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  1. Jury: Concert promoter not negligent in Jackson death
  2. AUSTRALIA: Qld police preparing for raid of Bandidos headquarters, West End
  3. Migrant ship catches fire and sinks off the coast of Italy
  4. Canine Circovirus Suspected in Michigan
  5. Diving into the Past: Sub to Search for Missing Man
  6. NH - Wendy Lawrence, 45, shot four times after traffic stop
  7. Family says SUV driver in biker clash was 'placed in grave danger' by mob
  8. BREAKING Capitol police: US Capitol in lockdown, reports of gunshots, injured officer
  9. A car and 4 bodies found on rural Alabama road
  10. Car Found in 27-Year-Old Missing Person Case
  11. WA - No sign of 2 hikers missing in SW Washington
  12. Enterprise rental car brands to hire 11,000
  13. Tropical Storm Karen in GOM
  14. Man sets himself on fire at National Mall
  15. More Roman skulls, artefacts, uncovered in river beneath London streets
  16. KU recruit suffers stroke following 63-yard TD run, dies following high school game
  17. OK ∙ Bond - Bond the dog Bond - honored for rescue work in Moore tornado aftermath
  18. Forensic expert: Jack the Ripper never existed
  19. How does this happen?
  20. 9 year old flies from MN to Las Vegas with NO ticket
  21. Grandfather given wrong child at school, takes her to dr. appointment, doesn't notice
  22. Amber alert website goes offline amid government shutdown
  23. Archaeologists uncover a scene of horror at 'Swedish Pompeii'
  24. FBI searches in Texas, Michigan remain a mystery
  25. Partially Solved: Missing Doctor Who episodes found
  26. Gunshots reported at Princeton University's campus
  27. "There's no escaping bizarre causes of death in Florida," says the Sun-Sentinel
  28. AU ∙ 'Braveheart'-influenced woman chasing neighbors with sword receives probation
  29. NY - Banksy photographed? Equipment failure may offer clue to artist "Robin Banks"
  30. Law shields churches, leaves pensions unprotected for health care workers
  31. People on stuck roller coaster in Orlando, FL
  32. USDA warns CA poultry producer linked to outbreak
  33. Canadian Alice Munro, master of the short story, wins Nobel literature prize
  34. Lonely planet PSO J318.5-22 found drifting, apparently without goals, ambitions
  35. Astronaut Scott Carpenter Has Died
  36. TB Probe Widens in Vegas After Mom, Baby Deaths
  37. Ohio Judge Tells Man He's Still Legally Dead
  38. AUS ∙ Gin Gin home invasion by kangaroo a concern, Sgt. Bub says
  39. The White House's 221st birthday is Sunday
  40. CO - Dad killed on cross-country walk to honor bullied son who committed suicide
  41. Pa. chief's hearing halted when gun falls on floor
  42. OK LE: Mom let 10-yr-old get tattoo from unlicensed artist who used ink, human ashes
  43. 31 in Fla. infected/10 die by bacteria in salt water
  44. Terrible Tantrums caused by rare DNA disorder
  45. SPC Gives Halloween Tips For Your Pet's Safety
  46. Roswell witness speaks.
  47. Boy Wonder
  48. UK ∙ Wales - Optical illusion "crazy paving" fells 20+ shoppers in Pontypridd
  49. EBT Card Glitch leads to theft, small riots and fraud
  50. 6-year-old Boy Drowns on Carnival Ship
  51. Police: Four dry ice bombs found at LAX
  52. TX - Cleveland, TX elementary school removing coloring from curriculum
  53. Majority of U.S. fast-food workers need public assistance -- study
  54. 60-year-old leads police on chase after haircut argument
  55. School ref's to criminal chg's re cafeteria sex act
  56. Drivers’ Defense: Too Drunk to Be Guilty
  57. Mennonite couple files counter-lawsuit in response to same sex wedding lawsuit
  58. Judge Perry: Mistakenly-released killers 'had some help' in forging paperwork
  59. Boy's Adoption Plea
  60. Former Speaker Tom Foley Has Died
  61. Florida Representative Bill Young Dies
  62. Mother of notorious death row killer Scott Peterson dies from cancer
  63. U.S. Soccer Star and Fellow Rochestarian Abby Wambach Gets Married.
  64. I’m No Hero. But, Wait—There’s a Camera!
  65. "Holy Surveillance" - church claims right to spy on people with tree-mounted cameras
  66. Bum Phillips, Bud Adams Have Died
  67. Cop buys shoplifting Mom's groceries
  68. Pastor of mega church says wife has gone away for 1 year...
  69. Leopard Costume Pulled From WalMart Shelves
  70. 'Offensive' Halloween costumes banned
  71. Mozilla's Lightbeam tool will expose who is looking over your shoulder on the web
  72. Terrible tally: 500 children dead from gunshots every year ..
  73. Tiny 'crazy ants' are a giant nuisance for U.S. Gulf Coast
  74. UK - Missing teenager's body "probably found in back garden"
  75. 'We've reached the end of antibiotics'
  76. Ufologist gets to the bottom of alien probe
  77. Attack donkeys march South!
  78. Consumer Reports pulls recommendation for Toyota Camry
  79. How to chase off Somali pirates
  80. 'Boobies' bracelet fight could go to Supreme Court
  81. USS Zumwalt: Navy's stealthiest destroyer has new look
  82. Crown to Allow Camera's in Appeals Court!
  83. This is a strange ruling. I've never heard of one like it before
  84. Don We Now our FUN Apparel.....
  85. Passengers told mid-flight that plane is carrying fallen soldier
  86. Young woman and her parents dead in murder-suicide; London ON Canada
  87. Canada - Man rescued after 3 months in Quebec woods, ate his dog to survive
  88. 1500 art masterpieces, many banned by Nazis as "degenerate," found in Schwabing
  89. The Death of K-Mart?
  90. Computer-generated child 'Sweetie' catches online predators
  91. UK ∙ Fleeced! Rustlers steal 160 sheep from a field near Wool, Dorset
  92. Solved: The mystery of King Tutankhamun's death
  93. Paralyzed deer hunter chooses to end life support
  94. NM Extreme Police Abuse: Traffic stop leads to forced enemas, probing and colonoscopy
  95. Astronomers ‘dumbfounded’ by six-tailed asteroid
  96. GA building named for officer thought to be first U.S. campus cop killed on duty
  97. Typhoon devastation in the Philippines
  98. 11/11/13 Veterans Day
  99. Fatal crash mystery: family seeks answers
  100. 180,000 pounds of ready-to-eat salads and sandwich wrap products recalled
  101. David Amaya Barrick, Chicago Man, To Reunite With Mom 34 Years After Being Abducted
  102. Russian subway now accepting 30 squats as payment for ride
  103. "We're Going Down! Thank U for Hanging With Us!"
  104. Man falls 2,000 feet out of plane off Florida coast; search on
  105. PA, Philly- One year old struck by train
  106. "Knockout Game" hits another victim in D.C.
  107. CO-Probe seeks source of carbon dioxide leak at mine
  108. Princeton Students May Get Unapproved Meningitis Vaccine
  109. Their birds possibly distressed by wind farm turbines, two emu ranchers call it a day
  110. Jamison Family Remain Possibly found.
  111. The lost presidential speech made at the Gettysburg Address anniversary
  112. Auditor Quits Job With Epic Email
  113. Blind man and guide dog kicked off plane; passengers follow in support
  114. Student at Virginia's Liberty University killed in dorm shooting
  115. Lawmaker takes sledgehammer to Hawaii homeless' carts
  116. TX - Hostage standoff with man with long gun in progress in San Antonio near downtown
  117. Presidential limo draws crowds 50 years later
  118. Alabama Judges Retain the Right to Override Juries in Capital Sentencing
  119. MN - Patrol: Driver in pond crash lacked valid license
  120. Newspaper deliveryman finds teddy bear bomb in NC
  121. Police probe Philadelphia homicide detective- possible connection to series of mur
  122. Amtrak Train Derails in South Carolina
  123. International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 25 November 2013
  124. Dad Pleading for Unapproved Cancer Drug Dies
  125. LA - Ghosthunters burned historic LeBeau Plantation house in St. Bernard Parish: LE
  126. Hoax Revealed? Family proves they tipped gay waitress
  127. Man broadcasts footage of naked, passed-out wife live online with PS4
  128. Must watch Monticello Mayor's post-dui bust rant to believe it!
  129. What was that mysterious boom?
  130. Three killed in collapse at Sao Paulo stadium that will host 2014 World Cup opener
  131. Black Friday Chaos & Insanity
  132. Glasgow: Police copter crashes into pub
  133. Troopers: 4 dead in W. Alaska plane crash
  134. Pa. researchers publish century of disease data
  135. Metro-North Train Derailed, Carriages May Be In Water
  136. Peace on Earth '13: 40+ people involved in brawl near Alamo Christmas tree lighting
  137. Stranger moves into family’s home while they are away — visiting dying relative
  138. 'I should've been dead': Man survives for 6 days with no food, water
  139. Child taken from womb by social services
  140. Teen visiting Houston for dance classes taken into CPS custody
  141. Man Arrested 62 Times for Going to Work
  142. Applebee’s To Replace Waiters With Tablets, Destroying All Human Interaction
  143. Jesse Owens' Olympic medal up for auction
  144. Shell’s massive Prelude hull world’s biggest-ever floating vessel and first ocean-bas
  145. Nelson Mandela has passed away
  146. Washington woman unintentionally live-tweets husband's death in fatal crash
  147. Drink While You Shop?
  148. Suit champions chimp's right to not be held as a pet
  149. HIV Returns In Men Who Showed Signs Of 'Cure'
  150. Family Needs our Help
  151. PA - Young Newlywed Couple Killed for Thrills
  152. Jackie Peterson Dead, at 70
  153. CDC: Water at Marine base linked to birth defects
  154. "I'm Delighted to Be Home": Palo Alto Man Detained in N. Korea Arrives in Calif.
  155. US Court of Appeals Goes Live!
  156. Baffling 400,000-Year-Old Clue to Human Origins
  157. Woman Claws Her Way Out of Locked Bathroom as in ‘Shawshank Redemption’
  158. Family Dogs Kills Baby (Columbus OH)
  159. 6-year-old boy suspended from school for kissing student on the cheek
  160. Home> Money IKEA Recalls Lamp Following Death of Child
  161. Buyer to return Hopi artefacts to Native Americans
  162. Michigan passes ‘rape insurance’ bill
  163. Police: NY College Student Dies in Hazing Ritual
  164. NC - Searched teen cuffed in back of police car's fatal head shot "self-inflicted"
  165. Police: 2 people killed after large boulders tumble down cliff behind a house
  166. Plastic surgeon dad gives daughters boob, nose and tummy jobs
  167. Washington Post Reporter Dan Morse on True Crime Radio 12/15/13
  168. Hospital: Chief surgeon found dead in Arizona fire
  169. OR. Mom's long search for son ends in heartbreak
  170. High school football player, 14, kills himself after 'getting in trouble for throwing
  171. Mega Millions prize passes half-a-billion, could set new lottery record
  172. Widow faces eviction for 'living off the grid'
  173. Mystery illness claims 4 lives in Montgomery County
  174. Student suspended for sexual harassment after hugging teacher
  175. Remembering Jack Mills
  176. Family wants to keep life support for girl brain dead after tonsil surgery #1
  177. More than 400K rape kits waiting to be tested
  178. Target: 40 million credit, debit cards compromised
  179. London Apollo Theatre roof collapses
  180. TX - pregnant wife unresponsive on life support, husband hopes to fulfill her wishes
  181. Man thought to be Gacy victim found in Montana
  182. Paglia: Duck Dynasty uproar ‘utterly fascist, utterly Stalinist’
  183. Stores open for 100 hours to attract shoppers
  184. PR Executive Causes Twitter Outrage
  185. Family battling Children’s Hospital to bring teen home for Christmas
  186. Family battling Children’s Hospital to bring teen home for Christmas #2
  187. NASA astronauts in urgent spacewalk on ISS
  188. USDA allows Santa's reindeer to enter the country
  189. TX - Only child finds dad, 77, murdered in San Antonio on Christmas afternoon
  190. New Data: Child Abuse Down Slightly, Fatalities Up
  191. Deputies looking for runaways, including diabetic girl without meds
  192. Separate avalanches in Wyoming kill 2 within hours
  193. WA - Girlfriend allegedly fillets man with knife he gave her for Christmas
  194. Family wants to keep life support for girl brain dead after tonsil surgery #2
  195. Family wants to keep life support for girl brain dead after tonsil surgery #3
  196. Family wants to keep life support for girl brain dead after tonsil surgery #4
  197. Family wants to keep life support for girl brain dead after tonsil surgery #5
  198. Family wants to keep life support for girl brain dead after tonsil surgery #6
  199. Family wants to keep life support for girl brain dead after tonsil surgery #7
  200. Family wants to keep life support for girl brain dead after tonsil surgery #8
  201. Family wants to keep life support for girl brain dead after tonsil surgery #9
  202. Weekly US Map: Influenza Summary Update
  203. GA - Girl, 7, trapped in well in Carroll County
  204. Hawaiian Woman Wins in Battle for Superlong Name on Driver’s License
  205. January 2014 Glamour Magazine MP Article
  206. Recreational Marijuana For Sale in Colorado
  207. IN - Man stole brains of dead mental patients, sold them on eBay, police allege
  208. Fire Rips Through Manhattan High Rise
  209. UFO spotted in Berkshire
  210. Teachers find home visits help in the classroom
  211. Finley Boyle, 3, Dies After Root Canals
  212. OK - Woman whose special needs teen brother died calls for investigation of state DHS
  213. Sending people to live on Mars — FOREVER
  214. OK - Stepson killed Pottawatomie County man by underwear suffocation, police allege
  215. NC teen with schizophrenia shot and killed by police in front of parents
  216. Niagra falls frozen over
  217. Doctor William Martin Valuck Charged With Murders After Patients Die Of Overdoses
  218. Thousands warned not to drink water after W. Va. spill
  219. The aurora borealis will be visible much farther south this weekend
  220. Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon dies at 85
  221. TX - San Antonio's Buddy the Dog saved from euthanization, at least temporarily
  222. Large fire downtown Santiago chile
  223. Australian Bushfires
  224. High school in Katy Texas evacuated
  225. Mysterious death leaves St.L, MO police at odds w deceased/"victim's" family
  226. News report from 1981 about the Internet
  227. Lawsuit Alleges Gomorrah-Like Working Environment @ WOIO 19 TV Cleveland
  228. Excuse me, is that a lizard in your quesadilla? Tortilla mystery draws concern in OKC
  229. UK: investigators study scene after copter crash
  230. Teacher Locks Asthmatic 5-Yr Old in Closet, Then Goes Home Sick Leaving Her There
  231. Jahi McMath: Media links only ***NO DISCUSSION***
  232. PS 106 in Queens New York, the "School of No"
  233. Pope Benedict XVI Defrocked 400 Priests
  234. Another school shooting
  235. Hidden in jungle from 1945 to 1974, former Japanese officer Hiroo Onodar dies at 91
  236. "Lauren Spierer Lawsuit Update"
  237. Dad gets OfficeMax mail addressed 'Daughter Killed In Car Crash'
  238. January is National Stalking Awareness Month
  239. January is National Slavery & Human Trafficking Prevention Month
  240. Sochi Winter Olympics: Video threat emerges amid security concerns
  241. News from Golders Green: 2400 year old urn damaged by thieves seeking Freud's ashes
  242. 8 year old boy dies in fire while trying to save disabled uncle.
  243. CA Montreal Devastating Fire at senior living home
  244. Police rupture teens testicle
  245. TX - Missing service pig Demeter located and returned to owner who has health issues
  246. Poll: Marlise Munoz Case: Did the judge make the right decision?
  247. Woman Jumps to her Death Hours After Facelift
  248. Haunting in Indiana leads to family’s exorcism, child’s levitation:
  249. Remains of 55 bodies found near florida reform school.
  250. State of the Union address - what a hoot on CNN