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  1. CA - Couple suspected in murder of Susie Ko, 55, Hercules
  2. Man charged in 'stranger than fiction' Broadway 'Rebecca' scheme
  3. CO-Five found dead in arson homicide in Denver bar
  4. Bangladeshi man arrested after allegedly trying to blow up Fed building in NYC
  5. John Allen Muhammad was in San Diego before D.C.
  6. UK - 'Man denies raping young girls in Wales over 60 years ago': Guardian
  7. FL - Four dead in beauty salon shooting in Casselberry (15 miles NE of Orlando)
  8. LA County assessor arrested in corruption case
  9. Boy Scouts
  10. MD-Howard police seeking man who recorded young women in home
  11. UK - Man arrested on suspicion of murder after hit and run spree
  12. Paula Baniszewski
  13. Man Wanted For Luring Amid 4 Attempted Abductions In Bergen County, NJ
  14. OK.Girl,12, shoots home intruder
  15. Dad, 4-year-old killed in Calif. shooting; 3 hurt
  16. Mass shooting Brookfield,Wi
  17. Pregnant NYC woman found slain day before wedding
  18. LA - Sharmika Moffitt, attacked, set on fire, Shreveport
  19. Toronto teen accused of being sexual predator
  20. Angela Buchanan Accused Of Posing As A Doctor To Trick Friend Into Lesbian Affair
  21. MI - Michigan expressway car shootings at 20+ now
  22. 2 toddlers, mother found dead in California home
  23. Links sought for deaths of 6 in Tennessee, Alabama
  24. GA - 1 killed in shooting at Georgia megachurch
  25. CA - Craigslist carjacking leaves three dead, two injured in Downey
  26. Know this baby? Grave marker found in trash
  27. Bath Salt Husband Cuts Fetus from Wife's Womb
  28. MS - MS Hwy Patrol investigating death of 20 y/o woman hit and killed by 3 vehicles
  29. A promise between friends ends in a murder-suicide
  30. Murder warrant issued for husband of Seffner woman found burned inside car
  31. 2 men acquitted under new US gay hate crime law
  32. Trooper fired from chopper to stop truck, kills 2
  33. Man's head and body found miles apart: Gruesome murder in Canada
  34. Jay walker shot and killed while running away from officer...
  35. Afghan vet who 3 weeks ago shot himself
  36. CA- Orange County's devil-cult killer comes up for parole
  37. USC Shooting
  38. Police carry out massive raid in Quebec, Ontario and B.C.
  39. Cops on the DNA trail of the murderer of nanny Penny Hill in 1991
  40. Police seek gunman who wounded 7 at crowded fair
  41. Randi Christine Rowell - Overdose or something more?
  42. Army General accused of sex crimes against five women
  43. Quebec City police seek convicted cop-killer in connection to two armed robberies
  44. Barrie, Ont: Cops release sketch of flasher
  45. PA Body Identified In Burning Vehicle
  46. MI -Woman kidnapped, raped, escaped - suspect drives into tree
  47. IA-counselor sex. exploits dependant adult
  48. Canada - Nationwide warrant for Moncton stabbing suspect
  49. Veternarian steals pregnant dog, Ruby under false pretenses
  50. AZ - Man, 77, freed after 37 years; judge says wife lied about murder confession
  51. Federal agents charge 34 white supremacists
  52. John McAfee, AV Software Tycoon Wanted for Murder in Belize
  53. Toledo, OH Murder/Suicide Claims 5 Lives**Multiple threads merged**
  54. LA police search for girl who was dragged away
  55. FL - Mom & 2 kids found slain in walk-in closet
  56. MO - Missouri Religious Group Investigated in Slaying of Woman
  57. ACTIVE SEARCH Police Request Public’s Assistance in Locating a Man Wanted in Attempted Murder
  58. Australia - Macleay Island,Brisbane - 85yr old Liselotte Watson, murdered in her own
  59. PA GPS TRacker Ends Year Of Armed Roberies
  60. Serial killer in Brooklyn? Third recent murder with same gun has authorities wary
  61. CA - Cross-dressing husband faces charges in grisly murder of possibly mad wife, 74
  62. Chloé en vie, le fin du cauchemar: teen girl found, ending seven-day kidnap ordeal
  63. Masked Woman Robs Her Own Mother Of 40K Engagement Ring
  64. AZ-Donella Clauschee, 28, Shot dead in front of 5yo daughter
  65. Edmonton police want public's help
  66. TX Samantha Jo McNorton Is Found In A Grave
  67. Family dog thwarts 3 month old baby's kidnapping
  68. CA- Elderly resident kills two women, himself at Torrance senior housing complex
  69. PA Woman Receives 100 Stitches After Purse Snatching Video
  70. AT - "Ice Lady" gets life for murder, chainsaw cellar burial, of husband and lover
  71. Marshall Giles killed by 19 yo son with Hatchet, Son smiles and Laughs on way to Jail
  72. Grandmother, 3 grandchildren murdered in North Dakota
  73. Australia - Help find Emma Pawelski's killer
  74. TX - 3 found shot dead near High 5 interchange at a Motel 6 in Dallas
  75. FL Woman Shoots Husband Sells Gun For Crack
  76. NH-Jessica Linscott and Roland Dow wanted for child abuse
  77. TN - Kayla Qualls body found in abandoned vehicle on rural road
  78. Orlando cop accused of beating up girlfriend will get out of jail
  79. Judge mulls new trial for dad in family slayings. Blames Drew Petersons Attorny's
  80. CA- Fremont man arrested after police say he tried to hang girlfriend from tree
  81. Two Shot At Funeral For Alleged Gang Member
  82. CA - Addiction counselor charged with murder in DUI
  83. GA - Valdosta - Jasmine Benjamin - Age 17 - Murdered
  84. 3 BP employees arraigned on Gulf oil spill charges
  85. Dr & Wife Hospitalized After Home Invasion
  86. Suspect in string of ecoterrorism fires surrenders
  87. Arkansas -- Released Prison Inmate Accused Of Rape [two counts]
  88. Minn. police officer killed during routine check
  89. Mallory Owens: Girlfriend's Brother Has Beaten Me Before
  90. Casper, WY: 3 Killed in attack at Casper College
  91. Atlantic City Police Searching For 10-Year-Old Escaped Prisoner
  92. UK Murdering Child Abusing Wife Swapping Witches On Trial
  93. MO - Kansas City Chiefs player shoots and kills girlfriend, self, say officials
  94. Man suspected in killing of 3 relatives including toddler son
  95. PA Gunpoint Abduction Harrisburg Community College (Sketch)
  96. Manhunt for Subway Pusher Who Threw Victim in Front of Train
  97. OR- 2nd failed abduction at the Corridor Elementary campus in a month
  98. Ill-Man admits role in foiled, cat-related murder plot
  99. NYPD: Human Remains Found On Island Off Canarsie Pier
  100. Canadian sociopath scheduled to be released from Prison
  101. CA- Child Killed, Mom Critical high speed chase, Crash
  102. Cops: Mom who ran off with son arrested, boy found safe
  103. AP: 29 charged in Calif gang indictment
  104. Conn. man fathered child with dau./she's adult/both charged
  105. KS - sisters relate their grisly discovery of double murder at a Wichita dollar store
  106. Kansas City woman taken by ex-boyfriend in early morning kidnapping, says LE
  107. CA - 3 dead, 4 wounded, including two young girls, at Tule Reservation, Tulare County
  108. RSO Found In Woman's Bed In Her Pajamas
  109. MA Pup Disemboweled For Heroin
  110. Famed architect to be sentenced for drug smuggling
  111. Former Fla. police officer scheduled for execution
  112. They were going to blow my brains out': Two boys, aged 7 and 11, 'hold woman at gunpo
  113. GA -- Woman wears "Fool" sign as punishment for battery on School Bus
  114. L.A. man shot dead near boarding school in NYC; shooter flees with getaway driver: LE
  115. FL Mean Drunk Kicked Her Mom Fought An 8 Year Old Battered Cellie
  116. Police: Woman fatally stabbed by man who chased her
  117. OK - ECU murder suspect "Suit Man" may have targeted other students, says suite mate
  118. GA - Glynn County Commissioner killed
  119. Search continues for killer of driver who struck, killed 2 Alvin brothers
  120. CA - Norma Patricia Esparza charged in revenge killing of her rapist, Gonzalo Ramirez
  121. MI - Julia Niswender, 23, Eastern Michigan University, Dec 2012 - drowning homicide
  122. Child porn raid in emc
  123. Texas man accused of carving pentagram into son
  124. OK - Doctor with 'Stop Police Harassment' YouTube channel found murdered in his home
  125. Employee fires gun inside Kansas City parole and probation office 12/13/12
  126. Fla. caseworker stabbed to death during home visit
  127. CA - Man who Raped Disabled Woman in Custody
  128. NC judge commutes 3 deaths sentences; cites bias
  129. Okhlahoma State U frat leader charged with sex assaults
  130. PA Sixers Fans Open Fire On Subway After Game
  131. Shooting at Fashion Island- Newport Beach perp in custody
  132. AL - Separate Shooting Sprees Saturday
  133. Indiana man who owned 47 guns arrested after elementary school threat
  134. Donkey-sex suspect to challenge constitutionality of law
  135. MI - Macomb County, Sandra Lee Loepp (37), Hit and Run 12/16/12
  136. Elderly Mennonite Women Attacked in Apparent Hate Crime
  137. TX - Police investigate gunfire at movie theater
  138. 2 Kansas officers fatally shot outside market
  139. 2 officers killed Topeka, KS
  140. Hollywood hacker honed his skills for years
  141. The faces of heroin use
  142. New threats of gun violence surfacing
  143. TX - 13-year-old girl kidnapped near Sugar Land-area church, 2012
  144. Queensland DPP says it will not retry Graham Stafford - Leanne Holland murder
  145. IL- Kyle Harrell Bartonville, Illinois
  146. OK - Dead body in affluent neighborhood sparks homicide investigation, vehicle search
  147. CO, four dead in murder suicide in Weld County
  148. Utah 6th grader placed gun to classmate’s head
  149. From 20 stories above: two men escape from Chicago federal prison using knotted rope
  150. 13 surrender in Illinois fraternity drinking death
  151. For minor crimes, NYers sentenced to Sandy relief
  152. PA "Domestic Cannibal" Sought In Upper Darby
  153. New DNA evidence found in brutal 1994 rape-slay
  154. AR - Mom stabbed trying to protect 12 year old daughter from rapist
  155. Student gangraped in moving bus in Delhi, male friend beaten up; both thrown off bus
  156. Teacher accused of taping students together
  157. One more for the good guys..
  158. DC - Zakiya Gaskins accused of preying on boy
  159. Toronto Police help foil Arizona school shooting plot
  160. FLCops: Daughter acted alone in mom's murder
  161. PA - Four dead, three state troopers injured, in Blair County shooting
  162. Front-end loader used to take house apart and end ND standoff
  163. AZ Mystic Mother Arrested AGAIN On Prostitution Charges
  164. CA - Tech millionaire Raveesh Kumra, 66, dead in home invasion
  165. UK: Woman dead and TWO men critical after hit and run tragedy
  166. NY - At least two firefighters shot after answering blaze call east of Rochester
  167. TX - Police officer, bystander killed in shootout after Houston motorist opens fire
  168. The Mysterious Death of Bradley Ryan Hill
  169. Potential rapist targeted real estate agents working alone
  170. FL-Man in critical condition after being set on fire Christmas night
  171. PA Arson Mystery
  172. IL RSO Folds Himself Some Laundry
  173. CA - Woman set on fire in LA as she sleeps on bench
  174. AZ - Phoenix police probe mystery of who shot yo-yo champion Nathan DeWitt dead at 23
  175. PA Woman Robbed, Raped, Carjacked By Three Teens For Hours
  176. Stalking suspect dead after overpowering arresting officer, taking gun, wounding 3 R
  177. Hubby dead in closet, Wife uninjured, Home Invasion under investigation
  178. Choctaw family devastated in Miss. SUV wreck
  179. Slain woman predicted her own death
  180. Maine man, 74, held in deaths of teenage tenants
  181. Anger as French psychiatrist is found guilty after patient hacks man to death
  182. Greenwich Village Couple Arrested After Investigators Find Explosive Powder
  183. Australia - Cases highlighted of 4 missing men
  184. Florida pilot spots theft at own house while flying plane
  185. Caregiver arrested in Silver Alert case
  186. UK - 'Black Dog Strangler' Phillip Westwater escapes secure psychiatric unit, on run
  187. Switzerland gunman kills three in Daillon in Valais
  188. Police: Calif. teens drug parents to use Internet
  189. CA - Judge: Law won't protect unmarried victims in rape
  190. Colorado, Man with hostages barricaded inside Aurora town home
  191. CA - Body Found Encased in Cement at California Plumber’s Shop
  192. FL - Though armed with .45, hate crime victim decided not to shoot attacker
  193. AZ - FBI: Man Uses Fake Explosives to Rob Ariz. Banks
  194. Georgia mom home alone with kids shoots ex-con intruder
  195. OH - Steubenville?
  196. Air Force recruiter charged with rape as sex scandal expands
  197. Ala. teen accused of plotting to bomb classmates
  198. ME: Chicago lottery winner Urooj Khan died from cyanide poisoning a month after win
  199. Kayla Bourque released!!
  200. PA Three Members Of The Wheels Of Soul Shot
  201. PA Gunman Takes 25K From Metro PCS Pickup
  202. PA Woman Found Dead In Passenger Seat Of Car
  203. Canada stuck with an undeportable criminal after Tehran refuses to take back Iranian
  204. MI - Kentwood couple found slain in home
  205. Mo. man accused of dismembering man, throwing arms
  206. Mo. court overturns conviction in 1990 farm death
  207. Keith Ratliff friend and partner of Youtube personality FPSRussia (Kyle Myers) killed
  208. Mo - Body of mother accused of abandoning infant found in trunk of her car
  209. Mo/Il - St. Louis man charged with killing woman, dumping her body in Madison County
  210. Woman pleads guilty in 'total identity theft' case
  211. Cult YouTube gun channel boss found shot dead on rural Georgia road
  212. Police in NY seek owners of 30K pieces of bling
  213. Judge Sentences Drunken Driver to View Bodies of Car Crash Victims
  214. CA - At least one victim reported in Kern Co. Taft High School shooting
  215. CA- Killer of 2 teen girls held in mom's slaying in Vallejo
  216. MO - Relics of saints stolen from Ste. Genevieve church
  217. WA - DNA test tabs sex offender as killer in 1980 death of 19-year-old Susan Lowe: LE
  218. Ga. Man arrested on a sex trafficking charge
  219. PA Loaded Gun In Diaper Bag At School
  220. Savannah coroner of 40 years exits under suspicion
  221. Some of 14 hostages in Los Angeles were assaulted
  222. NY looks at 800 rape cases for possible DNA errors
  223. OK - Pregnant woman shot dead in OKC metro city The Village; no suspects, motive yet
  224. CA - 'Les Miserables' shooting: Cops take down gunman in San Diego theater
  225. 78 arrested in Polk County prostitution bust
  226. PA A Brawl, A Car, A Taser A Gun, And Art
  227. PA Fake Fire Inspector Steals From Philly Landmarks
  228. PA: College Student Accused of Kidnapping and Abusing Wife
  229. Cleveland , OK: Horse Burned With Acid
  230. The Kaylee Cogdell case - Unsolved? Or not?
  231. Student shoots Adviser
  232. KY - Two reported dead, one injured, at Hazard Community & Technical College
  233. Abductor signed Child out of School (PA)
  234. Cleveland Clinic nurse accused of murder-hire plot
  235. 21 people charged in unemployment fraud scheme
  236. Co, Denver cop shot, suspect dead in chase; 5th suspect arrested
  237. MI- Mt. Pleasant, woman escapes kidnapper terrifying incident
  238. Solving Kathy Mabry's Murder: Brutal 15-Year-Old Crime Highlights Decades-Long Missis
  239. CA - Woman squeezes through doggie door, steals 'I Love Lucy' collectibles in Burbank
  240. Mine official gets nearly 2 years in W.Va. blast
  241. DC Police Officer Guilty of Killing Mistress, Baby
  242. Police: 3 charged wanted to rid world of evil
  243. ACTIVE SEARCH Canada Wide Warrant Issued For Parolee
  244. PA Beaten Robbed And Tossed On Subway Tracks
  245. 5 males face sex charges after girl assaulted during party at NY home
  246. Berlin bank heist nets €10 million in cash and valuables to crafty tunnelers
  247. PA Man killed in Bucks Co. home invasion
  248. Model, 18, has face slashed with razor blade by two women in crowded mall
  249. Chef dismembers wife, enlists Facebook friends in phony search
  250. NJ- Woman brutally stabbed while shopping with baby in Bed Bath & Beyond store