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  1. Roosevelt Mondesir Allegedly Doused Ex-Girlfriend In Gas, Set Her On Fire At 7-Eleven
  2. PA 4 Violent Home Invasions In 24 Hours
  3. KY - Truck driver kidnapped two Kentucky teenagers
  4. TN - Woman Raped and Stabbed at Smoky Mountains NP,Gatlinburg, 2012
  5. Buffalo Hospital Shooting: Surgeon Wanted for Allegedly Killing Ex-Girlfriend
  6. NJ Woman Indicted for Throwing Dog into Traffic.
  8. CA - Picasso print, taken after party at jailed ex-PM's home, found by side of trail
  9. The Most Dangerous Place to be a Girl-**Graphic**
  10. TX - HPD beating victim arrested again for burglary
  11. Literacy teacher told students to cut each other in bizarre cleansing ritual: LE
  12. TX - Man found in bathtub with dead ex-girlfriend later kills himself, cops say
  13. CA - Barry Gilton and Lupe Mercado charged with murder of daughter's pimp
  14. PA - 2 adult sisters found living with mother's decomposed body after odor complaints
  15. OH - Cincinnati man arrested a 4th time for having sex with a teddy bear in public
  16. Quebec sisters found dead; vomit, skin lesions, blue nails mark bodies in Thai hotel
  17. Off-Duty NJ Cop in Standoff With PA Police
  18. Off-duty Clifton cop barricaded in Pa. home shoots at police
  19. UK - 'The man under concrete beneath my patio...': body found in deathbed confession
  20. Police: Teen fatally stabbed step-dad on Father's Day
  21. FL - Man says stolen truck was returned with a body inside
  22. TX - "Snake Guy" gets life sentence for sawed-off shotgun slaying, San Antonio motel
  23. Artist vandal caught on video defacing "priceless" Picasso in Houston gallery
  24. LA - Missing man found in TX, 800 miles away, in boxers, burnt, injured, wrists bound
  25. FL-Toddler found w 2 dead bodies in car
  26. North Carolina man arrested after biting police dog
  27. Fearless Brooklyn boy, 11, stabs mom's abusive boyfriend to fend off attack
  28. Regina Terry Burned Infant, 7 Others With Hot Grease
  29. Officials investigate death of infant at day care
  30. VT - Owen Cornell, 29, Shaftsbury, 16 Jun 2012 - WARRANT FOR ARREST
  31. NV - Kirstin Blaise Lobato-you can help to free her, Las Vegas
  32. PA - Mortician finds 10 inches of rope shoved down woman's throat
  33. PA Vanessa Banks Murdered January 31, 2012
  34. Another alleged bath salts-induced, cannibalistic "zombie" attack in Sunshine State
  35. FL: Port Orange, June 2012: Body found in backyard of rape suspect James Maxwell
  36. PA Woman Not High On Bath Salts Violently Beats Stranger On Bus
  37. IL - Ret. Police Sgt Ronald Susek found murdered in his backyard
  38. popular principal accused in deadly rampage
  39. Former principal charged in fatal Fla. stabbings
  40. CO - Denver LEO Shot & Killer working concert in park
  41. Actor Dylan McDermott solves mom's murder/cover up
  42. Child Murderer Eligible For Parole
  43. TX - Mollie Olgin, 19, dead, 18yo injured in sexual assault, shooting at park
  44. Ottawa man killed neighbour for her apartment with 'a better view'; bludgeoned ex-wiv
  45. FBI: Nationwide child prostitution sweep leads to 104 arrests, 79 children rescued
  46. Police: 30 years later, ‘Ski-mask Rapist’ caught with DNA evidence
  47. TX - Man eats dog while on synthetic drugs
  48. UK Oldham Massive Explosion Kills 2 year old. Man arrested
  49. Fatal Shooting at Ft. Bragg
  50. TX - Landlord finds mystery woman shot dead at his Ft. Worth rental
  51. PA Pit bull doused in gasoline set on fire reward offered
  52. OK - Tambourine-playing woman raises ruckus at church, gets tased, arrested
  53. Police arrest escaped convict who was on the run for 31 years
  54. Naked carjacker, possibly drug-addled, runs amok, injures 7 in multi-wreck rampage
  55. AZ Naked Man Steals Jeep And Crashes
  56. Naked Woman Wrecks Car Leaves Kids Has A Cool Treat
  57. Arsonist dies shortly after getting guilty verdict (Commits Suicide)
  58. Please Offer Words of Support to Victims of Abuse at the Hands of Sandusky
  59. IL - John Wayne Gacy blood nephew Raymond Kasper charged with multiple sex offenses
  60. UT - Arrest made in 1989 cold case murder of Felicia Pappas
  61. PA - Man Stabbed For Not Being A Barber
  62. PA Man Sets Cat On Fire Keeps Up Standoff With Cops All Day
  63. TX - DA accused of allowing killer to escape
  64. TN - Burning Body of Erika Megan Sharpton Found Along Road, Tullahoma
  65. PA Driver High On K2 Charged With Homocide Vendors Also Charged
  66. GA We Have Another Superhuman, Growling Wanting To Eat Cops Faces Zombie
  67. Man boasts of grave-robbing, stealing famous composers' teeth, for "macabre museum"
  68. 3 in custody after ICE agent shot near Hargill
  69. UK - Torso found wrapped in bin liners on beach at Southsea, Portsmouth
  70. UK- Police Shut Motorway, Surround Coach
  71. PA 72 Year Old Man Sucker Punched Robbed Chinese Take-Out
  72. TX - Vampire-like attack in Corpus Christi momentarily stalls zombie surge
  73. The Caffeine Excuse for Sexual Assault
  74. PA Three Shootings Mar Welcome America Concert Fireworks
  75. UK - 40 years on, Bloody Sunday investigation into soldiers' killings of 13 civilians
  76. PA - Naked, bath-salts-addled new mom assaults, wrestles with hospital staff: LE
  77. Former Oakland Raider faces three more murder charges
  78. IN - Baby Girl High On Bath Salts Charged With Neglect
  79. boy, 12, charged with murder for 'beating to death his foster sister, 2
  80. Police: Four killings in small Ohio town may be connected
  81. MO - AWOL in 1989, DWI stop of ex-Marine in 2010 solves KC rape & murder via DNA: LE
  82. GA - Man High On Bath Salts Eats Own Feces
  83. PA - Four years later, two officers charged in 'peacemaker's' shooting
  84. Human Remains Found In Trash Of Man Killed By Marionville, MO, Police Officer
  85. MO - Missing 18-month-old toddler's body found near Blackwater River
  86. UK - Questions arise in deaths of elderly couple first believed to be double suicide
  87. Sons say decades of abuse
  88. NC - Ralph Exum Jones - 82 years old found shot in his home.
  89. UK - Armed hunt on for man who shot police constable dead in seaside town in Essex
  90. PA - Highway Patrol Officer Killed After Shift
  91. Ex-Minn. Viking's wife imprisoned in fatal crash
  92. Murder suspects confess to beating man found dead in Davie canal
  93. CA - Witness: Blood-drenched, naked man "on cloud 20" kills motel maid, 62
  94. UK American wife of billionaire Tetra Pak heir found dead in London home.
  95. WA- 1985 Washington Cold-Case Homicide of Elderly Couple Solved
  96. Man charged with murder/kidnap after man found dead in van
  97. IL - Belleville. Woman Killed in Home Invasion, 2 in custody
  98. WV - Lawyer: W.Va. man denies enslaving, torturing wife
  99. Clerk Refuses Robbery, Tells Thief To Get Back In Line
  100. At a San Antonio Wendy's, saying "Scooby Doo" signaled child porn at the drive-thru
  101. Bomb threat closes Detroit-Canada commuter tunnel
  102. PA Road Rage Karma And A Crossbow
  103. PA Two Year Old Shot In Front Of 200 Nobody Saw A Thing
  104. OK - City officials illegally destroy woman's food and medicinal garden.
  105. 2 teens found dead at Ark. home within a week
  106. Fugitive on U.S. Marshals' most-wanted list captured in Mexico
  107. Thank goodness for Stupidity 3 teens in jail on murder
  108. PNG - "Long pig"-craving cannibal cult kills, eats, seven alleged witch doctors: LE
  109. PA Bensalem Police And K-9 Make $11.7 Million Drug Bust
  110. MO - After short stand-off, Kansas City police tase, subdue naked archer
  111. TX - Yvonne Stern, Jeffrey Stern, Michelle Gaiser - Love Triangle - Bellaire, 2012
  112. CA - Yet Another Elderly Woman Murdered By Yet Another Naked Bloody Man
  113. Suspect in slaying of Mich. sisters dies in W.Va.
  114. NJ/NY RSO Arrested 169 Times
  115. Police: 9-year-old boy dies after fall from apartment building, may have jumped
  116. Fugitive pilot seizes regional jet, commits suicide
  117. High School Principal Charged in Naked Rampage
  118. ID - man charged with soliciting wife’s rape on Craigslist
  119. UK - Victim's family: verdict "a joke" as "**** in uniform" freed in G20 London death
  120. Shooting at Aurora Colorado movie theater *LINK HERE*
  121. How a Canadian teenager descended from straight `A`student to the sex trade
  122. CA - Mother shoots daughter, kills self after bc paranoid about online relationship
  123. KS - Fake Kansas trooper terrorizes Midwestern motorists
  124. Sexual Assault Victim Tweets Attackers' Names, Faces Charge
  125. UK - Sussex & Surrey murder hunt as missing man found dead in Brighton seaside flat
  126. PA Five Shot At Birthday Celebration
  127. Fort Worth, TX-Man shoots brother in law in front of wives
  128. PA Two Young Brothers Slain
  129. MD - Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr.'s mother found safe after at-gunpoint abduction
  130. Missing MI Teens Found Dead
  131. IN - Pendleton SWAT situation resolved, two dead
  132. PA After 16 Years Philly Police ID Murderer
  133. FL - 2 fugitives captured in Broward after Wisconsin kidnapping
  134. 3 shot dead in Pa.; girl taken, found safe in Ohio
  135. Friend shot, undercover cop pursues, kills gunman: a WTH? case from San Antonio
  136. PA - Hundreds Of Tourists Evacuated After Makeshift Meth Lab Found
  137. Kidnapping victim found tied up in NYPD detective's garage
  138. Police: Women, Baby Critically Hurt in NJ Window Plunge; Suspect Apprehended
  139. She turned 21 in prison, doing life without parole: a new trial for Sheena Eastburn?
  140. Briton arrested in Central African Republic after 18-dead-bodies 'massacre' find
  141. At least 10 bomb threats to MO & KS Walmarts force evacuations, leave nerves on edge
  142. Sex Offenders Ordered To Move
  143. Campus Walk Apartment Fire - Greensboro,NC (2002)
  144. Mass. dad shoots his 2 kids, 1 fatally, kills self
  145. CA - Glendale mother, children found dead in home
  146. Accused Summerset, SD pimp back in jail
  147. UC professor charged with setting 5 fires
  148. Jealous Man Punches Woman over Romney FB Post
  149. Investigators find more bones at construction site near Memorial Park
  150. Vecant Detroit turns into dumping ground for bodies
  151. Prosecutors: Correctional officer charged after caught on video striking inmate
  152. Rapist who was first DNA conviction in U.S. may go free soon
  153. Murder of Dr Rainey from Rainey Chiropractic
  154. KY - Louisville police find kidnapped man in car trunk
  155. ATL: Divorcing couple, murder-suicide
  156. WI - Reports: multiple injuries following Sikh temple shooting near Milwaukee
  157. PA Don't Bring Your AK47, Drugs And Pther Weapons On The Subway
  158. VA Father Shoots Wounds Son
  159. Mugshot: Man, 87, grew more than 400 pot plants?
  160. NYPD to go after Twitter Theater Threat Nut
  161. MO - Fire destroys Joplin mosque; 30 FBI agents assigned to likely arson blaze
  162. Man Found With Hundreds of Fake ID's
  163. PA - Boy, 10, Philadelphia, arrested, 2 others sought in violent home robbery
  164. 19 year old man punches 11 year old girl in the belly to steal her beach ball
  165. Crystal Rusaw Left 3 Kids At Home To Have Sex With Neighbor
  166. Man arrested, allegedly threatening to shoot people in WalMart
  167. LDS Church leader booted,charged w/sexual assault, penis biting
  168. TN: Lookout Mt. Doctor Accused of Poisoning Wife with Barium
  169. MI - vet killed while protecting grandchildren from burglers
  170. N.Y. girl charged with killing her father
  171. PA Woman Found Strangled In Alley
  172. DE - State Trooper Tasered With Own Taser By Philly Man
  173. William B.Mosely, a murderer and repeat batterer of women
  174. UK cops: Body identified as missing oil executive
  175. Police shoot, kill man near NYC Times Square
  176. PA - woman stabs fiance
  177. Jealous Husband Shoots Pantsless Cop Found With Estranged Wife
  178. Three bodies found in burned car in Maine
  179. TX - Texas A&M - several people shot, including LE
  180. NJ - Police: suspected Latin Kings gang member locked girlfriend in room for years
  181. Fla. woman, adult son stole $2M in toys
  182. Man wanted for gruesome 1998 killing in U.S. arrested in Toronto
  183. Off-duty cop kills angry dad after daughter is hit with motorcycle
  184. Cops: Mother killed son with knife, hammer
  185. KY - Female Remains Found In Pike County, KY
  186. UT - GOP activist Greg Peterson accused of multiple rapes, commits suicide
  187. APNewsBreak: Doc discusses suspected mercy killing
  188. AL-Dothan man gets 624 years in rape, sodomy case
  189. Police allegedly release names of minors in attack
  190. LA - Two Lousiana Deputies Killed in Ambush
  191. MI - Father dies in car accident/Mom, 2 kids found dead at home
  192. Severed head, foot discovered near Credit River west of Toronto
  193. Swede's claim to be "nation's most dangerous serial killer" debunked by journalist
  194. OK - My Friend Beaten,Stabbed - For Being Gay
  195. MA Peeper Hides Under Trailer For Two Days
  196. UK - Murder inquiry into death of ex-headmistress, 90, conned by thieves at her home
  197. FBI Featured Fugitive Page Updates
  198. CA - Woman's Death at San Diego Hotel ruled Homicide
  199. 15 YO charges w/ 6 counts attempted murder
  200. CA - San Jose homeless homicide victim was seen by many but known by none
  201. MO - SLU Alumni Volleyball Player Murdered in StL CWE
  202. TX - Couple accused of making animal torture videos face maximum 2-year sentence
  203. Lesbian who reported 'hate crime' attack staged incident
  204. Help find woman suspect - child porn producer
  205. DE - day care workers accused of running toddler fight club
  206. IN - Two missing CA men found murdered, buried in Indy backyard
  207. Illinois man drives to Texas to kidnap 14 yr old
  208. CA - LA pro tennis umpire charged with husband's murder
  209. Several people shot outside Empire State Building
  210. CA - Father Uses Welding Torch On Daughters Hands
  211. Cynthia Osokogu Murdered by Facebook Friends
  212. OK - Elmore City couple accused of dismembering her ex, Brandon Duran
  213. Baltimore high school shooting.
  214. FL - Body parts found in auctioned Florida storage unit, Pensacola, 2012
  215. New owner of Vick property stun guns/pepper sprays dogs
  216. WV - Gunfire in Clay County chase: three LE shot, one dead, as suspect also dies
  217. GA - Prosecutor: Ga. murder case uncovers terror plot
  218. Russia - 'Free Pussy Riot' written in blood at Russian murder scene
  219. Child's shoe containing bones found on B.C. beach
  220. NJ - Disgruntled worker kills 2, then himself, at N.J. grocery, 2012
  221. Polk Co FL HS principal arrested in SEX sting targeting RNC convention
  222. Police: N.Y. man, 69, throws acid in daughter's face ...
  223. 2 dead, 6 wounded after shooting at Sweet 16 party in Riviera Beach, Fla.
  224. FL - Dr. charged with torturing and killing dog tied to tree
  225. CA- Rejected marriage proposal allegedly leads to triple murder
  226. Human Remains Found In Lake Ontario, Toronto
  227. France - Five shot, four dead in French Alps, may have int'l ramifications
  228. France - Five shot, four dead in French Alps, may have int'l ramifications, #2
  229. David Attias: Isla Vista 'Angel of Death' to Leave Mental Hospital
  230. AZ-Officer beats/stomps already injured dog to death
  231. PA - Man Who Can Not Hear Or Speak Held In Basement
  232. Calif. bank robbed; device strapped to manager
  233. Mother, 3 daughters shot to death near St. Louis
  234. TN-Teens Charged with Killing Puppy Indicted
  235. The Stalking and Mysterious Death of Morgan Ingram
  236. The Stalking and Mysterious Death of Morgan Ingram #3
  237. The Stalking and Mysterious Death of Morgan Ingram #2
  238. The Stalking and Mysterious Death of Morgan Ingram #4
  239. The Stalking and Mysterious Death of Morgan Ingram #5
  240. Man threatened to kill President during DNC
  241. Passanger falsely arrested, after Hoax is called in
  242. KY - 1 dead, 1 wounded during Ky. homeowners meeting
  243. WI - dad, friend charged in pit bull attack on son
  244. Hostage situation reported at Denver RadioShack
  245. Officer charged in Arkansas teen's shooting death
  246. KY - Did ex-con, 81, bear a grudge and gun down former police chief, 82? LE says yes
  247. MI West Bloomfield, Officer killed on domestic call
  248. TX - Woman Stabbed To Death After Revealing HIV Status
  249. CA-Grandpa selling meth takes a shot at officers
  250. Woman Finds Ex Living In Her Attic