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  1. J&J consumer health segment recalls infant Tylenol
  2. UT - Police seek armed mountain man, called a 'time bomb'
  3. Godspeed John Glenn: 50 years since first US orbit
  4. Second-to-last Rabbs' fringe-limbed tree frog euthanized at Zoo Atlanta
  5. Mystery man found frostbitten in Polish mountains identified as Iraq war veteran
  6. Charlie Chaplin's real name a mystery says UK spies
  7. WI - Freedom of what? Girl Scout troop leader fired due to hubby's risqué website
  8. CN - Baby mauled to death by husky used in family sled business
  9. Hitler's alleged Great War 'lovechild' fought Nazis in WWII
  10. AZ - Notorious anti-immigration sheriff allegedly threatened to deport gay ex-lover
  11. Brit adventurer John Fairfax, first man to row solo across Atlantic, dead at 74
  12. Elizabeth Smart Marries at Hawaii Temple
  13. WA - Two dead, up to 8 missing, in avalanche NE of Seattle
  14. Mother says missing children’s group scammed her
  15. FBI could take down Internet for millions on March 8
  16. There Is NO Federal Holiday Called Presidents Day
  17. High court examines lying about military exploits
  18. Every February Yosemite waterfall turns to lava
  19. Sex-changing treatment for kids: It's on the rise
  20. And then there were four: 1906 San Francisco quake survivor dead at 109
  21. Horrific: four NDSU roommates killed in snowy weekend car crash
  22. Case of Two Mothers: Custody Battle May Arrive at High Court
  23. Au revoir, Mlle: French government drops "mademoiselle"
  24. Avon & Estee Lauder Animal Testing
  25. Argentine train slams into station, killing 49
  26. Sugarland attorneys: Injured Ind. fans share blame
  27. Traveller community protests BFGW's "stereotypes, ignorance"
  28. Body in Casket in Storage Unit
  29. U.S.-born journalist Marie Colvin dead as Syria targets press center
  30. Christian pastor in Iran faces hanging for refusing to renouce faith
  31. At 51, Marine's mom breezes through Army boot camp
  32. OH/WV - Your basic "Time to blow up that big old suspension bridge" video interlude
  33. Bungled smuggling op or forced ingestion? U.S. producer dead of cocaine OD in Uganda
  34. NJ - Grandmother, 4 children dead in South Plainfield fire
  35. Army medical chief placed on leave amid investigations into PTSD diagnoses
  36. Dog loses face rescuing 2 children
  37. ME - 3-year-old girl found; had wandered a mile in the snow at 4 a.m. after bad dream
  38. NYC - Occupy WS baby born in taxi; great "first minutes of life" video included
  39. Fighting Alzheimers Starts in the Kitchen
  40. WV - Baby girl injured by razor blade in WalMart-purchased sleeper
  41. IN - Boy, one, found drowned in baptismal pool at church daycare
  42. FL - Sneaker riots: crowd for new Nike shoe causes Orlando mall melee
  43. Newly adopted shelter cat saves owner's life - within hours, on the very first night
  44. Maryland Senate approves same-sex marriage bill
  45. Rapid City man restores Wounded Knee site
  46. Bathtub Refinishing Chemicals Blamed For Deaths
  47. When finders aren't keepers: $500m galleon treasure to be returned to Spain
  48. UK - IRA admits bomb that killed boy in '73 was theirs, not Brit army's
  49. 35,000 Postal Service jobs on the chopping block
  50. Nelson Mandela, 93, hospitalized; needs "specialist attention"
  51. WWII vet says nobody helped after he was carjacked
  52. Pinball game innovator Steve Kordek dead at 100
  53. Japanese Americans urged to share internment story
  54. Officials say 3 dead in Canadian train derailment
  55. Outrage as Saudi Arabia bans women from 2012 Olympic team
  56. Fire Onboard Costa Allegra: Ship Adrift Without Power
  57. FBI says billions in financial crime restitution
  58. The Healthiest State is --the top 5
  59. Branson Missouri hit by Large Tornado 2/29/12
  60. This Single Mom makes me proud!
  61. Jewish School to Give up Shot at State Championship to Observe the Sabbath
  62. Teacher, 41, resigns, leaves wife, moves in with 18-year-old student
  63. UK - 25 emergency workers stand by and watch a man drown
  64. Killing babies no different from abortion,some "experts" say
  65. Friday: Severe Weather predicted - Midwest - Southeast
  66. Teacher fired after assigning violent math problems to third graders
  67. Dahmer hunting grounds tour
  68. How We Can Help Those Affected By The Tornados
  69. BP, plaintiffs reach $7.8B Gulf spill settlement
  70. Geocaching game causes Disneyland 3-hour lockdown
  71. Dachau survivor, liberator meet after 67 years
  72. A true hero passes: Van Thomas Barfoot
  73. MI - Turkey nicknamed Godzilla stalks woman, 69
  74. 11-year-old Girl Handcuffed for Rudeness
  75. Goffstown School Locked Down After White Powder Found Suspicious Envelopes Found At
  76. NC Special Forces soldier dies trying to save kids
  77. Young Catholic women back birth control use
  78. Valedictorian will be allowed to stay (in U.S.) 2 more years
  79. MI - $1M lottery winner still gets food stamps
  80. Solar storm headed toward Earth may disrupt power
  81. "USA! USA!" - Post-game chant taunts fellow Americans in Alamo Heights TX
  82. Orthodox Circumcision Ritual Leads to Baby's Death
  83. UK - Stalking set to become a crime for first time in England, Wales
  84. Thousands of spiders blanket Australian farm after escaping flood
  85. KONY2012 - Invisible Children Awareness Campaign
  86. Dump sites in art to honor victims
  87. James Cameron is conducting final test dives to reach the deepest part of ocean
  88. TX - "Keep Austin Weird" cross-dressing icon Leslie Cochran dead at 60
  89. ND - Grand Forks Herald Olive Garden review goes viral
  90. Texas vulture study upends forensics
  91. Woman in SUV arrested after high-speed chase from West Sacramento to Sunol
  92. World's earliest 'Dickensian' film found; thought "Bleak House"-inspired, from 1901
  93. WY - Two expert back country skiers die in Grand Teton avalanche
  94. "Potato potato potato" - last words & prison letters of executed killer Robert Towery
  95. 4 Year Old Dies After Found Hanging in Closet
  96. Clocks Spring ahead Sunday - Daylight Saving time.
  97. Marine Seeks to Adopt Military Dog but time's running out
  98. WA - 4 missing aboard Lady Cecelia as debris field, oil sheen found
  99. Canadian ski cross racer dies in crash
  100. Berkeley police chief sends sergeant to reporter's home to request story changes
  101. Storied carrier, 'the Big E,' makes final voyage
  102. 'Class clown's' dad forces son to hold sign about bad grades at intersection
  103. Man died of brain injuries after 6 hours of neglect in juvenile jail, Palm Beach Coun
  104. Girl, 12, 'interrogated' by school staff until she gives up Facebook password
  105. 22 children killed and dozens more hurt in devastating Switzerland coach crash
  106. Rockets to light up the sky
  107. PA - School bus and semi collide, fatalities reported
  108. Blood found in school cubby house could be a murdered child
  109. Propulsion Problems Onboard Cruise Ship
  110. Disabled kids illegally warehoused in nursing homes, lawsuit claims
  111. Tornado Season's Early Start May Predict Ominous Year
  112. Man skydives from near outer space
  113. War effort hits new low; Karzai at ‘end of rope’
  114. Man shocked by tazer in Florida not expected to survive
  115. Ninth-grader says teacher told him to read Langston Hughes poem 'blacker'
  116. Puppy Chews off Baby's Finger
  117. US Census covering Great Depression to be released
  118. Students lose scholarships after racist chant
  119. strange noises in wisconsin
  120. Ibuprofen reduces altitude sickness, US study says
  121. Surgical cure for Diabetes?
  122. Starbucks: One strawberry Frappucchino..hold the bugs
  123. Mattel to make bald barbie
  124. Living Barbie: cute or disturbing trend?
  125. Augusta National membership policies
  126. Treadmills are EVIL!
  127. Severe weather warnings change today
  128. Mega Millions Controversy
  129. John Grazianos younger bro in serious condition
  130. Tornadoes on the ground in Dallas - Fort Worth greater area
  131. Did Homo Sapiens Use Fire to Cook Food Over 1 Million Years Ago?
  132. Are the Lost Peking Man Fossils Buried Under a Parking Lot in China?
  133. 4/6/12 Navy F/A-18 crashes in Virginia
  134. Ronald Smith - Canadian on US Death Row
  135. 2012 Hurricane Season
  136. Mac Users: New Computer Virus
  137. Calif. finds toxins in 'nontoxic' nail polishes
  138. GA Middle schooler pierced classmate's navel
  139. Huge quake strikes off Indonesia, tsunami warning issued
  140. Miss Universe to Allow Transgender Contestants
  141. Green, glowing, whale-sized object falls from sky into Connecticut lake
  142. KS - Fire crews stage emotional rescue of Taz, the dog trapped in a Wichita creek
  143. Hero of French Resistance M. Aubrac, rescued from Gestapo by wife Lucie, dies at 97
  144. Severe weather April 13 & 14 2012 in Tornado Alley
  145. NYC - Armed with cheddar Pringles and gummi bears, Snackman saves the day
  146. FL, Belle Glade Man Hog-Tied Dog, Sawed Off Its Leg
  147. Don't eat the salad-DOLE RECALL
  148. Suburban Detroit Student Diagnosed With TB
  149. CO - Carjacked tyke knocks on woman's door at 2 a.m.
  150. Convicted Defendants Left Uninformed of Forensic Flaws Found by Justice Dept
  151. GA - 6 yr old handcuffed at elementary school for tantrum
  152. Unarmed 19 Year Old Killed by Police - Family Sues for $120 Million
  153. What local cops learn, and carriers earn, from cellphone records
  154. £10,000 for a drop of Gandhi's blood found on soil & grass at assassination site
  155. Always remember: 17 years ago today, in OKC, 168 died in the Murrah Building bombing
  156. Oldest Canadian Dies At 113
  157. Unearthed: the fat monk, the silver crozier, and the skeleton (and ghost?) of Furness
  158. Small town called F...king (rhymes with trucking) Austria wants to change it's name.
  159. Hundreds of thousands may lose Internet in July
  160. Girl born with no hands wins national penmanship award
  161. Cruise line regrets failure to help stranded Panama fishermen
  162. IL - DCFS can't keep up with day care duties
  163. Fairy cake pandemonium: edible v. non-toxic cupcake glitter sparks row at bake-off
  164. New homeowners threatened with guns and arrested
  165. Websleuths Radio Tonight April 22nd 8 PM EST
  166. Earthquake SoCal
  167. North Korea issues unusually specific threat 4/23/12
  168. OK Teacher and students hit by paintballs
  169. LI mom fired after donating kidney to her boss: suit
  170. To all the brave men and women who defend our country...
  171. Dull, Scotland - meet Boring, Oregon: a match for all mopes of ennui
  172. No Arrests In Matthew Owens Beating, Tensions High
  173. 120 years on: Lizzie Borden home hits the market - $650,000 buys true crime history
  174. Teens getting drunk on Hand Sanitizer
  175. Lawyer concerned by inmate's shaking at execution
  176. Heroin-overdose antidote now distributed free to addicts, others across the nation
  177. Boy Scouts oust lesbian den mother in Ohio, reigniting group's gay ban debate
  178. CA - Honors class boots copycat; parents sue district despite signed pledge
  179. The day the U.S. dropped the A-Bomb - on Mars Bluff, South Carolina
  180. Tent collapses in St. Louis -- 100 people injured, 1 killed
  181. Three dead, one missing in yacht race mishap off California/Mexico coast
  182. Seven Killed as Van Falls Into Bronx Zoo
  183. Los Angeles Riot 20 Years Later
  184. Man Finds Himself on Missing Children's Site - Which raises some questions
  185. FL - LE: drunk granddad towed HotWheels car w/grandchild inside down road at 10 mph
  186. 15-month-old fatally SHOT by 3-yr-old brother
  187. Mom, son die in accidents hours apart in Wisconsin
  188. 'Supermoon' Alert: Biggest Full Moon of 2012 Occurs This Week
  189. Beijing silver medalist Alexander Dale Oen, 26, dies: heart attack at AZ swim camp
  190. OSS agent who led WWII rescue of 500 dies in NY
  191. Caught On Camera: Food Stamp Fraud
  192. Edvard Munch's THE SCREAM sells at auction for record $119,922,500
  193. IN - Remains of woman dead four years found in casket in former funeral home
  194. Miami-based "666" cult tabs world's end on June 30: unbelievers destroyed, etc. etc.
  195. OK - Man found tethered inside Edmond home
  196. The world's oldest blood: it's Oetzi the Iceman's
  197. PA - Teacher who raped, murdered his student in infamous '66 crime hangs self in jail
  198. Hang Gliding Pilot Swallows Memory Card After Fatal Hang Gliding Accident
  199. Researchers say they have new clue to Lost Colony
  200. Mom holding baby hit and killed by bus, baby survives
  201. Wife saw army medic husband die in Afghanistan while chatting on SKYPE
  202. Tainted dog food sickens 14 people in US
  203. College student forgotten in DEA cell for four days without food, water, toilet
  204. Eta Aquarid Meteor Showers May 5-6
  205. CA - Family feud reveals luxuries at largest Christian TV network
  206. Mom Accused of Taking Nude Photos of Daughter
  207. Wow, this guy is a hero!
  208. IRS forms show charity's money isn't going to disabled vets
  209. Sacred White Buffalo murdered
  210. Lapeer, MI - schools on lockdown, prison break
  211. Study finds psychopaths have distinct brain structure
  212. May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month
  213. Prez comes out in favor of same-sex marriage
  214. Two children drink gasoline, now cocaine found in system
  215. Did Time Magazine's Breastfeeding Cover Cross The Line?
  216. Facebook Co-Founder Saverin Gives Up U.S. Citizenship Before IPO
  217. Scared Sick: mystery illness strikes 30+ students at Tulsa jail "career day" visit
  218. White buffalo bull being donated to Texas ranch
  219. Report: Suspect billings at 2,600 drugstores
  220. Legendary Booker T & the MGs bass player Donald 'Duck' Dunn dead at 70
  221. Samuel Tso, Navajo Code Talker Walks On
  222. Degrees of debt: Soaring college costs hobble a generation
  223. Mothers of sex offenders sharing the label
  224. Police dog finds missing Vaughan child
  225. It's the time of the season: Rattlesnake bites man in WalMart garden center
  226. Dating back 37,000 years, oldest cave art discovered at Abri Castanet: yep, it's porn
  227. Maine man who cared for NE's tallest elm (and called the tree "Herbie") dies at 103
  228. Federal Workers's 2011 Salary Data Exposed Online
  229. Phoenix charter school forfeits championship game rather than face female opponent
  230. Wrong Man Executed
  231. Can You Call a 9-yo a Psychopath?
  232. Historic Battleship Becoming Naval Museum in SoCal
  233. NY seeks to deny murderers spousal burial rights
  234. Previously unknown language discovered in ruins of 2800 yr old Middle Eastern palace
  235. Femmes fatales: Man dies after getting lap dances at El Paso strip club
  236. School Makes Boy Take American Flag Off Bike
  237. Slave Graves, Somewhere, Complicate a Walmart’s Path
  238. UK - Mystery of fire pit mum: strange case of Fazakerley, Liverpool, remains
  239. FAA investigates mystery object which nearly caused mid-air collision over Denver
  240. Mary Kennedy 52 found dead Estranged from Robert F Kennedy
  241. MO - Softball squad ostracized for bisexual pastor; 3 church teams won't play them
  242. IA - Small town horror as married couple commit double suicide in cemetery
  243. Teacher removed after bizarre rant about Jesus, UFOs, impending Apocalypse, much more
  244. VAWA Passes House Sans Tribal Court Provisions
  245. 1400+ coffins from 19th c. paupers' graveyard discovered beneath medical center lot
  246. NY - Hardware store's Lady Godiva traipses naked through its aisles
  247. "Order of curly fries and an Ultimate Angus - hold the slice of human finger though"
  248. Why (and How) to Turn Off Socialcam on Facebook
  249. 3-day old baby killed by family dog
  250. Fake Wichita robbery may be "Urban Skittles" game