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  1. Port Orange rape suspect skips trial
  2. Freed after being "lost in the system" for 35 yrs N.C.
  3. Big suprise for condom wearing banker/flasher
  4. B'klyn man is guilty in double slay
  5. Bracelet wearing flasher cuffed
  6. Business man charged in murder- Special investigation and prosecutor
  7. Microsoft employee accused of trying to lure girl online
  8. Shooting Victim Dies While Fleeing
  9. Jailed teen charged in rape of cellmate, 13
  10. Man Charged With Sexually Assaulting Baby
  11. Teen charged with raping former girlfriend on a school bus
  12. The doctor stopped counting at 40 breaks
  13. Police searching for accused rapist of 12 yo
  14. X-Ray Machine at Airport "eats" $20,000?
  15. 6 Killed In Ohio
  16. child set aflame by other children
  17. Killing My Sister Will Haunt Me Forever
  18. Teens Accused Of Killing Homeless Man `For Fun'
  19. Brooklyn Girl, 9, Held in Fatal Stabbing
  20. 2 dead one wounded in shooting in upscale neighborhood
  21. Formal Charges Against Jennifer Wilbanks - No. 2
  22. Leopards weren't the most dangerous animal in the house
  23. Actor Christian Slater Arrested
  24. Oliver Stone Arrested
  25. Arrest made in shooting of Kansas cop
  26. Estranged dad kidnaps child, has car accident and child dies
  27. Call leads to murder scene: Grandchildren not physically harmed
  28. Creating a `Devil's Island' for sex offenders
  29. Police continue search for parents of baby girl
  30. Mother Indicted In Teenage Daughter's Rape
  31. Apparent Suicide Leads To Other Deaths
  32. Robbery Victim Arrested For Sex With Teens
  33. High school teacher accused of selling drugs to student
  34. Father&son child pornographer team
  35. North Dade child and woman serial rapist caught
  36. "I didn't intend to hurt him"
  37. Dirty Room Led Girl, 12, To Slay Mom
  38. 7-year-old boy suspected in beating death of infant sibling
  39. Harmless as a puppy dog
  40. Grandma deals drugs and plots to kill prosecutor
  41. Babysitter Accused of Taking Baby
  42. Life sentence for sexual abuse; The abuse included much more
  43. Children quizzed over murder bid
  44. Wife arrested in slaying/dismemberment of husband
  45. Who dun it: 4-Month-Old Boy Dies of Head Injuries
  46. Rape Trial Has 2 DNA Matches To Twin Brothers
  47. Girls Say Teacher Forced Them to Take Pictures of Themselves
  48. Private school being investigated for child abuse
  49. Teen injured while protecting family from abusive stepfather
  50. Bodies of Four Infants Found in Austria
  51. Another Family Found Dead; Possible Murder-Suicide
  52. Teen arrested for faking abduction
  53. Ohio Family Killing: Shooter Had Two Bullets In His Head
  54. Detective Shot While Providing Security For Baptismal-
  55. Man Found Guilty of Manslaughter- Walks Away FREE MAN
  56. Judge Napolitano Finally gets it right!
  57. 72 YO Wal-Mart Greeter Run Over By Shoplifting Suspect
  58. Prosecution disappointed with former teacher's sentence in sexual assault case
  59. Crying infant leads police to dead woman in woods
  60. Teen arrested after dragging Burlington police officer
  61. Professor Charged with Stealing Students' Identities
  62. Arrests made in Utah gang rape of 16 yo
  63. Mother is accused of stabbing infant son
  64. Police: Man Killed Baby For Eating Candy
  65. Infants Found in Freezer Alive at Birth
  66. Crying Baby Leads Police To Dead Mother In Woods
  67. Dismembered woman found in car, man arrested
  68. Canadian child pornographer broadcasts assault over internet
  69. Could ex-Va. deputy be involved in slay of wife and teen son?
  70. A demon told him she "was bogus" so he killed her
  71. Domestic violence at its absolute worst; 3 dead
  72. Albany mom accused of trying to kill kids
  73. GA - William Gulley's death sentence O/T, past heroic acts not considered
  74. What do Yall think about this??
  75. Tow truck driver finds body in vehicle
  76. Toddler Found Dead in Day-Care Center Van
  77. Police release sketch of suspect in child assault
  78. Substitute charged with fondling and photographing
  79. Postpartum killings: is the media contributing to them?
  80. Unknown tot in pictures may be in danger
  81. 14-year-old perv is busted at school
  82. Man sexually abused seven-week-old baby
  83. Newborn baby delivered at home died- parents didn't seek medical treatment
  84. Taping Stepdaughters Undressing
  85. Teen Pleads Guilty in Internet Terror Case
  86. Mom charged with stealing from soldier son
  87. MONSTER gets 20 Years for HORRIFIC Abuse of 3 MA.kids
  88. Cursing at judge adds to jail time
  89. Mom Says She Shut Son in Basement to Protect Him
  90. Broward Sheriff's Deputies Charged With Making Up Confessions
  91. Choir director is charged with sexually assaulting several girls
  92. 2 murder suspects found dead in their cells
  93. He was "disturbed," but no one knows why a murder
  94. Stepfather on trial for murder, rape and child abuse
  95. Perv shocked he will go to trial
  96. Newborn Found in Ditch
  97. Inmate Mistakenly Released- Attacks Victim a 2nd Time
  98. Stepfather Raped Daughter - And More
  99. Doctor accused of falsely diagnosing skin cancer-Yet he's STILL Practicing!!!!!!!!
  100. Mom who crashed van into school speaks out "No one was listening"
  101. Domestic drama
  102. Woman shot point blank with shotgun; Boyfriend charged with 2nd degree murder
  103. Victim had broken up with killer last month
  104. Woman Uses Text Message To Escape Alleged Captor
  105. Police: Miss. teen kills father over snack
  106. Girl says grandpa raped her, grandma laughed
  107. CO - Diabetic Will Argue 'Involuntary Intoxication' at New Trial
  108. File server owner faces child pornography charges
  109. Police launch child porn raids in 13 countries
  110. 12 charged so far in child-porn sting:largest sting in N.C. history
  111. Killing follows frequent jail releases
  112. Ex-FBI sniper sentenced for child porn
  113. The death of Frederick Williams-taser related?
  114. Baltimore Houses Troubled Kids in Offices
  115. 82-Year-Old Sex Offender Could Have More Victims
  116. Woman admits drowning daughter then chopping off her head
  117. WARNING!GRAPHIC!Abortionist accused of..........
  118. Man who raped child to serve up to 50 years
  119. New Amber Alert!
  120. Judge to rape suspect: "You're not Michael Jackson"
  121. Judge allows pedophile suspect to withdraw 10 guilty pleas
  122. Flies in a window lead to discovery of body
  123. "Did I do something wrong"??? Three Kids in Trunk!
  124. child molester may have abused THOUSANDS!!
  125. Child sacrifice ring feared- LONDON
  126. The Rambo Granny of Melbourne, Australia
  127. Cooper City, Ga family left to ponder why man shot girl, 14
  128. Man Sentenced To 35 Years For Kidnapping/Rape Of Girl, 9
  129. Mom charged in 5 yo daughter's stabbing
  130. Weird kidnapping trial
  131. Monster 'busted time and time again'
  132. Parents arrested after 10-month-old ingests meth
  133. It shouldn't be like this ???? What????
  134. Jury: Molester is still a threat!
  135. Texas now has LWOP option in murder cases!
  136. Woman battles convicted pedophile for custody!
  137. mother drives interstate looking for childrens bodies
  138. Aruban male decapitated.
  139. Up to 12 wives in a half-dozen states.
  140. Las Vegas Girl Struggles after Brutal Stabbing
  141. Pa. teen shoots dad after man kills mom
  142. Accused rapist of 8 yo was happy when the police appeared
  143. Man dies in wreck after telling woman he won't return their children
  144. 2 American deaths in "Paradise" Virgin Islands
  145. A man carrying what appeared to be a hand grenade was shot in Federal Courthouse
  146. "One of us is going to die soon."
  147. Girl, 9, Raped Across Street From Her Home
  148. Child dies in laundromat washer
  149. Recruit puts child up for adoption, now arrested for abduction
  150. Yahoo chat rooms shut down after TV station shows child sex link
  151. Man Mutilated in Sex Attack Years Ago Dies
  152. MN - Child mauled by tiger and lion
  153. Man Accused In Killing While Out Of Jail On Work Release
  154. Warning for WS Members
  155. Nursing Home Love Triangle
  156. Man charged with 30 counts of incest
  157. 2-year-old Quints' Mother Charged With Leaving Kids Home Alone
  158. Couple and 4 kids killed in Az
  159. One of America's Most Wanted Murder Suspects Captured in Santa Monica
  160. Three charged with kidnapping 17 year old girl
  161. Ga Authorities hunt for killer of girl, 4
  162. DCF Criticizes Ex-Worker's Shortcomings In Case In Which Infant Died
  163. Deputy Shoots At Child Driver During Chase
  164. Sex Offender At Summer Camp
  165. pregnant woman who is brain dead
  166. Child Allegedly Raped on Greyhound Bus; Passengers Detained, Questioned
  167. Woman Accused of Putting Kids in Trunk as Punishment
  168. 44 hostages freed in Nuevo Laredo
  169. Police: 10-Year-Old Claims Sexual Assault In Library
  170. 9-year-old saves cousin in kidnap try
  171. Cops: Sex offender tattooed kids
  172. Judge makes accusation of medical neglect and finds DCF in contempt
  173. Alexander Pring-Wilsom the Harvard grad is granted a new trial!!!
  174. CPS worker pleads to sex offenses, not required to register or go to prision
  175. Homolka Fears For Her Life!
  176. Boy, 12, charged in one month old's death
  177. 18 years apart, a mother and daughter die in wrecks with drunk drivers
  178. Police: 15-Year-Old Boy Killed By Foster Sister
  179. Father Saves 10-Year-Old Girl From Sexual Attack
  180. Man Pleads Guilty in Killing of N.J. Girl- Becasue she wouldn't kiss him
  181. Texas Couple Admits Molesting Their Baby, Broadcasting Acts On Internet
  182. Man asking for sex in front of kids turns out to be coroner
  183. Biological Parent/Adoptive Parent custody battle for 14 m/o baby
  184. Girl pleads guilty for fatal accident during driving lesson
  185. Man, woman and 2 kids killed 1 child escapes
  186. Man Accused Of Impregnating 10-Year-Old
  187. Pregnant Woman and Child killed when house was bulldozed
  188. Father, daughter slain in suburb home- and a Fire
  189. Foster Mother Charged With Murder Of Child Iin Her Care
  190. Capital murder suspect also indicted on aggravated sexual assault charge
  191. Homeless Rapist held in killing of woman at mall
  192. Kentucky 7-yr-old charged w/murder
  193. Man Calls Radio Show, Confesses To 1994 Homicide
  194. Vendor pleads guilty to raping 3 boys
  195. 73-year-old charged with sexual abuse of child
  196. Cocke County Tenn investigation of lawlessness
  197. US 'sex smuggling' arrests
  198. Texas teen jailed in Mexico, says he was only witness to murder
  199. Baby girl dies after her relative's attack on family
  200. Mother of 4 dead children loses NB to CPS
  201. "Captain Ron" Web of a suspected perv
  202. Rapist to be aired on "America's Most Wanted."
  203. former Newsday publisher busted by "Operation Predator."
  204. Cab driver and two city police officers stop kidnapping
  205. A second child's murder to prevent revealing child rape
  206. Toddler Allegedly Raped by Grandfather
  207. 2 Oakridge Ore. teachers slain
  208. Motorman Perv Skips Jail Stop
  209. Former Rock County Coroner Going To Jail
  210. Church Volunteer Accused Of Molesting Child
  211. Officer Probed In Killing Of Deer
  212. Boy, 11, stabbed his baby nephew for bugging him during playstation game
  213. Woman finds sister's "body parts" in park
  214. 6 suspects enter innocent pleas-Group accused of raping children
  215. Brownsville men accused of molesting child
  216. Pornographer contacts rapist in prison and tells all, now arrested
  217. Northside Rapist Gets 20 Years In Prison
  218. Boyfriend accused of murder of 3 1/2 year old
  219. Criminal Profiling-not working anymore?
  220. Suicide by Cop...Plus Toddler Girl Dies
  221. Ill. Student Beat to Death With Bike Lock
  222. Two Texas prisoners still on the loose
  223. Grandmother charged in death of 2 yo. Hot car
  224. Boys Urinated In Holy Water, Vandalized Church
  225. Man faces charges of assault on child
  226. 10 year old girl murdered in park
  227. Mother charged after kids take turns in trunk
  228. Partially clothed Woman's body found in B'klyn backyard
  229. Judge Criticized For Freeing Twice-Convicted Sex Offender
  230. London Bombings- WE ARE NOT AFRAID
  231. Weekly reader editor charged with soliciting minor
  232. GA Man Executed
  233. Wife Leads N.H. Police to Murder Suspect
  234. Inmate found dead in landfill, search continued for second
  235. Girl Leaps From Van During Abduction Attempt
  236. Mom kills baby daughter with Dimetapp medicine
  237. Man shoots mail carrier- so he can go to Federal Prison
  238. Robert Chambers (Preppy Killer) Updatel
  239. gang members busted for shooting girl for the H. of it.
  240. Man handed 15 years for child porn, faces murder trial
  241. Man's Body Found in Freezer
  242. Man Says He Killed His Father To Stop Sexual Abuse
  243. Mom gives birth while drunk
  244. Seattle sheriff's office investigating possible animal abuse
  245. Man going to jail for lewd act with dog
  246. Dad Boxed With 3-Year-Old, Mom Says In Murder Trial
  247. Baby Sitter Accused Of Giving Valium To 4-Year-Old
  248. Man Pleads Guilty To Cutting Daughter's Throat
  249. Man Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Aspiring Teen Models
  250. Man, 51, Charged With Taking Photos up Skirts w/Cell Phone Camera at Walmart