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  1. OK - Christian files lawsuit objecting to license plate displaying a Native American
  2. Warfarin 2 mg Tablets by Zydus RECALL
  3. UK ∙ The Earl of Shrewsbury is missing - along with 14 aristocratic acquaintances
  4. Pictures at an Institution: Early Photos from Broadmoor, Bedlam Feature Famous Faces
  5. Adam Carolla proposes ‘Denver Boot’ on genitalia of deadbeat father of 22 children
  6. Multiple injuries in explosion, fire at Louisiana chemical plant, official says
  7. OK - Naked Iowa escapee captured outside of KFC in McAlester
  8. UK ∙ Police in Cumbria use bus full of school children to block path of stolen car
  9. UK ∙ New body part discovered: 0.001 mm thick Dua's layer, located within the cornea
  10. UK ∙ Posed 87 years ago as "bride and groom," couple celebrate platinum anniversary
  11. Five died in drainage tunnel horror after TV meteorologist scare during OKC tornadoes
  12. TN- Mother, 3 children survive 250-foot plunge into ravine
  13. Trapped 2 days undersea in a shipwreck air bubble: tugboat cook survives to tell tale
  14. "Any way you look at it, Florida is the state of the weird"
  15. UK ∙ Colin the wallaby jumps fence, eludes police, misses mates, hops back home
  16. Former Mountie who killed wife still believes 'invisible man' was inside their home
  17. Fierce copyright battle rages over.......that famous ditty, "Happy Birthday to You"?
  18. CO - Steamboat Springs 'ear wax' explosion hospitalizes four
  19. LA - Second chemical plant explosion in Ascension Parish in two days kills 1, hurts 8
  20. Above the law: America's worst charities
  21. Nazi SS-led unit commander accused of atrocities reportedly living in Minnesota
  22. Cr of State - British government agrees to compensate victims of war crimes
  23. Bank Of America Lied to Homeowners
  24. Fire Near Downtown Indy Forces Evacuations
  25. OK - State tribal jurisdiction error voids death sentence of confessed triple-killer
  26. AK - Fairbanks man arrested for DUI on a motorized shopping cart
  27. UK ∙ Mad Frankie Fraser, still crazy after all these years
  28. Canadian couple who accidentally dug up skeleton face $5000 archaeology bill
  29. UK ∙ Recovered memory claims as woman says she killed man who raped her 37 years ago
  30. Cheerfulness may hold back female leaders
  31. Deep-voiced bosses bring in the big bucks, says study
  32. Putin Stole Super Bowl Ring from Patriots Owner?
  33. Boston woman pays $560,000 for two parking spots
  34. Tonight 8 PM EST/ Both Sides of the George Zimmerman Case
  35. Google hopes to wipe child porn from the web
  36. Bite-mark evidence: Challenges to its reliability in the news
  37. IE ∙ Erins go bragh-less (so to speak), horrifying locals with topless brawl in Doon
  38. State can't force voters to prove citizenship
  39. Cutting-edge facial reconstruction project points to future hope in identifying UIDs
  40. Robotic cat -Search and Rescue
  41. UK ∙ Stop, thief! Ipswich's felonious Theo the Cat even looks like a diamond geezer
  42. Domestic Violence Victim FIRED from Teaching!
  43. Pet food recall: Sweeping recall affects food for cats, dogs, and ferrets
  44. Documentary aims to 'break silence' on crash of TWA Flight 800
  45. MI - Message in a bottle, tossed in river from Tashmoo in 1915, found after 97 years
  46. UK ∙ Scotland - Fracas over TV chef's fish & chips shop praise wracks touristy Oban
  47. Mom: RI Theater Threw out Disabled Girl Over Noise
  48. RU - Thousands flee, 1500 firefighters deployed as explosions rock Volga bomb depot
  49. 8 hurt, some seriously, when car jumps curb in NYC
  50. Check your freezer: 22,737 lbs of beef recalled
  51. Minuteman Militia founder arrested
  52. Christian group apologizes to gay community
  53. KS ∙ Evident "Toynbee tile" mysteriously turns up in Topeka
  54. SF, CA: "Landlords from Hell" get prison time for treatment of tenants
  55. New drug may be best treatment for leukemia yet
  56. Supermoon Rises in Weekend Night Sky Sunday
  57. Remains found at late mobster's NY home believed to be human
  58. Fire in Colorado
  59. Bug exposes contacts of some on Facebook
  60. Nestle CEO: Water Is Not A Human Right, Should Be Privatized
  61. Too much weight may have caused fatal plane crash
  62. NHTSA Roadblocks Blood, Spit Wanted For Survey
  63. Indiana woman critical after tiger clamps her head in its mouth
  64. Enthusiasts mark 100th birthday of Lincoln Highway
  65. WA - Hanford, nation's most contaminated nuclear site, may be leaking
  66. IA - Craigslist ad for antique coffin with actual skeleton inside runs afoul of law
  67. OH - Stuntwoman wing walker and pilot die as biplane crashes in fireball at air show
  68. Gene mutation the curly-coated Selkirk Rex distinguished as a separate cat breed
  69. Journalist Michael Hastings-Death a tragic car accident or...?
  70. Humiliating Police Search Caught on Cam
  71. Nelson Mandela in Critical Condition
  72. Ancient Tennessee cave paintings show deep thinking by natives
  73. Hostess: Twinkies to return to shelves July 15!
  74. QLD, AUST: Moves to change laws to give parents access to dangerous sex offender info
  75. 7 years, 200+ SAR missions, 14 rescues: Britain's hero dog Mij, 10, nears retirement
  76. Red Panda Missing From National Zoo
  77. FL - 3-year-old boy dies after being left in sweltering car as family attend funeral
  78. Indiana woman shoots and kills a - wait; what? - a leopard prowling in her backyard
  79. Baby moose rests at Gander SPCA, rides in RCMP unit, books rooms in nature park
  80. Richard Matheson - he influenced Stephen King, wrote 16 Twilight Zones - dead at 87
  81. Mass Bee Grave Discovered in Oregon Parking Lot
  82. TX - Teen dies after impaling self on horn of bull sculpture while playing at 3 a.m.
  83. TN - Young black bear scales 10-foot fence, visits Knoxville Zoo after hours
  84. Scam Alert: Donations for Kyron Horman Search Effort...
  85. moose 'sex project' gets important land donation
  86. KY - Poisonous snakes + public swimming pool + Turtleman = public relations fiasco
  87. UK ∙ Bad beef, dodgy dumplings, mob-caused affright: a Victorian coroner's notebooks
  88. Saved from drowning by a one-armed stranger: family seeks woman who rescued 4-yr-old
  89. Prosecutors seek gag order against eighth-grader arrested over NRA shirt
  90. VA - Cold case cracked: scientists reveal identity of man shot dead in duel in 1624
  91. WA - Maggots may have saved life of woman allegedly mistreated by caregiver daughter
  92. NC - Kiddie Kollege Summer Camp has convicted child killer, another killer, on staff
  93. Rare jaguar roaming Arizona mountains
  94. OK - RSO child molestation parent granted sole custody of six-year-old daughter
  95. AU ∙ Pro Lego man mourns vandal loss of 100,000-brick Elvis the Helicopter in Cairns
  96. CO - Christo's controversial silvery fabric Over the River project gets first okay
  97. UK ∙ Wales - "In the name of the Lord, I'm not drunk!" tipsy wedding vicar laments
  98. PA - Woman escapes kidnapper after 3 weeks
  99. AZ - Yarnell Hill fire: 19 Firefighters killed
  100. Cirque Du Soleil Artist Dies After Fall In Vegas
  101. Cowtown Rodeo Horse Dies During Live Show
  102. SPIRIT AIRLINES jet dove 1,600 feet
  103. Teen Girls Critically Injured - Parasailing Rope Broke
  104. Lithium Button Battery Warning - Child hazard
  105. OK - 7-month wait for 5-year-old's autopsy results unacceptable, grieving family says
  106. Dennis Rodman thinks he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize
  107. CO -Fruita- Body Found outside of National Monument
  108. More passengers showing up at airports with guns
  109. PR - Santeria ritual? At least 40 bodies missing from Gurabo cemetery
  110. Amber Alert Denver 4 children
  111. Seconds after sodomy conviction, Missouri man swallows cyanide capsule in court, dies
  112. MA - Man allegedly attempts scam of Marathon fund, invents "double amputee aunt"
  113. EG - Bloodshed feared as military coup underway; Morsi reported under house arrest
  114. OK - Intruder? Bum-rush him, hogtie him & leave him in the yard for the cops to find
  115. UK ∙ Rule Britannia! Iron Maiden's Trooper Ale now available in bars of Parliament
  116. Minnesota State Fair? Ah! You'll be having the deep fried pickles & chocolate sauce?
  117. WI - After standing his ground 150 yrs ago, Alonzo Cushing awarded his Medal of Honor
  118. CA: Simi Valley, Fireworks mishap-several injured
  119. Multi-car wreck near Atlanta - 6 of 7 drivers DUI
  120. ME - Man crushed by antique firetruck after 70 shots fired near Bangor parade route
  121. John Paul II Cleared for Sainthood
  122. Man arrested for stolen truck and firearms, Molotov cocktails, was seen on UW campus
  123. Running a bit ruff: puppy trapped under car hood freed unhurt after five-mile ride
  124. MO - Return to gas chamber called for as death drugs remain in short supply
  125. Moorhead Police Easily Nab Fleeing Moped Rider
  126. Parents: Pharmacy handed out pill bottles with candy during parade
  127. Hikikomori: Why are so many Japanese men refusing to leave their rooms?
  128. 25 years ago today, the Piper Alpha oil platform exploded in the North Sea; 167 died
  129. 'Rape is rape' bill passes NY Assembly
  130. Canada ∙ Quebec town of Lac-Megantic evacuated as train carrying crude oil explodes
  131. Ft. Worth says goodbye to Beau Blue, a mixed-breed stray a neighborhood came to love
  132. CA - Boeing 777 from S. Korea Crashes at San Francisco SFO
  133. 130 Hoarded Calif. dogs await rescue groups
  134. Mother and Child Trapped by Brazilian Government in International Custody Case
  135. CA - New wooden roller coaster temporarily shut down due to loud, fearful screams
  136. Solar plane's NYC touch-down ends landmark two-month journey across USA
  137. Viva Scotland! Andy Murray's straight sets win ends 77-yr British Wimbledon drought
  138. Answer: Yes, according to the Vatican. Question: Is the Hulk Catholic?
  139. Fancy your own island? Bonnie Prince Charlie's hideout, Wiay, a bargain at £500,000
  140. 10 dead in Alaskan plane crash at Soldotna
  141. UK ∙ Twelve-foot-tall Mr. Darcy sculpture looms out of the Serpentine
  142. Police Drug Raids in Metro Detroit
  143. NYC - Man dies from electrocution after urinating on subway's third rail
  144. Woman mysteriously living in Cancun airport
  145. NY ∙ Eager - ghoulish? - doctors attempted to harvest living woman's organs
  146. AR - Godspeed, Lucky Black Dog - elusive Fayetteville stray: 92, animal control: 0
  147. After 39,000 years, mammoth still woolly
  148. OK - Inhalants-impaired mother passes out in parking lot with baby daughter in tow
  149. UK ∙ NI - Look out below! Bonfire tire stack collapses prior to Eleventh Night use
  150. Fury in Britain as European Human Rights judges rule all have right to seek parole
  151. PA: Man fondles toddler in Walmart Shopping Cart
  152. Dogs fall ill after hundreds of poisoned meatballs planted in San Francisco streets
  153. TN - Wife shoots husband dead 11 minutes after his domestic violence jail release
  154. Court says beating 7-month-old Boston terrier puppy to death with bat "not torture"
  155. CAN ∙ Mother whose son was killed by CN Rail train sued for $500,000 in damages
  156. Cutlery firm moving from China to Gates, creating 189 jobs
  157. Years after his death, the name of The Man With No Memory, Henry Molaison, revealed
  158. Giant Jellyfish
  159. Mississippi's vigilante "Pothole Robin Hood" repairing Jackson one divot at a time
  160. A Dozen Convicted Murderers Released From Prison
  161. archaeologists unearth 'vampire grave'
  162. At least ten dead, many injured, as Paris-Limoges train crashes at Bretigny-sur-Orge
  163. UK ∙ Mother and son dead after tor plunge in Dartmoor; body of boy, 2, found at home
  164. U.S. university student severely gored as Pamplona's Running of the Bulls continues
  165. Florida woman's pet boa constrictor gets stuck in car tail light
  166. UK ∙ Swearing parrot, found living rough in Scotland, shocks rescuers
  167. Stalin's 'night witch,' who flew 852 missions v. Nazis in wooden biplanes, dead at 91
  168. LA - WWII vet gets his bike stolen; story goes viral; he gets new bike on same day
  169. 54 days and 700 miles adrift, abandoned yacht makes shore
  170. Woof: Wearable Computers for Dogs Are Coming
  171. Mystery of FL man who awoke speaking Swedish, claims no memory of documented past
  172. Anna Benson previous Murder Suspect
  173. KS - Twin daughters to fight parole of women who killed their mother 30 years ago
  174. UK ∙ 'Wearside Jack' speaks: hoaxer derailed Yorkshire Ripper investigation in 1979
  175. Author of well-reviewed, small-selling detective novel sleuthed; it's.....JK Rowling!
  176. Stephane Gendron, Huntingdon, Quebec Mayor Who Kills Cats, Says Sorry
  177. PA - Boys chase kidnapping suspect, save girl
  178. Australia - Victims' families call for axing of the Adult Parole Board
  179. 10,000-year-old calendar said discovered in Scottish field, possibly world's oldest
  180. World's newest language discovered in the isolated Australian village of Lajamanu
  181. Kay Matheson, whose Stone of Scone Abbey theft in 1950 rallied Scotland, dead at 84
  182. OK - Lost: toddler found wandering overnight on north Tulsa street
  183. Zetas cartel boss, alleged behind thousands of slayings, captured near Nuevo Laredo
  184. Independence police recover stolen car with sleeping children inside
  185. Alleged drunk driver crashes into house of alleged drunk people; latter seek vengence
  186. OKC woman allegedly threatened neighbor for telling others she'd had sex with her cat
  187. Woman dies during English Channel charity swim
  188. Canadians starved Native children in the name of science
  189. Retweet dare allegedly results in fan running onto field at MLB All Star Game 07.16
  190. 19 children dead, dozens ill, after eating tainted school meal in India's Bihar state
  191. Mother Four Sons Struck Crossing Dangerous Highway
  192. Driving somewhere? There's a gov't record of that
  193. WA - Man found naked on road in pool of blood, penis severed, expected to survive
  194. Stubborn store owner, 96, refuses armed robber
  195. Trooper pursues speeding governor- gets fired
  196. Down's syndrome cells 'fixed'
  197. Joyful crowds celebrate Nelson Mandela's 95th birthday
  198. WA - Unusually high rate of anencephaly probed in Yakima, Benton, & Franklin counties
  199. City of Detroit Files for Bankruptcy
  200. Neglected & underweight at 2, Sovereign the Staffordshire shire now 6'10" and rising
  201. CDC Admits 98 Million Americans Received Polio Vaccine Contaminated With Cancer Viru
  202. FBI Errors Cast Doubt on 27 Death Penalty Convictions
  203. Riot on Nauru in wake of Rudd PNG asylum boat solution
  204. Reddit user Dolphins1925 stays on script, predicts 38 WWE ppv outcomes in a row
  205. Woman killed in ride at Six Flags TX
  206. China - Explosion at Beijing International Airport
  207. Journalist Helen Thomas Has Died
  208. PA "Crack Baby" Study Surprising, But Quite Clear
  209. George Zimmerman helps to rescue family....
  210. Remembering Diana today
  211. Train passengers rescue fellow commuter
  212. 47 rescued from Gulf rig after natural gas blowout
  213. Australia - System to find missing people 'like lottery'
  214. Anniversary hike ends in tragedy near scenic spot
  215. Train Accident in Spain; Many Casualties
  216. S.F. philanthropist found dead in Nevada
  217. Timothy Szad, Dangerous Sex Offender, Prompts Vermont Town To Issue Dire Warning
  218. Oklahoma man charged in drowning deaths of ducks
  219. UK ∙ Giant bright blue cock erected on fourth plinth in London's Trafalgar Square
  220. At Trial, ex-NY Gov Pataki Says Sex Offender Trailed Family
  221. ME - Rescued after becoming lost, two hikers later drive to ocean deaths
  222. CA - Master hacker Barnaby Jack, 35, found dead in San Francisco
  223. Scottish isle from which Orwell warned of dystopia erased from map by technology
  224. CA - Eloped couple born on same day die a day apart, after 75 years of marriage
  225. Boat Crashes Into Barge, Bride-To-Be & Best Man Missing,
  226. Soldier returns from Afghanistan to learn his beloved dog is gone
  227. PA - Buddy Holly lookalike sought for alleged Lowe's thefts
  228. 3 dead after bus carrying teens returning from camp crashes in Indianapolis
  229. AA Pilot Arrested for Child Porn
  230. IT ∙ 37 reported dead and many injured as bus plunges down steep slope near Avellino
  231. FL - The man whose ashes keep washing ashore
  232. 50th anniversary of crime of the century The Great Train Robbery nears
  233. Pray for 12-year-old Kali Hardig, Rare Brain-Eating Amoeba
  234. massive explosion rock Florida propane plant
  235. Unarmed Man Shot by Deputies Inside His Own Car Outside His Own Home
  236. 2 Cars Crash Into Daycare
  237. Bradley Manning guilty on 5 counts of espionage, not guilty of aiding, abetting enemy
  238. VA - Rapper charged in double-homicide after allegedly bragging about murders in song
  239. TX-George Zimmerman Pulled Over For Speeding
  240. Baby boy born today on the platform of Metro station at D.C.'s....L'Enfant Plaza
  241. Gun Permits Surge in Newtown, CT
  242. NY - Internet search history results in LE visit
  243. IL - Palatine man crushed to death looking for lost phone in trash compactor
  244. First functional structure made entirely of chocolate on its way
  245. Bear steals dumpster from Colorado Springs restaurant; yes, there's a great video
  246. NY-Woman on first date dies in balcony fall 17th Floor
  247. UK • Scotland ∙ Police investigate mystery deaths at five-star Edinburgh hotel
  248. Officer Shot, Killed Unarmed Homeless Man
  249. AP Interview: USPS eyes alcohol deliveries
  250. State Department issues worldwide travel alert because of al-Qaida threat