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  1. Melting Swiss glaciers yield up their secrets: 3 brothers missing for 86 years found
  2. Great White Shark: Cape Cod Beach Reopens After Sighting
  3. Hug triggers officer's gun, kills woman at party for Mon. BD
  4. Tailed by Luftwaffe, Western civilization in the balance, Churchill flies cooly home
  5. Conn. family selling Lou Gehrig's home run ball
  6. 1965 "Spooky 21" crew ID
  7. Freak huge thunderclap frightens, astonishes players, fans during Twins-Rangers tilt
  8. R.A. Dickey: from abused childhood to All-Star Game, with years of doubt in between
  9. Celtic treasure hoard found on Jersey dates back to 50 B.C., Julius Caesar's invasion
  10. NC - Ex-energy boss could get $44 million 'golden parachute' for 20 minutes of work
  11. Dubbed "Vodka Mom" in scathing Nancy Grace segment, MN woman burns self to death
  12. MD - Priest who denied communion to lesbian at her mom's funeral leaves after outrage
  13. N.Y. Parents of Teen Lost at Sea Blame Hawaii Tour Group
  14. Parents defend putting children to work on farms
  15. Discovery of baseball cards in Ohio attic soon set to fetch millions
  16. Two 'Frankenstein' bog mummies, made from remains of six people, found in Scotland
  17. UK - Twin brother & sister born: one in England, one in Scotland
  18. Scranton, Pa., slashes workers' pay to minimum wage
  19. Justice Dept., FBI to review use of forensic evidence in thousands of cases
  20. Pot of gold worth £300,000, buried in 1265, found in doomed Crusader fortress
  21. TV's most memorable moments: 9/11 tops the list
  22. UK - "Ideal beach chalet" - former mortuary; possibly haunted - invites attention
  23. Pass the fat, please, but hold the calcium!
  24. Young WA man commits suicide over unbearable blushing
  25. Woman kept boyfriend's body for 18 mo. 'so she had someone to watch NASCAR with'
  26. U.S. declares drought-stricken states largest natural disaster area ever
  27. Two Florida Teens Attacked by Alligators in Less Than a Week
  28. Ireland: Dog Seized & Kept From Family, Has Been Put Down
  29. UK - MoD releases 6700 pages of UFO reports: a summer highlight for all ufologists
  30. More Than Half Of American Women Are Breadwinners, Study Finds
  31. Town designates easy parking spots for women
  32. Diabetes and cosmetics: A connection?
  33. Autistic man survives 3-week ordeal in Utah desert
  34. Needles found in sandwiches, Delta says; FBI to investigate
  35. R.I.P. Donald J. Sobol, Encyclopedia Brown Author, 1924-2012
  36. MTA worker saves autistic child from window
  37. Stay away from the lizard!
  38. Lack of exercise kills roughly as many as smoking, study says
  39. 600-year-old linen bras found in Austrian castle
  40. Swarming invasive insect found in US for 1st time
  41. MakeĖA-Wish rules let dad block daughterís dream vacation
  42. YOUR 2012 London Summer Olympics omnibus thread: let the Games begin
  43. Pentagon okays service members marching in uniform at gay pride parade for first time
  44. Dead at 88, German hero Gad Beck escaped Nazi regime in spite of being a Jew, and gay
  45. Native Americans to celebrate white bison in Connecticut
  46. Former hospital worker accused of transmitting hepatitis C
  47. RU - Putin foes the feminist punk band Pussy Riot jailed for six months after protest
  48. CA - 21 treated for burns as Tony Robbins' 2,000-degree hot coals firewalk goes awry
  49. Fires on the Rosebud reservation forced the evacuation of 50 homes
  50. Irish swimmer attempting Dover-Calais channel crossing dies with one kilometer to go
  51. After officer-involved shooting, cops fire bean bags, sic dog on crowd
  52. TX - 10 dead, 12 injured in Goliad County crash: 22 people in a Ford F-250 pickup
  53. Sally Ride, the first woman to fly in space-RIP
  54. 3.7 quake strikes near Marina del Rey and felt in downtown L.A.
  55. Greenland's massive ice sheet melting Freak event not seen since 1889
  56. OK - Third death at facility in 9 months sparks drug rehab center investigation
  57. MI - 4-year-old found on Redford Twp. bench returned to family
  58. North Korea reveals leader Kim Jong Un is married: Ri Sol Ju's the lucky bride
  59. Concussions, high school football, and the death of Austin Trenum, 17
  60. IT - Archaeologists may have discovered tomb and skeleton of da Vinci's Mona Lisa
  61. CPSC to sue makers of Magnetic Toys
  62. First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs, MS cancels minority wedding
  63. Md authorities thwart mass shooting
  64. CHIC fil a spokesman found dead
  65. Drs. J. Paul Muizelaar and Rudolph J. Schrot create sepsis in terminal patients
  66. Amnesia victim in South Africa contacts her UK family via Facebook after 34 years
  67. NYC - Wayne (Stay High 149) Roberts, celebrated tagger & graffiti artist, dead at 61
  68. UK - The Licorice Fields at Pontefract (& a brief history of licorice in the kingdom)
  69. RI - Perhaps oldest operating general store in U.S. closes its doors after 224 years
  70. PE - Bodies of 2 U.S. climbers found on Palcaraju in Peru's Cordillera Blanca range
  71. No to benzocaine for Teething Babies
  72. Saturnís Moon Enceladus Holds Promise of Alien Life
  73. 12-year-old girl steers car to safety after grandfather dies
  74. Another NFL player commits suicide with a handgun
  75. Prominent climate-change denier now admits he was wrong
  76. UK - Police urgently seek 3-yr-old Ellie, who made untraceable 999 call about ill mum
  77. Summer in the City: OKC police arrest a naked man, and another wearing only underwear
  78. Bomb dogs get possible explosives hits on 3 vehicles at San Antonio Int'l Airport
  79. Flights of angels: writer Gore Vidal dead at 86.
  80. Anniversary of shooting- 2 LE killed in Rapid City, SD
  81. Belle the Chihuahua channels inner hound dog, finds 3 girls missing in Georgia woods
  82. Facebook admits 83 million profiles - 8.7% of its stated total - are fake
  83. Missing NY swimmer trying to disappear?
  84. 'Seven minutes of terror,' no margin for error: NASA's Curiosity Rover to Mars 08.06
  85. Tropical Storm Ernesto moves west in Caribbean; new storm forms in Atlantic
  86. Man Shot HIMSELF While Handcuffed?
  87. 05 August 2012: 50 years ago today, iconic American actress Marilyn Monroe died
  88. Philanthropist's death sparks unusual lawsuit
  89. NY-Girl, 6, found clinging to woman's dead body in lake
  90. LA-School policy forces students to take pregnancy test
  91. Interesting EQs near Los Angeles
  92. GE Dishwasher recall 8/9/12
  93. Hero boy, 4, dies after saving 3-year-old girl in pool
  94. 'Son of Sam' Killer: Aurora, Sikh Massacres 'Senseless'
  95. Perseid meteor shower to dazzle the night sky this weekend
  96. Earthquakes strike Iran
  97. ROMNEY: introduces Ryan as next president :)
  98. Missing NH vacationer is found 2 weeks later in NC
  99. Storied 101st Airborne marks 70th anniversary
  100. Dallas County allows aerial spraying for West Nile virus
  101. Brigadier Gen Tammy Smith breaks the glass ceiling
  102. Gunman on Bike Shoots 4 teens Brooklyn Park
  103. Huge Burmese Python Found In Florida With Record 87 Eggs
  104. Longtime Rep. Hamiltonís wife killed in Bloomington
  105. Mysterious Louisiana Sinkhole Raises Concerns of Explosions and Radiation
  106. AZ - U.S.'s longest-serving female inmate, 69, freed after 49 years
  107. Top young U.S. Scrabble player booted; caught cheating at national championship event
  108. Jeff Ashton unseats Lamar in State Attorney 9th Circuit race
  109. Belvin Perry defeats Daniel Perry in 9th Circuit judge race
  110. Egg Yolks as Bad As Smoking?
  111. Roman merchant vessel from the time of the Caesars discovered; amphorae still intact
  112. Anne Veseth, 20-year-old firefighter KIA
  113. Dozen houses on the Pine Ridge rez damaged by storm
  114. Attacked Ill. woman finishes 1,500-mile boat trip
  115. Julian Assange: Ecuador grants Wikileaks founder asylum
  116. Tragedy at Yosemite: 10-year-old boy drowns, 6-year-old missing in Merced River
  117. Nazi hunters Zvi Aharoni and Yaakov Meidad, aged 91 and 93, die a month apart
  118. 38 dead in July as U.S. Army experiences largest-recorded monthly suicide toll
  119. A Landmark Decision on Freedom of Speech in Russia is Expected Today
  120. Movie Theaters under bomb threat across the country
  121. New Family Of Spiders Discovered In Oregon
  122. Mom seeks heart transplant for autistic son
  123. 'Daddy': FBI files shed new light on Sylvia Plath's poetry, relationship with father
  124. Young 'history detectives' track 1900s serial killer
  125. Judge sides with teacher accused of using hot sauce to discipline autistic student
  126. AL - Man fights to keep wife buried in front yard
  127. Lawmaker skinny-dipped on Israel trip
  128. Woman who punched 70 year old Walmart greeter (allegedly) in the face going to trial
  129. Young mother loses battle with cancer
  130. Nurse who helped save victims of the Batman massacre drowne
  131. Former Police Officer..............
  132. Nike Unveils $315 Sneakers
  133. West Nile Outbreak Largest Ever in U.S.
  134. Man locks himself in airplane cockpit
  135. Tropical Storm Issac aims toward U.S.
  136. Woman destroys 19th century fresco
  137. CDPH Warns Not to Eat Certain Red Vinesģ Black Licorice Candy*
  138. Fatherís Age Is Linked to Risk of Autism and Schizophrenia
  139. BBC boss rejected Orwell statue idea because he thought proposal "far too left-wing"
  140. CA - Two charged after 113 dead kittens found, along with 51 cats in need of care
  141. MT - Snorting, charging cow runs amok, terrifying pedestrians, toppling bicyclist
  142. Scott "San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair)" McKenzie dead at 72
  143. TX - Worker who died after fall into S.A. brewery's smokestack "died a horrid death"
  144. Mysterious 100-year-old, "Do not open till 2012" parcel in Norway set to be unwrapped
  145. 2 killed, 6 hurt trying to help after LA crash
  146. Archaeologists to dig under car park for Greyfriars - and lost grave of Richard III
  147. IL - (this little guy is special!) Caring for Cara
  148. LA-Death of 6mth old in SUV ruled accidental
  149. Bride Drowns While Posing for Photos In Wedding Dress
  150. Mexico probe why federal cops fired at US gov car
  151. Apollo 11's Neil Armstrong, first man to walk on the moon, dead at 82
  152. Earthquake swarm in Cali and Arizona
  153. MI-Man crashes into cars on I-75, then shoots himself
  154. ISAAC - Information and Support for Gulf Coast Residents
  155. Hiker photographs bear just before fatal grizzly attack
  156. Airline Dress Codes?
  157. MT - Apparent Bigfoot hoaxer struck and killed on highway near Kalispell
  158. Shakopee Mdewakanton Chairman Stanley R. Crooks 1941~2012
  159. Human Organs Found In Fla. Storage Locker
  160. California bill on teachers accused of sex crimes fails
  161. Nearly 2,000 visitors may have been exposed to rare disease, Yosemite officials warn
  162. AU - Anorexic twins perish in Geelong housefire, dying together - as they predicted
  163. Raven Day ~ Raven Ashley Rud 1997-2012
  164. Texas mayor killed in apparent donkey attack
  165. 101-year-old driver hits crowd, officials say
  166. One of most dangerous cities in US plans to ditch police force
  167. If you live anywhere near Yellowstone you may want to move.
  168. "The man who volunteered for Auschwitz": Poles exhume mass grave for bones of hero
  169. Report: Mandatory evacuation called for 50K+ along Tangipahoa River: dam may break
  170. UK - "Rag Lady of Chiswick" now doubly homeless as workers raze her garden shelter
  171. 7.9-magnitude quake hits off coast of Philippines
  172. Unprecedented civil union unites Brazilian trio
  173. Pres. Obama orders VA to expand suicide prevention services!
  174. UK - 13 year old found - search is on for parents on Norfolk Broads
  175. Moms To Be Strut Their Stuff In Bikini Contest
  176. Obesity Might Lower Teens' Thinking Skills, Study Suggests
  177. LA- Reunion party for "whites only"
  178. Utah Mother Caught Potty Training Daughters At Restaurant Dining Table
  179. Tar Balls found on Louisiana beaches
  180. Boy with Down Syndrome denied first class
  181. CA-Elderly couple's home in ruins in foreclosure mistake
  182. UK - Life in a 'lunatic asylum': the novelist Patrick McGrath on a Broadmoor boyhood
  183. Link to live feed of United Tribes powwow for 9/8/2012
  184. Feds: Fla. warehouses disabled kids in nursing homes
  185. Lakota performer comes home after more than a century
  186. CA -Woman's body found during sheriff's search-rescue drill
  187. Marijuana patient uses pounds of marijuana for ounces of cancer "cure"
  188. australian footballer falls to death in las vegas
  189. UK - Sunday morning calm in plush London suburb shattered as a man falls from the sky
  190. AU - Plans for emu underpass vetoed as, doggone it, emus not bright enough to use it
  191. Is that a monkey in your pants or...
  192. Security incident at Langley AFB-dog detected explosives in car
  193. US Ambassador to Libya killed
  194. OK - Missing Tulsa woman found alive in deep freezer
  195. The quality of mercy: couple meet, forgive, embrace and assist their son's killers
  196. Two injured in California as tall ship fires live round
  197. The truth: the Hillsborough 1989 association football disaster revisited
  198. University of Texas (Austin)/NDSU orders evacuation of all buildings due to threats.
  199. AZ CPS discovers computer glitch hid files f/15 years
  200. TX - RADIOACTIVE DEVICE MISSING: 'Do not handle'
  201. Vancouver toddler may lose vision after laundry pod accident
  202. Professor breast feeds in class.
  203. Japan tooth patch could be end of decay
  204. LSU evacuated due to bomb threat
  205. Missing kindergartener prompts parent to question procedures
  206. NV - $7 Million In Gold Bars Found In Reclusive Manís Home
  207. Papyrus Refers to Jesus' Wife
  208. Refund fraud Cash credited to EBT Card
  209. Health roundup: Arsenic in rice raises concerns
  210. Antarctic Sea Ice Sets Another Record
  211. New search engine offers better access to Congress
  212. Can a person be a sign?
  213. GA Police Gun Down Family Dog in Home-- Call to Action
  214. Soldier gives birth on the front lines in Afghanistan
  215. Hostage situation in Pittsburgh
  216. Space Shuttle Lands In Los Angeles
  217. Tiger mauls US man who leapt into Bronx Zoo enclosure
  218. Carnival Let Drunk Man Fall Overboard, Falsely Called It Suicide, Lawsuit Claims
  219. Stuff like this just makes it a lot harder on real rape victims
  220. Google Maps Catches Teens With Gun At House Where Baby Found Dead
  221. OK - "Considered armed and dangerous": 3 prisoners escape ODC facility in Vinita
  222. Pediatricians warn families against trampolines
  223. AP Exclusive: Philadelphia man Nazi probe target
  224. "Jimmy Hoffa? Buried in Roseville under a driveway, 18700 block of Florida, maybe"
  225. Teen Fatally Slit Throat While Playing Pass Out As Seen On YouTube
  226. World's oldest message in a bottle found; 1914 drift bottle part of North Sea study
  227. "Separated by a common language"? Tabloid claims British English invading America
  228. Lost Oklahoma woman missing 5 days found alive in the Arkansas woods
  229. Finding of the new "Mommy Gene"
  230. Another Death Row Inmate Exonerated
  231. US agency warns of fake online pharmacies
  232. Mystery illness solved when family discovers new home was a meth lab
  233. NYC gym teacher claims 6-year-old student beat him up
  234. lawmen arrested 29-year-old Azeez Ahmed (also known as Azeez A. Alghaziani)
  235. MSU professor strips naked in classroon and runs down hall screaming
  236. Winter storms to get named! Greek and Roman names
  237. Houston business raided, accused of selling military hardware to Russia
  238. Many states fall short of federal sex offender law
  239. Peanut Butter Recall Expands
  240. Women in submerged car in RI had worked on yachts
  241. Officials Seek People Exposed to a Tainted Drug (that causes meningitis)
  242. ***New England Compounding Center Product Recall Information***Many Prescriptions
  243. Stonehenge: first complete 3D digital laser scan reveals kept secrets
  244. Stupid Human Tricks aka swim with a tiger or alligator
  245. Miami: Parking Garage Construction Collapse
  246. Texas school district, community at odds over student tracking badges
  247. Kelloggs recalls Frosted Mini-Wheats for possible metal fragments
  248. New Forensic Technique-Pulse Bombing
  249. Former Senator Arlen Specter Has Died
  250. Cardboard bicycle can change the world, says Israeli inventor