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  1. Doc Who Tied Vaccine to Autism Ruled Unethical
  2. Oscar Nominations
  3. Girl, 9, Gives Birth to Baby Boy
  4. Elizabeth Smarts Kidnappers Children on Oprah
  5. So you think your pre-washed lettuce is clean?
  6. Cadmium in ADULT jewelry-here we go folks...
  7. Woman & Newborn Triplets Found Dead
  8. German man saved on frozen sea by webcam spotter
  9. Man dies in rare fatal shark attack off Fla.
  10. Tiny toy gun nearly gets boy suspended
  11. PHOENIX (AP) - An Arizona school principal who penned a sarcastic letter that chided
  12. Epic Snow Storm for Mid-Atlantic
  13. Only living American WWI vet turns 109 in W.Va.
  14. FRONTLINE: Digital Nation
  15. Explosion at Connecticut power plant causes "mass casualties"
  16. Skier survives 17 hours under Swiss avalanche
  17. Dying forensic artist,Frank Bender, creates last sculpture of missing boy
  18. Hammer is Going To Drop on Paterson!
  19. Rep John Murtha Dies
  20. Super Bowl is most watched TV show ever
  21. Oprah interviewing child sex offenders
  22. Family learns of sons death through FB, due to police delay in ID
  23. Prayer Request for Georgeann Miller, Wife of Tim Miller
  24. TV Drama Helps Family Find Missing Loved One
  25. 'Deadliest Catch' Captain, Phil Harris, Dies
  26. US Military Frees Journalist Held for 17 months
  27. Man Dies In Sleep Center ...
  28. Prosthetic Limbs needed in Haiti
  29. Changes in Medical Lingo. No more "Mental Retardation"
  30. Former Texas Rep. Charlie Wilson dies at 76
  31. Paulus VanDerSloot Has Died
  32. John Mayer apologizes for Playboy interview
  33. Northern Illinois Earthquake Feb 2010
  34. Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen Dies
  35. Former President Bill Clinton Has Been Hospitalized
  36. Alec Baldwin Pill Scare
  37. Winter Olympics 2010
  38. Olympic Luger Killed After Accident on a Training Run
  39. Snow in all 50 states? New storm could make that true.
  40. Mystery writer Dick Francis has died
  41. So, You Thought Your Valentines Day Was a Bust
  42. The Knack lead singer Doug Fieger dies
  43. JFK's Secret Love Letters to Swedish Woman Offered for Auction Today
  44. Director Kevin Smith - Too Fat To Fly (His words not mine)
  45. Frail boy-king Tut died from malaria, broken leg
  46. Climber falls into Mount St. Helens crater
  47. Recall of Salami Products - Possible Salmonella Contamination
  48. Women, more than men, choose true crime over other violent nonfiction
  49. More Foreclosures to Come???
  50. Britain Releases Largest Set of Classified UFO Files To Date
  51. Amber Alert Colorado CANCELLED
  52. AMBER ALERT IN MA (near RI)
  53. Hellicopter Crash In WV
  54. Kathryn Grayson, star of '40s, '50s musicals, dies
  55. Gordon Lightfoot Death a Hoax
  56. John Babcock, Canada’s last known Great War veteran, dies at age 109
  57. PA school district uses webcams to spy on students
  58. Man pictured sitting on a dead whale in the middle of shark feeding frenzy-Dec. 2009
  59. Tiger Woods finally speaks: 'I am deeply sorry'
  60. PleaseRobMe website highlights dangers of telling world your location
  61. Alexander Haig, former secretary of state, dies
  62. Daddy the pitbull, Cesar Millan's best friend, passes away - 2/19/10
  63. toddler, woman killed by pit bulls
  64. Lydia Cacho/Mexican journalist garners another award for exposing child trafficking
  65. Philly three pitbull attacks cause havok and death
  66. Investigation continues into pyrotechnics mishap that burned WWE's Undertaker
  67. Larry Seidlin is Being Sued
  68. Two HS Students Driving To The Same School Killed In Separate Accidents
  69. Some states want to deny release of 911 Calls
  70. Man says Wal-Mart pharmacy mistake nearly destroyed his life
  71. Female Trainer Killed at Shamu Stadium
  72. Rhode Island - School teachers told: You're all fired!‏
  73. Dog Attacks, Comprehensive study & statistics
  74. Bret Michaels tells Miley Cyrus to get 'undressed"???
  75. Big News!!! Simon names who's 'So Vain'
  76. Girls Killed by Train Part of Suicide Pact, Police say
  77. 8.3 Earthquake in Chile and Tsunami Warnings
  78. Illinois NOT processing rape kits????
  79. Marie Osmond's Son Commits Suicide 02/26/10
  80. Girlscout Cookie Recall
  81. Massive head of pharaoh unearthed in Egypt
  82. Kroger recalls 2 onion soup and dip mixes
  83. Parents say doctors hastened death for dying kids
  84. 9/11 Hijackers Apartment demolished.
  85. USPS to propose 5-day mail schedule, major cuts
  86. GM recalling 1.3 million vehicles over steering problems
  87. chile earthquake caused shorter days.
  88. DCFS at Jackson compound, stun gun & kids
  89. New Porsche Concept Car: 500HP, 198MPH....and 78MPG!!!!!!
  90. 2 Yr. Old Left at CEC Returned to Family
  91. Naomi Campbell at it Again
  92. N.C. Grand Jury Gets Tough On Sex Offenders/Info on these S.O.
  93. Family survives Haiti quake, flees to Chile for safety
  94. New Hampshire Baby Dies In NJ Foster Home
  95. Passenger on cruise ship: Wave ordeal terrifying
  96. Fake Weed, Real Drug: K2 Causing Hallucinations in Teens
  97. 'Extra Small' Condoms for 12-Year-Old Boys Go on Sale
  98. Nancy Grace on Dr. Phil today...
  99. 6 Yr Old Suspended From School For Making Gun With Hand
  100. Upper Midwest braces for severe spring flooding
  101. TDCJ officer found dead, handcuffed to bed
  102. Fire kills 5 in Ala. mobile home, including 3 kids
  103. Marsy's Law
  104. Sandra Bullock Accepts Worst Actress Razzie in Person
  105. Another one: Strong earthquake slams eastern Turkey, kills 51
  106. 3yo kills "self" with firearm mistaking it for wii controller...
  107. Chelsea's Law and Other CA Issues
  108. Cypress Toddler loses battle with cancer
  109. Actor Corey Haim found dead at 38 : (
  110. 2010 Hurricane Season will be More Active, Accuweather's Joe Bastardi Predicts
  111. STRONG Aftershock hits Chile on Inaugaration Day
  112. Merlin Olsen, Football Star, Commentator and Actor, Dies at 69
  113. Bank of America dropping overdraft fee!
  114. Sen. Harry Reid's wife, daughter seriously injured in accident
  115. Recent Health News - Laundry & Germs
  116. Teacher writes loser on 6 grader's paper
  117. Over 160 animals seized from animal sanctuary
  118. Heidi Montag fires (husband) Spencer Pratt and hires astrologer manager....
  119. High School football team gets female head coach
  120. Time To "Spring Forward" One Hour This Weekend
  121. Infant deaths prompt gov't warning on slings
  122. B.C. avalanche leaves several dead and injured, many missing
  123. Strong earthquake rocks central Japan
  124. 'Mission: Impossible' star Peter Graves dies in LA
  125. Fargo Sex Offender on the Loose
  126. Tiger to return to golf starting with the masters.
  127. 4 Year Old Boy On Life Support After Accident
  128. Prank Inc...
  129. Georgia jogger killed by plane
  130. Silent Plane Crash Kills Jogger Listening To iPod.
  131. Michael Lohan Has Heart Attack
  132. Roads Ranked by State: Best, Deadliest by DUI, Speeding & More
  133. Rodney Alcala victim families on Dr. Phil
  134. Meet the PI Moms
  135. Sandra Bullock moves out of family home
  136. Madoff Beaten
  137. Fess Parker, TV's `Davy Crockett,' dies at 85
  138. Dad praises Calif. kids who helped deliver baby
  139. Out-of-control hugging leads to ban at Portland's West Sylvan Middle School
  140. Walmart Fires Cancer Patient with Prescription for Medical Marijuana
  141. Boston English, the oldest public high school in the country
  142. Women in critical condition after bees attack
  143. Chemical Castration
  144. Moldy rape kit stops con's parole
  145. Judge Orders Polygraphs for Rape Victims
  146. Fake Craigslist ad leads to 'give away' of family's property
  147. Facebook puts ban on nude baby photos
  148. Terrorists Targeting Children Via Facebook, Twitter
  149. Son diffuses dad's hotel standoff through Craigslist
  150. Teen Survives After Being Stabbed in Head by 10-Inch Knife
  151. RIP-Robert Culp, who starred in `I Spy,' dead at 79
  152. Trapped’ by police, woman calls 911
  153. Man gets 15 years for prison break-in
  154. Made In America Store
  155. Warning for Women who dye their own hair
  156. "Family Guy" has gone too far!
  157. Fox cancels "24"
  158. Prodigy, 13, claims age discrimination by UConn
  159. Top Marine's reaction to lifting Dont Ask Dont Tell
  160. Court: Seattle police OK to stun pregnant woman
  161. Ex-Scientology lawsuits reveal elite Sea Org group
  162. Those Republicans and their topless bars...
  163. Slain Marine's Dad Ordered to Pay Westboro Legal Fees
  164. 'Stand and Deliver' teacher Jaime Escalante dies
  165. Two year old in critical condition after shot by police
  166. Boy Attempts Suicide at Middle School
  167. Flooding in Rhode Island
  168. Burger King employee spit on cop's burger, DNA shows
  169. Van found in Florida may solve 11 year old mystery
  170. RIP-John Forsythe dead at 92
  171. Medical workers conflicted about reporting domestic abuse
  172. No Reply to Your Resume? Here's Why
  173. Tim Miller "nothing entertaining about our daughters being murdered"
  174. 7.2 Earthquake SoCal Area
  175. Breaking News mining accident
  176. Nicollette Sheridan sues Desperate Housewives and ABC-Alleges assault and retaliation
  177. Student Suicides
  178. R.I.P. Eddie Carroll (1933-2010), Voice of Jiminy Cricket since 1973
  179. 7.8-magnitude earthquake strikes northern Sumatra, Indonesia
  180. Here's a legal way to print money: change the font
  181. Baby Jenny
  182. Another Shoe Bomb Attempt
  183. Timothy White, Victim of 1980 Kidnapping, Dies
  184. Another missing child near Orlando
  185. 2010.04.10 Polish President Among 132 Dead in Plan Crash
  186. Pit Bull Saves Woman and Child From Attack
  187. Actress Dixie Carter died
  188. May 22: “take our children to the park…and leave them there day”
  189. Navy Training Jet crashes - 3 dead, 1 missing
  190. nadia bloom found alive church member said
  191. Consumer Reports Issues "Don't Buy:Safety Risk" for the 2010 Lexus GX 460
  192. 6.9 Quake in China, hundreds dead
  193. Explosion at FedEx in Miramar, CA
  194. Daryl Gates, LA's police chief during 1992 riots, dies
  195. Toyota to recall 600,000 Sienna minivans
  196. Police need publics help to ID Boy
  197. Choosing Thomas < Very Sad
  198. Okla. bombing victims' children build new lives
  199. 10 Phrases That Can Sink Your Resume
  200. Iceland volcano
  201. Karla Homolka may get pardon
  202. PETA Co-Founder's Unique Will (Warning: Slightly Graphic)
  203. Man drops baby off at Houston Fire Dept.
  204. Law Banning Depictions of Animal Cruelty Overturned
  205. At least 11 workers sought after oil rig explosion
  206. Protests Against Dolphin Slaughter Movie
  207. Mother Has 4 Limbs Amputated After Home Birth
  208. Dog leads responders to burning shop & injured master , AK
  209. Bret Michaels Rushed to ICU with Brain Hemorrhage
  210. Idaho Caveman "Dugout Dick" Dies at age 94
  211. 2010 Hurricane Season Will Be More Active, Joe Bastardi Predicts
  212. Outbreak of Severe Thunderstorms And Strong Tornadoes Expected Today
  213. Lindsay Lohan Dropped From Movie
  214. Foster Dad dies in fire after saving 9 children
  215. Finally Newspapers might be doing something about on line vile comments
  216. Dick Biondi to celebrate Golden Anniversary on WLS
  217. Good Samaritan Left for Dead on City Sidewalk
  218. The "Today" Show Mon 4/26/10
  219. 9 Ways to Ensure You Don't Get the Job
  220. Heidi Montag’s mom tells her to get psychological help
  221. The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan
  222. Girl lucky to be alive after sting by deadly jellyfish
  223. Chicago window washer stuck 26 floors up
  224. Sandra Bullock Adopts Baby Boy
  225. Does Your Child's School Talk to them about Molestation?
  226. Huge NASA Science Balloon Crashes in Australian Outback
  227. Sex offenders forced to live on OC streets.
  228. Oil Spill Approaching Coast
  229. "Daisy Duke's" Hubby Dead Of Apparent Suicide
  230. Children's liquid cold, allergy medicine recalled
  231. Another High Risk Of Severe Weather Today - May 1
  232. BREAKING NEWS: N.Y. Times says police suspect car bomb, evacuate Times Square
  233. Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry "Split"
  234. 'As the World Turns' matriarch Wagner dies at 91"
  235. Actress Lynn Redgrave has died at age 67
  236. Times Square Bombing Suspect Caught.
  237. Prehistoric European Cave Artists Were Female
  238. Copy Machines, a Security Risk? - CBS News Video
  239. Al Quaeda Set to Strike in the U.S.
  240. Yet another terrorist attempt? NYPD Investigate Suspicious Truck Near Bridge
  241. School Field Trip Causes Controversy
  242. A&M alumna says tuition break for illegal immigrants paved way for her success....
  243. Toddler Ingests Blood From Mysterious Vial Found At Apartment Complex
  244. Dow Plunges more then 900 points!
  245. American students catch heat for wearing red, white & blue on Cinco de Mayo
  246. Times Square evacuated after suspicious package found
  247. Woman Sues After Microwave Popcorn Gave Her "Popcorn Lungs"
  248. Paradise Lost Oil Spill/ BP sucks local info
  249. Diamond Ring Ad on Craigslist Leads to Murder
  250. Federal Reserve Opens Credit Line To Europe