wrist
  99. PA Massage Parlors Raided For Prostitution
  100. FL - Panama City - 1989 murder of Tressa Pettibone
  101. Pregnant Mother Of Three Murdered By Boyfriend
  102. AL-Teen held hostage by ex killed in attempted rescue
  103. IL - Registered sex offender charged w/ murder & sex assault of elderly Alton woman
  104. PA~Couple sought in Calif. man's dismemberment
  105. MD~Jihad obsessed young man caught in another FBI fake bomb sting
  106. SC - Parrot Echoed Pleas Of Dying Elderly Mother (St. George)
  107. Seemona Sumasar is not a robber, she is a rape victim
  108. CO: Hit & Run driver hits preg. woman, baby dies
  109. 14 y/o Teen Murders His Parents-Golden Gate Estates, FL.
  110. Milan Egrmajer, Canadian sailor killed by pirates off coast of Honduras Dec 2/10
  111. Christy Martin: Boxer's husband arrested in connection with her shooting
  112. OK - OKC Man-Imp Feigned Autism, Wore Diapers: Outraging Public Decency Charges Filed
  113. Disbarred US Army Lawyer Back in VA Court - Rape and Sodomy of an Infant
  114. Dad, 47, in Germany castrates man,57, for dating 17 year old daughter
  115. Las Vegas Bellagio Casino Robbed of $2 Million in Chips
  116. FL- Shots fired, 1 reported dead at Panama City school board meeting
  117. Melissa Mason, Nicole Glass found murdered in home, Phoenix, AZ 12/3/10
  118. TX - 3 robbery suspects shot, killed during Houston jewelry store holdup
  119. UT- Womans body found inside park restroom 12/17/10
  120. WV - Deea Shawn Workman, found frozen to death in drain pipe, Logan County, 2010
  121. Christine Logan, US tourist stabbed to death in Israel
  122. PA - December Drownings-York, 2010
  123. Joran Van der Sloot ALL UPDATES#18
  124. Woman Drove 600 Miles for Murder
  125. UT - Headless chickens and goat found on Park City sidewalk
  126. NY - Police Hunt for 'Body in Suitcase' suspect
  127. RSO Brian Brinson murdered- Ex cult member, killed 8 yr old, molested 14 yr ol
  128. RSO Brady McIntire charged with repeating crime 20 years later
  129. RSO Wesley Watson- Released Early, GPS tracking, impersonates cop, rapes new victim
  130. GA - Dougherty County Police officer killed in shooting-Albany, 2010
  131. TX - "My son is dead. Mental illness is everywhere": the shooting of Tavan Cullum
  132. SC - Aiken County Releases 911 Call From Killer
  133. UT~Armed man killed by police at Mormon temple
  134. Fertility Dr. Arrested in California.
  135. MO - 14-year-old girl shot dead at slumber party
  136. TX - Dallas pastor denies burglarizing congregant's house
  137. Man Smacks Teen For Refusing To Turn Off His Cell Phone.
  138. Man accused of secretly videotaping wife and daughter
  139. TX - Arlington police officer killed protecting 11-year-old
  140. TX - The crack house, the disabled man, & the sexual assault charge
  141. TN Record Meth Lab Bust
  142. Homeless man attacked by police officer's son
  143. Ga. high school student allegedly raped by top Shreveport official
  144. TX - Hostages held during bank robbery in Pearland
  145. TX - While protecting woman, S.A. man slain with shovel
  146. Tempie Kitchin Kerr jumped from/pushed out of moving car 12-29-10 Raleigh, NC died
  147. OH - Deputy and gunman dead, another officer wounded
  148. Pitt fires new coach after domestic violence charge
  149. Texas border town Cuidad Juarez, Mex. one of "the most dangerous places on earth"
  150. RSO rapes woman days after he was released from prison
  151. Gov. Schwarzenegger commutes some sentences
  152. OH - Big Prairie boy 10, charged with killing his mother
  153. NJ Woman Busted For Selling Drugs To Nursing Home Residents
  154. Oklahoma Highway Patrol seized money - but was it drug-related?
  155. DE - Presidential aide's body found in landfill, ruled homicide
  156. TX - High risk sex offender linked to two San Antonio rapes
  157. Navy Captain Loses Command Because of Videos
  158. DE - 82 YO man nabs burglars
  159. Philippines - Murdered Man Captures His Killer in Final Photo
  160. TX - R.I.P. Peanut: man sets dog afire, traumatizes neighbor children
  161. NE~School Shooting in Omaha
  162. Hostage situation in Chandler AZ mall
  163. OR~Ranier Police Chief shot to death
  164. MD-68 Year Old Sexual Assault Victim Attacked Again By The Same Person
  165. Packages explode in Maryland & WA DC state buildings
  166. Haiti~Rapes of women and children in camps increasing
  167. Another Baby Abandoned
  168. PA Man Stabbed 6 Times And Robbed In Public Bathroom
  169. CA-Suspects Raped 'Defenseless' Disabled Women on Tape
  170. found safe -FL Tamarcus Daise 1 yr old Missing with stolen vehicle 1-7-11
  171. New Jersey man seeking "portal to hell" stabs 2
  172. OK - Tulsa man insists hate-crime intent "misunderstood"
  173. AZ - Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shot at public event #1
  174. Mexico - 27 killed/14 decapitated in less than a day in Acapulco
  175. Christina Taylor Green Killed in Tucson shooting was born Sept. 11, 2001
  176. SEx Offender Treatment Patient Attacks Roomie
  177. MD-Officer among 6 shot ,2 killed outside club
  178. Portuguese Journalist Castrated/Bludgeoned by Lover
  179. Where is Gao Zhisheng?
  180. OK - Man jailed in wife's death says she caught him watching porn
  181. DC - Ashley Turton, Political aide's wife found dead in burning car
  182. CO - Paonia woman found dead, estranged husband arrested
  183. MO - Yvonne Lowers, 51: Springfield death mystifies authorities
  184. Toronto Police Officer killed by stolen snowplow this AM
  185. AZ - Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords survives shooting at public event #2
  186. Ks concordia ks teen threatens school officials
  187. TX - Kerby Barbe: suicide & possible homicide AWOL airman
  188. Man Murders Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend and Sleeps with Her Body
  189. Mother and Children Found Dead in Suburban Detroit
  190. Kate Puzey - Peace Corps Volunteer Murdered in Benin - March 2009
  191. CA~George Bronk hacked into 172 women's email accounts/used coercion to control
  192. Florida police chief charged with thwarting child rape case against friend
  193. Wisconsin Woman Finds $280K of Drugs in Vacuum
  194. MI - Serial rapist in Detroit, sketches released 1-17-2011
  195. FL - Russell Walker, American Airlines Pilot murdered Pompano Beach, FL
  196. Three students shot at Gardena High School, California 1/18/11
  197. WI - Satanic Thrill Killer, Austin Davis Sentenced for murder of 93 yo
  198. Potentially Lethal Backpack Bomb Defused on Spokane MLK Parade Route
  199. PA Man Shot Friend For Eating His Birthday Cake
  200. List of 117 Catholic Church SO's to be released in Boston
  201. IL: Another Crime due to Facebook
  202. Troubling Questions Still regarding the Murder of Daniel Pearl
  203. "Mob Sweep" 100+ Arrested, NY, NJ, RI
  204. Man Stabs 4, Kills 1 Because Of Farting
  205. Over 120 face charges in Northeast mafia crackdown
  206. Violent Registered Sex Offender Kidnaps Woman
  207. Bath salts...a new self-harm & crime concern
  208. Bennett family, Mother, 3 kids discovered murdered in burned house Indiana
  209. Utah trooper accused of punching woman after traffic stop
  210. VA Elderly couple murdered Police looking for car
  211. MI - 4 officers shot inside Detroit precinct on NW side
  212. WA-Shooting in Walmart leaves 2 dead
  213. UK NI Carer ate food meant for patient with Alzheimer's
  214. RU - 31 dead, 100s injured by suicide bomb at Moscow airport
  215. U.S. Marshals agent, two police officers shot in St. Petersburg
  216. OR~Manhunt on for shooter of LEO Steven Dodds/Lincoln City
  217. Alaska has the highest Sexual Assault Stats in the Nation
  218. Man kept body in bed for 2 days
  219. Spate of Police Shootings - 11 in 24 Hours
  220. WI - Shane Hawkins, Chippewa Falls
  221. Toronto Ontario - Woman, 60, beaten to death in apartment [Jan 23/11]
  222. CA High School on Lockdown 2nd X in a week
  223. Children playing find homicide body-Georgia Dekalb County Lithonia
  224. Convicted Murderer John Gardner Still Being Investigated
  225. Uganda~Gay activist slain after his photo was published
  226. Double murder cottendale florida
  227. WA~Robert Anderson secretly taped sex with women and his dog/child porn also
  228. Panty raid at Victoria's Secret nets burglar nearly $5,000
  229. ND~Four dead, including two children, in a quadruple slaying
  230. NM-Woman Found Shot in Head in Hotel
  231. MI~Roger Stockham of CA arrested for plotting to blow up mosque
  232. Canada - Tourism lull led to ‘execution-style killings’ of 100 B.C. sled dogs
  233. IL -Chillicothe homicide victim identified
  234. KY - Man shoots self outside Catholic Church
  235. CA-Son kills Mother 2-4-11
  236. 1 dead, 11 shot at Ohio fraternity house
  237. Nikitta Grender
  238. PA 21 Year Old Pregnant Woman Dies Outside Traffic Court
  239. CO-Baby ok after days with dead mother
  240. Police officer kills girlfriend, self.
  241. MD Peeping Tom Did Way More Than Peeping
  242. MI - Woman Tortured and Beaten by Husband - Muskegon County
  243. UT-Feb 9th-2 murders of two women two years apart linked by DNA
  244. Children, 4 & 9, found dead in Gwinnett Co, GA
  245. GA-Lawrenceville 9 Feb 2011 2 children dead, one child airlifted, father critical
  246. CD Found By Toddler Leads to Man's Molestation Arrest
  247. AL Man Kills M.I.L.: Serves 1 Year. Kills Wife, Will Serve 2 1/2 Years
  248. VA-3 dead, 3 hurt in Manassas Attacks
  249. OR: Abandoned cat is brought back from brink of death by rescue workers
  250. FL: LCSO Makes Arrest in Wolf Creek Murders