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  1. Grandmother charged in death of 2 yo. Hot car
  2. Boys Urinated In Holy Water, Vandalized Church
  3. Man faces charges of assault on child
  4. 10 year old girl murdered in park
  5. Mother charged after kids take turns in trunk
  6. Partially clothed Woman's body found in B'klyn backyard
  7. Judge Criticized For Freeing Twice-Convicted Sex Offender
  8. London Bombings- WE ARE NOT AFRAID
  9. Weekly reader editor charged with soliciting minor
  10. GA Man Executed
  11. Wife Leads N.H. Police to Murder Suspect
  12. Inmate found dead in landfill, search continued for second
  13. Girl Leaps From Van During Abduction Attempt
  14. Mom kills baby daughter with Dimetapp medicine
  15. Man shoots mail carrier- so he can go to Federal Prison
  16. Robert Chambers (Preppy Killer) Updatel
  17. gang members busted for shooting girl for the H. of it.
  18. Man handed 15 years for child porn, faces murder trial
  19. Man's Body Found in Freezer
  20. Man Says He Killed His Father To Stop Sexual Abuse
  21. Mom gives birth while drunk
  22. Seattle sheriff's office investigating possible animal abuse
  23. Man going to jail for lewd act with dog
  24. Dad Boxed With 3-Year-Old, Mom Says In Murder Trial
  25. Baby Sitter Accused Of Giving Valium To 4-Year-Old
  26. Man Pleads Guilty To Cutting Daughter's Throat
  27. Man Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Aspiring Teen Models
  28. Man, 51, Charged With Taking Photos up Skirts w/Cell Phone Camera at Walmart
  29. Man kills ex-wife with a sledge hammer
  30. Police: Coach Told Player to Injure Disabled Teammate, 8
  31. DNA links Ind. murder suspect with crimes in West
  32. Fight with water balloons ends with assault charges for 11 year old
  33. Former pediatric nurse Accused of Trying to Kill Baby
  34. Pair convicted in murder plot over child support
  35. Judge Wants Mom Prosecuted In Rape Of Girl, 7
  36. Bronx 'predator' Leaves Trail Of Kid Horrors
  37. Gutsy grandma identifies rapist
  38. Zantops: The Dartmoth Murders
  39. "Father" charged with death of his 2 infants
  40. Stab victim keeps mum
  41. Autopsy: 3-Year-Old Likely Held Under Water Before Death
  42. Prostitution in pasts of two women found dead
  43. Teacher to Claim Insanity in Sex Case
  44. Deaf-mute illegal immigrant unfit for murder trial?
  45. 6 year old found bound/drowned in bathtub
  46. Vagrant charged with killing/skinning pitt bull
  47. Fla. Teacher to Claim Insanity in Sex Case
  48. Brain damaged nursing home patient ~ pregnant
  49. 12-year-old Girl's E-Mails Lessen Sentence In Rape Trial
  50. Accused Day-Care Molester Faces More Charges
  51. Yorkville Man Charged With Rape; Another Woman In Custody
  52. Prosecutors: Child Tortured, Murdered
  53. 'Devil Girl' hanged 5 year old boy
  54. Registered Sex Offender Arrested Again
  55. Social Secutiry Adm. locates '71 murder suspect
  56. Days after prison release, he is charged in rape/kidnap of teen
  57. Man attempts abduction right in front of MOM!
  58. Mother taken into custody for murder of 2 sons
  59. Three on trial in baby selling case.
  60. At sentencing, man claims innocence
  61. Prominent Citizen kills pregnant waitress
  62. Trooper pleads in strip case
  63. Berkeley slaying Dartmouth College student
  64. Fairmont Park Rapist suspect arrested
  65. Convicted sex offender stabs 12 yo dau on camping trip
  66. Naked man fights with PD, gets shot, steals cruiser, wrecks, dies
  67. Orlando sexual assaults on children
  68. 07/20/05 | The Coldest Case | Amy Mihaljevic
  69. Day Care Director's Son Arrested Sexual Assault 13 yo
  70. LE shuts down connection with Canada
  71. Girl, 7, OD’d in twisted fiend’s plot to pass drug test
  72. Police: Woman Abducted, Raped In West Charlotte at gunpoint
  73. Attempted rape of 14 yo- sentence is 4 mos in workhouse!
  74. Albuquerque police officer Accused Of Raping Teen Girl
  75. Man Faces Charged With Child Porn-Printed Photos Off Internet At Library
  76. Rape and beating of 18 MONTH old
  77. Tex: Fake officer assaults woman
  78. 10 charged in N.J. sex slave ring
  79. It was Mom's fault Stepdad charged with sex assualt of child
  80. Teacher shows up for assignation with 13 yo with baby in arms
  81. Unregistered sex offender get 12 yrs for molesting boy
  82. Police Arrest Man Suspected Of Sexual Assault And Lewdness With Children
  83. Man's 26th arrest is for killing mother of his children
  84. Day Care Kids Forced To Eat Worms, Smell Feet
  85. Samantha Runnion Killer Sentenced to Death
  86. Raped/murdered on her front porch
  87. Denver police search for serial rapist
  88. Boise police looking for registered violent sex offender
  89. “The little girl became pregnant,” “She contracted a venereal disease"
  90. Man 22 faces charges for sex with 13 yr.old wife
  91. Local family appearing on Nancy Grace's show
  92. Husband/wife child abusers are actually MOTHER AND SON
  93. Girls ages 5-8 in day-care sex assaults
  94. Young Doctor Charged With Murdering Mom
  95. 13-Year-Old Questioned In Baby Rape
  96. Mother abandons her son, 7, on the road
  97. Boy, 4, Found Wandering on D.C. Highway
  98. epidemy of adult female rape of minors
  99. Jeffery Jones get community service for failing to Register
  100. Police Arrest Serial Rape Suspect
  101. Boy's Abuse Went Unreported
  102. Man Charged With Having Sex With 14-Year-Old Wife
  103. Dad & pal molested girl, 5, cops say
  104. Iowa Woman Apparently Kills Sons, Self
  105. Attorney gets 90 days for sex abuse of 14 yo
  106. Dallas Constable caught in internet sting for sex with moms and kids
  107. Woman Accused Of Slamming Girl At Putt-Putt Course
  108. Man used samurai sword to kill girlfriend, cops say
  109. Sadam punched outside courtroom
  110. Bronx convict charged in teen slayings dating to 1988
  111. He sold her computer/she killed him with a skillet
  112. Sex abuse ring in Spokane Wash? Scouts, Church, Sheriff's dept. involved?
  113. Teacher Has Sex With Male Students Where Her Son Attends School Charged With Rape
  114. Boys Will Be Boys.........
  115. Abusive Mom tricks son into drinking rubbing alcohol
  116. Bus Driver Going To Prison After $10 Bribe During Sex Assault
  117. Doc Who Had Sex in Waiting Room Punished
  118. 8-Year-Old Charged For Sexual Conduct With Sitter
  119. Coach bribes boy to throw ball at autistic teammate
  120. US Air Passenger exposes himself on flight
  121. Woman guilty in pat-down incident at airport
  122. Tip Leads To Drug Bust At Home Day Care
  123. Predators In Nursing Homes
  124. Fisk father, daughter murdered: One suspect in custody, one suspect dead
  125. 6-year-old girl fatally shoots her 2-year-old brother in Missouri
  126. 14 knife Blades Are Found Buried in O.C. Park After Boy's Foot Is Cut
  127. Drowned tots were 'sticky'
  128. Drunken prank kills Bx. boy
  129. No suspects, motive in three new freeway shootings
  130. Man Shot To Death Taking Infant Out Of Car
  131. "Babysitters"/Boyfriend Charged in Toddler Death
  132. Man accused of slashing great-niece's throat
  133. Elderly Man dies amid squalor, son questioned
  134. 4-month-old LeShawn Jones Jr.
  135. Interview with man who kept Mom in Freezer
  136. "Luke, go next door and call police. We are all dead."
  137. Woman Gives Birth In Bathroom, Leaves
  138. Martha's House Arrest Extended
  139. Man Accused Of Tossing Son's Puppy Off 5th Floor Balcony
  140. Man Kills Wife After Sex To Watch Sports On TV
  141. Woman charged in teen overdoses
  142. Hollywood producer & 9yo daughter dead
  143. 29 Charged in OxyContin Ring at School
  144. The Real Estate Rapist
  145. Horn Dog Alert!
  146. 13 yo Girl found emaciated, near death at home
  147. Serial rapist being charged in 2 states
  148. Murder, Kidnap Suspect Dies After Shooting Self
  149. Woman charged in death of child, he lived for 5 more years in vegetative state
  150. Missing Groom George Smith
  151. Drug bust gone wrong, 1 dead. Was he innocent?
  152. Mortuary sex horror shocks health officials
  153. Rottweiler rips toddler form mother's arms and kills her
  154. Woman Accused Of Trying To Open Plane Door In Flight
  155. $10K or your dog dies
  156. Boy beaten with cable; police seek mother who fled
  157. Police: N.J. Madam Forced Teen Into Prostitution/had her beaten
  158. Stepfather charged with arson, murder in teenager's death
  159. I have started a memorial site for my baby cousin
  160. I have included the petition for Kaylee's Law
  161. Mom accused of murder of dau./attempted suicide
  162. Child Prostitution in U.S. cities
  163. Bronx POLICE ABUSE CHARGE/Sodomy
  164. Ex-trooper Showed Kids Porn: Cops
  165. Man dies in crash after exploding on his wife/attempted murder/police chase
  166. Rapist phoned victim's mother to gloat
  167. Suicide pact goes wrong
  168. Utah Man walks in to Utah Police Station and confesses to Calif. Murders
  169. Family planning teen's funeral told she is alive
  170. P.B. girl found dead in Stoddard barn
  171. Police: Angola mom tried to sell son
  172. Young Boy Charged with Attempted Murder
  173. Poplar Bluff Mom in Jail
  174. Man Plays Joke, But Officers Not Laughing
  175. Perp Bites Off Cop's Finger
  176. Aids **** Spit Blood In Kill Bid
  177. Sex offender escapes from state hospital treatment unit/ND
  178. Officer accused of molestation makes court appearance
  179. Inmate's wife shoots officer @ courthouse; George and Jennifer Hyatte
  180. Report: Child was murdered
  181. Man Tortures Blind Diabetic Wife
  182. Arghh, NOT AGAIN!
  183. Two arrested after wrong house riddled with bullets
  184. Bodies Of Woman, 2 Boys Found In Calif. Home
  185. Police Say Teen Worked At Philadelphia Strip Club
  186. Man gets probation in kiddy porn case/Ohio
  187. Brooklyn bloodbath
  188. Man confesses to rape of 4 year old boy Ohio
  189. Woman's body found in safe
  190. Remember the bomb collar/bank robbery case?
  191. Vegas couple charged in starvation death of toddler
  192. Police: N.M. Helicopter Shot Down
  193. Detroit's most arrested is at large 69 and counting
  194. Husband was 'loving,' said shooting victim
  195. Murder suspect was frantic, sister says
  196. East coast crime spree suspect captured
  197. Mom On Trial For Children's Rapes!!!!!
  198. Downloading child pornography does not violate Maryland state law
  199. Atlanta policeman gunned down today
  200. Wife-killer confesses
  201. Sex Offender Propositioned Officer's Wife
  202. No Balm For Parents' Anguish
  203. 'cybersex' Link Eyed In Bedroom Slay Of S.i. 'angel,' 18
  204. Diary of a Murderer
  205. Toddler Beaten to Death by Mom and . . .
  206. Man Accused Of Spraying Nurses With HIV+ Blood
  207. Man Allegedly Trying To Rob Church Dies After Beating By Witnesses
  208. Two acquaintances of suspect helped police find body at mine
  209. A.J.'s mom indicted in his death
  210. Woman drives a mile before realizing boyfriend shot
  211. accused cop killer/The defense has brought a litany of motions
  212. Did sibling friction lead to death? 75-year-old sister charged
  213. Homicide detectives search for information about alligator shoes
  214. Green Bay father will plead to lesser charges in children’s deaths
  215. Chilling 911 Call Made By Shooting Victim
  216. Police stopped the funeral procession on it way to the grave site/arrests brother
  217. Man held in rape of girl, 10
  218. Las Vegas' Bonnie and Clyde duo
  219. Man accused of molesting girl, 13, flees police
  220. Drifter confesses to more murders
  221. Man convicted in Lincoln officer's killing asks not to be paroled
  222. Covington Man Charged With Sodomy, Molestation
  223. Baby-sitter horror
  224. Sex-assault victim tells of ordeal
  225. County refuses to accept custody of murder suspect
  226. Cops Search For Escaped Murder Suspect
  227. Pickton hearings resume
  228. Child says I want to go to court
  229. Murder Trial Starts For Woman Accused Of Killing Her Husband
  230. Bossier City Fugitive Captured in MO/AMW success story
  231. Jensen Beach man charged with hiring hit man to kill wife - again
  232. Trooper gets 4-year prison sentence for sexual assault
  233. Boyertown Area teacher faces court on child porn charges
  234. Man who raped 2 (ages 9 and 10) gets life sentences
  235. Her tender mercy
  236. Mother, Grandmother Shot During Visitation Exchange
  237. 13, hormones, family turmoil, adult boyfriend, a little girl lost-forever
  238. Another Peterson/Hacking case!
  239. Court arraigns officer accused in escape case (Mi this time)
  240. Man Exposing Himself To Young Girls In FLorida
  241. Beach man pleads guilty to killing mother, stuffing her in freezer
  242. Pardon,only woman executed in Georgia's chair
  243. Terror Plot Hatched In California Prison
  244. New turn in search for a killer
  245. N.C. Law Encourages Guns for Victims
  246. Teenage Girl Pleads Guilty To Killing Her Rival
  247. Murder or suicide pact?
  248. Sexual Assaults in Jail
  249. Homeless Man Admits Killing Reverend Who Offered Him Sandwiches
  250. attempted murder conspiracy/poisonous plant