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  1. WA-Thieves enter gallery through skylight, steal artwork
  2. NC-Danielle Watson pregnant and murdered
  3. Canadian woman found beaten in Mexican resort hotel elevator
  4. Skakel to judges: 'I didn't commit this crime'
  5. UK - Murder suspect escapes custody in masked gang ambush
  6. Palestinian Woman locked in dark rooms for 10 years by her father
  7. L.A. cops shoot pipe-wielding man to death w/DISTURBING VIDEO
  8. CA- owner beats 4 month old puppy almost to death
  9. FBI arrests 4 officers in troubled Conn. suburb
  10. MO - Trucker charged with pushing woman out of moving truck
  11. KY-Man tortures pitbull puppy, drags behind truck
  12. CA: Surgeon in teen sex case found dead in Mammoth
  13. Dad Gets Restraining Order Against Son’s 4th-Grade Classmate
  14. NYPD commish's son, a Fox anchor, in rape probe
  15. Daytona woman, 64, holds suspect in yard at gunpoint
  16. MS - Man arrested while being interviewed
  17. 2012 'Texecution' #1: DNA sample tied killer to cold case
  18. MI - Woman, Jane Bashara, Found Strangled - #1
  19. Pa Alert - Suspect at large in double homicide
  20. OK-mother/son held prisoner by teens posing as yard workers
  21. Student charged in Utah school bomb plot
  22. PA Execution Style Murder Suspect Arrested In New York
  23. WA - Swayed by psychologist, jury freed sexual predator to attack again
  24. Toronto ‘rabbi’ led double life - immigration scam
  25. CA-man kills chihuahua with golf club
  26. OR-1980 murder finally solved
  27. KS - Student finds $400 of cocaine in used, Amazon-ordered textbook
  28. CA- Son, 15, admits killing his Oakland parents, police say
  29. Officers checking robbery find 5 dead in Ala. home
  30. Family convicted in Canada 'honor murders'
  31. IL-Charges upgraded against student who burned dog
  32. Man Murders Girlfriend and then Law Enforcement Officer - Bizarre Hearing Video
  33. Wife found husband, twin daughters dead, records show
  34. OR~Anesthesiologist Dr. Frederick Field indicted for molesting 12 women
  35. MO - Lurid tale behind corpse abandonment charges
  36. PA Cab Driver And Passanger UofP Student Beat When Cab Stopped
  37. TX - San Antonio hardware store owner killed: throat slit
  38. Cali cop shot dead by fellow officers arresting him for alleged sex with 17-year-old
  39. Canterbury, UK, Teen Boy and Man Found Dead in Pond, Jan 2012
  40. PA - Politician charged in '79 cold-case murder DNA match
  41. UK - Officer injured after 'mobility scooter' gunman opens fire during village seige
  42. CA - "Country karaoke" tiff leads to father shooting son
  43. TX Couple found dead "under suspicious circumstances"in rural Johnson Co. 1 Feb 2012
  44. MN - "Weaving all over the ice": Zamboni driver's DUI arrest
  45. TN - Couple slain, baby unhurt, Johnson County, TN
  46. Missionary couple in Mexico found strangled in Nuevo Leon
  47. PA - Deaths of Both Pa. Pastor's Wives Ruled Homicides
  48. PA-store sold bath salts for food stamps
  49. IN-extensive animal cruelty case cracked
  50. IL - Calumet City police shoot, kill 15-year-old boy with Asperger's Syndrome
  51. Vrooooom! Border patrol seizes go-kart, trailer, 217 lbs of pot
  52. TSA agent at JFK stole $5000 from passenger, police say
  53. Two American tourists kidnapped in Egypt
  54. Rabbi admits he made up tales of daring missions to rescue Torahs lost in Holocaust
  55. Firefighter responds to call, finds his own stolen goods
  56. NC - Woman charged in beheading plot against witnesses in terrorist-wannabe case
  57. MO - Ethnic slur on church door followed car tampering for Spanish-language pastor
  58. KY - Naked and covered in peanut butter & chocolate, man arrested in Neon supermarket
  59. AZ - Son lives with mother's decaying corpse - was it murder?
  60. Prosecutors rebut jailed RFK assassin's claims in freedom quest
  61. IN - Woman charged in death of morbidly obese sister left alive & decomposing 3 weeks
  62. CA- Husband, 2 others arrested in 1998 slaying of prison guard
  63. MO - Starved to death: 28-year-old woman's body found in her father's house
  64. International Fugitive "Fast" Eddie Maher's 20 Year Run Ends In Christian County:
  65. UK - Somerset's crazed 'Cold Cat Killer' claims 34th victim
  66. FL Babies Bodies Missing From Graves
  67. History expert pleads guilty to stealing documents
  68. Not guilty verdict in trial of Katy girl accused of killing her dad
  69. Man shot, killed after opening fire at NY court
  70. IL-two Iowa men charged with 43 misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty
  71. Florida teen charged with stabbing grandmother over 90 times
  72. SC-Woman throws living dog into trash twice
  73. MI - Woman, Jane Bashara, Found Strangled - #2
  74. UK - Nicotine frenzy! Booted for smoking, madman attacks pub customers with chainsaw
  75. Bodies of 2 girls, grandmother found in Quebec home
  76. Who killed anti-nuke campaigner Hilda Murrell? 28 years on, new questions arise
  77. Two Female Bodies Found in Pond-Georgia - Angela Ortega and Tasha Stiles
  78. WA - Police seek man in Spokane triple homicide
  79. ACTIVE SEARCH Men Possibly Kidnapped from Mexico
  80. Casey Anthony prosecutor Jeff Ashton to defend son in DUI case
  81. CA-Hefner's son arrested for violence against playmate
  82. After 16 years, Missouri inmate admits to murder nobody knew took place
  83. FL- 911 call during rape leads to arrest
  84. Murder at the vicarage? Body found in UK market town
  85. PA Man Shoots Man In The Face/Head Because Of Dog Dirt
  86. Police shoot man holding infant
  87. Chicago cops caught in FBI sting
  88. Texas Christian students, including athletes, nabbed in six-month drug sales sting
  89. Explosives found in pickup near Kansas Statehouse
  90. Entrepreneur In WV Makes Meth & Dentures Busted
  91. UK - Birthday party arsonist killed 4 children in Freckleton, Lancs
  92. At least 3 shot in burning Hollywood home
  93. clay county officer shot in head during meth lab raid
  94. Two Agents Dead in Shooting at Long Beach Federal Building
  95. Twice-Pulitzer-winning NYT correspondent Anthony Shadid dead in Syria at 43
  96. Strange case of the "Piggyback Bandit" and his five-state piggyback spree
  97. PA Pregnant Mother Of Two Murdered By Boyfriend
  98. Fla. meth case involves 3 generations of 1 family
  99. Police seek elusive, armed mountain man, called "time bomb," in southern Utah
  100. IE - 'Stupidest' robber gets 7 years in botched Dublin gold raid
  101. Police: suicide attack on U.S. Capitol foiled with Moroccan man's arrest today
  102. Veteran locksmith accused of stealing from safes (he had worked on)
  103. FL - Breast-flashing duo find no takers; one allegedly then gets stabby
  104. SD - Long-held high school grudge allegedly ends with shooter, 73, killing schoolmate
  105. Lord Lucan is missing - after murder botch, Africa now said to have been his hideout
  106. MO - White supremacist, black gang member joined forces, LE says - to make meth
  107. Accused quadruple murderess "cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs"
  108. IL - Man arrested for staying in motel with girlfriend's corpse for two days
  109. Casey Anthony prosecutor Jeff Ashton to defend daughter in court next week
  110. Man to cops: The other part of my split personality robbed Chinese restaurant
  111. Woman jailed in Pa. has trail of fake pregnancies
  112. Prison escapee captured after he turns up in court for his own case
  113. UK - Cross-eyed arsonist a bit too easy to identify; gets eight years for riot blaze
  114. FL - Man who pointed gun tells LE he is CIA, Elvis' brother, and "half orangutan"
  115. Friends, Family Defend Teen Accused Of Killing His Father
  116. PA Half Dozen Dogs Dismembered Two Arrested
  117. CO - College football player arrested; allegedly assaulted lesbian woman outside bar
  118. FL - Tasered by cop while handcuffed, woman strikes head on pavement; now brain dead
  119. CA - Man who admitted eating cats released in plea deal
  120. FL - Girl misses two years of school; mother charged
  121. Ga. authorities say 5 dead in spa shooting
  122. Feds: Ohioan against fur planned murder-for-hire
  123. Children found tied up at sex offenders house
  124. IN-Woman tosses boyfriends dog off balcony
  125. AL-firefighter sets fire that kills 5 dogs
  126. NH-man arrested for firing gun at ground while catching suspected burglar
  127. Police say love triangle led to CA murder-suicide
  128. TX - Shot fired in Ciudad Juarez drug war grazes woman pushing stroller in El Paso
  129. WA~State Trooper shot to death/massive manhunt underway
  130. GA- Strangled Jonesboro woman feared for her life
  131. CA- Arraignment delayed for death row inmate charged in Long Beach girl's murder
  132. 2 employees wounded in ct hospital workplace shooting 2-2212
  133. Police still investigating motive in Norcross mass shooting
  134. FL - "Underwater auto graveyard" may provide crime, missing persons links
  135. Chris Brown faces robbery charge after iPhone snatch
  136. CA- Authorities investigate satanic vandalism at church as hate crime
  137. Con artist took in $359 million with bogus 'free-trial' offers
  138. Former Columbus police officer robbed bank to 'manipulate' the system
  139. Two retired San Jose cops celebrate 20 years of 'Fugitive Watch'
  140. 3 Upstate Teens Charged With Lynching, Assault And Battery Of Another Teen
  141. TX - Cop charged in fridge raid food grabs: "Theft is theft" - police chief
  142. CA- Double Carjacking Suspect Killed in Hail of Bullets After Pursuit
  143. IN-man arrested for torturing puppy
  144. Man who shot friend who asked him to do so faces murder charge
  145. DA: Mass. sergeant shoots officer, then kills self
  146. Calif. lawyer to be sentenced in baby-selling scam
  147. 29 yrs dog fighting ring busted
  148. PA~Dog rescuer investigated for animal abuse & bestiality
  149. Tiff-throwing toff extradited to El Paso for alleged missle-component sales to Iran
  150. UK - Rare egg thief gets first "wildlife ASBO," 10-year Scots ban
  151. UK - Strangeways hitman trapped, convicted by codebreaker's painstaking analysis
  152. Not again: Father kills child, self, and wounds wife, other child, Houston LE says
  153. TN - One dead, 17 wounded in club called Karma
  154. Shooting reported at Chardon High School near Cleveland, Ohio, 2 injured, 3 dead
  155. Charles Ann, Fort Lee man charged in vehicular death of girlfriend, pleads not guilty
  156. CA- Teen couple slain in Wilmington
  157. 'I didn't even want to be a cheerleader': Daughter of crazed 'Pom-Pom Mom' finally br
  158. Savannah Hardin, 9 - Died running (punishment)
  159. Teen talking on cell, assaulted at movie theater
  160. One Doctor leads largest Medicare fraud $375,000,000 over 5 years
  161. MO-Mom Allegedly Assaults Drug Dealer Trying To Supply Son With Heroin
  162. Driver 5X DUI legal limit
  163. NC-Poor dog buried alive by cruel owner
  164. "My Friend Dahmer"- Graphic Novel
  165. Murder charge filed in Pa. drug-laced chili death
  166. AZ-couple and her lover used Craigslist to find a dog for sex
  167. OKC man murders wife, baby daughter; then flies to Las Vegas, slits wrists, dies - LE
  168. CA - Woman Kidnapped In SOMA Tuesday Afternoon, SFPD Says Crime Not Random
  169. Minister indicted on obstruction charge
  170. Calif. doctor accused of murder in drug overdoses
  171. Student hurt, man jailed in Ariz. school shooting
  172. FDLE: DNA evidence solves Taylor Co. cold case
  173. Clear Photos of Persons of Interest Released in Josh Rubin case. Who are these people
  174. Fatal shooting of unarmed 54-year old Culpeper VA woman
  175. PA Priest Arrested For Soliciting Prostitute
  176. PA 100 Birds Rescued From Cockfighting Ring 100 Drug Dealers Busted
  177. PA Man Busts Onto Tarmac In Jeep Philadelphia National Airport
  178. Embalmer Steals Fillings From Dead And RSO Steals Off Graves
  179. UK - Was TV presenter Jill Dando executed by a Serbian hitman?
  180. MA/MD~2 Former O’s Bat Boys Say They Were Abused By Red Sox Clubhouse Manager
  181. Calif. tax preparer accused of ordering hit on 2
  182. UK - "Ghost town for cats" as 10 die, 25 poisoned in one week at Bedford
  183. FL - 2 Dead in Shooting at Florida HS
  184. Brevard Co. Sheriff Deputy Shot and Killed
  185. GA-19 yr old caretaker arrested for bestiality
  186. OK. 07 Mar. 2012 Shooting Reported At Tulsa County Courthouse
  187. LA - Daughter cuts up father and puts him in ice chest for months/years
  188. Arsenal of weapons, explosives found at NY home
  189. GA - Woman found dead; her children were home with her
  190. Suspect in Fort Worth slaying had been released three weeks earlier
  191. Murder victim's dad lunges at suspect in court
  192. Pittsburgh: Gunman opens fire at Western Psychiatric; Several reported hurt
  193. 'You are dead' woman tells trooper over $600 ticket, cops say
  194. 'Cash Feenz' member wants prison sentence reduced
  195. SC - New sketch of suspect released in multiple Superbike murders case
  196. NY: Rape-horror home
  197. Atrocities against children in Africa by Joseph Kony.
  198. Nursing Assistant arrested after posting pics of dying patients buttocks on Facebook
  199. 'Worsley Man' c. 100AD - beaten, strangled, beheaded: pagan ritual?
  200. WA - Courthouse on lockdown after reported shooting, stabbing of judge, deputy
  201. TX - 2 dead, baby critical after 4 shot in NE Bexar County
  202. NY-LI: Hunt for LIRR assault and possible kidnap of woman caught on video
  203. Dup thread - See Crimes Against childre - CA teen left to meet someone before death
  204. Ontario, Canada..Woman, child found dead in trunk near Sunderland
  205. AZ-Goodyear hit-and-run death of teen remains mystery
  206. ME - Gunfire leaves one dead, three injured in rare violent in-state display
  207. UK - Arrests at Dover after teen girls found stabbed dead in Wakefield, West Yorks
  208. Maryland college student charged in rampage threat
  209. 60-year-old molested by a fellow patient at Roosevelt Hospital
  210. FL-Man of many names sought in killing
  211. Middle School Coach Bites Off Part of Opposing Coach's Ear Followng Loss
  212. UT-Man arrested on charges of extorting BYU student
  213. Army officer arrested for threating wife, commander
  214. Ark. police: Sister responsible for boy's shooting
  215. TX- 1 dead, 3 wounded after gunman opens fire at Texas courthouse
  216. Victim Found Under Manitou Springs Trailer Identified
  217. Anna Gristina, NYC Millionaire Madam
  218. PA Four Held In Setting Woman On Fire They Had Met Via Internet
  219. Wife arrested in hubby’s 2007 murder at Gilbert’s Resort in Florida Keys
  220. PA/CO Philadelphia Man Arrested In Connection With Terrorist Plot
  221. PA Naked Chanting Family Arrested Outside Upper Darby High School
  222. PA/VA Fugitive, Bank Robber In Fredericksburg Hotel Standoff In Critical Condition He
  223. CA Gilroy murder-suicide
  224. CA Former SJ cop pleads no contest to sex charges
  225. Man charged in Okla. woman's burning death
  226. N.J. man murdered father and grandmother, then had a house party, cops say
  227. CA - Police seek bank robber who wears 'sheriff' vest
  228. OH Woman Attempts To Blow Up Car Of Man Who Owed Her Money
  229. OR - jilted boyfriend posts CL sex ad in ex's name
  230. 4 killed in shooting at French Jewish school
  231. Reputed mobster linked to 6 slayings in NYC case
  232. Mother and 3 children shot to death in Missouri
  233. OHIO Arson 3 children and fathe dies video
  234. PA- Warminster woman injured by N.J. man (in 2008) dies; DA mulls new charges
  235. TX - Son arrested in slayings of 3 family members
  236. Suitcase murder: Dad, stepmom charged in 1994 slaying of 17-year-old Toronto girl
  237. FL Student threatens to kill professor
  238. CA- Five found dead in San Francisco home in 'apparent murder-suicide'
  239. Sheriff: Man accused of killing family may have plotted school attack
  240. Judges: School That Handed Child Over to Rapist 6 Times Not Federally Liable
  241. Male MSU student was shot multiple times.
  242. Church Stages Fake Kidnapping
  243. PA Mother Of Four Stabbed To Death By Estranged Husband
  244. Microsoft Raids Tackle Internet Crime
  245. New boyfriend witnesses murder-suicide
  246. Police Find Toddler, Gavin Sly, Dead After Mother Dies In Crash
  247. PA Woman Found Dead By "Friend" Who Murdered Her
  248. PA Copycat Serial Tire Slasher Arrested
  249. ND Sex Offender Peeping Break Ins WIth GPS On
  250. Teens Accused Of Conspiring To Kill Foster Mom