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  1. Child Found Covered In Feces, Rag Stuffed In Mouth
  2. The Murder of Irma Rodriguez
  3. PA Shootout Riddles Daycare Cars And Homes
  4. WA - Largest Human Trafficking Case In US History
  5. TX- 12 yo girl & her 13 yo boyfriend to be charged with 2nd Cap.Murder charge
  6. PA Lunatic Runs Over 85 Year Old Mom On Purpose
  7. Woman burned in acid attack in Mesa, AZ
  8. 2010.09.03 -4 Killed, Bound, Executed in Garage
  9. Puyallup, WA acid attack/the first?
  10. Reoffending Sex Offender Has Teen Boys Living With HIm
  11. CO, Seven arrested assault on Greeley Jogger
  12. Roller Derby Girl Tries To Blow Up Rink And A HOuse
  13. Quadruple murder Lake Charles, LA
  14. NY Bride Faked Terminal Cancer to Get Wedding Donations, According to her New Husband
  15. Fight Over Cell Phone Leads To Arson And Attempted Suicide
  16. RI Son Murders Dad Assaults Mom Both Beloved Teachers
  17. Manhunt underway in Washington DC for man accused of shooting his girlfriend
  18. Brian Brush/former OR cop, to stand trial for murder of Lisa Bonney in WA
  19. Alleged Schoolyard Rape: Calgary ALTA
  20. PA Troubled Lives Sordid Death 17 Year Old Accused Killing 67 Year Old Friend
  21. FL - Dad arrested For stalking his adult daughter
  22. Police Search For Intruder Who Shot Pregnant Mom
  23. Oshea Jackson, AKA "Ice Cube," Wanted After Abducting Her Three Kids FOUND SAFE
  24. OK - Glendon & Michelle Gouker, convicted of murder, rape, & more; Prague, 2010
  25. Serial Sex Offender Arrested Again
  26. Police: 2 shot dead at Kraft plant in PA, 1 hurt
  27. Priest sex abuse linked to 13 suicides in Belgium
  28. British engineer with 21,000 images of child porn (230 at Level 5) gets probation
  29. Enraged wife kills husband after finding porn DVD in home
  30. 85 prisoners escape jail/Mexico-U.S. border
  31. South Jersey cop arrested twice in one day!!!
  32. Anne Pressly: Little Rock, AR News Anchor Attacked # 3
  33. Louisiana Teen Suspected of Killing Parents
  34. AZ/NV men arrested for sex trafficking girls & women/murder
  35. man gets 4-year sentence for killing rabbits
  36. Six dead in eastern Kentucky shooting
  37. NM Sex Offender E-mailing Child Pornography From Public Library
  38. FL Man Blames Cat For Child Pornography On His Computer
  39. Manzanita, OR/mysterious deaths of two Portland State Univ. professors
  40. GA- Murder/suicide at a baby shower
  41. WI Disc Jockey Rockin Ray Busted For Videoing Girls Changing After Volleyball Tournam
  42. Boy Scouts shield pedophile files
  43. PA Woman's Body Found In Illegal Massage Parlor
  44. Sex Offender Rapes 75 Year Old Bronx Woman His Mother Works For Her
  45. NJ Woman's Body Found Stabbed In Soccer Field Perp Hit By Truck
  46. more "justice" from the UK...
  47. MO man slashes Penn Valley College dean's throat
  48. Skype Catches Home Health Aide Beating 91 Year Old Patient
  49. 9-14-10 AR Briana Ault fort smith murdered
  50. Body found in LAX rest room/hands bound
  51. Kane Cty IL Suing Gang Members
  52. Wis. prosecutor 'sexted' abuse victim
  53. John Hopkins Hospital, Dr. shot
  54. TN Missing woman's body found, son arrested
  55. FL-Teacher masturbates in toy aisle at Walmart
  56. Beth Twitty visits Joran Van der Sloot in Peru
  57. Sex Offender Rapes in Nursing Home Pittsburgh
  58. Armed RSO on the loose in Central OR
  59. 5 arrested in alleged threat to pope in UK
  60. mother teaches daughter how to smoke pot.
  61. Va - Woman found, bound, bloody
  62. Texas man, abducted as a boy, turns his father in
  63. GA- Man shot and killed for beer ....
  64. Paraguay breaks up child porn ring inside prison/film sets found
  65. OR Idaho Sex Offender Carjacks Duct Tapes Man to Tree
  66. PA iPhone 3G Helps Catch Man With Child Pornography Known to LE
  67. PA Curious Neighbor Calls Police SEx Offender Spending Too Much Time With Girl
  68. VA-Goochland-Billy Maxwell 17, found in the middle of the road
  69. UK/virgin girls, aged 14-22 trafficked in elite sex ring
  70. TX businessman/youth coach sentenced for child porn--Project Flicker
  71. OR woman admits lying to protect man accused of molesting daughter/then marries him
  72. OR father/2 young daughters dead in murder-suicide
  73. Exotic Drug Kills One Teen , 3 Others Hospitalized From Apparent Overdoses
  74. OR woman robs bank then picks up girls from school
  75. PA POlice Arrest Woman Who Handed Baby To Stranger
  76. Bishop Long accused of coercing young males into sex
  77. Kevin Linnell, 45, will be spending 2-3 years in prison for Child Rape
  78. 11 Year-Old Babysitter Charged in Death
  79. More WA acid attacks
  80. POLICE: SC student planted pipe bombs at school
  81. Child Predator in the East Bay, Northern CA--several incidents and he's on the loose
  82. Mumia Abu Jamal and the appeals process
  83. Fed Up, A Mexican Town Resorts To Mob Justice
  84. Mom Kills Three in Seattle Washington
  85. Ohio cemetery vandals desecrate Wright bros. site
  86. Ohio realty agents wary after 2 killings, robbery
  87. First Woman Executed in the U.S. in Five Years
  88. Florida bank robber has taken hostages
  89. Operation Flicker--world wide "game changer" in child porn
  90. Wife Charged In Lawyer's Death
  91. 2 charged with posing as San Bruno blast victims
  92. Sex Offender Charged In Rape Strangulation Hot Sauce Murder Of Woman
  93. UT Cops Looking For Drug Dealer Find Child Pornography Manufacturer
  94. WI Kidnapper Turns Himself In
  95. CANADA - Calgary Police investigate possible child abduction
  96. MN Dad So Drunk 7 Year Old Had To Carry 3 Month Old
  97. CA--Man who pimped handicapped girlfriend arrested
  98. PA Makeshift Cat Morgue Found In Home
  99. PA Educator A Texting Pervert
  100. OR sex offender used meth to dominate/exploit teen
  101. Level 3 Sex Offender Attempts To Kidnap Woman From Store Parking Lot
  102. Canada - Vancouver BC girl dies from beating in park
  103. FL - Man kills estranged wife, children, self
  104. Man who bound/gagged women getting released from prison
  105. 17 years Laura Thompson's killer turned in by wife
  106. Woman wanted pain pills/attacks son's girlfriend with acid
  107. Leiah Jackson stabbed to death in her home
  108. MN Man Makes Fake Facebook Accounts To Lure Underage Girls
  109. 4 dead, including child, 1 hurt in Boston shooting
  110. Utah police investigate plural family in TLC's "Sister Wives" show
  111. PA minister Schmirer murdered 2 wives?
  112. PA Woman Sexually Assaulted For Over 24 Hours In Park
  113. PA Woman Found Stabbed And Raped
  114. Pa. infant hit by bullet piece through floor dies
  115. Mass. daycare owner's ex-husband arrested for child-porn
  116. AK: Forrest City - Police seek info about Adrian Lay
  117. NY Reoffending Sex Offender In Court With A Wired Jaw
  118. VA Daycare Worker Tries To Flee Country After Charge Of Sexually Assaulting 4 Year Ol
  119. Teen mom Amber Portwood investigated for assault
  120. 21 yr. old BC woman spread porn on social sites
  121. AU Children's Book Author Beats Prison Rap For Child Pornography
  122. Police kill NJ man who shoots 3 teen sons, 2 fatally
  123. Students or servants? Ex-dean accused of abuse
  124. MS Out On Probation RSO Steals Woman's Panties
  125. San Diego photographer accused of planting bomb in wife's vehicle
  126. OK Sex Offender Helps Open Baby Store
  127. David Hartley - Pirates shoot US man in Mexican waters
  128. Atlantic City Prostitutes Murder
  129. Man barred from KY for 2 years after sex crime
  130. Should Durand Brown be allowed to teach?
  131. Robert Durst is back in the news...
  132. Mother on Internet while son Nearly drowned
  133. Paul E. Caya JR attempted to kidnap a child in NH
  134. CO, Man finds wife, 2 teens dead inside home
  135. NJ Good Samaritan Woman Slain In Rampage
  136. Search on in two-state shooting spree, suspect still at large
  137. Conn. jury convicts man in home invasion
  138. James Eggleston, traveled to OR to have sex with boys, sentenced to 16 yrs.
  139. Mark Studenny of WA to get his dental license back after child porn conviction
  140. PA Wife Murders Husband Of 20 Years
  141. NJ Custodian Gets Prison Time For Sexual Assault In Morgue
  142. NY prep school teacher nabbed for massive stash of child porn
  143. Driver cuts off truck, abducted Calif. girl flees
  144. Man Busted On Child Pornography Charges One Child ID'd
  145. RI Sex Offender Caught New Attack
  146. TX. Most wanted sex offender missing.
  147. OH-Mom kills self and her 2 children
  148. NC - Body Found in Freezer in North Raleigh Home
  149. NV~Mom arrested for abducting daughter 25 years ago from NJ
  150. Westport MA Tenant Farm Animal Cruelty
  151. NJ Registered Sex Offender Viewing Child Pornography In Library
  152. Mother told missing daughter dead on live TV show
  153. WA - UW Student Carly Henley Found Dead in Fraternity Stairwell
  154. UNH Football player claims rape was consensual
  155. Pinellas Park (FL) man killed trying to stop car break-in
  156. Coroner charged with indignity to female remains
  157. Eugene, OR boy's friends helped stop sex assault in park
  158. Ex CHIP'S star charged in stock scheme
  159. PA Teen Dies After Being Tasered Twice
  160. PA Sketch Released Of Man Who Bound Raped Robbed Woman Home Invasion
  161. PA Robbery Victim Was Actually The Robber
  162. PA Woman Feigns Cancer Diagnosis Faces Theft And Forgery Charges
  163. NYPD: 7 in gang attacked gay recruit, 2 others
  164. MA~Teens report grave robbery in mausoleum
  165. Level 3 Sex Offender Found With Narcotics And Child Pornography
  166. PA Police Murderer Tries To Open Shackles With Paper Clip
  167. Spain busts child pornography network/57 arrested/new tactic!!
  168. FL- 13 year old accused of poisoning her adoptive family.
  169. FL~Federal class-action suit alleges abuse at youth facility
  170. WA Woman Awakens To Find Sex Offender Sitting On Her bed
  171. MO Midwife Faces Involuntary Manslaughter Charges
  172. Reporter charged in sexual assault of 4 year old
  173. PA Rival Gangs Have Shootout At Teens Vigil
  174. TN/RI Sex Offender Gets Coded Letters In Jail From Brother
  175. 'Dingo Ate My Baby' Case Reopened-UPDATE-Coroner: Dingo DID take the baby
  176. Officials Move To Indefinately Confine Pedophile Hanging Out At Library
  177. Woman shot to death on bicycle (Chester, PA)
  178. David Hartley - Pirates shoot US man in Mexican waters #2
  179. Dozens charged with largest Medicare scam in history
  180. TN Violent Sex Offender Kisses New Girlfriends 11 Year Old
  181. Terroristic Threats On FB Child Pornography And Fear Of Elves
  182. VA Woman Faces Charges Of Child Pornography Production And Posession
  183. Former Univ. of Oregon runner, Michael Kasahun, charged with sex abuse/assaults
  184. Police: Philly teacher charged with stealing laptops also a heroin addict
  185. Don't miss 20/20's episode about our dear Leah Freeman!!! 10/15/2010
  186. TX~Dance instructor, Lonny Lovelady, sentenced for child porn, still free
  187. OR~Police attacked by topless woman with meat cleaver
  188. San Gabriel (CA) Mayor Arrested on Felony Robbery and Assault Charges
  189. Timothy Montgomery has genital herpes
  190. Multiple Attacks at UVA - Charlottesville, VA
  191. MD~Baltimore officer killed over parking place
  192. Mom And Son Featured On America's Most Wanted Caught In Jersey Casino
  193. WI Retired Teacher Murdered By Repeat Sex Offender
  194. PA Transgender Woman's Partner Finds her Murdered
  195. UK~Final member of Blanchard paedophile ring convicted
  196. TN~2 workers killed in post office shooting
  197. OR~School district tech specialist charged with possession of child porn
  198. Two women & three teens convicted of horrid 2008 "revenge" acid attack
  199. PA Woman Pulls Gun On Public Bus Because Passanger Talks Too Loud On Cell Phone
  200. PA Cops Shoot Armed Man On Subway
  201. VA~Robert Moller sentenced to life + 70 yrs for sexual abuse of child
  202. NY Man Kidnaps Estranged Wife
  203. IL Registered Sex Offender Surrenders After Standoff
  204. Crestline, CA: Grandma shoots grandson, 9, then herself
  205. Saudi Prince in UK Court for Murder
  206. NY police: 77-year-old is beaten for comics, dies
  207. CA~ShotSpotter/tech & tracking system catches man's dying words/clue to killer
  208. PA Dad Steals Coats Leaves Baby
  209. Crossdressing Renter Murders Landlord
  210. Kingston, NH - Body found in burned car id'd as Virginia Fairburn, age 50
  211. Attempted kidnapping suspect...huh?
  212. CA~5 men charged in child porn sting in Santa Cruz area
  213. Police seek "Armchair Detectives" - Kings Co. Washington
  214. Zachary Marco murdered; father offers legal help to getaway driver
  215. PA Rehab Nurse Calls 911 Gets Herself Busted
  216. PA Dad Brings Son To Drug Deal-Video
  217. PA 77 Year Old Woman Gets Jail Time For Fleeing Accident-Video
  218. DE Bored Teens Attack Joggers With Mace
  219. NB Registered Sex Offender Busted Playing Truth Or Dare
  220. Suspected meth lab found in Georgetown Univ. dorm
  221. TX~Body found/thought to be son of former [TX] Gov. Bill Clements Jr.
  222. Breaking News : Body Found Along Highway 24 in Topeka
  223. David Hartley - Pirates shoot US man in Mexican waters #3
  224. FBI raidsmans home hours before death in SUV crash
  225. Bay Village Man and Girlfriend Indicted in Rape and Kidnapping
  226. AZ - Woman's body found in desert south of Tucson
  227. PA Mutilated Dog Found On Woman's Porch
  228. AL Ellis L Patton on Run after raping 2 women, leaving 1 dead Tuscaloosa 10/26/2010
  229. PA Man Gets Jolted By 6900 Volts Stealing Copper Halts Amtrak Service
  230. Registered Sex Offender Drops Dead Body Off At Sheriff's Office
  231. Think very very hard before you have surgery at Rhode Island Hospital
  232. CA~Teen thrown off overpass/two arrested
  233. PA Feds Swarm A Philly Business Possible Prostitution Ties
  234. Gov't Probe: Guardians Of Elderly Not Screened, Monitored - elderly abused
  235. CA~Two more men forced off bridge after robbery
  236. LA - "Not my job" says April Johnson, arrested for horrific elderly abuse 28-Oct-2010
  237. NV- Gunman shoots 3 people in Reno WalMart 29-Oct-2010
  238. CO- Victim says she was tortured for 20 hours, a woman led attack
  239. PA - Fire chief says Schuylkill County fires are Arson
  240. CA~Adult abuse victim severely beats Jesuit priest abuser
  241. MO~Rev. Ryan Price arrested for assault/"taking care of a pedophile"
  242. CO - Body Found In Car Outside Jail, Driver Held
  243. OK - Woman found dead near train tracks with baby blanket...
  244. Man crashes into East L.A. home, killing girlfriend, newborn baby
  245. OH-Teen found 3 family members dead thought it was a Halloween hoax
  246. Witness recalls seeing body in incinerator....Canada
  247. Montreal school owner Reza Mohammad Tehrani-Cohen possibly kidnapped
  248. PA Woman Shoots Boyfriend And Then Shoots Herself
  249. Ok - Found Deceased -Julie Mitchell, 34
  250. TX-Again: Homeowner Kills Would be Intruder