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  1. Sheila and Katherine Lyon-sisters missing since 1975
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  4. "Tape Recorder Man"
  5. Ransom
  6. Possible Connections
  7. Potential Suspects and Persons of Interest
  8. Remembering Sheila and Katherine
  9. The Murder of Kathy Lynn Beatty
  10. Case Summary
  11. Lyons Sisters Media and Document Links **NO DISCUSSION**
  12. Book based on this disappearance
  13. Lyons Sisters Q & A
  14. Attention All Members "In the Shadow of Justice airs tonight on NBC
  15. More info needed
  16. Wheaton Plaza in 1975
  17. The girls were abducted then what?
  18. Significance of the time of year the girls were taken
  19. Why do people abduct children?
  20. Moon Phase and Day of the Week
  21. Other Similar Cases
  22. Has anyone ever contacted
  23. Theories
  24. Buzbee
  25. Updated Age progressions
  26. Planning the Trip to the Mall (ATTN: cat123)
  27. Case Survey
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  29. Lloyd Welch is Person of Interest
  30. Case Map
  31. John Brennan Crutchley
  32. Richard Allen Welch, Sr.- A Person of Interest
  33. Multi-Jurisdictional Grand Jury in Bedford County, Virginia
  34. Investigators' Search on Taylor's Mountain
  35. Station Wagon--Late 1960's or 1970's
  36. Welcome New Websleuths Members!!
  37. Deeply Sympathize for The Lyon Family's Feelings
  38. $7000 Reward--or How Can it Be Greatly Increased?
  39. Finding Katherine and Sheila--Before it's 40 Years Since They Have Been Missing!!!
  40. Human Trafficking in 1975?? and Now a National and Worldwide Epidemic!!!
  41. Katherine Lyon
  42. Sheila Lyon