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  1. Mexican 'Ape Woman' Buried After 150 Years
  2. The Isleworth Mona Lisa: Leonardo's prequel, or a later copy of La Gioconda?
  3. LASD clique that named themselves 'Jump Out Boys' could be fired
  4. Criminal pasts don't disqualify members of Arpaio posse
  5. Soldier being buried 62 years after he disappeared
  6. Police blotter in third-most-expensive zip code not neccesarily filled with terror
  7. NYC plans to stop many marijuana arraignments
  8. Bishop, Hoyt, Homolka: do killers in the making go undetected because they are women?
  9. Meteor shower over Russia sees meteorites hit Earth
  10. School Ad Excludes Whites From Tutoring Program
  11. Even moderate drinking may substantially raise risk of dying from cancer: study
  12. TruTv Cutting Coverage
  13. Woman says hospital stole baby
  14. KS - Brothers celebrating $75,000 lottery ticket win purchase meth, blow house up
  15. CA - Apparent altar containing bones, human skull, found in a Pasadena back yard
  16. Toronto Baby Declared Dead....shows vital signs 90 min later!
  17. Monty Python-esque "Killer Rabbits of Caerbannog" attack cars at Denver International
  18. Too Smart To Be A Cop?
  19. Bay Area Fireball: Bright Streak Of Light Reported Over Northern California (VIDEO)
  20. Students urged to finish GED; changes due in 2014
  21. UK - Leeds museum seeks help solving 'Earthly Paradise' Victorian lottery pictogram
  22. CO - 1500 unsolved cases
  23. OK - Teen posts picture of slain dog, then flees county after death threats
  24. Prison and the Poverty Trap
  25. 5 Top Regrets People Have At the End of Their Lives
  26. Huge explosion, fire near Country Club Plaza in K.C.; critical injuries reported
  27. Winter Storms Q, Rocky and other 2013 winter storms; How Much Snow/Ice Will You Get
  28. Ex-senator confesses to fathering child with daughter of GOP senate colleague
  29. VA - Justice for Jenny - Woman with Down syndrome forced to live in group home
  30. Four-year-old boy found alone in McDonald's, police seeking help finding parents
  31. Cardinal: Married Catholic priests a possibility
  32. MIT On Lockdown, Report Of Man With Rifle, Body Armor On Campus
  33. Some patients won't see nurses of different race
  34. Bartender Fired For Alerting Police To Drunken Patron Getting Behind Wheel
  35. Two children among four missing off coast of San Francisco
  36. Net providers begin warning of illegal downloads
  37. SJC Sonia Sotomayor takes Asst US Atty Sam Ponder to task
  38. CO-Manning Crime Labs with Civilians
  39. KS - Legal benchmark as court ruling upholds parental rights for same-sex partner
  40. Moms Say Geico Pig Commercial Promotes Bestiality
  41. Billionaire launches plans for Titanic replica
  42. Bruce Davis Parole before CAL Gov.
  43. Navy probes deaths of 2 divers at Md. Army site
  44. Resistance leader, camp survivor Stéphane Hessel dies at 95; inspired Occupy movement
  45. Westboro Baptist Church inspires $92,000 (& counting) donation to Trevor Project
  46. Sheriff Joe Arpaio says rising food costs, budget concerns will result in inmates pay
  47. Massachusetts Woman, Sues FedEx Over Botched Marijuana Delivery
  48. PA - Entire school district locked down because someone misheard a Fresh Prince lyric
  49. OK - McAlester woman, 50, accused of using 'shock cane' to assault man
  50. MD - 7yr old suspended for shaping his pastry like a gun
  51. Queen Elizabeth II hospitalized as "precautionary measure"
  52. 'Keep Calm and Hit Her' T-Shirt Outrage
  53. Scientists say baby born with HIV apparently cured
  54. UK - Pot-bellied, Batman-clad crime vigilante hand-delivers suspect to police station
  55. Stream of plane about to make a crash landing at an IL airport
  56. Ad agency stages fake murder on elevator, records alleged reactions, to promote film
  57. La Santa Muerte: from Mexico, underworld saint making cross-cultural inroads in U.S.
  58. Florida 16yo suspended for subduing another student holding a gun.
  59. Woman Dies After Nurse Refuses to do CPR
  60. Yale hosts workshop teaching sensitivity to bestiality
  61. FAA investigating report of drone spotted near NYC
  62. CO dem scolds rape survivor
  63. Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, has Died
  64. Comet making closest approach ever of Earth
  65. CDC Warns Of Spread Of Deadly Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
  66. PepsiCo to Remove BVO Brominated Vegetable Oil from Gatorade
  67. Don’t call him 'Adam': South Carolina man’s genes help date first man
  68. Schools shift from textbooks to tablets
  69. Female intern-volunteer killed by lion at private wild animal park in California
  70. Federal judge orders public library to unblock access to pagan, occult websites
  71. AU - Scores evacuated as police corner gunman in Brisbane's Queen Street Mall
  72. Bosnia - The Women who made rape a War Crime
  73. Adhd, Autism, and mental illness share common dna
  74. Daylight Saving Time Starts This Weekend
  75. Ex-skater accuses Gabel of rape when she was 15
  76. Man buys $300K bungalow, finds $30 million worth of art inside
  77. UK - Minding the gap: widow missed her husband's voice, and now it will be restored
  78. OH - Two survive single-vehicle crash that killed six teens near PA state line
  79. Yesterday, Asteroid 2013 EC 20; today, EN 20; by Thursday - well, we don't yet know
  80. Wildlife experts: Ivory trade threatens elephants
  81. Uncle says he tried to save 7 from Ky. house fire
  82. Living by the Code
  83. Jail was on his bucket list, so Ohio retiree skipped the traffic fine & did his time
  84. NM police dept. scrutinized over adversary's death
  85. Carnival Dream: Generator Problems
  86. Manhattan lawyer jumps from 8 story window with baby in her arms.
  87. Reuters editor Matthew Keys accused of aiding group Anonymous' hack of Trib Co. site
  88. UK - Lord who killed driver while texting blames Jewish conspiracy for conviction
  89. Medieval London graves thought to be from 14thc. may be key to mystery of Black Death
  90. Medieval knight's "mysterious" remains found buried beneath parking lot in Edinburgh
  91. Texas Prisons Install Cellphone-Blocking Equipmen
  92. FL: Small Plane Crash in Ft. Lauderdale
  93. New billboards aimed at capturing domestic violence suspects
  94. Epidemiologists seek answers to rabies mystery after Md. man’s death
  95. Mental Illness Over-Diagnosed?
  96. 2 dead, 24 hospitalized in Pennsylvania bus crash
  97. Hundreds of dinosaur egg fossils found
  98. Swiss tourist gang-raped in India
  99. Obsessed fan who shot Cubs star, inspired book & film 'The Natural,' dead at 83
  100. CA - Riot at Kern Valley State Prison
  101. Small jet plane slams into Indiana houses
  102. 2013 Dodge Challenger V6 recalled for fire risk, owners asked not to drive
  103. Wildfire burns outside Great Smoky Mountains
  104. Auction house: We found Titanic violin
  105. TX - Dallas man dismembered corpse to be released from Wichita Falls mental hospital
  106. Six Marines die in explosion at Army munitions depot in Nevada desert
  107. New Age Policy For Disney Parks
  108. IN - IUPUI (Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis) on Lockdown
  109. CVS employees must reveal body weight or pay higher premiums
  110. Picked up for 3 bucks, Chinese bowl goes for $2.2 million at auction
  111. Parent alert: How kids get into meds that poison them
  112. Now we are 10: Minnesota couple adopts six siblings in one fell swoop!
  113. US still making payments to relatives of Civil War veterans, analysis finds
  114. Chicago to shutter dozens of schools
  115. FAU Student Claims He Was Suspended For Refusing To Step On Jesus
  116. Veteran considers legal action after service dog denied from store
  117. Human trafficking investigation underway at Tampa spa
  118. Omaha- Family Claims Cops use Excessive Force
  119. Ohio prosecutors 'indict' Punxsutawney Phil over early spring forecast, seek death pe
  120. NASA: Flash in East Coast sky likely a meteor
  121. Oklahoma State wins Black Hole Award for handling of alleged campus sexual assaults
  122. UK - Former Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky found dead at his home - Mar 23 2013
  123. Florida lawmakers propose three kinds of high school diplomas
  124. PA - Man dies in apartment fire day he was to be evicted
  125. William T Carneal WW II GI Remains found on Mariana Islands
  126. Calif. city gets free Wi-Fi via high tech meters
  127. Dude, where's my cat? CAT-NAV technology helps you keep tabs on tabbies via Google
  128. Kan. military school received 339 abuse complaints
  129. Work under way to digitize 1500s Fla. records
  130. CO - Couple involved in topless-gardening fight questioned about threat to president
  131. HIV test urged for 7,000 Oklahoma dental patients
  132. Kansas Family Raided in Failed Drug Bust
  133. Texas sex offenders in sight of rare policy win
  134. 3 killed in 75-vehicle pileup at Virginia-NC line
  135. Kansas governor signs bill eliminating statute of limitations on rape cases
  136. UK - Fears over 70 pupils missing without trace
  137. IL - Trash chute claims second victim in year in Chicago Gold Coast high rise
  138. UK - Cursed Roman ring that may have inspired JRR Tolkien's Hobbit books displayed
  139. Child found wandering at Orlando apartment complex
  140. MFRD: Carnival Truimph Breaks Loose; 1 Person Missing
  141. 3 month Baby found dead in home in MO - April 3 2013
  142. Sex Trafficking: High Tech's Humanitarian Revolt Against the Johns
  143. India - Man kills 9 females aged 2-60+ in axe attack
  144. GA Explosion at plant bartow county
  145. Georgia Teens Fed up with segregated proms
  146. Giant tarantula discovered in Sri Lanka
  147. Bus with 24 children over turns in Illinois
  148. UK - Filmmaker who chose week of homeless life apparently froze to death in Newcastle
  149. Infant twins found in NJ home with dead mother
  150. Rutgers Coach Mike Rice Fired For Abusing of Players
  151. Brian Banks, Wrongly Imprisoned for Rape, Exonerated; Signs With Atlanta Falcons
  152. Decorah Eagles 2013 season
  153. FL- Death (Sentence) Sped Up
  154. CA - Altadena superhero Paco the Crimefighting Chihuahua is missing
  155. Justice Department considering whether to appeal ruling on morning-after pill
  156. Mood tense as anniversary of Lucasville seige - longest U.S. prison riot - approaches
  157. IL - Newborn found dead in bathroom of Calumet City Popeye's
  158. NC Cousins, 6 and 7 under dirt collapse, recovery effort underway
  159. Did Redditor admit to murder via Confession Bear macro meme?
  160. Kayaker helps save family after crash into river
  161. Exec threatens to pull Fox signal if Aereo goes on
  162. Boy, 4, Accidentally Kills Tenn. Deputy's Wife
  163. When Guard Dogs Go Wrong: bad Buddy lured into life of crime with tasty pudding
  164. 6-year-old boy dies after NJ accidental shooting
  165. Train uses emergency brakes to avoid dog tied to tracks
  166. Entire Roman streets and a lost river uncovered in City of London archaeological dig
  167. GA - BREAKING Gunman holds five firefighers hostage in Suwanee, Gwinnett County
  168. The University of Texas at Austin has received an anonymous, non-specific bomb threat
  169. Charter bus overturns west of Dallas; rescues in progress
  170. Hymnal that dates to 1640 could fetch $30M
  171. Update: N.C. A&T buildings evacuated; police search for possible armed man on campus
  172. Amber alert: Texas
  173. Teens turn lens on 'shocking' poverty
  174. Belarus man dies from injuries incurred in furious beaver attack
  175. Clara Harris,the dentist that ran over cheating husband, denied parole
  176. San Francisco's iconic cable cars cost city millions in legal settlements
  177. TX Thirteen fall ill at Fort Worth store, buy buy BABY
  178. Two Adults and Three Teens die in Orofino Idaho House Fire
  179. Northern Ireland ∙ Dig to end at 1400-year-old Drumclay Crannog as G8 link road paved
  180. Accusations of sex, arson, bullying, adultery: life & hard times in NYC garden club
  181. 2 bombs go off during Bostom Marathon
  182. NY - ’B*tch Don’t Steal My Dress’: Online Wars Erupt Over Prom Dresses
  183. one-way ticket to Mars
  184. Moderate Risk of Severe Weather Today in OK, TX, MO and KS
  185. Internet: its 10 best English words, or, neologisms for our time
  186. TX - Fertilizer plant explodes in West, Texas
  187. Chicago - Sinkhole swallows 3 cars
  188. Investigating suspicious package at motel Aiken SC
  189. Earth isn't so special after all?
  190. Adolphus Busch IV Resigns From NRA After Gun Control Defeat In Senate
  191. BREAKING NEWS: Magnitude 7.0 earthquake strikes off northern Japan, tsunami warning
  192. VA - Plane crash in Williamsburg
  193. Voice-to-text just as dangerous to drivers as texting: study
  194. Dow takes brief but steep fall after false AP tweet
  195. James Tracy on Boston Bombing: The Government Planned It
  196. OK- Tulsa Man found dead, 1 year old hospitalized
  197. TX-House makes false alarms at universities a felony
  198. NY - Seven-foot-tall head found floating in Hudson
  199. TX - Naked 25-year-old arrested after doggy door entry at strangers' home
  200. SC - 'Pimp Stick Quezzy' pleads guilty to prostitution rap
  201. Part of 9/11 plane's landing gear found in nyc
  202. David Lee Kemp,OK fugitive from law for 14 years, turns himself in
  203. Good Media Mention of Websleuths in Mother Jones
  204. Kermie: the dog who defied odds and lived long enough to see her sailor one last time
  205. Oregon Police Officer Jason Servo Fired For Drunk Driving Sues, Claiming Alcoholism A
  206. NBA hoopster Jason Collins: "I'm gay"; first out athlete in major U.S. team sport
  207. Couple claim their sick five-month-old boy was taken away by police simply because...
  208. NH - Game investigated after man loses life savings at carnival Tubs of Fun ball-toss
  209. GA - "Do not drink" order for hundreds in Murray County, FBI investigating
  210. UK - Manhunt in Manchester as balaclava-clad gang frees two from Salford prison van
  211. American woman credited with saving 3 in Everest standoff with Sherpas at 23,000 ft.
  212. Archaeologists Uncover Hundreds of Mysterious Orbs in Ancient Temple
  213. Evidence of cannibalism found at James Fort, earliest part of Jamestown colony
  214. U.S. Army veteran 'is found living in Vietnam village 44 YEARS after being shot down
  215. Toddler found abandoned in Toronto
  216. TX: Houston, Man fires shots, then shoots himself at Bush Intercontinental Airport
  217. UK - Dead body found in chimney of law firm in Derby
  218. Some California Pizza Kitchen, DiGiorno pizzas recalled
  219. Thousands flee Calif. wildfires; naval base threatened
  220. NH - Slippery eel-smuggling suspect caught, cops say
  221. Canine cosmonauts: the amazing survival of Soviet space dogs Comet and Shutka
  222. Orb owners bask in first Derby win
  223. Patrol: 5 die in limousine fire on Calif. bridge
  224. 'Red Flags': Army takes note as vet rapper Soldier Hard's lyrics tackle suicide
  225. Led Zeppelin just said no to Bill Clinton's plea
  226. Alleged Auschwitz guard, #4 on Wiesenthal Center Nazi list, detained by German police
  227. Three women, missing for a decade, found alive
  228. FBI Foils Attempted MN Terror Attack
  229. Amanda Berry- Gina deJesus- Michelle Knight
  230. MI school shut down - can't make payroll
  231. RU - 'Ghost plane' mystery as crash found 11 months later, only 5 miles from airport
  232. Genoa Tower destroyed by ship
  233. AZ - Man found hanging in climbing gear 70 feet down cliff had been stung by bees
  234. Deadly Snails Invading Houston; Carry Meningitis
  235. "Possibly pornographic" 1852 book sought; OED asks for public's help in the matter
  236. 3 Escaped inmates from Lansing KS. 10, May 2013
  237. UK - The city beneath the sea: 3D scans reveal the 'drowned' medieval town of Dunwich
  238. UK - Scotland - "Baffling" stabbing leaves mother dead, daughter critically wounded
  239. High School Student Teaches His History Teacher a Lesson
  240. MA - Residents puzzled as mystery aircraft flies above Quincy from dusk till dawn
  241. UT-9-Year-Old Boy Found Riding Bike On I-215,no missing child report!
  242. One by one, homes in Calif. subdivision sinking
  243. Recalled to life: Years later, cop reunites with suicidal man he saved on Golden Gate
  244. Global carbon dioxide in atmosphere passes milestone level
  245. Eco-Friendly Burials
  246. 1st space video
  247. Traveler from Saudi Arabia arrested at Detroit Metro with pressure cooker
  248. Ice Tsunami
  249. NM - Santa Fe author's body discovered; she may have been dead for more than a year
  250. LA. Football player dies after spinal injury