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  1. PA Teen Girls Brawl Leaves Four Shot Including A 2 Year Old & 10 Year Old
  2. Maple Batalia
  3. 19 year old man beats newborn and blames it on ADHD
  4. 3rd inmate charged with murder in April killing of South Dakota State Penitentiary gu
  5. Jury finds man guilty of murder in officer's slaying
  6. Joshua Jeffries - Murder of Portland boy still a mystery decade later
  7. AZ man tied to several profitable life insurance deaths
  8. PA Celeste & Kenneth Abbott murdered by son
  9. TX - Jury convicts husband who said cat poop prompted killing
  10. CA- School stabbing victim, 17, dies of injuries
  11. Nephew: Inmate asks ex to move body from under floor
  12. Family blames girlfriend in gruesome death
  13. UK - Pedophile disemboweled after boasting of crimes
  14. Kan - Overland Park Man Charged with Attempted Abduction, Possession of Child Porn
  15. Michael Morton freed after 25years due to new DNA tests
  16. The price of a child's life in Oklahoma? $5,000, and no jail time
  17. Manhunt For Montana Man Wanted In Three Murders Committed On (Oct 4, 2011)
  18. OH - Cold Case Cracked: Police Reveal Suspect in Teacher's Murder
  19. FL- suspect in 1979 torture-murder spend rest of life in nursing home
  20. LA Telly Hankton sentencing delayed after defense asks for retrial
  21. OH - Amish on Amish crime on rise; loss of beards, hair, reported during break-ins
  22. Ohio player pricks foes in handshake line, forces tetanus shots
  23. SC - 3-year-old pulls gun on cop when police find stolen car -N Charleston 6 Oct 2011
  24. Mexico - Kidnap victims allegedly held in Mexican jail -Monterry 7-Oct-2011
  25. 6 Year Old Returns Home From School and Finds Her Family Murdered
  26. WI Suspect pretended to be pregnant for months, neighbors say
  27. TN Former death row inmate is ready to step out of public eye
  28. PA Elderly Neighbor Murders Neighbor Over Shed Shoots Young Woman Also
  29. Manhunt On For Man Who Raped A Woman And Shot Her Uncle To Death
  30. Man Beats His Wife to Death for Understandable Reason
  31. FBI and DEA thwart terror plot in the U.S involving Iran
  32. Jonathon Doody convicted of 9 murders confession thrown out may be retried
  33. IL- 3 more teens charged with John Granat in his parents' murder
  34. 70 Yr Old Bites, Beats Teen She Claims Bullied Her
  35. A Keller woman says an intruder immobilized her & shot her husband in the head...
  36. Underwear bomber pleads guilty, warns U.S. of calamity
  37. PA Prostitution/Speakeasy Bust At Mummers Club House
  38. DE Decomposing Body Of Man Found At Recycle Plant **identified**
  39. Robert J. Deja Accused In Plot To Kill Daughter He Had Sexually Assaulted
  40. MO- Kansas City Bishop Indicted in Reporting of Abuse by Priest
  41. Drug Cartels Recruiting Texas Teens
  42. Unfed and Dirty, Four Mentally Disabled Adults Found Behind Locked Basement Door
  43. Audrey Gleave, retired teacher, viciously murdered in home, Ancaster Ontario, #3
  44. Round-the-world German yachtsman feared eaten by cannibals
  45. WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO McDonald's Worker Beats Women Who Attack Him
  46. Warning Graphic video 2 yo Girl run over and people ignore her CHINA
  47. Early Parole for Texas Arsonist Angers Family
  48. MI - Murder Shirley Meeks 59 - Suspect refuses to stand in court
  49. TX Sadie Proffitt early release raises questions
  50. OK - Oklahoma City, 10 Oct 2011 -Mystery of who killed Carina Saunders-ARREST MADE
  51. NY - Is this murder confession note real or a hoax?
  52. Atlanta woman wrongly imprisoned for 53 days because of name mix-up
  53. Man kills wife, children, and self, friends blame wife "belittling" him
  54. Arrest made after 4 1/2 years Barrie Canada
  55. WTH? Sombrero-wearing French tourists break into Bexar County Courthouse
  56. Teen boy locked in room in CO for 3 years; found under neighbor's porch
  57. UK, October 2011, Stuart Walker, 28, Burnt to Death in Possible Homophobic Attack
  58. ACTIVE SEARCH TX - Rafael Hernandez sought for questioning in murder of Maria Teresa Leon
  59. DE Sex Offender Rapes Young Man Neighbor Calls Cops
  60. Two maximum-security inmates escape from Indian River County Jail
  61. ACTIVE SEARCH Police Searching For Serial Rapist Who Targets Sorority Alumni
  62. UK - Man likens his trove of 28,000 child porn images to stamp collecting
  63. Science Burress charged with murdering 13 year old Marquell Banks
  64. South Carolina Woman Killed Family for Insurance
  65. Tracey Roberts-2001 case reopened-charges filed
  66. Suspect arrested in shooting of Brooklyn mom who died shielding children
  67. ID - Trevor James Booth pleas guilty in 2nd trial
  68. Death of Arizona infant called suspicious
  69. FL-Few Details in Hartsfield Woods Double Homicide Investigation
  70. FBI Considers Juggalos, Fans Of Insane Clown Posse, A Gang In Annual Report
  71. TX - Hit-and-Run Victim Gives Birth, Dies
  72. Police: Fla. pizza workers burned down rival store
  73. 10 yr old pulls gun after candy theft joke
  74. Man arrested for killing and dumping puppy
  75. VA Elder Abuse Case in Richmond
  76. FL - Tallahassee Police release new details in taxi driver's death
  77. Man arrested after hiding under high school girl's bed Halloween night
  78. child porn ring broken in NorthEast Ohio
  79. Woman's ex found dead, she is chg, then her bf found dead in the same manner
  80. Police search for infants body- near Poteau, OK
  81. 70 Year-Old Man Gang Raped
  82. Shawn Harris convicted of raping his wife
  83. IL- 4 dead, 2 hurt in store shooting
  84. NJ Mother And Grown Son Murdered In Their Home Stabbed Repeatedly
  85. OK - Taxpayers may have to pay $13.5 million in LE jail rape settlement
  86. TX - Mysterious Death of 22YO Denton Woman
  87. IL- 15-year-old charged with killing grandmother, a Chicago police officer
  88. MO-Woman dies in deplorable conditions
  89. Man rapes elderly hotel maid
  90. High School Junior beaten in classroom; 4 students face charges
  91. OK - 1976 murder of Virginia Kegans, 17, goes to trial
  92. FL Woman Arrested For Meth Even After Her Face is Disfigured in Lab Explosion
  93. Milwaukee, 2 young women arrested after 2 day Satanic Sex Spree
  94. Transgender teen found murdered in Detroit
  95. MO - Six dead already as Kansas City faces murder weekend
  96. Orangeville/Toronto-Cal Millar to speak locally on unsolved crimes
  97. 13 yo charged with raping 5 yo in McDonald's play area
  98. Fighting Fear, Girlfriend Lures Rape/Murder Suspect Into Trap
  99. CO- Man charged with sexually assaulting dog
  100. Lost Air Force One JFK assassination tapes make debut
  101. Bullets hit Whitehouse
  102. Accused kidnapper charged with killing step-father
  103. NV- Complex baffled after property owner's body found in U-Haul box
  104. Reality stranger than fiction
  105. Crazy Crime up the street from my house
  106. CA - Camarillo's Fayed sentenced to death for arranging wife's murder
  107. CA - Five arrested in connection with death of high school quarterback Griffen Kramer
  108. Murder suspect to be freed over paperwork error
  109. NC~RSO, Victor Gaston sentenced for using Facebook to contact victim
  111. SK alert: Young Woman found in yard - Who's killing young women in Oklahoma City?
  112. 6 dead and 1 wounded after Pleasant Garden NC shootings
  113. OREGON: David Michael Grubbs, Bike Path Murder, Ashland, Nov '11
  114. FL-Teen in St. Cloud AK-47 attack was dressed for war, cops say
  115. Alleged militia members ask for court-appointed attorneys
  116. GA - Nail Salon Brawl at Wal-Mart
  117. CA- Killer of 3 USC film students dies on death row
  118. UK-Daniel Morgan 1987 axe murder tied to phone hacking scandal
  119. DB Cooper at 40: pure titanium & the clip-on tie
  120. Chicago hospital ends lockdown after shooting
  121. Audrey Gleave, retired teacher, viciously murdered in home, Ancaster Ontario, #4
  122. Orlando man accused of killing girlfriend, kills 2 others
  123. Chloe Davis
  124. MA- Man taped women in YMCA locker room
  125. HS football coach's wife resigns in grade-fix scandal
  126. GA - Woman's body pulled from Savannah River-Anita Truly
  127. GA Police shoot, kill mother stabbing child (Atlanta)
  128. OH-Former Metro nurses aide pleads guilty to abusing elderly patient
  129. CA - 8 people shot in West Oakland, incld'g 1 year old
  130. TX - Texas teen shot & killed on his mother's birthday
  131. Man burned kitten to death in charcoal grill
  132. OR - Dana Crippen, Victim of ‘homicidal violence’ found on Oregon bike path 11/24/11
  133. KS - Kidnapper sues hostages: $235,000 for "breach of contract"
  134. TN- Man tortures 4 lb yorkie to death-this is one sick person
  135. NV - Man Accused of Killing Boss with Saw Claims Self Defense
  136. FL - Man shot after using ATM
  137. Shooter dies in Texas attack involving 4 children, woman
  138. First-class passenger reveals moment he 'caught professor viewing child porn'
  139. 2 caretakers waterboard elderly patient
  140. Vigilante sets up sting in Timmies
  141. Former 'sheriff of the year' arrested, sent to jail named after him
  142. Who Killed Roy & Wanda Campbell of Perry County KY?
  143. Canada - Audrey Gleave, retired teacher, murdered in home, Ancaster Ontario, #6
  144. Audrey Gleave, retired teacher, viciously murdered in home, Ancaster Ontario, #5
  145. Ohio homeowner captures thief and hogties him
  146. 13 Yr Old sentenced to LIFE
  147. SC- Man charged with DV and starving dogs to death
  148. Police: Escaped inmate searching for 2 people, father arrested, residents warned
  149. MS- New Albany coach shot, wife killed
  150. WA-Feds accuse couple living in Seattle mansion of welfare fraud
  151. Snohomish jail inmate accused of sixth assault
  152. 200 years ago today, Ratcliffe Highway Murders shocked London
  153. Police Say Boy Who Dropped Cart on Mom More Concerned With Shoes Than Victim
  154. CA-Severely disabled care home patient's pregnancy investigated
  155. New Details On Florissant Couple Accused Of Sex Assault Girl Says Abuse Started When
  156. KS-Man arrested for having sex with dog for a second time
  157. SC-Skinned, Gutted Puppy Found In Shed
  158. OK - Making meth at WalMart? Tulsa woman arrested.
  159. Hypodermic Syringes Found In Clothes In WalMart
  160. Dean College students video savage beating of fellow student
  161. FL: Man captures being shot by MIL on IPhone
  162. Man convicted for local woman's death released from prison
  163. Home invader killed, another wounded: family safe
  164. IL-Bloody paw prints lead police to woman abusing dog
  165. Kids beat up mom after she tossed their beer
  166. Please return Josh Eberle's backpack
  167. Buried alive, mom used diamond ring to cut her way out
  168. Man and 7 year old niece murdered
  169. 4 now dead in Liege, Belgium, grenade attack on Christmas shoppers
  170. Police alerted to Ind. deaths by Facebook post
  171. bodies found in garvin county oklahoma
  172. MA - Boston Mansion Murders: Couple Gunned Down In Their Home
  173. NFL player arrested on federal cocaine charges, drug-dealing
  174. MO - Grandmother Murdered While Babysitting In Joplin Missouri
  175. 3 adults, 2 children found dead in VA home
  176. MO - Missouri Teen Allegedly Murdered For Giving Friend "A Hard Time":
  177. Man gets 6 years in bondage sex, burned body case
  178. Man Left Bruised And Battered After Attempting to Mug MMA Fighter
  179. 13-year-old's quick thinking, kept her safe during break-in
  180. At Pa. birthday party shooting 1 killed, 7 injured
  181. Autistic girl's service dog found dead
  182. OK - Wewoka man allegedly choked wife in french fry tiff
  183. Man Shoots Ex Girlfriend, 3 friends on Canada Highway
  184. Illinois woman shoots each of her three children,boyfriend and then herself
  185. OK - Arson charges for horse theft family
  186. IA-parolee charged with beating dog to death with baseball bat
  187. CT-Man arrested for killing girlfriends dog
  188. Could Newborns Death Be Linked To Tainted Baby Formula, WalMart Pulls Formula NWide:
  189. TX- Woman comes home finds kids tied up and husband murdered
  190. Pair charged in beating of homeless man in Wall posted on YouTube
  191. CANADA - Dungeon discovered in Pickering (Ontario) farmhouse
  192. Man's life savings stolen after daughter leads friends to it
  193. CANADA-wide warrant, 'vicious' kidnapping and torture, Toronto, Dec. 22, 2011
  194. Atlanta: "home invasion" uncovers credit card fraud operation
  195. School Accused of Putting Autistic Boy in Duffel Bag
  196. Vampire killer to be released from prison in Australia
  197. SC Shayla Jerea Bryan Charged after Throwing Toddler off Balcony
  198. TX - Seven found shot dead in Dallas-area apartment
  199. Soldier paralyzed in shooting at homecoming party
  200. "7 swans a-swimming, 6 geese a-laying, 5 drive-by shootings on S.A.'s East Side..."
  201. CA-Man sent to prison for 10 yrs for assault on dog
  202. Police: Facebook cry for help ends kidnapping
  203. Tourists Find Severed Leg Outside Fla. Rental Home
  204. Baton Rouge Native Killed in Hawaii
  205. CA - San Pedro woman killed walking home from church on Christmas Eve
  206. Eleven Most Intriguing Missing Persons Cases of 2011
  207. Man tried to pay for Walmart items with million-dollar bill
  208. PA Two Senior Citizen's In Critical Condition Caught In Crossfire
  209. HIV Positive Man Claims "Infected Hundreds"
  210. Park ranger shot at Mount Rainier National Park
  211. Baffling murder of Wichita banker, Timothy McGuigan, September 2011
  212. Suspect charged in Texas airport explosives case
  213. 4 dead in Coronado shooting
  214. Police: West Florida boy critically wounded by celebratory gunfire
  215. UK-Human remains discovered on Queen's Norfolk Est.Identified as Alisa Dmitrijeva
  216. FL-Salesman rapes and attempts to kill woman
  217. UK - Racist thugs convicted nearly 19 years on for the murder of Stephen Lawrence
  218. Winter Springs police look for woman's alleged attacker
  219. IL - Joliet area man gouges out uncle's eyes, police say
  220. OK - Attorney who claimed home invasion by black males arrested
  221. UT - 6 cops shot in Ogden serving warrant - 2 critical
  222. PA Flyers Fans Beat Up Bruins Fans Post Winter Classic On Tape
  223. KS - Woman, gunman dead in upscale Overland Park
  224. UK - Teen thought to be a witch tortured to death on Christmas Day, authorities say
  225. Conn. man gets 70 years for kidnapping ex-wife
  226. 15-year-old Iowa girl raped aboard cruise ship, LE says
  227. Another Canadian murdered in Mexico...
  228. OK - Man allegedly killed sick wife with methamphetamine
  229. OK - 1st U.S. execution of '12: was the verdict faulty, the killing in self-defense?
  230. TX - "Stash" magazine founder gets five years for drug possession
  231. Connecticut Paramedic Accused Of Raping Woman Inside Ambulance
  232. OR Man Tries To Steal Goat To Sacrifice On New Years Eve
  233. WI - Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop arrested
  234. Canada's most wanted
  235. Court tosses conviction in Super Bowl threat
  236. B.C. woman, brother, arrested in alleged Indian honour killing of Jassi Sidhu
  237. MO - Axe murder, disembowelment try yield not guilty plea
  238. Ariz. sheriff says few clues in NH couple's death
  239. MO-3 teens-disturbing case of animal cruelty
  240. 19-year-old charged in slaying of bass fishing pro
  241. 19-year-old charged in slaying of bass fishing pro
  242. TX - 2 shot, 1 dead, in fitness center attack "by club member," LE says
  243. CO - Couple badly burned in package bomb explosion
  244. TX - Louis Vuitton sues Eisenhauer Flea Market for $18 million: fake bags cause row
  245. WA - LE traces DNA of '91 killer back to Mayflower
  246. FL - Dr. & wife found murdered in FL mansion, in exclusive gated community
  247. Food Dispute Behind Ohio Murder-Suicide
  248. FL-Teen found chained to bed; Grandmother arrested
  249. Police Find $2.9 Million Worth Of Cocaine , Driver, 87
  250. Female soldier found murdered at Ft. Carson barracks