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  1. Charles Young beating - 1 year later
  2. Boy back home six years after unproven abuse claim
  3. 8 year old - 28-pound body was discarded in a trash bag
  4. Toddler left home alone for 3 week's while Mother sits in jail.
  5. Woman kills husband with acid in a steel drum
  6. 3 kids dead; 3 parents in court
  7. Officer Charged in Sex Deal with Teen Defendant
  8. Dad charged in teacher beating
  9. 3 year old girl beaten and starved to death
  10. Fire kills 5 children left home alone
  11. Father strangles son 7, then kills himself
  12. Parents Sentenced in Starvation Death of 4 year old
  13. Brent Sharp - pedophile/rapist?
  14. After seven mistrials, the case goes on
  15. Newlyweds Accused Of Staging Mother's Murder
  16. Child molester's release request denied by jury
  17. Police break up suicide pact involving high school students
  18. Former Boy Scout leader accused of 8 sex assaults
  19. Nine Pit Bulls impounded after vicious attack
  20. Priest From Hell
  21. Convicted Child Molester Beaten Up by Former Victim in Jail
  22. Man faces death penalty for burning rape victim alive
  23. Two priests questioned as friends of slaying suspect
  24. Man guilty in boy's slaying
  25. Man rapes daughter, daughter kills self later that day
  26. Terri Schiavo-Death by Starvation
  27. Woman sentenced for reading e-mail of husband's ex-wife
  28. Mother Accused of Providing Girls for Use in Sex Video
  29. Priest gets life for assaulting 13-year-old
  30. registered sex offender charged with raping and killing a 14-year-old relative
  31. Couple Arrested on Charges of Starving Kids
  32. Raid on abduction suspect's home uncovers missing girl
  33. Bank robber arrested 1 block from bank resting
  34. Mark Unger - suspected of wife's murder
  35. 56 convicted child sex offenders captured
  36. 6 month sentence for raping 2 month old baby?
  37. teachers new form of discipline ?
  38. Woman and Kidnapped Daughter Reunited in Hawaii
  39. Shooting Outside Courthouse
  40. Mary Rowles & Alice Jenkins - child abusers
  41. Colleen Broe duct-tape trial begins
  42. John Allen Rubio - murdered his 3 children
  43. Man Sentenced In Sex Ritual Case
  44. Child Sex Ring Thriving in Mexico
  45. OT-LKL,sat.Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald
  46. Another boy bullied to death?
  47. Vernon residents support 'wild boys'
  48. Park Victim's Father Rages
  49. Former foster child sues DYFS over alleged sex abuse
  50. Conviction in boy's killing
  51. Chandra Levy again.
  52. A Study of non-childbirth deaths of pregnant women.
  53. Neglected child killed by dogs
  54. Chloe Hosen, 5 yrs, murdered
  55. HOW CAN THIS BE? 6 year old INTENTIONALLY kills...
  56. Kidnapped Child Found Safe, but Mother May Face Inquiry
  57. Robert Durst Trial in Galveston, Texas
  58. Colorado "Make My Day" Law frees man
  59. Ws adopt a family for the holidays
  60. Attendant who spiked child's juice sentenced
  61. 14 year old raped after appearance on show, to sue Maury
  62. Child, 4, unlocks safe, shoots brother
  63. Marc Dutroux - paedophile - love letters to 15 year old from prison
  64. Pan Am Bomber has Deluxe Jail Cell
  65. Stupid Criminals of the Week
  66. Talk about Dough!
  67. Torturous couple let daughter die to hide abuse
  68. Woman Pleads Guilty to Renting Girls
  69. Please Don't be Naive
  70. Criminal pastor heads back to pulpit
  71. Man shoots at noisy teenagers, killing one
  72. Pitbulls Kill Woman, Injure 2
  73. Questions raised on use of force by police
  74. freeway killer in Columbus?
  75. Fire Fire
  76. cannot help thinking that this was well deserved....
  77. pedophile beaten to death
  78. But He Wanted Me to Eat Him
  79. Parents beat girlt to death with umbrella
  80. Missing Prosecutor Found Shot, Stabbed to Death After not showing for Rappers trial
  81. Man charged with raping and assaulting his new bride
  82. American and wife brutally murdered in home in Brazil
  83. Malnourished sisters discovered in Phoenix drug bust
  84. Murder in my/Maxi's town
  85. Serial rapist in Miami
  86. NC - Four found dead in rural N.C.
  87. Ivor Forbes kills wife with sword in Bronx
  88. 6-month-old suffocated under her leg in bed
  89. Whitney Houston/Bobby Brown New Trouble
  90. Mom, Boyfriend Charged With Drowning Kids
  91. This seems like more of a horrible tragedy than a crime
  92. Teacher confesses to killings on co-worker's voicemail
  93. Donna Walker - impersonates missing person
  94. 97-year-old woman died after being punched, beaten and kicked "like a football"
  95. Indiana Teen Murder Suspect to be Arraigned
  96. Justice in Pakistan
  97. Woodbridge boy admits murder of 3-year-old toddler
  98. Babykiller gets eight years
  99. 6 pitbulls Kill elderly neighbour
  100. Michael Peterson Innocent? Owl kills Kathleen
  101. Ex-Nurse Claims to Have Killed 30-40 Patients
  102. this used to be a topic in here... about babies found in shed in arizona update
  103. 1980's, woman goes to jail to protect location of abused daughter... opinions
  104. Born into abuse
  105. Sex offenders in Iowa fight housing restriction
  106. New Jersey Says 37 Children Died of Abuse During Year
  107. Britain to hold Diana Death Inquiry
  108. Child Rapist given 10 years for watching Pornos
  109. Texas housewife busted for hawking erotic toys
  110. Hurdles left in castrated molester's release
  111. Grinch, Santa, Other Inflatables Stolen
  112. Woman Gets Bank Deposit With Breakfast
  113. O/T Heather Carpenter body found, suspect arrested
  114. Buttafuoco Arrested For Alleged Insurance Fraud
  115. 4 yr. old horribly abused!!!
  116. Body found in Hell's Kitchen, police need to identify...
  117. Al Gore's Son Arrested For Marijuana Possession
  118. 6yr Old Adopted Last Month Beaten to Death by New Mom
  119. Pregnant woman found dead, fetus gone
  120. Criminals Owe Debt to Victims, Not Society
  121. Kids found alone in apartment
  122. omish children find dead baby
  123. Arrested Plane Passenger Appears in Court - Where is Geragos ? he calls
  124. Recent Crimes In Our Small Towns
  125. Driver charged in fatal farmers' market crash
  126. Man who threatened to kill kids is ID'd via saliva on envelopes
  127. Woman jailed after tirade against granddaugher is picked up by radio station
  128. Ward Weaver showed his daughter pics of Ashley & Miranda in jail...
  129. Ohio Woman Admits Lying in Lottery Case
  130. Jerk
  131. Elizabeth Smart Kidnapper Barzee Found Incompetent
  132. Police: Mom kills child who 'got on her nerves'
  133. Internet blamed for child porn rise
  134. Weaver tried to kill himself, suicide note found
  135. Harold Shipman
  136. Britain's 'Dr. Death' found hanged
  137. Woman, daughter slain in Woburn, MA
  138. Killer taunts victims family through internet
  139. Thomas Hurst - sentence too light?
  140. Two students arrested in Columbine-style plot
  141. Lesbian Couple sentenced 30 years for Child Abuse
  142. Elderly Man sentenced for brutal rapes
  143. Cheerleader in Hawaii - accident my arse!
  144. Mother of 2 killed in her home
  145. Imam rapped for wife-beating book
  146. Foreign workers kept as slaves in Louisiana?
  147. House of Horrors
  148. Child Killer Steinberg Denied Parole Again
  149. Dad lives double life as serial Bank Robber!
  150. Girl's body deliberately taken apart...
  151. Mom Accused Of Injecting Human Waste Into Daughter
  152. 11 yr old boy rapes 9 yr old girl
  153. David Milner - sentenced to 5 years for abduction and having sex with 14 year old
  154. Daniel Scruggs redux
  155. PA. Man found Guilty of Sexual Assulting 6 month old baby boy
  156. Jonathan Luna Murder Investigation
  157. Rapist who fled to Florida knew of law's loophole
  158. School teacher accused of shaking First Grader
  159. Can you believe the nerve of this guy? George Harrison's Cancer Doctor settles suit
  160. Child Dead, Family Found Wandering Nude
  161. Donald Bakker - alleged Vancouver serial rapist
  162. DNA findings lead to murder charges in 15-year-old case
  163. Inmates take officers hostage
  164. ex-ceo charged with killing wife
  165. Fugitive wanted for bank robbery, murder, child rape
  166. Art Garfunkel Arrested for Possession of POT
  167. Petition to stop parole of rapist and murderer Alva Hank Worley
  168. Babies giving birth to babies...father's whereabouts?
  169. Couple charged with death of 2 babies born at different times
  170. Couple Arrested On Child Abuse Charges - Bastrop County Texas
  171. Satanic Cult Probed in Monster of Florence Murders
  172. Excellent article regarding sex slavery
  173. Executions News . . .
  174. 'Samantha's Pride,' a Child Watch Program
  175. Baby Found Stabbed In Back
  176. She's BAAACCKKK - Dar Hethertington Trial
  177. The sad life of Isabelle Coté
  178. Lawyer guilty of mailing deadly snake
  179. Robert Durst
  180. Princess Di : ABC News & Patricia Cornwell
  181. The Murky World of Internet Cannibalism, Fetishes
  182. Court of Appeals upholds 17-year sentence for homosexual sex with minor
  183. Accused child molester named Citizen of the Year
  184. Suspected abductor arrested, ex-wife missing
  185. arizona hostage crisis resolved
  186. THIS FREAK that kidnapped Steven Stayner in court; buying a child
  187. 'Bullied' schoolgirl killed herself
  188. Irate customer accused of releasing deadly snakes in bank lobby
  189. Student found dead at Miami school
  190. Kline blasts Lawrence rape sentences
  191. Boys, ages 11 and 12, face sex charges
  192. Mother to prison for allowing sexual abuse
  193. Authorities Baffled By Elderly Women's Deaths
  194. Man allegedly impregnates 8-year-old
  195. Girl attacked at Philadelphia library
  196. Kristen Tatar - 4 - starved to death
  197. Murder victim was sex offender
  198. California girls arrested for lying about false attack
  199. DNA doesn't match, trial to go on
  200. Woman speaks about being abducted, beaten
  201. PA - Woman charged with burning daughter, locking her in cellar closet
  202. Killer of pregnant 10-year-old executed
  203. Attempted abduction in Madison, girl 13 escapes
  204. Elderly woman mauled by pit bull
  205. Is it a Crime or an act of of nature . . .
  206. Catholic nuns blow whistle on child sex organ trafficking.
  207. Survey: 4,450 priests accused of sex abuse
  208. Dismemberment case ruled homicide
  209. Foster Children Probably Saved by Intercepted Video . . .
  210. Teen Learns he was abducted when he sees his *MISSING* pic online!!!
  211. Jury deliberates in toddlers murder
  212. morons in the news, charged with manslaughter
  213. Arsonist setting dogs on fire in Colorodo :(
  214. Sixth rape allegation surfaces at CU
  215. Pasadena woman found stabbed, decapitated
  216. Another Cannibal Horror Story
  217. Thank God for the internet!!!
  218. 10 years ago
  219. Meth Head Mother and Murdering Son
  220. School Stabbing
  221. Munster Woman Charged With Decapitating Her 81-Year-Old Mother
  222. Mother and child found Dead
  223. Mom in N. Texas standoff dead; daughter rescued
  224. Firefighter on trial for stealing WTC souvenirs
  225. Col. Philip Shue
  226. Air Traffic Controller murdered by relative of plane crash victims
  227. Baby thought dead in fire, found six years later
  228. 2 month old raped - child porn sting
  229. 7 teens die in car
  230. ACLU: Investigation of `sex slave' charges at prison was flawed
  231. Police: Partiers Injected With Blood At Sex Parties
  232. Paedophile warned he would attack again
  233. Officials: Expand Megan's Law
  234. Abuser jailed for daughter murder
  235. How could anyone murder a innocent precious child.
  236. LAWYER MUST tell words of dead client/missing 9yr old
  237. American Couple wanted for raping disabled child caught in Canada!
  238. OT: Martha Stewart Found Guilty
  239. Gee, authorites lost track of this guy (final total=4children dead)
  240. Evidence shows Miami juvenile jail official told dying teen to 'suck it up'
  241. Town divided over sexual abuse (+ my own personal story)
  242. Charged parents say 3 year old inflicted wounds on herself (severe beating & murder)
  243. Boy accused of kicking teacher
  244. 11 year old boys drink themselves to death
  245. Girl Beaten, in Coma After Dare to Kiss
  246. What a sick world we live in.
  247. Diana Ross ordered back to jail
  248. Crime NOT in the news
  249. Mom charged as accomplice to sex crime
  250. Mother Charged With Killing Two Newborns