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  1. Texas - Still No Life Without
  2. Woman Held Captive for 10 Years
  3. Man suspected of killing his first wife, and pregnant girlfriend
  4. Woman corrupted teen boys, police say
  5. Princeton grad student Charged With Despicable Crime
  6. Accused Sex Offender Still Free
  7. Man Convicted Of Sex Assault On Flight
  8. Houston Woman Walked Around With Dead, Abused Baby
  9. Screams lead police to abused toddler's body
  10. Principal accused of sex charges
  11. Judge gives man 40 years for scalding his daughter
  12. Mother of boy killed in fire was shopping, officials told
  13. Baby faces gun thug!
  14. TX HS Football coach shot
  15. Life for Beating Death of Toddler
  16. Man Kills Girlfriend and Keeps Body in Storage
  17. Federal inmate indicted for threatening judge
  18. Riverside college student who killed his mother sentenced to prison
  19. Man says he killed and cut up friend
  20. Lawyer suspended for jailhouse sex with triple-murder defendant
  21. Police: Palatka woman burned young girl with iron 16 times
  22. Man dies after police shoot him with bean bags
  23. "Sopranos" star charged with assaulting girlfriend in Little Italy
  24. Famlies Badges Worn at a Murder Trial May Lead to a Convict's Release
  25. Murder suspect may return to area
  26. Jury to be selected for trial of woman linked to Honken
  27. NYPD Cop: cyber kiddie sex fiend
  28. Online pedophile caught with victim
  29. Canada's KILLER Karla Homolka
  30. Mom accused of letting her daughter, 5, smoke pot
  31. Nancy Grace exclusive jailhouse interveiw with Stacy Lannert
  32. Man Allegedly Breaks In Home, Molests Boy
  33. Ontario wants limits on Homolka release
  34. Man has taken children hostage in Germany
  35. Teen Sexually Assaulted on Videotape
  36. Manhunt for murder and rapist suspect Stephen Stanko
  37. HE SLAY, SHE SLAY The bizarre case could be a first
  38. Teen lovers spur family shootout
  39. Jurors discover confession in defendant's pants pocket
  40. 3rd Trial's a charm for killer Kelly Ellard! GUILTY
  41. Bizarre TN murder case
  42. They can keep everything, but give Roni back!
  43. Hot Pacemaker Sold on eBay
  44. Woman accused of trading daughter for car
  45. Iowa trooper charged in case of sexual abuse
  46. Fire Marshall Convicted of Child Porn - Charges of a cover up
  47. Grand jury charges day care worker with rape
  48. Teen killed in baseball bat attack
  49. Man Rapes and Causes Miscarriage to Ex-Girlfriend
  50. Conviction Appealed After Confession Found
  51. Man faces 45-year term in sex abuse of seven boys
  52. Sex offender arrested after allegedly molesting girl
  53. Sex abuser draws 6 years
  54. convicted molester faces 516 new charges over child porn
  55. Woman Who Posed As Twin Boys Ordered To Undergo Psych Exam
  56. accused of having numerous sexual encounters with young girls
  57. Serial kiddie flasher- was a teacher-caught by Mom
  58. Teen Breaks Into Casket, Steals Head...
  59. Dead Child's Mother Under Investigation
  60. Judge hands sex offender 40 years
  61. Elizabeth Smart Case/Original Suspect's Wife Sues Police
  62. First-degree murder and accused of rape of two children
  63. AOL Monitor Accused Of Luring Teen
  64. Boy arrested for molestation
  65. Man allegedly steals, kills, eats dog
  66. Couple accused of leaving elderly woman covered in ants inside RV
  67. Burying children alive
  68. Hazel Park man accused in 4-year-old's burning
  69. Prayer vigil for slain pregnant woman
  70. 'i Was Saving Mom'
  71. 9 year old kills Mom and self...
  72. had the state’s DNA lab moved faster
  73. Woman Convicted in Pa. Hatchet Slaying
  74. Police search for clues in Pennsylvania prosecutor's disappearance
  75. FBI Releases Profile Of Serial Rapist
  76. Sex attack suspect's 'timid' ways
  77. Great-Great-Grandmother Shoots Robber
  78. Body found in trunk of impounded vehicle
  79. Robin Lunceford dropped as witness in murder case
  80. Officer Charged For Using Taser To Get Urine Sample
  81. San Diego prosecutors are being asked to reopen the Danielle Van Dam murder case
  82. Meth lab found at day care home
  83. 17 year old now a man behind bars 10 years WAITING for trial
  84. Girl's Murderer Stabbed in Florida Prison
  85. Body Part Thief Gets More Than 2 Years
  86. Judge Finally Jails 'husband From Hell'
  87. Two boys, 10, charged with sexual assault
  88. Remembering Nellie (?)
  89. N.C. man represents self,accused of sexual molest 3 girls letting him question the gi
  90. listed on the state's sex-offender registry charged with sexually assaulting an eleve
  91. Hospitalized woman shot in head... police later kill her husband
  92. Sexual Offender Free During Appeal
  93. Convicted sex offender commits suicide over neighborhood signs
  94. Chili finger finder arrested
  95. Rape of boy possibly video taped by mother
  96. police video taped handcuffing 5 year old
  97. 7th grader signed out of school for sex
  98. 6 year old boys have oral sex in School bathroom
  99. Bag of human skulls found in Bronx
  100. Lovelorn Cop Killer's Parole Bid Ko'd
  101. Former cop pleaded guilty. Sentence-
  102. Assualt on child, shooting, police standoff, body in freezer
  103. Roscoe Glinton - murdered pregnant GF
  104. Mother and dau murdered, mystery about bodies
  105. Pregnant mother, and 11 mo old son murdered, stuffed into container
  106. The devil made him do it
  107. Choking game for 13 year olds?
  108. What do you all think?
  109. 360 lb. Teacher Charged With Molesting Student 100 Times
  110. Jeffrey MacDonald sues woman with website for libel
  111. After 32 Years, Clothing Yields a DNA Key to Dozens of Rapes
  112. MA-Jeffery Curley, Cambridge Ma ~ NAMBLA & ACLU
  113. 15 year old boy stabs his mom 111 times after argument
  114. Disney Child Porn Update!
  115. Road rage causes fatal accident...driver doesn't stop
  116. Body is found after Police leave
  117. Boy, Little Sister Stabbed to Death at Home
  118. Kansas Boy, 10, Charged With Killing Father
  119. Mom doesn't fight rape of dau.
  120. Rapist stunned when told his DNA is tied to 24 other cases
  121. Police digging for missing boy's remains
  122. A good thing came out of the MJ trial
  123. Another Mother stabbs children to death
  124. Mother of 2 killed by employee of deck washing company
  125. Cold blooded killer at 15
  126. Should this guy ever get out?
  127. 7 year old special needs child handcuffed
  128. Mother of burned baby gets 15 yrs.
  129. Tenn. medical examiner medical license revoked
  130. Good News for Abigail Witchalls (MERGED)
  131. Children home alone: 8 yr old shot and killed
  132. 14 yr old meeting men for sex. Third one arrested
  133. Garrett’s Law
  134. case of a naked nanny
  135. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,155164,00.html
  136. Man charged with the rape of a 2 yr old
  137. Parents indicted for injuring infant dau.
  138. wife dead, DR. husband disappears...04/05
  139. $35,000 paid back to kids' soccer league
  140. 2 men arrest sex assault teen
  141. Child Rapist no jail time
  142. Nurse in peeping tom case slapped with new charges
  143. Teacher who 'married' student in pagan ritual tried for sexual assault
  144. Deal would free teen in sex case
  145. California Freeway Shootings . . More Snipers?
  146. Convicted pedophile who sought castration released from prison
  147. Fla. Man Pleads Guilty to Having Ricin
  148. Teacher forces 5 yo to drink pee
  149. Parent identifies sex offender at school
  150. How does this happen?
  151. Another attempted abduction in Tampa - suspect is caught!
  152. Two Md. Women Sentenced in Birthday Attack On Teen
  153. Body to Be Exhumed in 1955 Racial Killing
  154. Hit-And-Run Nanny Convicted Of Second-Degree Murder
  155. Baby sprayed with Pepper Spray!!
  156. B. Spears dance teacher child predator?
  157. Solicitation, Entrapment, or Pervert?
  158. Canadian child rapist gets 18 yrs for vicious rape
  159. Caseworker charged with molesting boy
  160. Slasher's sentence delayed, victim furious
  161. Murder in Room 103
  162. Smile, perv -you're busted!
  163. Woman pleads guilty to helping husband fake death
  164. Jury rules notorious rapist not a danger: He’s in Winchester
  165. Grenades explode in New York City near British consulate
  166. Man charged 700 sex abuse free on bail!
  167. Chief reopens Atlanta Child Missing/Murdered Cases
  168. Very Disturbing: 4 year old starved to death
  169. A Double Whammy
  170. Runaway Bride
  171. Police Officer Missing ,accused of murder,molestation.
  172. Murder, rape conviction is overturned
  173. Case of baby in trash bin puzzling
  174. mentally ill Brooklyn man killed by sisters husband
  175. 13-year-old died after denied asthma inhaler
  176. Rush to Convict..Death by Firing Squad
  177. Runaway bride baggage: shoplifting
  178. Mistrial Declared in Ohio Shootings Trial
  179. Close Call with Known Sex OFFENDER!!! FLORIDA
  180. Sex offender arrested in Deltona
  181. 11 and 7 yr. old boys raped a 4 yr. old girl
  182. Riverside County, CA Pros. Investigator and Family Murdered
  183. Broward sheriff's staffer leaves toddler in car for five hours
  184. Is This Sentence Enough?
  185. Pregnant woman 'Tasered' by police is convicted
  186. Man charged in horrific attack on girlfriend
  187. Peeping tom busted snooping on cop's kids aged 11 & 9
  188. Man Who Allegedly Called Woman 1,000 Times A Month Arrested
  189. Woman Tried To Sell Baby, Police Charge
  190. 4 Men To Receive Light Sentences In Assault
  191. Class Dissection Of Live Dog Outrages
  192. Another disabled girl assualted on school bus
  193. Police Identify Finger Found in Chili
  194. Man Dies After Shot From Police Taser Gun
  195. Identity Theft Horror!
  196. Oaklyn man sentenced to 35 years for sex assault on 5 girls
  197. Queens slavemaster found his victims on the internet
  198. Rape and torture of Miami couple
  199. Fla war zone- the death of 5 yr old Neenee Malone
  200. Rapist's girlfriend helps police locate him, now speaks out
  201. Good grief..If I went to school in Oregon..I would've been a serial criminal...
  202. Concealing a Murder
  203. Victims, witnesses pursue attacker
  204. Athlete charged in parents' shotgun deaths
  205. 4-Year Old Hanged for Playing
  206. Videotaped Child Molester Still At Large
  207. Doctor murdered on Ohio Turnpike
  208. A Familiar Name--Nesler
  209. Mother brings justice to daughter
  210. Mourning for teen killed in gunfight
  211. S&M man freed on 1M bail
  212. New Rules Crack Down on Child Porn
  213. Toddlers rapist pleads guilty, gets 47 years
  214. Pamela Smart Pardon - No Chance in Hell
  215. 8 yrs. in rape of girl, 12
  216. Twice Convicted Killer Executed in Mo.
  217. Pre-K Student Brings Handgun to School
  218. Tenn. Parolee Charged in Triple Homicide
  219. FL teacher accused of having sex with student may not go to trial
  220. Ohio Mass Murderer Goes Before Parole Board
  221. A Wrist-Slitting, Child Molesting Teacher.
  222. The Beast of Bellevue
  223. "Remorseful" defendent turns nasty
  224. Woman charged with murder of her 2-year-old daughter to testify
  225. Patricia McDermott - Philadelphia, PA - Perpetrator shot & ran; caught on video
  226. Man sentenced to holiday jail time in DWI case
  227. Woman accused of smuggling man who was deported after killing her child
  228. Missing Girl Found In Crawl Space
  229. Chemical castration possible for repeat sex offender
  230. Boy Charged in Parents' Deaths Went to Prom
  231. Victim bit off part of attacker's finger, skin used to convict
  232. Formal Charges Against Jennifer Wilbanks
  233. WHY the children?
  234. ANOTHER Florida child rapist is found
  235. Living skeleton- mother charged
  236. Pastor and wife busted in child sex ring...
  237. Girl found dead at trailer complex
  238. Mother pretends to be teen daughter, helps trap Internet predator
  239. 8 yr old girl found alive in trash bin at landfill!
  240. Man Mistakenly Pronounced Dead Begins to Talk
  241. Sheriff: 'A real monster' is caught
  242. Accused killer tracked by GPS: Cellphone
  243. Prison escapee back in custody after 28 years, but for how long?
  244. Miracle...8 year old raped girl found alive in trash bin
  245. Deputy Accused In Church Child-Sex Ring
  246. Mom says fight is driver's fault
  247. Jealous woman sets fire; 3 children perish ...
  248. Girl Saved From Kidnapping By Teen Hero
  249. After the Prom: 4 murders
  250. Rape Victim's Mom Sent Nude Pics to Suspect