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  1. CA- 4 dead in apparent murder-suicide in San Diego area
  2. OK - OKC adoption $$$ scam tricked 20+, police say
  3. AZ: 5 shot dead in Yuma
  4. UT -Body found under bed in Salt Lake motel
  5. Dead Animal Found Hanging From Tree With Stick In It's Mouth
  6. Belgium~Victims of clergy abuse to sue Vatican
  7. GA: Oscar Mondragon, 16, accused of killing younger brother
  8. CA~Mysterious rock, thrown into home, makes residents & LE sick
  9. France~Accusations against former official/"an orgy with little boys"
  10. Burned Bodies Mystery in Miami-Dade
  11. PA - Teacher Steve Russo Murder
  12. 3 month old shot& killed, East Palo Alto,CA--mistaken identity
  13. The body of a businessman was found torched
  14. OK - 3 charged in cleaner-huffing death of 15-year-old girl
  15. Seven-year-old girl beaten by man trying to steal bike
  16. Childrens Bodies Found in Mass Grave In Texas *PROBABLE HOAX*
  17. CA - Woman's body found in bag on sidewalk Sunnyvale CA 6-5-11 id'd
  18. Third Body Found This Week At A Greensboro House
  19. MO - Girl, 5, investigated in toddler drowning
  20. CA~Woman films her attacker on cell phone
  21. NM~Evelyn Miranda/treatment foster parent found dead/2 foster daughters & van missing
  22. Libya~Kadhafi ordered sex drugs & ordered "official" mass rapes
  23. Cathleen Lewis, 59, beaten to death, Naperville, IL
  24. KS - Doctor strikes, kills man, then drives 3 miles with corpse atop van, police say
  25. Unbelievable. Orlando should be ashamed!
  26. Princess Diana Totem Builder Murders Wife With Totem Pole
  27. CT -Body Found in Rocky Hill
  28. Parents & children found dead in home
  29. OR~Randy Schultz, RSO, caught with "modified" child-sized dolls
  30. Rape reports on the rise at VA treatment centers
  31. B.C. Body found near mall was victim of foul play
  32. Juror guilty of contempt,
  33. TX~Convicted SO dies while raping elderly woman
  34. CA~Jerry Steele travels to shoot girl he abused, her mother, himself
  35. OR~Father fights off cast iron skillet-armed intruder
  36. CA- Tarzana doctor kills wife, self in driveway of their Sherman Oaks home
  37. OH~Man arrested for bestiality acts and production of bestiality porn
  38. TX - Man who shot, killed girlfriend gets six months in jail
  39. Man on Dulles Flight Had 12 IDs
  40. LA - 2 female victims found murdered
  41. Beth Hollaway Meets With JVS In Peruvian Prison
  42. 2011.06.18 - ATTEMPTED KIDNAPPING! Escondido, California
  43. Woman's house hijacked by strangers
  44. MO - 'Ramjet' Roger defends the neighborhood, chases off teen mob with rifle
  45. Police review video in NY pharmacy shooting
  46. CA - Possible kidnap victim from Louisiana found in San Francisco
  47. CA - Renata Dusan's body found; husband still missing - Santa Clarita
  48. NJ - Tiffany Jantelle - Hit and Run
  49. KS - Mystery of the dead mom
  50. TX~Joseph Ortiz arrested for nearly decapitating his family's Chihuahua
  51. Family of 3 murdered north of Sante FE
  52. OJ Confesses?
  53. NM~Two professors/David Flory & F. Chris Garcia/massive online prostitution scheme
  54. Murder Suicide at a Baton Rouge Restaurant
  55. Could this be happening? A man's nightmare made real
  56. PA "Theft" Mob Overtake Sears Steal Merchandise
  57. TX - Family kidnaps own daughter, attempts to throw her in pond, police say
  58. Man gets 25-year sentence in slaying, sex assault
  59. FL - Mystery surrounds woman's remains found in Riverview
  60. AZ- Sex trade kidnapping victims rescued from Chandler drop house .
  61. OK - Moore mother bites off pregnant woman's ear, police say
  62. Missing man found buried in wife's flowerbed
  63. Native Family Attacked by Skinheads
  64. OR~Pets found horribly mutilated
  65. Twin teenage boys found dead in Alberta park
  66. PHILADELPHIA, PA: Teens in a mob assault and rob Center City patrons
  67. PA~Tortured and mutilated cats & a groundhog found
  68. Med student accused of killing 10 dogs-Andrew Thompson
  69. TX~Odessa seeing rash of pet cat mutilations
  70. UK - Hair fetish killer faces life in jail after being caught with ‘murder kit’
  71. FL - Operation uncovers sex crimes; area residents arrested
  72. Dad Allegedly Incites Fight With Parking Attendants, Son Dies
  73. I just learned I live in a police state - The Emily Good Video
  74. Carter Strange Speaks About Five Points Assault
  75. Man & Woman found dead near Atlanta
  76. PA 14 Year Old Steals Mom's Car Murders Young Man
  77. Axe murder suspect 'loved every friggin' swing
  78. PA Shooting Leaves 5 Year Old Dead A Man Dead And Three In Critical Condition
  79. Columbia, SC: Gunman kills wife, her twin, mother-in-law, ex-wife
  80. OR~Louis Nemnich, 88 yr old high risk sexual predator moved to group home
  81. Should execution go through for rapist/killer of 16 year-old girl
  82. Germany~Daniel Ruda/Satanic killer up for release
  83. Fredericksburg, VA - Bestiality and Distribution of Obscene Material - 35 y/o male
  84. DNA error sends innocent man to jail, mistake uncovered
  85. Grand Rapids MI 7 killed in related shootings 7/7/11
  86. PA Student Has Throat Slashed In Hate Crime
  87. PA 22 arrests and 2 stabbings after 4th fireworks
  88. 4 shot dead in Wheatland Wyoming 08/07/2011
  89. TX - Elizabeth Escobar, 24, Manor (Austin area), TX
  90. MO - Ex-cop charged with murdering 2 women in Missouri
  91. Mom desperately tried to save daughter hit by stray bullet
  92. deputy tries to beat dog to death with a hoe
  93. OR - LE searching for man who abducted 18 yo in Lincoln City
  94. The killer - the artist & escapee - and the warden's wife
  95. TX~Armed man attempts to abduct 4 women in Walmart parking lot/Boerne
  96. MI~John Mester arrested for repeat bestiality with a horse
  97. Texas Firefighter Accused of dumping girlfriend in lake
  98. FL -Man falls behind on payments, mortgage company has home trashed
  99. WANTED: on the run....Kiaira Pollard Pittsburgh,PA
  100. Daughter admits to burning dad alive
  101. Leibby Kletzky found murdered NY
  102. Carpenter, cookie-baker killed in Molotov attack by teen, police say
  103. OH~Owner of killer bear chokes to death on sex toy
  104. Couple Found Guilty In Python Kills Toddler Case
  105. NM man accused of handing out semen-tainted yogurt
  106. Two nurses charged with raping OK prison inmate
  107. Mother, daughter found dead, son arrested, in Rancho Peñasquitos
  108. OR~Father kills wife & 4 young children/sets house on fire
  109. OR~Federal PO gets 10 yrs for pressuring women on his caseload for sex
  110. UPDATE Nurse Arrested: UK Stockport- is someone playing Russian Roulette
  111. PA Pregnant Woman Breaks Thiefs Leg
  112. MO - Woman allegedly hired man to kill ex-, deliver tongue
  113. Sentencing hearing erupts in chaos when Jersey City killer smiles at victims' family
  114. Mom Faces Jail after Son, 4, Died Jaywalking with Her
  115. TX~Multiple shooting deaths at roller rink birthday party
  116. Police: Mom Faces Charges in Death of Disabled Girl Found Dead Hours Before Family We
  117. WA~Two mass shootings injure at least 20 near Seattle
  118. A Revenge Plot So Intricate, the Prosecutors Were Pawns
  119. OR~John Weismiller arrested for shoplifting over $50,000 of goods/selling it on Ebay
  120. 2nd attempted kidnapping,same place,same guy
  121. AZ~Erik Grumpelt killed his girlfriend/lived with corpse for 2 months
  122. OK/AZ - "Federal marshals" allegedly kidnap pair, rape woman, kill man
  123. WY - Katherine Grace Coffee, Murdered in Newcastle, WY
  124. Vegas teen stabs cellmate to death with pencil, police say
  125. Dahmer's last intended victim held on murder rap
  126. Eugene Oregon - Help the Eugene police identify this bank robber! August 2011
  127. Megan Scanlon, Farmington, NH
  128. Teen has explosive device strapped around neck
  129. MD-Affluent man charged with killing cats
  130. GA - Woman killed boyfriend with stiletto heel
  131. 8/4/2011 Possible gunman at Virginia Tech
  132. Nazi Uniforms, Child Pornography, High Velocity Ammo At Econo Lodge
  133. California Mother Charged With Murder After Breastfeeding While on Meth
  134. Fbi hunts for 3 siblings - bank robbery & shootout
  135. London's Burning- Tottenham Riots 2011
  136. 8 People Killed in NE Ohio
  137. PA Gunman Shoot Into Bus With Assault Weapons
  138. NH Police: Teen Breaks Into Rochester Home, Attacks Family
  139. James Craig Anderson murdered - Hate Crime
  140. Md. mom who killed son agonized over school costs
  141. CA - Stockton police warn of abduction attempt
  142. ACTIVE SEARCH OKC police hunt ex-boyfriend in woman's murder
  143. Taser Deaths
  144. Student in custody after Teacher found dead in Memphis school (Breaking)
  145. Crude bomb left on Oklahoma gas line, FBI says
  146. Lorain County corrections officer arrested after allegedly killing wife
  147. 3-year-old alerts police to homicide (metro Atlanta)
  148. Help catch this escaped burglar!
  149. WI Police Arrest 3 Teens For Killing Pregnant Woman
  150. horrific murder of 7 year old
  151. 100 hours on the tower? Tulsa standoff enters fifth day
  152. Texas man, "growling and hissing," bites woman, claims to be a vampire
  153. CA - Brent D. Zubek, double homicide suspect, Los Angeles
  154. DC - Slain socialite, 91, had sought protection from much younger spouse
  155. Neighbor chases Kidnapper, saves girl - 6-year-old girl taken from playground
  156. Target of murder plot hatched on Facebook is killed
  157. Ex-student Jared Cano held for Tampa 'school bomb plot'
  158. GA- Boy Killed Great-Grandma With Sword: Police
  159. Person of interest sought in connection with body found
  160. NJ - Nazish Noorani (wife killed/hubby shot)
  161. Psycho made human soup 1989
  162. SC-Preacher Accused of Raping Multiple Women
  163. SC~Pastor Dale Richardson arrested on multiple rape/kidnap charges
  164. Police: Man denies killing wife, her 3 kids in Va.
  165. Man - with infant - crawls through window, rapes woman
  166. Virginia Man Arrested For July Attempted Murder And Rape
  167. William Walter Asher III Convicted Murderer Escaped for 36 years Caught
  168. ID - Ex-prof's murder-suicide: "multiple handguns, multiple personalities"
  169. Appeals court reinstates 1976 Tucson murder case
  170. Canada - Gatineau, QC, Valerie Leblanc, 18
  171. Austria~Man arrested for abusing 2 disabled daughters for over 40 yrs.
  172. IL - Drug dealer who shoved meat down pants of overdosing man gets life
  173. Minnesota dad leaves son behind in foreclosed home
  174. Owner put naked yogurt-store employee inside box
  175. ACTIVE SEARCH Ex-NBA 1st rounder sought on murder rap
  176. VA PA Army Captain Kills Four And Self
  177. UK "Everyday Psycopath" Wanted In Hammer Murder Of Senior Citizen
  178. UPDATE NEEDED: Fake emails from Africa Cover Up Man's Murder.Christopher Ryan Smith
  179. NY: Teenager Gets Jail Sentence After Seven-Cent Robbery
  180. BF beats girlfriend's dachshund puppy to death
  181. Houston - Oscar Orozco murdered bus driver
  182. MI - Jenny Webb, 32, found deceased
  183. Councilman Slaying Suspect Wanted In Second Murder
  184. NYPD Ties Brooklyn Rape Suspect To 5th Attempted Sex Assault
  185. NY - Queens - Execution-style murder Rosie and Sugrim Jaggarnauth
  186. FL - Teen poses as Physician's Assistant
  187. PA Woman In Wheelchair Beat By Husband And Then He Tried To Drown Her
  188. Two face 30 year sentences for terrorism via Twitter
  189. PA Man Kidnapped By Strangers From Bar
  190. Sydney: Man who claims to have bomb holds girl hostage
  191. Children Find Parents Unconscious After Overdosing On Heroin
  192. Multiple Shooting in Carson City, NV Restaurant
  193. CA- Child found in closet at triple-homicide scene in Banning
  194. Omaha police beating
  195. Bronx woman admits stuffing her dead roommate in suitcase says she did nothing wrong
  196. Northeast: Series of stolen remains related to religious cult?
  197. Masked Man armed with 4 knives & a hatchet arrested inside Middle School
  198. West Virginia Man Kills Five People And Commits Suicide
  199. FL~'Vampire', Josephine Smith bit & threatened to eat man in wheelchair
  200. My friend murdered
  201. PA Puppy Duct Taped To Death
  202. UK Bedfordshire. 24 Slaves Rescued from Irish Traveller Site
  203. GA - Levi Call for 9 year old Aliyah Walton, GA
  204. DNA Leads To Suspect In Alie Berrelez Case
  205. Cops find $10 million in cocaine in illegal-lane-change stop
  206. Washington man allegedly asked neighbors to dump a body in their trash
  207. Bob Ward Trial
  208. NC-Possible Abduction On Community College Campus
  209. CHINA -4 dead axe wielding man attacks children - Sept 13, 2011
  210. Mexican Fugitive Removed From The United States
  211. MD - Horse theft in Montgomery County baffles owner of stables
  212. PA Couple Robbed At Gunpoint By Teens Woman Raped
  213. Daughter Escapes Kidnapper Father By Running Naked For Help
  214. Wendy Hernandez kidnapped and murdered during robbery
  215. Michelle Le Search Sept. 17, 2011
  216. AR~Three women report toe-sucker on the loose
  217. 2 accused of grim, real-life 'Weekend at Bernie's'
  218. PA Lesbians, Larceny And Lions-Oh My
  219. FL- Records: Shooting suspect killed previous wife
  220. CA- San Jose man suspected in deadly spree has long criminal history
  221. MO - Kindergartner brings Mom's crack pipe, drugs to show & tell
  222. MI-Suspected car bomb hurts man & two children
  223. Hockey mom accused of sex with son’s teammates
  224. OK - The fire chief, the divorce petition, the 'home invasion' murder
  225. Chase in Orlando reveals stabbing victim 9/21/11
  226. TX-Two Women, Same Name Slain in Houston-Oct 2000
  227. CA - Bakersfield Investigation leads to arrest of SMcCormack for child porn
  228. UK London parents 'force-fed baby until death'
  229. WA - Arlene Roberts, Seattle, murdered 1978, solved 2011
  230. Bolivian Mennonites convicted of up to 300 serial rapes of sedated women & girls
  231. Chicago-woman kidnapped and held captive for 2 months!!
  232. Police Find 5 Bodies In Franklin County Ind.
  233. Jessica Godin, 18 (Fournier, near Casselman, east of Ottawa)
  234. TX Police investigating murder of man found on fire
  235. MA Triple Murder Charges Dropped After 2 Witnesses Die
  236. MO Joplin man assessed 30 years for imposing risky game on girlfriend
  237. NC -Teenage boy confesses to killing his father & stepmother
  238. TX Stench of 50+ cats, ailing wife, led man to kill, say prosecutors
  239. NJ prison escapee who hijacked U.S. plane found after 41 years
  240. Parents convicted of lying to help killer son
  241. George Junius Stinney, Jr. - Was the youngest person ever executed innocent?
  242. Man, 26, charged in plot to bomb Pentagon using model airplane
  243. PA Teen Girls Brawl Leaves Four Shot Including A 2 Year Old & 10 Year Old
  244. 19 year old man beats newborn and blames it on ADHD
  245. 3rd inmate charged with murder in April killing of South Dakota State Penitentiary gu
  246. Jury finds man guilty of murder in officer's slaying
  247. Joshua Jeffries - Murder of Portland boy still a mystery decade later
  248. AZ man tied to several profitable life insurance deaths
  249. PA Celeste & Kenneth Abbott murdered by son
  250. TX - Jury convicts husband who said cat poop prompted killing