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  1. 2 girls, mom found slain
  2. Inmate Escapes While Being Transported to Hospital
  3. Witch suspect in Halloween holdup
  4. I'm not here to hurt you"
  5. Priest Sentenced For Sodomizing Troops
  6. Police: 100,000 Child Porn Images Found On Man's Computer
  7. Woman meets same fate as her mom
  8. Man kills baby, still loose
  9. Fake fireman lit blazes as ruse in sex horror
  10. Jehovah's Witness shoots wife, self
  11. Remorseless Perv 'pataki's Prisoner'
  12. Police search for woman kidnapped by ex-boyfriend
  13. teacher gets 5 years
  14. TX - Murder-Suicide: 50 year old woman, 15 year old boy - Amarillo
  15. Consider yourself glued!
  16. Defense says murder, rape charges are lies
  17. Sanford Man Arrested for Infant's Death
  18. Aussie may unmask Jack the Ripper
  19. Polygamist Judge Fights to Keep His Job
  20. NJ - Aunt gets 25 years for hiding corpse, Newark, 2005
  21. Grandpa faces $600K lawsuit after grandson downloads movies
  22. Thief steals teen girl's artificial leg
  23. She's held as Net hooker
  24. Alleged molester arrested again
  25. Father spots and corners fugitive charged with molesting daughter
  26. Man claims sex game behind Menasha woman’s death
  27. Geist man shoots son, 4, himself
  28. Melvin White executed in Texas
  29. TX - Death Row Inmate Escapes Downtown Jail, 2005
  30. Arrest Made in Murder of Eastern Shore Woman
  31. FL - Suspect Admits To Murder, Helps Florida Police Find Body
  32. Baby rapist pleads guilty to all counts, gets life in prison
  33. GA - Michael LeJeune, Girlfriend describes dismemberment of body to jurors, Atlanta
  34. Convicted murderer strolls out of jail
  35. Carmina Salcido
  36. "Mother" watches her boyfriend have sex with her own daughter for YEARS
  37. Caution Couldn't Save 78-year old Dolores Carr's life
  38. Family of accused man reels from charges
  39. One year old baby dies, cigarette burns & bites
  40. Mom of Hit & Run Victim Hit by Car
  41. Man Kills 'Girlfriend' After Finding Out She Is 11
  42. Sleuth channel
  43. Axe attack: toddler's leg reattached
  44. Police: Burrito Sparks 7-Eleven Fight
  45. Babysitter Accused Of Raping Four-Year-Old
  46. Father Charged After Baby Overdoses On Cocaine
  47. Car crash forces abortion
  48. Judge bans father from courtroom
  49. Teen girls allegedly drown alcoholic mom
  50. Horse Stabbed At Gas Station
  51. Therapist accused of sex with teen
  52. Egg-toss Slay Duo Indicted
  53. Suspect was held before bodies found
  54. Woman Charged With Killing Boyfriend
  55. 'His life was ended viciously'
  56. Cremated remains of thousands found found in storage, trash bin at Glendale cemetery
  57. GPS units to track three sex offenders
  58. Report: Three Shot At High School In Tennessee
  59. Yet Another Couple charged in death of infant
  60. Minister with 8 wives released; wants to keep 1 of them
  61. Manslaughter or Hate Crime??
  62. Accused 'used head as bowling ball'
  63. Boy Assaulted By Students In Elementary School Bathroom
  64. Bullet from Costco spat hits baby's car seat, but misses the boy
  65. Blunt force to head killed 3 yr. old girl
  66. Man Found Guilty Of Trying To Buy 9 year old Girl For Porn
  67. CA - Shelley Morales, trapped on barbed wire for 2 days, possible assault victim
  68. Mother, child, 4, killed in mysterious accident
  69. NC - Lauren Redman Stabbed To Death At Raleigh Apartment Complex Arrests
  70. NC - Grant Ringenberg, promising college student & athlete, murdered
  71. Should they recieve clemency? The Norfolk Four
  72. Bizarre Twist In Hillsboro Shooting Case
  73. Slain woman's husband can't collect benefits
  74. A slap on the wrist for 'perverted' crime
  75. WI - Bones Found on Property of Man Cleared of Rape, Mishicot
  76. Murder at rapper movie; police up presence
  77. Suspect asks for return to prison to await trial
  78. Man gets 70 years for killing wife's lover
  79. NY - Gunman hunted in abduction-rape of teen, Nassau,2005
  80. $20G or his life B'klyn man who refused offer keep quiet about shooting ends up dead
  81. Couple accused of abusing their adoptive children
  82. Sex Abuse suspect sought
  83. Suspect charged in rape case
  84. Adoptive mother admits STARVING children pleads guilty to ONE count!
  85. US Theater Pulls 50 Cent's Movie After Murder
  86. Man makes woman drink drain cleaner
  87. Mom arrested for allegedly offering her 4-year-old daughter for sex
  88. Boy says he was put in freezer, Mom, Boyfriend Arrested
  89. Restaurant Shift Turns Into Nightmare
  90. Baby dies after breast feeding
  91. OH - Search For Missing Person Leads To Dead Body, Dayton
  92. Police make 4 arrests in gang rape of woman
  93. Police identify man in courthouse standoff
  94. CA - Karen Garcia,Disc Jockey's Death Now Called 'Suspicious', Los Angeles
  95. Web Brought Teen, Man Together, Claim Police
  96. WA - Chelsea Harrison, 14, murdered, Vancouver
  97. Suspect's mother fled to end abuse
  98. Mother Charged In Murder Of Son's Fiancée
  99. Amber Alert Issued for Teen Allegedly Kidnapped at Gunpoint
  100. Demonstration leads to child porn charges
  101. Joseph Pasturski's family tries to make sense of his murder
  102. Police Investigate Va. Tech Student's Death
  103. Police looking for young victim to come forward
  104. KY - Hunter Finds Skeletal Remains Of Two Boys, Paris, 2005
  105. WI - More....Human Remains Found, Dane County
  106. Woman Admits To Sucking Medicine From Patient's Patch
  107. IA - Two Convicted Murderers Escape Iowa Prison
  108. Key Witness Killed In Crash
  109. Nurse murdered by doctor in hospital...
  110. 'Cool' mom sentenced
  111. Man Charged With Hacking Dog To Death With Ax
  112. "Don't Play With Guns" ...
  113. GA - Baby Murder Mystery In Walker County
  114. Shooting on School Bus
  115. Another Lost Child
  116. Woman to marry man who held her hostage
  117. First Post_Katrina Murder in NO
  118. School official allegedly put camera in restroom
  119. FBI Most Wanted Fugitive Arrested In Tri-State
  120. Cops Use GPS To Arrest Sex Offender
  121. Police: Teen Raped, Gave STD To Child
  122. One Escaped Iowa Convict Caught
  123. NC - Two teens accused of planning killing spree at Christian school
  124. Back in Care of Her Father, Girl, 7, Is Killed
  125. Russian Woman, Sons Accused of Cannibalism
  126. Protecting Marines in rape case stirs U.S. resentment
  127. Aurora 6 year old killed at home
  128. 5 Arrested In Shooting Death/Home Invasion
  129. CA - LA jail inmate killed after cutting in dinner line
  130. TX - Two men indicted in 1983 killings, Kilgore
  131. Second Iowa Fugitive Nabbed in Missouri
  132. 5 years for baby Scalded
  133. Tampa high school senior shot dead amid after-school fistfights in parking lot, polic
  134. Hold the pickle, cut your throat
  135. Dead animals found in Fraternity House
  136. Minister's wife accused of soliciting boy, 15
  137. Here we go yet again..Boyfriend charged in UM slaying
  138. Crowe pleads guilty, escapes jail term
  139. Anesthesiologist charged with Sex assult
  140. Cop: Rape victim a vixen
  141. Couple face charges of 'horrendous' abuse
  142. Dad won't face charges in death of girl, 2
  143. Illegal immigrant charged in fatal wreck
  144. ID - man with troubled past killed in Missouri
  145. At least 5 inmates escaped in Katrina evac; 8 unaccounted for
  146. Enhanced penalty sought in abuse case
  147. Girl, 10, Fights Off Attacker By Kicking Him In Groin
  148. Police Brutality: Abuse of Power & Shameless Bail.
  149. Shooting in Tacoma Shopping Mall
  150. Can someone tell me if there is a thread on this murder case....?
  151. IL - Boy, 12, facing murder charge, Chicago
  152. Kidnap suspect arrested
  153. Canada - Woman's dismembered remains found in 2 different areas in Toronto, 2005
  154. CO - Cops Impound Cars at Home of Missing Girl Aarone Thompson, Aurora, 2005
  155. Mexico - Americans among 4 charged with child selling in Mexico
  156. FL - Two plead not guilty in beating death of UF student
  157. Mom watches as boyfriend smashes head of 13-mo-old to death
  158. Cops hit with sex rap
  159. Accused Bank Robber's Sons Turn Him In
  160. Man Accused Of Raping Relative For Nearly 10 Years
  161. Teen says agencies ignored abuse
  162. Man Arrested After Standoff, Hostage Ordeal
  163. Man sentenced for watching live broadcast of baby rape
  164. TX - Theresa Hinkle Remains found may be woman missing since 2002
  165. NC - Son, girlfriend held for murder of his mother
  166. WA - Tracy Winston, Remains of one of Green River killer's victim found
  167. CA - 2 year old boy killed by Amtrack Train, Babysitter arrested
  168. Murder-suicide involving 2 police officers
  169. Millbrook man charged in murder of New Paltz woman
  170. Judge Orders 18-Year Prison Term for Road-Rage Killing
  171. Stabbed boy, shot pit bull, 6 officers & 10 people fight ... all over 1 girl?
  172. Cop allegedly threatened wife over cake
  173. Police Say Family Paid Tens Of Thousands In Ransom
  174. Molester gets probation
  175. Sex Fiend's Lair Sold Off
  176. Bx. mom slain in kitchen
  177. Woman, 38, accused of having sex with 14-year-old boy she met online
  178. Teen groom can't go home to grandmom
  179. Foster mother arrested in infant’s death
  180. Man Kills Wife and Children, Then Self
  181. 5 Yr Old Brings Loaded Gun to School
  182. Man arrested after girlfriend's body is found in apartment
  183. Mother charged with murder
  184. Man Finds Headless Body That May Be His Son's
  185. Braintree man faces child porn charges
  186. Santa Rosa slaying prompts search to improve GPS monitoring
  187. Owner Of Phone Found Containing Child Porn Arrested
  188. Suburb in fear of girl's attacker
  189. Gay Man Seeks Marital Privilege At Trial
  190. 'Handicapped' Boy Tortured For Stealing Panties
  191. Owner is jailed, charged with fatally beating pup
  192. Nine escape in Central Washington jailbreak
  193. Girl Raped By Ma's Ex Gives Birth: Cops
  194. Woman's Body Found After Carjacker Gives Up
  195. Hearing set for man who abandoned 4-year-old
  196. Police: Driver Hit Skateboarding Boy, Left Him To Die
  197. Argument Over Child's Toy Leads To Deadly Shooting
  198. Text Messaging Led To Death
  199. Bicyclists Find Body Floating In Platte River
  200. Man held in child's 'ritual' abduction
  201. Texas Woman Mauled to Death by 6 Dogs
  202. IN - State report: Deaths of 19 kids avoidable Indiana
  203. Jailed student warns about school violence
  204. Nail Gun Murder Charge: Romance Gone Bad?
  205. "This is not real, you stupid crackhead" yields murder suspect, no cash
  206. Man found dead two doors away from home
  207. Taupo couple dead in 'murder-suicide'
  208. Suspect in 2001 Florence murders surfaces
  209. Man Shot, Killed as He Answers Door
  210. Hunters Become Hunted
  211. Man To Enter Plea On Porn Charges
  212. 2nd Hosp Escape By Sex Perv
  213. Sharp eyes lead to arrest of suspected pedophile
  214. 'Psychic witness' helped police solve murder
  215. Man charged with murder of girl, 4
  216. Shots fired inside Eastland Mall, NC
  217. Tomorrow marks 1,000th US execution since 1977
  218. 11 year old girl gang raped by boys
  219. Slain burglary suspect's mom wants shooter charged
  220. A peaceful family holiday turns tragic
  221. FL - Woman Pleads Guilty In Slaying Of FAU Student, Boca Raton, 2005
  222. Grandma Rocky: Woman, 96, fights off attacker, 42
  223. Man Kills Self After Sexually Assaulting Ex-Girlfriend
  224. Body of teen girl, Crystal Glasper, discovered under porch
  225. Wrestler Ric Flair Accused Of Road Rage
  226. Man Held in Murder, Kidnapping
  227. Man, 27, admits to slaying
  228. Teen sets 14-year-old on fire
  229. 'Justice is about him being branded as a rapist who robbed me of my childhood'
  230. Bartender charged for serving too much tequila, man died
  231. Mom Spikes Mac & Cheese With Bleach
  232. Teen killed while "surfing" on car roof was inspired by "Jackass"
  233. Pedophile to move for Xmas party
  234. Teen shoots sister to death
  235. Man Fresh From Washington Prison Confesses to Killing
  236. Man accused of trying to buy wife's killing
  237. Registered Sex Offender Accused In Recent Crime
  238. 'My brother shot my mommy,' 7-year-old girl tells dispatcher
  239. Twin brothers leave 18th BD party to murder Grandmother
  240. Father Sexually Exploited Child; 5 Men Arrested
  241. State contract worker comes under investigation as alleged actress in beast-porn ring
  242. Motor Home Used As Mobile Strip Club At Bucs' Games
  243. Two arrested for killing of lauded teen dad
  244. Woman admits $2.9 million casino heist
  245. Police: Man shot after being found with teen
  246. Memphis Area Man Goes on Naked Shooting Spree
  247. Woman Admits to $2.9 Million Casino Heist
  248. Victim's Brother Thinks Robbers Saw SUV, Thought Man Had Cash
  249. 2 children die in house fire with 6 non-working smoke detectors
  250. 14-year-old arrested in sexual assault of elderly woman