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  1. After Christmas death, teen leaves online message behind
  2. Seeking closure, justice: Kimmi’s death prompts push for new legislation
  3. Build-A-Bear Teddy Bear recall
  4. Flying body parts: Woman injured by severed torso free to sue
  5. Woman, 65, plunges 6 stories to her death in elevator shaft
  6. TX - Sisters brawl over heirloom jewels at funeral home
  7. NC - Butterball farm raided as abuse against turkeys on rise
  8. New laws for 2012
  9. ID - Teen loses cancer fight after delivering son
  10. TX - Toddler found in playpen after caretaker, 63, dies
  11. Grocery Stores Pull Arizona Lettuce From Shelves
  12. Mentally ill flood ER as states cut services
  13. World rings in 2012 and bids adieu to a tough year
  14. 7.0 Japan earthquake 12-31-11
  15. Police: Man who shot Michigan teen thought boy was coyote
  16. Passers-by rescue children in icy waters! Amazing!
  17. 145 Million dollar man John Hammergren, the CEO of the McKesson Corp.
  18. Bodies of 2 brothers recovered from Arizona canal
  19. Cross-dressing banjo players brawl on Mummer's Night in Philly
  20. Pepsi Says Mountain Dew Can Dissolve Mouse Carcasses
  21. Brownsville, Tx: Police kill armed teenage student at Texas school.
  22. Real 'Benjamin Button'? Stem cells reverse aging in mice
  23. Boeing Wichta Closing
  24. Teen mom shoots intruder dead 1 week after husband dies of cancer
  25. Dog sniffs out truth, court test
  26. Canadian man uses iPad to enter US
  27. Paypal Dispute, PP orders buyer to destroy $2,500 Violin
  28. Texas Teen Accidentally Deported
  29. I'm shot in my eye? Who cares?! Gimme my beer!!
  30. Harrassed Soldier Commits Suicide
  31. Boy, 14, kills intruder after gang of FOUR men try to break into house
  32. NC - Full Frontal & the Media: "Someone always pays for a dong flap"
  33. CA - Quick-thinking firefighter, paramedic rescue & revive chihuahua Mojo
  34. New definition of rape to include men
  35. NZ - 11 dead in fiery hot air balloon crash
  36. Did Oscar-nominated director grope breasts of transsexual teen nephew?
  37. Strikeforce women’s champion Cyborg suspended for steroids
  38. Bird plane runs afoul of federal regulators
  39. Knoxville mother and autistic son evicted over noise issues
  40. Warner Bros. to impose 56-day delay on DVD rentals
  41. Beating Megan's Law - How violent sex offenders can legally live in towns without the
  42. Another Pit Bull Attack, details during trial
  43. Bungee jumper survives cord-snap fall into croc-infested waters at Victoria Falls
  44. Firefighter killed on I-696 was focus of domestic assault investigation
  45. Stephen Hawking misses 70th Birthday party!
  46. IL - Woman rode elevator to her death in high-rise inferno
  47. White House Chief of Staff Resigning
  48. Son of Packers ass't coach believed drowned in icy river
  49. Gov. Haley Barbour approved full pardons for nearly 200 people
  50. Farmers sue Corzine of MF fund for stealing their money out of bank accounts
  51. Fugitive Texas doctor released despite international arrest warrant
  52. TVs you can talk to, without sounding crazy
  53. Doomsday clock moved closer to midnight
  54. Furor in Greece over pedophilia as a disability
  55. N.C. to Compensate Victims of Sterilization in 20th Century Eugenics Program
  56. No more twinkies or hostess cupcakes or wonder bread???*UPDATE*
  57. Dog rescued far from shore after hit & run crash killed its mom-of-3 owner
  58. Florida was weird as only it can be in 2011
  59. 2 Bodies Found In Haverhill Park
  60. Ma- Obama's Uncle, Onyango Obama Illegal Alien Drunk Driving January 11, 2012 -Boston
  61. Feds propose allowing wind-farm developer to kill golden eagles
  62. Mom Forces Unusual Punishment On Criminal Teen Son
  63. Man runs naked through OKC Wendy's, arrested for drugs
  64. L.A. deputy punches special needs woman on bus
  65. Possible tornado slams 2 western NC counties
  66. TX - Murder-suicide at Our Lady of Guadalupe a mystery for now
  67. LeRoy Parents Want Answers about Tourette-Like Symptoms of 12 Female Students
  68. Marines Caught Urinating on Dead Bodies
  69. Judge Declares Natalee Holloway Dead
  70. NYC school employee faked daughter's death
  71. Pepper spray, spit hood, "Devil's Chair" - did FL LE murder mentally ill grandfather?
  72. UK - "Utterly depraved" rapist Beast of Bermondsey jailed for life
  73. Outrage over “scream rooms” at Connecticut elementary school
  74. Ohio woman loses appeal on "White Only" pool sign
  75. TX - Ex-hotel manager's 10-year child porn sentence: too lenient?
  76. No Longer Caylee’s Law, Punishment for Lying Parents on the Move
  77. Novartis issues voluntary recall because of broken, mislabeled pills
  78. Italy - Cruise Ship runs aground/flips
  79. Russian space probe to crash on Earth within hours
  80. Calif. HS student devises possible cancer cure
  81. Teen sues family over alleged abortion threat
  82. B.C. abused kids' centre named after KISS daughter
  83. Mom Claims CHOP Refuses to Give Special Needs Child Transplant
  84. OH - Helen Fettes charged with killing 3 yo, Cleveland, January 2012
  85. Centaur 'skeleton' takes science center stage
  86. KS - Lawrence okays pot-bellied pigs in city
  87. Previously unknown Serial Killer unearthed in Rochester
  88. UK - Children find cell w/pic of laughing mortuary embalmer gripping severed head
  89. UK - Londonderry air rent by twin explosions
  90. New autism definition may exclude many, study suggests
  91. Canadian freestyle skier Sarah Burke dead at 29
  92. Norway-Indian couple loses kids for sleeping in same bed, feeding with hands
  93. SOPA and PIPA protests highlight 21st c. internet stakes
  94. NC - After 24+ years as prime suspect, mom cleared in young son's death
  95. Eastnan Kodak files for bankruptcy protection
  96. Florida Man Guilty of DUI Manslaughter Sues Victim
  97. Fox LA Internet Broadcast TONIGHT!!!
  98. Math formula may explain why serial killers kill
  99. Til death do us part: Marriage to dead girlfriend draws mixed reaction
  100. Baby Found with Mouse in Mouth at Daycare
  101. Underwater Photographer Fends Off Shark With Camera
  102. UT-boy killed playing with toy cannon
  103. 5 Ways to Make Your Home Safer
  104. Police: Woman beat burglar with bedpost
  105. TN - Woman who sent boy back to Russia being sued for child support
  106. Same-sex couple challenging Michigan's adoption law
  107. Lunch boxes recalled after poison warning
  108. TX - Private drone owner unearths river of swine blood flowing into the Trinity
  109. AZ Paul Penzone (he's been on NG and JVM) running for Sheriff in Maricopa County
  110. Show stars a real-life serial killer
  111. Hostages rescued in Somalia
  112. Centuries-old "Viking death squad" graves reveal 54 skeletons, severed heads
  113. North Carolina Death Row Inmate Writes Letter About Life of 'Leisure'
  114. AU - Protesters trap PM in restaurant; riot squad called
  115. No cause found for "freakish mystery illness" Morgellons
  116. Is your pet is safe from coyotes?
  117. Energy efficient windows melting plastics
  118. Pandemonium in Austrailia
  119. Barnacled but proud: Queen Bee the Little Boat That Could
  120. 2 grandsons of President John Tyler (1841-45) still alive
  121. Divorce forces man to beam out of 'Star Trek' home
  122. NM - Former inmate wins $22 million over 'forgotten' solitary confinement
  123. Johnson Holy Rock, Pine Ridge rez housing advocate, passes
  124. Abusive working conditions at Apple exposed
  125. New Cancer Vaccine has won FDA approval!!!
  126. CA - Teen jumps to death off cliff despite mom's pleas
  127. KY - Eggner Ferry Bridge rammed by freighter, collapses
  128. UK - Mummified moggy falls from 18th c. ceiling
  129. UK's Daily Mail now most-visited newspaper website
  130. UK - Spaceship flat lost as Trekkie, wife divorce
  131. NJ - Man dead in home for a year before body found
  132. UK - Pianist mutilates own hands in bid to convince LE she was stalked by slasher
  133. U.S troops killed in action have a last ally
  134. FL - A body in a casket in a self storage unit - for 17 years
  135. Honk-honk! It's the P50 Peel - world's tiniest production car
  136. WA - Swayed by psychologist, jury freed sexual predator to attack again
  137. Toxic Toys seized in Michigan
  138. Quebec woman "cooked to death" at self-development retreat
  139. NY - Forced to euthanize dog, struggling NYC actor kills self
  140. Maker recalls 2,200 tubes of Aveeno baby lotion
  141. Topless Ukranian feminists storm Swiss economic forum
  142. NC - Knee-replacement for Cyrano: tubby tabby 1st to have the surgery
  143. Secretariat, Sea Biscuit, Man O'War: "speed gene" traced to 17th c. British mare
  144. CO - Car-jump girl, 17, dead in traffic after mystery leap
  145. UK - Balance superdog Ozzy a YouTube sensation
  146. MI - Salt pork up nostrils stops 4-year-old girl's dangerous nosebleed
  147. Snakes, crocs, machete-wielding tribes: Brit's 3000-mile Congo River journey a first
  148. FL - Pileup on I-75 kills at least 9, injures 18
  149. Pedophile Gary Glitter makes £££ if song used at Super Bowl
  150. Florida: Johnny Can't Read? Mommy Gets An "F"
  151. FL - Huge pythons devouring mid-sized mammal population
  152. Full Service: Secret Sex Lives of the Stars may be hot read
  153. U.S. arrests two British tourists over mild Twitter jokes
  154. "Weird goo": blue marble mystery rains over UK garden
  155. Kansas ag secretary asks feds' permission to hire undocumented workers
  156. 4 senators introducing legislation to get rid of dollar bill, replace with coin
  157. Police: Buried skulls believed to be from 1978 found
  158. UT - Revolving blue 'UFO' in night sky puzzles observers
  159. Susan G. Komen charity pulls grants
  160. Zoo wants company to stop using chimps in TV ads
  161. McDonald's drops use of gooey ammonia-based 'pink slime' in hamburger meat
  162. Woman gives birth to 14 lb baby!!! Ouch!
  163. Birth control pill recall!!! Please share!
  164. Pediatricians' Group Recommends HPV Vaccine for Boys
  165. Special needs teacher accused of using hot sauce to discipline students
  166. Haunting labyrinth, frozen in time: the ex-leper colony in Hell Gate, near the Bronx
  167. Egypt - 73 die after soccer match
  168. Woman grabs tennis pro's jersey from child fan
  169. Decorah Iowa Eagles-2012 season
  170. MA - FBI uses chainsaw in raid on wrong apartment
  171. Even without opening attachments, new cyber-virus email can infect PC
  172. Stolen Babies
  173. Cat Mutilated, Murdered- Political Motive?
  174. 6 more weeks of winter
  175. Wind Cave elk poaching angers, saddens park officials
  176. Ipad game for...cats?
  177. Charleston SC- LIVE Suicide "Bomber" on Ravenel Bridge.
  178. MN - "Rape tag" recess game shocks elementary school
  179. Machine says lady won, Casino says Nope, malfunction
  180. Petition to create two Canadian DNA databanks
  181. Qatar buys Cézanne's "The Card Players" for a quarter of a billion $$
  182. Woman Uses Google To Help Capture Wanted NH Man In Florida
  183. In Syria, over 200 dead in shelling on eve of UN removal of Assad vote
  184. Odd disappearance of Russian scientists at 20,000,000-year-old Antarctic lake
  185. British cruise ship passenger, 30, falls over rails into sea
  186. Maine girl bouncing back after 6-organ transplant
  187. No charges against Armstrong
  188. A retired teacher's courageous crusade: Tackling neo-Nazi hate
  189. Libraries struggle with issue of Internet access and porn
  190. Sources: Two children, possible adult male killed in explosion at Powell home
  191. WI - Suicide's body undiscovered in own home FOUR YEARS before found by repossessor
  192. Slab City, Here We Come: Living Life Off the Grid in California's Badlands
  193. Exactly 200 years ago today, DEVASTATING New Madrid Earthquake 07 Feb
  194. Noro-Infected Ship Returns to Fort Lauderdale
  195. CA: Appeals Panel Overturns Prop 8's same-sex marriage ban
  196. 200 years ago today: Charles Dickens bicentennial, 07 Feb
  197. Chief: probe of officer "in his underwear knocking on windows" could be cover-up
  198. Surgeons save woman's life after internal decapitation
  199. Coroner: Twin babies died of accidental suffocation
  200. WA State Legalizes Gay Marriage!
  201. "One of the most remarkable legal hearings in Scientology's history" set to begin
  202. Staples Co-Founder takes brave stand...Against Breastfeeding Mothers
  203. RI girl going to be in some big trouble after AA issued
  204. Florence Green, last known surviving Great War veteran, dies aged 110
  205. Coffeemaker recalled; tends to spatter consumers with scalding liquids
  206. DSM5: childhood shyness, bereavement after death could be classified mental disorders
  207. Driver whisks 6 students off N.C. bus before it bursts into flames
  208. UK - Glasgow city center sealed; man claims to have bomb
  209. Texas Woman Induced Labor for Dying Husband to Hold Baby
  210. 'Crisis': Supplies of life-saving drug used to treat children could run out in 2 week
  211. Controversy reigns in Windy City kids' sticker design contest
  212. TX - Austin man stopped twice, 'roughed & cuffed' for "babysitting while white"
  213. Jailed mom who hid child she said was molested receives $300,000 OK DHS settlement
  214. Dallas schoolgirls excluded from 'Red Tails' movie screening
  215. Cincinnati High School Paying Students To Come To School
  216. US - Gas prices' earliest-ever rise above $3.50 a bad sign for motorists
  217. TX - SWAT team surrounds family's house after XBox hoax
  218. One dead, one injured at horse farm
  219. Police hunt "Wales wolfman" in Pantyffynon Woods
  220. Report: 4th NYPD officer in 4 weeks kills himself
  221. 300 Prisoners killed in Honduran Prison Fire
  222. State Inspectors Searching Children’s Lunch Boxes
  223. Calls from pharmacists help shut down weight loss clinic
  224. Electronic cigarette explodes, badly injures user
  225. UK - Ancient Stone Age monument found; scuttles multi-million pound windfarm
  226. Huguette Clark
  227. Student sues over stripsearch in front of classmates
  228. Wallenda first to chance crossing Niagra Falls via tightrope in 100+ years
  229. IA - Bettendorf Park Board considers banning tattoos from parks
  230. FR - $1million in gold coins rains down on workers in Champagne
  231. Arsenic Found in Brown Rice Syrup, Organic Foods, Baby Formulas, Energy Drinks
  232. UK Pensioner, 71, and her six-year-old grandson are found dead in village pond
  233. J&J consumer health segment recalls infant Tylenol
  234. UT - Police seek armed mountain man, called a 'time bomb'
  235. Godspeed John Glenn: 50 years since first US orbit
  236. Second-to-last Rabbs' fringe-limbed tree frog euthanized at Zoo Atlanta
  237. Mystery man found frostbitten in Polish mountains identified as Iraq war veteran
  238. Charlie Chaplin's real name a mystery says UK spies
  239. WI - Freedom of what? Girl Scout troop leader fired due to hubby's risqué website
  240. CN - Baby mauled to death by husky used in family sled business
  241. Hitler's alleged Great War 'lovechild' fought Nazis in WWII
  242. AZ - Notorious anti-immigration sheriff allegedly threatened to deport gay ex-lover
  243. Brit adventurer John Fairfax, first man to row solo across Atlantic, dead at 74
  244. Elizabeth Smart Marries at Hawaii Temple
  245. WA - Two dead, up to 8 missing, in avalanche NE of Seattle
  246. Mother says missing children’s group scammed her
  247. FBI could take down Internet for millions on March 8
  248. There Is NO Federal Holiday Called Presidents Day
  249. High court examines lying about military exploits
  250. Every February Yosemite waterfall turns to lava