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  1. La. town evacuates; police relocate explosives
  2. Scientists Discover Children’s Cells Living in Mothers’ Brains
  3. Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder leads to suicide of woman, age 39
  4. MO - Kansas City police officer delivers baby girl on bench outside Walmart
  5. Among the dead: Ella the deer befriends abandoned dog at historic Elmwood Cemetery
  6. Massive manhunt for Newton men wanted on child molestation charges
  7. Horror of Meth: Before & After Photos
  8. 7.3-magnitude earthquake hits northeast of Japan
  9. UK - Nurse duped by prankster regarding royal, found dead.
  10. Pearl Harbor vets honored on 71st anniversary of attack
  11. Apple CEO Tim Cook announces plans to manufacture Mac computers in USA
  12. Officials: Boy, 7, shot to death at Pa. gun store
  13. Barn Cat Buddies finds homes for 'unadoptable' feral felines
  14. Bike, large truck deaths soar, bucking trend
  15. UK - Milo the cat tabbed as perp as spate of key thefts in Stoke Newington solved
  16. Denver woman's father, born in 1847, fought for the Union in the Civil War
  17. Right-To-Work Bill Passes in Michigan
  18. NTSB: Require ignition locks for all drunk drivers
  19. Hero doctor who helped nail Bin Laden tortured in Pakistani prison
  20. Dental chain accused of hurting kids, bilking taxpayers
  21. UK - 'Cultural violence' claim as 1500-yr-old obelisk to be moved for housing estate
  22. Severed hand, foot discovered at N. Shreveport plant
  23. Say Bye Bye to Blasting Commercials
  24. UK - Death dances 'Gangnam Style'
  25. Sandy victim's class ring, gone 35 years, washes ashore in Bahamas after superstorm
  26. Attention all space lovers
  27. Susan Rice Withdraws her name for Secretary
  28. Year's Best Meteor Shower Tonight
  29. CA Judge Derek Johnson's breach of judicial ethics
  30. 6.3 earthquake strikes off California coast
  31. Hilary faints- suffers concussion
  32. Major Snow Storm:Denver to Green Bay Snowstorm in the Works
  33. HI - Senator Daniel Inouye dead at 88
  34. Richard Engel (NBCNews) is Missing in Syria
  35. Teacher sole heir of $7.4M gold coin fortune
  36. F.T.C. Broadens Rules for Online Privacy of Children
  37. EG - King Ramesses III's throat slit; conspirators sought among royal harem
  38. Officials: 31 suspended in Army day care scandal
  39. China's airing of 'V for Vendetta' stuns viewers
  40. 'Habitable' planet discovered circling Tau Ceti star
  41. Amber Alert SC
  42. Michigan School Closings - "End of World" Rumors and "Potential Threats"
  43. Paragould, Arkansas: Martial Law-style Response to Crime?
  44. State Supreme Court Rules ‘Irresistible’ Employees Can Be Fired
  45. Mo. students lose 756 pounds at SC boarding school
  46. Mother pens book with daughter's, grandson's killer
  47. TX - Former President Bush Still Hospitalized
  48. AUS 14yr old Boy dies in 118F heat on hike with father
  49. Mike Scaccia, lead guitarist of Ministry, Rigor Mortis, dies after onstage collapse
  50. Christmas Day Tornadoes: Southeast Texas to Florida
  51. AL - Christmas Day tornado hits five areas in Mobile
  52. AK - Lost blind dog survives blizzard, -40F temps, reunited with family for Christmas
  53. AU - Man mis-ID'd as runaway patient held, drugged at Perth mental hospital
  54. Biggest Stories of 2012
  55. FL-Stroke of luck prevented another horror
  56. Retailers to recall 150,000-plus baby recliners
  57. Italian priest angers people with his comments about domestic violence
  58. Retired General Norman Schwarzkopf, of Operation Desert Storm fame, dead at 78
  59. 13 Secrets Your Movie Theater Employee Won't Tell You
  60. Ohio Student Wins Stalking Order Against Extreme Helicopter Parents
  61. "£1 Fish" - One Pound Fish Man Muhammad Shahid Nazir's 7,000,000+ YouTube views
  62. Jean Harris, who killed Scarsdale Diet Doctor Herman Tarnower in 1980, dead at 89
  63. Chinese Adults Required to Visit Parents By Law
  64. Ison - comet of the century
  65. Could Belgium Bring Down Scientology?
  66. Potential heir to $300 million Clark copper fortune found dead, homeless
  67. OR - At least five dead and 20 injured in tour bus crash on icy stretch of I-84
  68. Boaters missing on Lake Jesup, Geneva FL
  69. Notorious paedophile Dennis Ferguson found dead
  70. Hillary Clinton Hospitalized
  71. Kansas demands that sperm donor pay child support
  72. Saved by the ...............Hen?
  73. Pastor's wife, 65, buys pistol from gun shop, shoots herself dead in parking lot
  74. New year, new meteor shower peaks this week
  75. Good Gourd! It's Louis IVI of France!
  76. Panera Cares Community Cafe in Boston-Pay what you can afford
  77. MontCo school suspends 6-year-old for pretend gunshot
  78. Denni North's Suspicious Death in Bali
  79. Icelandic girl fights for right to her own name
  80. [Third] Body Pulled From Deerfield Lake After SUV Crash
  81. Baseball-size Martian rock recovered in the Sahara
  82. Police Kicked Out Of Belleville Denny’s For Being Armed
  83. Women's history pioneer Gerda Lerner dies at 92
  84. Indian Child Welfare Scandal Unfolds in South Dakota
  85. Leukemia patient seeks identity of matched donor through facebook
  86. 7.5-magnitude earthquake strikes off coast of Alaska; small tsunami observed
  87. The Role of Forgiveness in Criminal Justice: on the murder of Ann Margaret Grosmaire
  88. Top 10 Newspaper Corrections & Apologies of 2012
  89. Inmates Sue Beer, Wine Cos. for $1B
  90. Shropshire teen allegedly shoots self in Texas using her cousin's handgun
  91. UK - Iconic Falklands hero of Goose Green the ex-Para Stephen Hood commits suicide
  92. H.J.Res.15 - Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repea
  93. At least 100 missing in Australia fires: 120,000 hectares scorched
  94. Blind baby rhino rescued after he is seen bumping into trees and rocks in the wild
  95. Lost Missouri boy found in freezing woods with dogs Baxter & Bella keeping him warm
  96. Giant squid filmed in Pacific depths
  97. Crews search for two teenage boys in frozen N.J. lake
  98. Britain's oldest man, 109: "I smoked till I was 70 and still enjoy a drink!"
  99. Determined family brings killer to justice
  100. Judge halts horse roundup amid abuse allegations
  101. CDC: Binge drinking is serious problem for girls, women
  102. What Measures the Best Teacher?
  103. Commuter ferry carrying 300 people crashes into Manhattan dock injuring at least 17
  104. Man dies in zorbing accident
  105. Flu Prompts Boston to Declare Public Health Emergency
  106. Mother of serial killer Ted Bundy dies in Wash.
  107. USS Indianapolis Survivor Dies
  108. NYC crane collapses at construction site; 7 hurt
  109. Deputies: Grandmother killed by dog while babysitting
  110. Texas court asks: Is man's best friend priceless?
  111. UK - Petrol bombs, fireworks greet police in Day 39 of Belfast union flag protests
  112. BR - Jorge Selarón found dead on Rio mosaic staircase he spent 20 years creating
  113. 6-year-old started fire that killed 4 siblings
  114. U.S. tells computer users to disable Java software
  115. Report: Lance Armstrong to admit doping in Oprah interview
  116. Red Wolf Den CAM live
  117. Pay De Limon, or "Lemon Pie" lives at a Dog Sanctuary in Mexico
  118. Possible HIV exposure at Buffalo VA hospital
  119. MO - Father, two sons, 10 and 8, die on Ozark hiking trail in Reynolds County
  120. Mob Underboss: Hoffa Is Buried In Shallow Grave
  121. OK - Mom's book chronicles autistic son's upbringing, suicide, & whimsical hauntings
  122. Cybersleuths Uncover 5-Year Spy Operation Targeting Governments, Others
  123. WY- Casper police investigating web threats, schools under lockdown
  124. UPDATE for JAVA
  125. 20 years on, Katie Beers says kidnapping saved her
  126. Houston HCSO lauches new website for the missing
  127. FL- Satanists to rally for Gov Rick Scott
  128. FL - Photo-op? Gov. Rick Scott gave back adopted rescue dog Reagan after win in '10
  129. Dallas tears down ex-home of JFK assassin Oswald
  130. Did Google run over a donkey in Botswana?
  131. Mass. principal suspended 2 days for violent video
  132. Up to 29% horse DNA found in beefburgers in UK and Ireland supermarket chains
  133. Audubon Nature Institute and San Diego Zoo announce Alliance for Sustainable Wildlife
  134. Another malfunction for Boeing 787 Dreamliner; ANA flight w/137 aboard lands safely
  135. BC - Hoarder freed after becoming pinned under mounds of junk inside his dark home
  136. Vegas woman who couldn't stop growing dies at 34
  137. MI - Man allegedly outed as informant during criminal trial
  138. Three-legged Oscar's dog roll heist wins hearts of New Zealanders
  139. As Nurse Lay Dying, Offering Herself as Instruction in Caring
  140. Was Notre Dame football star Manti Te'o's inspiring dying girlfriend story a hoax?
  141. Helicopter crashes in middle of London, killing at least two people
  142. Stacie Halas, California Teacher Fired For Porn Star Past, Loses Appeal
  143. Ark. woman dies after 911 call not put in system
  144. 20K ER Visits Linked to Energy Drinks
  145. AP IMPACT: Deficient levees found across America
  146. Earliest evidence of shamanic rituals in Central America nearly 5000 years ago found
  147. You can now follow every single U.S. senator on Twitter
  148. Subway Responds to "Footlong Scandal"
  149. Calalini and the Seven Rats: a man's story of life with a schizophrenic daughter
  150. Hinky Meter Alert: Florida man killed after dog steps on gas pedal
  151. Three accidental gun show shootings injure 5 in OH, IN, NC on Saturday
  152. The Hague Convention – Japan says it will sign child abduction treaty
  153. Today Is Blue Monday, the Most Depressing Day of the Year (allegedly)
  154. Multiple vehicle pile-ups in Ohio
  155. SWAT standoff Colorado City Tx
  156. Bankrupt zoo only has food for 2 more days
  157. Georgia College Professor, Research Team Receives Patent for HIV Treatment
  158. OH Teacher- duct taped students' mouths; put pic on FB
  159. What a Terrible way to Die, So close to Home
  160. UK - East Sussex plagued by spate of 'Henry' hoover thefts: vacuum "borrowings"
  161. US govt scientists say retire most research chimps
  162. Coast Guardsman reappears after missing 3 months
  163. Alabama man dies when crossbow discharges in his car
  164. Bill to honor 4 girls killed 1963 Birmingham bombing with Congress. Gold Medal
  165. GA - Moody AFB in lock-down after perceived threat, possible active shooter situation
  166. Panetta removes military ban on women in combat
  167. Gov't: Food allergies may be disability under law
  168. NZ to eradicate pet cats? Purr-ish the thought!
  169. Washington Redskins duped by Catfish
  170. 15 Year old cuffed by Police afetr neighbor saw him jump fence with a pellet gun.
  171. 21 Things You Should Never Buy at Garage Sales
  172. PA - Woman who held up dollar store using "gun finger" pleads guilty to felony count
  173. Ohio ex-teacher sues, says she fears young kids
  174. Linda Pugach, blinded in infamous NYC crime, dies
  175. Plane Carrying 3 Canadians Missing in Antarctica
  176. Las Vegas Police to target Human Trafficking
  177. NY - Dad forgets day care stop, leaves one-year-old in car for 8 hrs in 15°F temps
  178. NJ - Hizzoner to the brrr-rescue: Newark's Mayor Booker helps new mom Cha Cha the dog
  179. OSU releases victims name, redacts identity of man involved.
  180. Weird Spinning Star Defies Explanation
  181. Up to 80 vehicles in 'winter blast' crash on Canada's Highway 401, 80km E of Toronto
  182. WTC workers scrawl graffiti of defiance, hope
  183. Vomiting Virus
  184. TX - Seven-year-old boy buried in sand by his brother dies in Bexar County
  185. Australia - Brisbane's big wet
  186. Brazil Nightclub Fire Kills At Least 90 People
  187. Secret Service Dog Falls Off Roof And Dies
  188. Desaparecido: 20 people missing with vallenato band Kombo Kolombia, from Nuevo León
  189. Chicago's deadliest day ever 7 killed 6 wounded
  190. Schools must provide sports for disabled, US says
  191. Aging America: Elder abuse, use of shelters rising
  192. Students at Pa. school must ask for toilet paper
  193. NL - Queen Beatrix to abdicate in favor of her son, Crown Prince Willem-Alexander
  194. Male body found / Identified NJ forest
  195. Study: "Dirty bathtub" buried oil from BP spill
  196. CA - Utility pole gnomes will stay, power company says, delighting Oakland residents
  197. Soldier looks forward to driving with new arms
  198. Humble nickel from 1913 likely to fetch millions
  199. Teens using mobiles for self-harming competitions
  200. She's not a man
  201. First tornado death of 2013 ends record 220-day streak without a tornado death
  202. 'Plastic micro beads' to be removed from soap
  203. Basketball dad calls for school shooting after altercation at son’s game
  204. Study: New E15 gas can ruin auto engines
  205. Massive Crash on I-75 in Detroit
  206. Pocket Dial Leads to Arrest; Nominee for Dumb Criminal or Lame Excuse?
  207. Triaminic, Theraflu Recalled After Children Poisoned
  208. 10 years after the Columbia disaster: doomed crew not told of disaster awaiting them
  209. Convicted Indiana murderer serving 60-year-sentence mistakenly released in Chicago
  210. 14 dead, at least 100 hurt in Mexico oil co. blast
  211. Four strong earthquakes signal angry ‘Ring of Fire’
  212. Mysterious purple spheres found in Arizona desert defy explanation
  213. UK - 'Model tenant' lay dead in his flat for two years until cleaners found remains
  214. UK - Trapped under mountain of clutter, compulsive hoarder, 85, freed after 30 hours
  215. Bus hits overpass in Boston, injuring passengers
  216. Prince George’s County Board of Education to copyright work
  217. Man wielding knives tasered by police at Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace
  218. California preschool closes amid reports of sexual activity among 5-yr-old children
  219. Synonymous with kidnapping & torture, haunting '80s Texas Slave Ranch legacy survives
  220. Fire completely destroys Crestline Elementary School in Vancouver
  221. CBS scrambles with power outage in Super Dome
  222. Some want doctor fired because of Facebook post
  223. OK - Shots Fired: Coweta Public Schools On Lockdown
  224. CMS Issues Sunshine Rule
  225. Death toll expected to rise in California tour bus crash
  226. Second grade teacher sends class photos to prisoner
  227. 'Wild Thing' Troggs singer Reg Presley dead at 71; influenced garage rock and punk
  228. 'Spirit Week' high school game of tug-of-war results in multiple severed fingers
  229. Irish government oversaw Magdalene Laundries which exploited "fallen women"
  230. Tragic week on snowmobiles forces reexamination
  231. 8.0-magnitude earthquake in the Solomons sparks tsunami warning in South Pacific
  232. Where evil lurks: Neurologist discovers 'dark patch' inside the brains of killers and
  233. Her knee shredded, Lindsey Vonn done for season
  234. Your cute pics of a poached Balaeniceps rex chick and an orphaned baby pygmy elephant
  235. Ohio man recovers stolen 300-year-old family Bible
  236. Fairfax Co. (Va.) employees get mental health first aid training
  237. 62-yr-old albatross, tracked by USGS since 1956, gives birth to another healthy chick
  238. Asteroid to pass very close to Earth 2/15
  239. B.C. escort agency used Facebook to do recruiting, says teenaged girl
  240. And the walls came down: the O'Bannon lawsuit could break the game-face of the NCAA
  241. Captain Kirk to contact space
  242. Winter Storm Nemo: Nor'easter Looms
  243. Man’s body unidentified for two years as his family hoped for his return
  244. Three People Become Legal Parents of Girl
  245. F'fax County Schools Won't Ban Book with Bestiality
  246. FL - Authorities rescue two "stranded and disoriented" python hunters in Everglades
  247. Police do reports in school lots in safety measure
  248. 'Star Trek' headband help banish migraines?
  249. Small-molecule drug drives cancer cells to suicide
  250. Another Public Official (in MI) Behaving Badly