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  1. Sex Offender Awarded Custody of 3 Year Old
  2. Interpol & abuse: political targets, activists, dealt Red Notices
  3. Thank you Myra Kraft
  4. Fed hits Wells Fargo with $85 million fine
  5. Leopard Attacks Villagers
  6. Realist painter Lucian Freud dead at 88
  7. 10 ways to keep cool at home without A/C
  8. CNN Presents: LI serial killer & school bullying culture war
  9. Gould, Arkansas - Taking Away Freedoms
  10. Canton, Ohio police officer loses it on concealed carry permit holder
  11. 6-year-old found dead in backyard microwave
  12. New Target Found for Nitric Oxide's Attack On Salmonella Bacteria
  13. 5 Used Cars to Avoid (and 5 Better Alternatives)
  14. Confessions Of... A Lifeguard
  15. 4 teens badly hurt in attack by brown bears
  16. Flier distributor at Casey Anthony trial gets 292 days in jail, $500 fine
  17. UT - U.S. Olympic Skier Peterson Takes Own life
  18. Pa. girl, 11, hit by lightning on sunny afternoon
  19. MO grandmother shot in face with ARROW while inside eating breakfast
  20. Tropical Storm Don To Hit Texas Friday or Friday Night
  21. Inmates file lawsuit over prison menu
  22. Drunken, hoe-wielding PA man forced wife into basement for 3 days, police say
  23. "Hacksaw in the taco" case goes to jury
  24. Jeopardy Host Alex Trebek injured chasing Burglar
  25. New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmism
  26. Former MLB pitcher Hideki Irabu found dead in an apparent suicide
  27. KC man wins fight for right to walk on public sidewalk
  28. Gabrielle Giffords!!!
  29. Tropical Storm Emily 08.2011
  30. 13-year-old girl Kira Goddard dies a hero as she saves friends from out-of-control SU
  31. 08-01-2011 Livestock "killer" caught in Miami......
  32. Fight to Keep Children Away From Killer Is Lost
  33. Atlanta Child, 5, Dies From Local Anesthesia
  34. UK Tracie Andrews freed after "life" sentence for killing fiancee
  35. Possible new method for recovering old fingerprints
  36. Rupert Murdoch wants to spy on your children!
  37. Minneapolis Bridge Memorial Vandalized - Can You Help?
  38. HA! HA! Crime Sting Nails Deadbeat Parents!
  39. 30 U.S. troops die in Afghanistan
  40. Mentally Ill Inmate Starves to Death in Utah Jail
  41. Thank goodness for our lax gun laws.....
  42. Mysterious notebook fuels Ohio drilling feud
  43. Perseid Meteor Shower: Best Times to Spot 'Shooting Stars' This Week
  44. U.S. poised to relax testing mandates, if schools are making progress
  45. Music teacher caught in act on school grounds
  46. Nursing Home Workers Sentenced For Making Patients Slippery
  47. IN - Indianapolis State Fair Stage Collapse-4 Dead
  48. National Beef recalls 60,424 lbs ground beef for e.coli
  49. Did Butch Cassidy survive?
  50. Oldest survivor of Bataan Death March dies at 105
  51. MIT Researchers Say New Drug Found May Cure Any Viral Infection
  52. Starbucks CEO to DC: You've Been Cut Off
  53. Boy Jumping on Bed Falls Through Window, Dies
  54. Amoeba blamed for swimming death in Florida
  55. Shark kills man on honeymoon
  56. UK - Workers baked alive in bread factory horror
  57. Meteorites Possible From Midwest US Fireball
  58. Disastrous stage collapse kills 3 at Belgium festival
  59. NJ Bridal Salon Refuses to Sell Gown to Lesbian Bride
  60. Researchers identify cause of ALS disease
  61. Hurricane Irene barrels toward Puerto Rico, Possibly U.S.
  62. Canada-NDP Leader Jack Layton has passed away
  63. NY senators ask Libya to imprison Lockerbie bomber
  64. Earthquake in VA 5.8
  65. IL State targets more health workers convicted of sex crimes or violence
  66. Strong earthquake shakes Peru!
  67. NY - First Responders NOT welcome at Ground Zero???
  68. Children's Book Causes Stir
  69. Matt VanDyke freed in Libya.
  70. Conference aims to normalize pedophilia
  71. ĎSex Box for Swiss KINDERGARTNERS
  72. 4 dead in Pa. and Va., suspect still at large
  73. This is justice- British style
  74. Luxury, horror lurk in Gadhafi family compound
  75. Judge frees Sexually Violent Predator on constitutional grounds
  76. Vancouver Hockey Riot Website
  77. Kids lose "bad mother" lawsuit.
  78. Texas and Oklahoma Fires - Summer of 2011
  79. Feds to sue JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and other major banks
  80. Television Host's Baby, Babysitter Die on Long Island
  81. Rain-packed Tropical Storm Lee forms off Louisiana
  82. When Stars Explode: Donít miss the chance to see a supernova this weekend
  83. Crema Aguamary beauty product-mercury poisoning
  84. FYI ... A critical review of the BRACE Character Profile
  85. Child bitten by rabid bat in WalMart pizza aisle
  86. Hurricane Katia
  87. Wine Collection Tops $7.6 Million
  88. Giant crocodile captured alive in Philippines
  89. CO - College co-ed loses both legs "train hopping"
  90. OR~Children report being photographed by man in SUV/woman at the wheel
  91. Man Found Dead in Bathtub with KARK Meteorologist Brett Cummins
  92. American fugitive arrested in Toronto
  93. 43 Dead In Russian Plane Crash
  94. A casino, pot, cops, and a swim to a Missouri River sandbar
  95. SE - Boozy moose freed after apple tree ordeal
  96. Crane falls at Washington National Cathedral
  97. NASAís Cassini orbiter snaps unbelievable picture of Saturn
  98. OH - 4-yr-old served vodka & schnapps slushy at Outback
  99. GA - One dead at McDonald's, nine hospitalized - toxic fumes?
  100. CN - "Win a baby!" station's contest sparks controversy
  101. Major Power Outage AZ & CA
  102. U.S. officials verify specific and credible - but unconfirmed - 9/11 threat
  103. East Coast flooding: Tropical Storm Lee
  104. Threat of New Terrorist Attacks
  105. NC - Ammunition Missing from Ft Bragg
  106. Toddlers smoking in Indonesia
  107. 9.11.11-Earthquake Magnitude 4.4 - WESTERN TEXAS
  108. IL - Boy, 14, found dead amidst disease-ridden menagerie
  109. Baby starves to death on soy milk and apple juice
  110. WalMart sued in prune juice explosion
  111. 2 American Hostages to be Freed from Iran!
  112. Bystanders Help Lift Car Off Trapped Motorcyclist
  113. Most influential British artist of 20th c., founder of Pop Art, dies at 89
  114. Earthquakes Hit Japan, Cuba, California: Cause for Concern?
  115. Boy From the Woods
  116. Death Sentence Upheld for mom who killed daughter
  117. Plane crashes into stands-Reno
  118. Are they the wrong person for you?
  119. Kara Kennedy, Eleanor Mondale lose battles with cancer
  120. Terror in a small town: The Devil in Pew Number Seven
  121. Beatles's loo roll set to sell for £1,000 per sheet
  122. Top 10 Things You Never Want to Hear at Work
  123. Top 10 Things You Should Never Say at Work
  124. Boy with ADHD and Aspergers age 10, dies after hanging tragedy.
  125. White supremacist member headed to TX death chamber
  126. Satellite freefall from space in Sept. 2011
  127. Angel Food Ministries Shutting down
  128. Why do Facebook users hate change?
  129. Particles found to break speed of light
  130. Natalee Holloway's Mom: Daughter Not Dead
  131. "Help me mummy, it's hot in hell": 'Grief trolling' and the end of human civility
  132. NC - Swat Teams Execute Man's Farm Animals
  133. Your basic "caveman-human sex" tale o' the weekend
  134. BBC to drop BC, AD; it's BCE, CE now
  135. September 25 National Day of Remembrance to Honor Murder Victims
  136. Plans For Sex Offender Village In Lake County
  137. FBI probing reports of beatings in L.A. County jails
  138. Three parents drown trying to rescue their children from Quebec river
  139. Laurel Indiana Dead: Police Say Some Were Shot
  140. AZ-Huachuca City bans sex offenders from public facilities
  141. South Florida ICE official arrested on child porn charges
  142. Abducted U.K. girl found in Montreal after 3-year hunt
  143. MI - One dead after 'sex and drugs' party at pastor's house
  144. TX - Constable links shemale porn messages to political rivalry
  145. FL - Sex offender who was released into the woods has cut his monitor and fled
  146. amazing
  147. OC and San Diego - Red Tides
  148. Plane crashes into Ferris wheel; all aboard each survive
  149. Philippines officials Photoshop themselves into typhoon cleanup photo
  150. Scientist wins Nobel for medicine days after death
  151. Ophelia a dangerous Category 3 hurricane
  152. Rare flu-like virus on the rise: US
  153. Startup company succeeds at hiring autistic adults
  154. Hairy, crazy ants invade from Texas to Miss.
  155. Louisville jury to decide case of baby decapitated during birth
  156. Four rare Sumatran tigers born at OKC zoo
  157. CA - She cooked & ate hubby: parole now for Omaima Aree Nelson?
  158. R.I.P. Steve Jobs - Apple founder dead at 56
  159. Guitar hero Bert Jansch, legendary influence on many, dead at 67
  160. Suspect accidentally posts self-portait on victim's Facebook page
  161. AccuWeather.com Winter 2011-2012 Forecast: Another Brutal One
  162. Al Davis Passes Away at Age 82
  163. Topeka Kansas Considers Decriminalizing Domestic Violence
  164. Donella Meadows
  165. Would you recognize the early signs of Alzheimer's?
  166. Family Lost in Corn Maze Calls 911
  167. TX Tuberculosis Including UNT Student
  168. 10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss
  169. Video of attack on woman prompts police to investigate
  170. Father Outraged Over Body Suspension Artists in Backyard
  171. 4-year-old Boy Drives Mom's Car, Crashes
  172. The plastic surgery a model needs to look like Barbie
  173. OK - Man takes on almost 800-pound wild hog
  174. Tropical Storm Possible in Gulf This Week
  175. Auto Racing Wheldon dies in huge crash at Vegas race
  176. 'Sybil': "I have essentially been lying"
  177. 2-year-old female child ran over by car (twice!!), 18 passersby ignore her.
  178. A Warrior walks over
  179. America's child death shame
  180. OH-Exotic animal farm owner found dead-48 wild animals escape
  181. Bagged Salads Recall
  182. Moammar Gadhafi is dead, according to reports on Arab media.
  183. Dad Furious After Teen Daughterís Sex Tape Goes Viral
  184. Woman fights off gunman
  185. Apocolypse 2.0 is today? (Yeah right)
  186. German satellite expected to hit Earth on weekend
  187. LA-Henry James, Jr. Exonerated After 30 Yrs in Angola State Penitentiary
  188. Another tragedy rocks motorsport after Simoncelli is killed in MotoGP crash
  189. GPS shoes for Alzheimer's patients to hit US
  190. Rustling costs ranchers millions in poor economy
  191. Up to 20 million tons of debris from Japanís tsunami moving toward Hawaii, U.S.
  192. 12 Top Reasons to Stop Smoking Now New Evidence May Be the Most Convincing Yet
  193. Elizabeth and Delight: Drake's ships found; hunt on for his lead coffin
  194. MO - Girl, 3, finds gun, shoots self and dies
  195. A jury trial... over dog poop
  196. Quilters still stitching for women veterans job training center
  197. Giant Lego Man Washes Up on Florida Beach
  198. TN Prep coach resigns after profane rant
  199. U.S. Army sergeant serving 14th deployment killed in Kandahar Province
  200. CBS: Andy Rooney Hospitalized in Serious Condition
  201. Bernie Madoff and Wife Ruth Attempted Suicide
  202. NC - Nine E. coli cases confirmed; Eight of those ill attended State Fair
  203. Everything you ever wanted to ask an airline gate agent
  204. The Runaway boy
  205. Prince Charles claims Vlad the Impaler as ancestor
  206. Mail Order Diseases- a new Facebook Trend!
  207. Celebrity activist protests pipeline at Pine Ridge
  208. CA - $10 million for girl's amputations after ER delay
  209. Greenville, SC- search on for gunman who shot at LE
  210. Prostitution Ad Helps Mom Find Missing 16-Year-Old
  211. David Hopp's ,Missing criminal's remains found
  212. 13 American Soldiers killed in Afghanistan
  213. KS - Three dead, three missing in Atchison grain elevator explosion
  214. Rick Hendrick and wife in plane crash
  215. Poverty's fatal wages: San Antonio man, seeking warmth, killed by trash compactor
  216. Southern Ontario, Canada-Stolen Flatbed truck leads police on 5 hr chase
  217. Spartanburg, SC Sheriff to women...ARM YOURSELVES...
  218. Sale of memorabilia from murder cases is growing business
  219. Have you seen these missing children? We have.
  220. Girl, 3, eats leftovers for 2 days after mom dies
  221. Daylight Saving Time Ends This Weekend
  222. UK - At LEAST 7 dead and 51 injured in horrific M5 crash
  223. Juvenile rape appeal causes uproar in Turkey
  224. OK - 5.6 earthquake shakes Oklahoma Saturday night: strongest in history of state
  225. Native American group slams Kardashian mom comment
  226. N.C. eugenics survivors prove elusive
  227. Parents Warned About Mail Order Chicken Pox Lollipops
  228. Donít Panic: New emergency alert system to be test driven Wednesday
  229. Giving the American Way This Holiday Season
  230. He stopped to change her tire ó then she helped save his life
  231. WA-Mom rescues tot from washing machine
  232. drunk gummies warning in FL
  233. School paying kids for grades??
  234. Parents fight state against cancer treatments
  235. UK Army veteran and his wife die in tragic 'suicide pact' ...
  236. Lights go out, people flee storm ravaging Alaska coast
  237. 'Dead' Baby Wakes Up in Casket During Funeral
  238. Kids playing with cell phones overloading 911 call centers
  239. Sexual abuse: a torrent of tweets, and then a suicide
  240. Pa. man, 64, hurt in drive-by pumpkin attack
  241. Armistice Day: 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month
  242. Egypt closes Great Pyramid after rumors of 11.11.11 rituals
  243. Thanksgiving as Day to Shop Meets Rejection
  244. Japanese cosmetic trend for 'sexy' child-like look fuels demand for CROOKED teeth
  245. The Queen's hidden cousins: born into an era when mental disability was a sin
  246. Batteries: Which AAs rate an A?
  247. High School Football Coach hands out offensive survey
  248. UK - Boy, 3, swept to death while walking by sea wall
  249. Was Jane Austen poisoned by arsenic - and if so, was she murdered?
  250. Two Dolphins Possibly Killed by Techno Music in Switzerland