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  1. Nine Pit Bulls impounded after vicious attack
  2. Criminal pastor heads back to pulpit
  3. Questions raised on use of force by police
  4. Fire Fire
  5. cannot help thinking that this was well deserved....
  6. Sex offenders in Iowa fight housing restriction
  7. NJ - New Jersey Says 37 Children Died of Abuse During Year
  8. Britain to hold Diana Death Inquiry
  9. Texas housewife busted for hawking erotic toys
  10. NY - Grinch, Santa, Other Inflatables Stolen
  11. Woman Gets Bank Deposit With Breakfast
  12. Al Gore's Son Arrested For Marijuana Possession
  13. Criminals Owe Debt to Victims, Not Society
  14. Ohio Woman Admits Lying in Lottery Case
  15. Internet blamed for child porn rise
  16. HI - Lauren Crossan, 18, dies in fall from hotel balcony, 12 Jan 2004
  17. Imam rapped for wife-beating book
  18. Foreign workers kept as slaves in Louisiana?
  19. Excellent article regarding sex slavery
  20. Executions News . . .
  21. Jury selection begins in $1.5 million cat-attacks-dog lawsuit
  22. Elderly woman mauled by pit bull
  23. Roof collapse in a Moscow Indoor Water Park
  24. Survey: 4,450 priests accused of sex abuse
  25. Teen Learns he was abducted when he sees his *MISSING* pic online!!!
  26. 7 teens die in car
  27. Inmate suing prison system over sex slavery
  28. Officials: Expand Megan's Law
  29. UK - Siblings at war over Patak's Foods fortune
  30. 100,000 Missing sexual offenders
  31. U.S. chaplain charges dropped
  32. Art piece made of dollar bills stolen
  33. CA - Girl, 5, Found in Ravine Near Dead Mother
  34. Report: L.A. County sheriff's deputies show trend of misconduct
  35. Court Rules for Shoplifter in 3-Strikes Case
  36. CA - O.J. Simpson & the murders of Nicole Brown, Ron Goldman, 1995
  37. IA - Blood Spattered House a Mystery
  38. Sleep Study For Soldier Charged with Murder
  39. NY - Lawsuits link Ground Zero toxins to illnesses
  40. Be wary if someone says: "Hi, Grandma, this is your grandson"
  41. Woman sues Bebe Stores for racial bias
  42. WI - Matthew Sheridan, 20, dies after Mequon cop puts high-tech hood on him,
  43. Disgusting - Richard Allen Davis
  44. NJ - Donors' kids sue Princeton for refund of $35 million gift
  45. Support Carole Sund By Watching This Fri.
  46. Autism-Mercury link appears to be established
  47. NY - FBI Searches for Mob Victims' Remains in Queens
  48. Lawnmower death prompts parents to file $6 million lawsuit
  49. I'd rather kill myself than remove veil, woman tells court
  50. Family whose dog was shot by a cop settles for $77,500
  51. Suspect threatened with torture to help locate kidnapped child! Police on trial.
  52. Cruise Ship dumps 20,000 gallons of sewage in Juneau Harbor
  53. Black man sues after being ignored by Dunkin' Donuts clerks
  54. Terms of Service & The Rules
  55. Police kill World's toughest bad guy?
  56. IL - Lydia Chaplin, 14, dies of dog attack, hypothermia, Erie, 27 Jan 2005
  57. Turnpike Tragedy: What Really Happened?
  58. 30+ Kids Die of Food Poisioning
  59. Man Shot Near School, Indiana, Pa.
  60. Dead woman's home filled with snakes, other tough critters
  61. TX - Still No Life Without Parole
  62. Burying children alive
  63. Great-Great-Grandmother Shoots Robber
  64. Body found in trunk of impounded vehicle
  65. Bag of human skulls found in Bronx
  66. Body is found after Police leave
  67. TN - Medical examiner medical license revoked
  68. Inmates accessing the Internet from behind bars
  69. Grenades explode in New York City near British consulate
  70. South Africa spouse killings epidemic
  71. TX - Adrianna Clemens, 2, dead in backover accident, parents sue
  72. Burning crosses
  73. Creating a `Devil's Island' for sex offenders
  74. Judge Napolitano Finally gets it right!
  75. WA - Tow truck driver finds body in vehicle, Bothell
  76. The death of Frederick Williams-taser related?
  77. TX - Texas now has LWOP option in murder cases!
  78. A man carrying what appeared to be a hand grenade was shot in Federal Courthouse
  79. FL - "One of us is going to die soon."
  80. 44 hostages freed in Nuevo Laredo
  81. Pregnant Woman and Child killed when house was bulldozed
  82. CO - In Boulder, two judges censor the media
  83. London Bombings- WE ARE NOT AFRAID
  84. Sadam punched outside courtroom
  85. Family planning teen's funeral told she is alive
  86. A look at "Cold Case Squads"
  87. CA - Terror Plot Hatched In California Prison
  88. N.C. Law Encourages Guns for Victims
  89. IL - police say lab's work faulty
  90. Hurricane Katrina to possibly become a Cat 4
  91. Using multi-media presentations in court
  92. The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
  93. Hurricane Katrina Disaster Updates
  94. Do I dare ask? Weigh in on your thoughts about Katrina
  95. Tropical Depression Lee has now arrived
  96. Hurricane Relief: Where are all the celebrities now?
  97. Hurricane Katrina Disaster Updates
  98. Would the Govt response be different in NO.......
  99. Hurricane Outlook for September and October 2005
  100. Links
  101. Shepard Smith
  102. I am so Angry
  103. Haliburton Hired for storm clean up
  104. The REAL images they are not showing us
  105. Black market for park tickets is dark side of Orlando tourism
  106. Oil, Refineries, Fuel, etc...
  107. Hurricane Pam--How'd They Do?
  108. Katrina survivors distraught over pets
  109. SOUND OFF! Say what's on your mind, but do not RESPOND TO what other posters write.
  110. NOVA / PBS New Orleans hurricane report
  111. 2004 Thread on New Orleans evacuations for Ivan
  112. A question for all our WS posters...
  113. Chief Justice Rehnquist dies at home at age 80
  114. Money
  115. Army Corp of Engineers shot at - Police respond
  116. Water managers: Lake Okeechobee flood wouldn't be New Orleans-scale
  117. DC - John Roberts nominated as Chief Justice of Supreme Court
  118. Happy Labor Day! what it means...
  119. Sean Penn is such a tool
  120. National Geographic Oct 2004
  121. Ok Im very P'D off now
  122. Everyone please read! This is very important!
  123. China - Typhoon forces evacuation of over 1 million...
  124. Tropical Storm Ophelia possible for Florida
  125. Sad Story of Little Boy & His Dog
  126. An interesting AP article on Pres. Bush
  127. I'm so angry part 2
  128. Editorial Cartoons on Katrina
  129. Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?
  130. IL - Probe finds ex-convicts at carnivals
  131. Hostage Rescued after 9 months in Iraq!!!!
  132. FEMA screwed up again! AKA Right City, Wrong State
  133. I know this is a really small loss
  134. Paranoia Setting in?
  135. How toxic is the water?
  136. Lowered flags?
  137. Could Bush Have Done More
  138. Today is 105th anniversary-Galveston 1900
  139. $2,000 Debit Card - Good Idea?
  140. Aid not given at first on purpose by Louisianna
  141. 19 Navy SeaBee's in Gulf Port Die
  142. Wth???!!! Crazy!
  143. Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country
  144. "The President couldn't have chosen a better man": Mike Brown
  145. Crimes Against Humanity?
  146. Dallas Mayor take matters into her own hands
  147. Transgendered evacuee arrested
  148. Passengers (including a Katrian evacuee) subdue man on Flight
  149. Feel good Story ~ A Mother of 6 Gets a Chance for a new life
  150. Join us in the Chat room....
  151. The Levees - A little history
  152. The Hero's
  153. Firefighters in New Orleans
  154. Who's Really to Blame???
  155. Grain Barges and the Levee
  156. Storm Survivors Told To 'Expose Themselves'
  157. Bush's Friends Get Katrina Cleanup Contracts
  158. About 40 threads of bad news and blaming
  159. Al Gore Airlifts Evacuees
  160. Remember 9/11
  161. Iraq veteran injured in parachute jump before football game
  162. Personal Experience, Family and Friends
  163. Has anyone seen that defining Hurricaine Katrina photo?
  164. New Orleans' Pre-Katrina Crime Problem
  165. Websleuths Volunteers Needed
  166. Southeast Louisiana Evacuation Plan
  167. The "Everything Michael Jackson" Thread
  168. MA - Ex-madam battles courts for elderly hubby's millions
  169. Satellite phones?
  170. A Terrible Thought~NO could flood again this season IF...
  171. Katrina Entitlements
  172. Putting Katrina Into Perspective
  173. Rebuilding and toxic mold
  174. Health Question
  175. Major power failure in Los Angeles!
  176. CNN Monday night - Who knew what when?
  177. VERY interesting Katrina blog
  178. Fight in Houston School
  179. Be Prepared! Is your area a danger zone?
  180. Caged Children
  181. On Fox New Orleans area sexual offenders
  182. Frances: Jeanne: One year later.
  183. IL - Sex toy suit goes to trial
  184. Convention of Beelzebub-busters
  185. Rep. William Jefferson, D-La
  186. 12 Explosions in Iraq Kill at Least 152
  187. WWII Soldier's Last Letter Makes It Home
  188. Girl Shown Photos of Dead Father in School
  189. IL - Chocolate shop target of Peeping Tom lawsuit
  190. The deception begins. How many more?
  191. My Girlfriend Wants to Shelter a Family-Red Cross Says No
  192. Zoo dolphins rescued
  193. Plague-infected mice missing from lab
  194. Gov. Bush's son arrested
  195. How an Airline Captain Should Look and Act
  196. Gov. Bush's Son Arrested
  197. Train derailment in Chicago
  198. Wonder Why We All Hate Insurance Companies?
  199. ‘So Desperate’
  200. 44 oil spills found in southeast Louisiana
  201. This might explain why Houston has been hit so hard.
  202. Hurricane Rita thread
  203. Face Transplant?
  204. Lions kill 20 farmers in Ethiopia
  205. Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal dies at 96
  206. 2005.09.21 Emergency Landing jetBlue flight
  207. Bush will go to Texas to review storm preparations
  208. LA Official Accused of Stealing Katrina Supplies
  209. Yellowstone National Park-snow Likely
  210. No Way Out: Many Poor Stuck in Houston
  211. Arabian Horse Assoc. Press Release
  212. Hard choices for Gulf homeowners
  213. Interstate 45 shut down both directions-Bus Fire
  214. Christian School Expels Girl for Having Gay Parents
  215. Fewer American Women Dying of Breast Cancer
  216. Disasters May Be Causing 'Compassion Fatigue'
  217. FDA Commissioner Lester Crawford Resigns
  218. Cardinal Spills Secrets from Conclave
  219. Good Grief Update 2 Tropical cyclone formation possible in next 36 hours.
  221. GA schools closed Mon.&Tues. to conserve fuel
  222. 4 day school week in KY school district
  223. What's up with Mindy McCready???? She's not right in the head.
  224. Australian surfer punches attacking shark
  225. New evolution spat in schools goes to court
  226. Navy Secretly Contracted Jets Used by CIA
  227. Iraqis wonder what price they'll pay in Katrina's wake
  228. Westerners Seek Cheap Medical Care in Asia
  229. A Mother's Denial, a Daughter's Death
  230. CIA director faces questions from employees
  231. More destructive hurricanes to come?
  232. China Imposes New Rules on News Web Sites
  233. U.S. Crime Rate Holds at 30-Year Low
  234. Greenspan : US lost deficit control
  235. White House thinks Houston evacuation went well!!!
  236. Left handed women more likely to develope Breast Cancer
  237. Sheehan Arrested at Whitehouse
  238. Attention Websleuthers. Nbc's Dateline Is Looking For Leads
  239. Bush Ready to Tap Oil Reserve
  240. 7 Utah Students Killed in Roll Over Crash
  241. Reports of anarchy at Superdome overstated
  242. McHottie
  243. FEMA plans to repay religious groups
  244. Al Qaeda's No. 2 in Iraq killed
  245. N.O. Police Chief resigns
  246. Tropical Storm Stan
  247. Scientists Photograph Giant Squid in Wild
  248. US falls silent on Malaysia abuses: rights group
  249. Greenspan Cautions on Risk of Rising Rates
  250. Tom DeLay Indicted