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  1. 4th grade honor student hangs himself in closet Fl
  2. Traces of Melamine in US Infant Formula...
  3. Terrorists in Mumbai attack Hotels, Holding Hostages- 80 people dead over 250 wounded
  4. For $50.00 You Can Advertise Your Business On Websleuths For The Holidays
  5. World's oldest woman, Edna Parker, dies at age 115
  6. Worker killed at Walmart in Black Friday stampede, woman miscarries
  7. Vt. sex offender to be released after only 3 years
  8. Luxury Cruise Ship Outruns Pirate Attack
  9. Jack the Ripper's face revealed 120 years on
  10. 1 in 5 young adults has personality disorder (20%!)
  11. Bratz production to end.
  12. dogs deemed dangerous-owner's an arse
  13. Beautiful young mother and wife Stephanie Vest passed away from very rare cancer
  14. Ford Bronco Recalls
  15. Overweight Dog Found Frozen to Sidewalk
  16. 'Almost homeless' ex-executive seeks work
  17. "Sunny" von Bulow dies
  18. john lennon dec 8,1980
  19. dog saves friend after being hit by car
  20. F-18 Crash
  21. 1500 Toys analyzed for Toxin Content...
  22. Studies show dogs have sense of fairness
  23. Alzheimer's...Holiday chaos can bring confusion
  24. Jay Leno goes to Primetime TV
  25. Man Finds Infant Alive in Bag
  26. Family Finds Letters From 6-Year-Old After Cancer Claims Her
  27. McCauley Calkin's sister Dakota dies
  28. 1950s pinup model Bettie Page dies in LA at 85
  29. Sarcasm finds medical use in dementia detection
  30. Year's Biggest Full Moon Friday Night
  31. Russian Warships on their way to CUBA.
  32. Help watch the border!!
  33. Boy, 4, breaks into Texas store to play with toys
  34. Plane Disappears in Carribean under Mysterious Circumstances
  35. Madison, St. Clair counties named to 'judicial hellhole' watch list
  36. Trains Collide, Crash Into Miss. River
  37. moisturizers and breast cancer
  38. Mystery Cancer Cluster
  39. To all the trekkies out there
  40. More Zero Tolerance Insanity...Girl Accused of Selling Drugs...Halls Cough Drops
  41. Pedestrian Bridge Collapse, Atlanta, Ga. One death-17 injured
  42. Is Rudolph Male Or Female?
  43. Christmas Show Actress Falls to Her Death
  44. Donald Trump Sues Entire Town
  45. HEART BEAT: What Child is This?
  46. Saudi judge refuses to annul marriage of girl, 8
  47. MA AMBER Alert Child Safety Fair Jan 13
  48. Toddler found face down in pond
  49. Eartha Kitt, sultry 'Santa Baby' singer, dies
  50. Jumbo snow globes + sunlight = consumer hazard
  51. 3 kids, 4 adults killed by Philadelphia house fire
  52. MS Lawmaker Wants to Outlaw 'Baby-Selling'
  53. The Children of Zimbabwe
  54. Candy Canes Fight Germs, Settle Stomachs
  55. UK: Girl Killed In Tragic TV Accident
  56. "Real Life" Superheroes???
  57. Lake Superior State University 2009 List of Banished Words
  58. Swarms of Earthquakes in Yellowstone!
  59. Chinese drywall causes problems on the Treasure Coast
  60. Trying to prevent lymphedema after breast cancer
  61. Woman, 89, who kept boy's football, sues parents
  62. John Tavolta's son Jett dies at age 16
  63. Canine Detective finds missing police dog
  64. Texas Jail Closed for 'Dangerous Conditions,'
  65. Veteran actor Pat Hingle dies at 84
  66. NBC Bans Ann Coulter for Life
  67. Tom Cruise is a nutjob!!!
  68. Making the most of ADHD
  69. Gupta for Surgeon General!!???
  70. Jennifer Garner has Baby Girl
  71. Romjin, O'Connell's twin girls born
  72. Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick to split?
  73. New Law to Affect Selling of Used Kid's Clothes
  74. Patrick Swayze on Barbara Walters
  75. If you give your spouse a kidney, can you later charge her for it?
  76. Happy 74th b'day Elvis
  77. MA Proposes Weighing, Measuring Students
  78. Should Parenting Require a License?
  79. Ryan O'Neil Pleads Guilty
  80. George the lobster gets new lease on life at 140
  81. Saturday Night Special: Biggest Full Moon of 2009 (Already!)
  82. "Where's the food at?"
  83. Register Sex Offen. wins lottery
  84. Rottweiler kills 4-year-old boy
  85. Australia offers 'best job in world' on paradise island
  86. Larry King???
  87. Ricardo Montalban dies at 88
  88. Big coffee drinkers hallucinate more: study
  89. 20 Worst Foods in America, 2009
  90. 'Prisoner' actor Patrick McGoohan dies in LA
  91. Run-DMC, Metallica lead list of 2009 Rock Hall
  92. Kevin Bacon needs work... :(
  93. Steve Jobs is stepping down...
  94. Another Coffee News Story to Offest the Other One!
  95. Passenger plane down in the hudson river
  96. The Sale of Children's Books to be Banned
  97. New Website lists student absences...
  98. Change.org announces top 10 ideas for change!!
  99. OMG, my teachers were right!
  100. A list of products recalled by Kellogg's
  101. ND agency may start missing children database
  102. Joaquin Phoenix Debuts Rap Career In Vegas
  103. Bush commutes sentences of former border patrol agents
  104. Foxnews live stream for DC festivities
  105. The passing of Ben Underwood, 16
  106. Mich. police: Boy, 8, spent 10 days with dead mom
  107. Snow In Tampa Bay Area? It May Happen Tuesday Night
  108. Chinese Drywall Is Reason For Homeowners' Illness
  109. Scientist: New fault could mean major Ark. temblor
  110. Caroline Kennedy Withdraws Senate Bid
  111. German woman missing for 12 years found living in Swiss woods
  112. Oscar Nominations - 2008
  113. Two Burmese survive month at sea in an ice box
  114. Miss World finalist has her hands and feet amputated
  115. Britney Spears New Song Title Too Nasty For Radio
  116. Women's Basketball Coach Dies
  117. Miss Indiana crowned Miss America
  118. Three children dead after SUV hits minivan
  119. Woman Gives Birth To Octuplets In California
  120. FL to cut Amber Alerts and sexoffender notification.
  121. Man, 93, Freezes to Death in Home
  122. Winning Texas Coach Loses His Job
  123. John Updike, prize-winning writer, dead at age 76
  124. Mass Bird Deaths Alarm Central New Jersey Community
  125. Original Lynyrd Skynyrd KeyBoardist has Left Us
  126. Ohio Firefighter Quits Over Obama Nod
  127. Mt REDOUBT, Alaska, about to BLOW
  128. Cash for clunkers...
  129. Lord Have Mercy
  130. Obama Signs Lilly Ledbetter Bill Into Law
  131. 110 year-old "living fossil" becomes a dad!
  132. 5 killed in bus rollover at Hoover Dam
  133. Blog charts woes of dating Wall Street bankers
  134. Headsup: Google Issues
  135. Priest uncovering beginnings of Final Solution
  136. Photos from Buddy Holly's final show surface.
  137. Soldier on 1st skydive leads dying instructor down
  138. Rod Blagojevich will be on Letterman on Tuesday the 3rd
  139. Man hangs himself while thousands of people watch online
  140. Batman goes Bale-istic with profane tirade on crew
  141. Bat-killing syndrome spreads in Northeast
  142. Girl dies after being trapped in washing machine
  143. Pranks involving electronic road signs stir worry
  144. 60-year-old gives birth to twins?
  145. ABC test 'Would you help this baby'
  146. Dueling divas: Etta James 'can't stand' Beyonce
  147. Beware the Cash4Gold scam
  148. Is Your Car a Cop Magnet?
  149. Once left for dead, Vick’s pit bulls recovering
  150. NAMC Alert - Wall Street Journal Reporter Request
  151. Coast Guard: About 150 trapped on Lake Erie ice
  152. Consumer Reports Picks the Best Cup o' Brew
  153. Fire death toll in Australia rises to 35
  154. Update on Shoplifting Dog
  155. Lawsuit targets anonymous online comments
  156. Tiger Woods & wife Elin have a son!
  157. 6 Yr Old Allegedly Forced By Principal To Unclog Toilet With Bare Hands
  158. Massive CA Prisoner Release?
  159. WS!! HELP, 30 days until death!
  160. Grandma's moistening kettle may have held off flu
  161. Why You're Fat
  162. Freestyle motocross racer Jeremy Lusk dies
  163. Tornado kills at least 4 in southern Oklahoma
  164. The great Atlantic Ocean swimming hoax
  165. Shark attacks diver in Sydney Harbour
  166. Car Found in Garage Sells for $4.4 Million
  167. 63% Reject Darwin's Theory of Evolution
  168. Much of USA's Valentine's candy came from Mexico
  169. A Continental plane has crashed into a house in Buffalo, New York.
  170. 13 y/o thought it would be good to have a kid (with the 15 y/o mom)
  171. Space Collision Called 'Catastrophic Event'
  172. Free Surplus Clothes go to Wounded Soldiers
  173. Boston Tourist Tumbles Into Unknown Crypt
  174. Fox News: How to escape a sinking car
  175. Acclaimed jazz drummer Louis Bellson dies at 84
  176. List of TV Stations Ending their Analog Signals at Midnight Tonight
  177. Backward green comet makes one-time only visit
  178. Police Find Body of Missing 3yo Girl in Septic Tank, Argyle, Texas
  179. ND measure says fertilized egg has human rights
  180. 5 yr old boys remains found inside crocodile
  181. AP IMPACT: Jobless hit with bank fees on benefits
  182. Anti-Obama Sign Gets Man Pulled Over, Questioned By The Secret Service
  183. Conan O'Brien's last night on 'Late Night'
  184. Pregnant Woman Evicted From Home
  185. Craigslist ads reveal homeowners' woes
  186. Money blocking adult abuse act
  187. REMOVE Judges Who Aid and Abet SOs
  188. University of Arizona researchers make forensic science breakthrough
  189. Body in car identified as Gainesville engineer
  190. British actress Wendy Richard dead at 65
  191. "...baby is running out of time." UPDATE!
  192. Teen Critically Burned Trying To Kill Head Lice
  193. Ed McMahon in 'Extremely Serious' Condition
  194. Car with child, 5, sinks in icy Colorado river
  195. Paul Harvey passed away today.
  196. 22 Miles of I-85 closed for hours
  197. Girl, 9, aborts twins after rape
  198. John Edward's Love Child - Tell me this ISN'T his kid
  199. Police: 2-week-old Ariz. girl dies in dog attack
  200. Former Monkee Peter Tork says he has cancer
  201. Robin Williams To Undergo Heart Surgery
  202. Teen Kills Herself over "Sexting" Incident
  203. Mexico pouring troops into Juarez
  204. Are we on the verge of War with North Korea?
  205. Elderly Saudi woman to be lashed in public...
  206. Runnion worried sex offender registry law may be gutted
  207. 1 in 50 American Children Homeless
  208. Deaf robbery victim "violently wrestled" by LE after just trying to communicate!!!
  209. America becoming less Christian, survey finds.
  210. Kidnapped son contacts mum online!
  211. Tanning Bed Bursts Into Flames with Man Inside
  212. Iron Chef Cat Cora And Her Lesbian Partner Both Pregnant
  213. Va. DNA project finds more negative matches
  214. Teen finds and gives away 11,000 dollars
  215. Can Marijuana Help Rescue California's Economy?
  216. Kids in daycare fed windshield washer fluid
  217. Contact Your Congressman
  218. Prank Or Plan To Carry Out Plot At OU?
  219. OH Woman Sues Apple for $225K for IPOD Touch Burns
  220. Sammy Davis Jr Widow dies
  221. Death leaves online lives in limbo (AP)
  222. Actor Ron Silver dies at age of 62
  223. NSU track athlete arrested after gunfire at Fla. resort
  224. Prayers Needed for Barbie Tarr, Tim Miller's EA
  225. Actress Natasha Richardson UPDATE has passed away after skiing accident
  226. MN Playing Cards Bring Results
  227. Woman Killed after gas pump explodes
  228. Wife says $43 million isn't enough in divorce settlement
  229. Murdered Pit Bull Destin FL
  230. Undersea volcano in Tonga erupts
  231. Tsunami warning in Tonga
  232. World's deadliest spider found in Tulsa store
  233. Banning Brazilian Bikini Wax's in NJ...
  234. 4 kids die in Ohio mobile home fire; baby is saved
  235. Plane crash, Butte, Montana-Up to 17 dead
  236. Sylvia Plath's son Nicholas Commits Suicide
  237. Bruce Willis Marries
  238. Released SO in Santa Barbara Co., CA
  239. TX may have first " Infanticide law" regarding PPD
  240. Quiet Muslim-Only Town in N.Y. Founded by Alleged Terrorist
  241. New DNA technique
  242. Tuesday press conference with President Obama starts a buzz...
  243. Recovery Act Funding: $100M to go to Office for Victims of Crimes
  244. Beware Conficker worm come April 1
  245. Shamwow vs. Zorbeez: Which works Better? As Seen On TV Lab Test
  246. Dallas police delayed NFL player as relative died
  247. Prisoners Babysit Toddler Found on Highway
  248. Video Offered for Sale Purports to Show Biden's Daughter Snorting Cocaine
  249. Streaking lights, explosions reported all along coast
  250. GA - $2.3 Million for Botched Circumcision