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  1. New Terms of Service
  2. Woman's act of honesty inspires more kindness
  3. Dolphins swept away during Katrina to be rescued
  4. Here's to you, Terry Fox
  5. Grandmother, 85, Keeps Promise
  6. 16 Guinness recordholder draws attention to the plight of suffering children
  7. The Luckiest Unlucky Guy
  8. Evacuee reunited with her little dog
  9. Absract 16 from No to Houston
  10. Family Dog nurses abandoned squirrel
  11. Tiny Baby Celebrates 1st Birthday
  12. Family Rescues Pet Dog From 200-Pound Alligator
  13. Man discovers Ancient Roman Village with Google Earth
  14. Girl, eight, walks 80ft tightrope
  15. Katrina Kicked off Troubled Souls' Odyssey
  16. Puppy Survives after swallowing knife
  17. School Athlete Has Bear for a Playmate
  18. Attention Websleuthers. Nbc's Dateline Is Looking For Leads
  19. Man Takes Citizenship Oath, Wins Lottery
  20. Fish story: the 35,000 that got away
  21. Mascot Of 3rd Battalion, 25th Marines Coming Home
  22. Elian Gonzalez, 11, calls Castro 'friend,' 'father'
  23. Theron Gets Hollywood Walk of Fame Star
  24. Fantasia learning to read
  25. Born Without Legs, Football Player Still Scores
  26. Smiling through tears
  27. Frugal man gifts Library 1.3 Million
  28. In Her Great-Uncle's Arms, a Time of Tears and a Bear
  29. Missing 2 Year Old Wentzville Boy Found Alive and Safe
  30. Kids who lost $1,500 in Katrina funds to thief get $15,000 in donations
  31. Man Catches Baby with T-Shirt
  32. Newlyweds Met While Fleeing Katrina
  33. Cool Runnings
  34. Blind driver's 167mph record
  35. The Tooth Fairy Helps Hurricane Victims
  36. Disaster averted when five-year-old takes the wheel
  37. Panda cub's public debut postponed
  38. Will other groundhogs call him metal mouth?
  39. 'Will You Mary Me?'
  40. Dog, owner reunited 6 weeks after Katrina
  41. Rescuer in a muu-muu
  42. DC Panda gets a name
  43. Bark-mitzvah
  44. Insurance
  45. Serviceman gets his wallet back, 40 yrs later
  46. Boy donates to hurricane relief, gets puppy
  47. Wedding ring didn't go to waste
  48. Missing US Cat Found in France
  49. Toddler found after 24 hours lost
  50. Dog Saves Marin County Man
  51. Young athlete cuts season to donate marrow
  52. Man, 85, Declared Word's Oldest Hang-Glider Pilot
  53. Unusual Arrival
  54. Atlanta gorilla gives birth to twins
  55. And They Called It Puppy Love: $1,200
  56. Baby girl panda 100 days old, gets her name
  57. Feline-friendly dog to be remembered at cat show
  58. Owner Says Dog Found Her Cancer
  59. Police Arrest 846 Sex Offenders
  60. Christmas Stories
  61. It makes me smile knowing Scott Peterson
  62. Free College Tuition for all Students
  63. Check out this Pit Bull
  64. Woman thwarts suicide attempt, Donates Reward to Charity
  65. The face, smile lines and wrinkles...
  66. Tortoise celebrates 175th birthday
  67. Prosthetic Center to Make Leg for Puppy
  68. Nursing home keeps spirits up with own pub
  69. Aussies soccer world cup 30 year drought
  70. 350,000 worth of Diamonds left in Cab ~ and Returned!
  71. Grannies got game
  72. Project Alabama
  73. Man uses frozen Turkey to rescue 2 from burning car
  74. Man dances on Best Buy Security Camera
  75. Flamingos Top Turkeys in N.Y. Town
  76. Adopting a family
  77. "Feel Good" Story & Thought 4 Thanksgiving Week-end
  78. Katrina "Dog Pile"-- you gotta see this
  79. Girl, 7, Saves Dad Pinned Under Car
  80. Teens use video to nab church-donations thief
  81. Congress acts to let wounded soldier keep dog
  82. Daddy's Miracle
  83. Eagles Fan Honors Mother's Dying Wish
  84. Erik Buran found safe
  85. 5-Year Old Bringing 2000 toys to Katrina Victims
  86. 4600 Santas
  87. Sounds of Dog's 'Laugh' Calms Other Pooches
  88. Long tail of the law: Raleigh the Police Dog
  89. 1500 Santas & one elf :)
  90. 'Dancing Cop' Helps Traffic Get Down
  91. Owl in Christmas Tree High as a Kite
  92. Man catches 4 week old baby thrown from burning apartment
  93. Mystery of Prize Diamond Given Out at Hockey Game Turns Up in the Trash
  94. HUGE Bundle of Joy, Baby Elephant!
  95. Anonymous shopper pays for Marine's engagement ring
  96. Anonymous donor drops gold coin in Salvation Army kettle
  97. She took him into her life; now, he's helping save it
  98. "I believe in miracles"
  99. Abandoned calf finds unlikely mother -- a dog!
  100. Good samaritans nab robber
  101. "Lucky" Cat
  102. Racist "slave master" got the death penatly
  103. Pooch survives rushing rapids,saved by kayakers
  104. 4-year-old calls 911, saves hurt mother
  105. Church to give away house on New Year's Eve
  106. Cat dials 911!
  107. $115,000 Reward Offered In Teen's Murder
  108. Walk the Line
  109. 3 Sisters Have Babies on Back-to-Back-to-Back Days in St. Charles
  110. This made me smile this morning!
  111. Twins! wouldn't wait for trip to hospital
  112. Boy being honored for telling a Lie!
  113. 12 hrs. after giving birth, firefighter aces exam
  114. Woman, 88, trapped in her car for 6 days lives on windshield condensation
  115. Unexpected Birth Surprises "infertile" Mother
  116. Hysterical Video of Monkey Tormenting Tigers
  117. Man's Best friends
  118. Hamster, snake best friends at Tokyo Zoo
  119. Pond rescue has another happy ending with award
  120. 'Lassie' aids master after riding mishap
  121. Dog found hanging...saved
  122. Superbowl Wedding Party
  123. Teen Using Bathroom Falls Out Bus Window
  124. Library Book Checked Out In 1945- Fines Add Up !!
  125. "Because she's lost and we have to find her so she can go home."
  126. Life Is A Beach For Ken
  127. Boo Boo, THE CHICKEN SAVED!!!!
  128. Moose Seen Surfing in Norway
  129. A Bit Of Blue
  130. Great Story
  131. Olympian Charity
  132. Willie Nelson's gay cowboy song
  133. Florida Teen sends roses to 500 classmates
  134. didn't make me smile...made me LOL
  135. Mom, Daughter Have Babies 90 Minutes Apart
  136. Five-year-old credited for saving mother, brother
  137. Boy's Valentine to Deceased Mom
  138. Bar mitzvah comes 63 years later for Holocaust survivor
  139. Autistic College Senoir scores 20 points!
  140. Man finds winning powerball ticket under bed....
  141. Fla. Man Returns Missing Diamond Ring
  142. The news on this site will definitely make you smile!
  143. Little Girl Walks Mile For Help After Car Wreck
  144. Class Ring, lost in Germany 40 years ago, returned in the mail!
  145. Cat comforts orangutan
  146. This had me crying!
  147. Pregnant waitress gets $973.65 tip
  148. how sadness is helped by laughter
  149. Farmhand/Doctor
  150. Children separated by hurricanes reunited
  151. Wonder Dog
  152. The ingredients of a smile
  153. CNN:Blind man saves neighbor and three newborn kittens
  154. Lost purse & contents worth $1 million returned
  155. Clooney's Oscar gift bag nets $45,100 in United Way auction
  156. Sago Mine Survivor Thankful for Support
  157. Child Porn Ring Busted
  158. Unidentified woman pays for prescriptions at random - North Carolina
  159. Frank the tumor is dead.
  160. Trapped NYC Cat...
  161. Group mistakenly lists foot fetish line
  162. Steak Night at Fran O'Brien's Stadium Steak House
  163. What's in a wish?
  164. Skunk Begs for Help!
  165. Homeless Man Turns In Lost Wallet Full Of Cash
  166. England is a nation of "overweight, alcopop-swilling, sex-and-celebrity obsessed.....
  167. Pug Puppy has Cat Mommy
  168. 74 Year Old Chokes Intruder
  169. man busted after attempting to meet a child online
  170. Family has second set of triplets:)
  171. how lena's dream saved tony's life
  172. Another double blessing ~ 10 months apart!
  173. One lucky, one-footed, feathery friend
  174. Giving the Terrorists the Bird
  175. Dog survives leap from cliff
  176. Alex's Lemonade Bound for Bottles
  177. Local boy helps raise money for residentís heart transplant
  178. 4-Year Old Abandoned on Trash Pile and Eaten by Dogs to get new face
  179. Gun shooting and safety lessons paid off
  180. Soldier finds & returns lost winning lottery ticket
  181. 4-legged Katrina evacuee gets a new home
  182. ' An athlete made it cool to hang out with a teen who has Down syndrome.'
  183. Sleeping Pill May Reverse Comatose Patients, Study Says (01 Jun, 2006)
  184. Make a child smile
  185. Judge issues tough sentence on underage drinking
  186. A Cold Case Murder Brings Bond
  187. Dog missing for four years reunited with family
  188. Dog That Dialed 911 To Save Owner Honored
  189. This is a good thing...
  190. 6 sets of twins!
  191. Kentucky couple reigns over rain in Vermont
  192. A party fit for a Princess
  193. Woman, pregnant with twins saves neighbor from fire
  194. Family Dog Saves Toddler Playing On Rooftop
  195. Three Policemen Shot In The Line Of Duty
  196. Man lifts car off trapped cyclist
  197. Separated Twins doing well
  198. Amazing Bird- got to watch the video!!!
  199. Orphaned children fly home
  200. Kansas Teen Perfect on SAT, ACT
  201. Solar system to welcome three new planets
  202. Postcard Arrives in Ind. After 58 Years
  203. Innocent woman vindicated of embezzling
  204. Must Read/must See
  205. Stranger becomes Guardian Angel
  206. Warsaw mermaid has chest covered for Miss World
  207. Postal Worker Saves Woman From Committing Suicide
  208. Pleasant surprise: Gas prices down for holiday
  209. Go Grandma!
  210. Baby saved after 5 minutes under water!
  211. Water bill--This is so funny
  212. Woman finds 1.3-carat diamond in a state park
  213. Twins Finally Meet After 71 Years
  214. Tale of survival for boy, 10, ripped from womb
  215. Brother, sister bowl perfect games within minutes
  216. Boy, 5, to the rescue as dad falls into coma
  217. Missing Hawk Returns After Nine Years
  218. Benefits of beans include lower cancer risk
  219. Injured Dog Limps Into SoCal Hospital Waiting Room
  220. Pen pals finally meet 51 years on
  221. Man, 91, finishes law degree a year and a half ahead of schedule
  222. Police dog catches suspect
  223. Bus driver saves choking child
  224. Miami-Dade firefighters put out giant toilet paper roll
  225. Forget Child's Play, Japanese Toy Makers Target Adults
  226. Cat Fine after NYC Rescue
  227. A hope for Alzheimer patients
  228. Stem cells help dogs with dystrophy
  229. Mom Saves 5 Children from Fire
  230. Man's Prescription Dog Found
  231. how many hours ?
  232. Holocaust reunion
  233. 1909 Business Laws & other interesting things...
  234. Dog Saves Elderly "Owners"
  235. Don't Miss this Federal Tax Refund!
  236. Extreme MakeOver/Home Edition
  237. We are proud to announce ::Amber:: FINALIST-SEVENTEEN READER MODEL CONTEST
  238. Dog run over by train, uninjured
  239. Woman tells cop she bought 'bad crack'
  240. Boy Finds $573, Returns It To Family
  241. Christina's Smile
  242. Boy Wins, Donates To Cancer
  243. Woman Secret Santa on Bus
  244. Couple receives money from stranger after posting sign in yard about stolen bikes
  245. 5th Grader Keeps Soup Kitchen Open
  246. Commuter Saves Man on Subway Tracks
  247. Men Save Falling Child
  248. Church ladies - funny!
  249. Escaped chimp gets snack, cleans bathroom
  250. It's Snowing!