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08-04-2010, 02:50 PM
I'm anxious to see more details of this case be released. Think about this for a moment. Pedophiles are jumping up and down with glee concerning the recent press about how hackers can "borrow" URL's and even how low level traders can access porn through an unsecured line. I just know that they are pleased as punch that they have another "legitimate" excuse as to how porn came to be on their computers. Of course, I realize that tech experts can trace it down but doubt can go a long way towards whether a case makes it to trial.


Wisconsin lawmakers sent e-mails with child porn

"MADISON, Wis. Investigators are trying to determine who sent e-mails containing images of child pornography to Wisconsin lawmakers as part of a blackmail plot.

Ed Wall, the head of the state Justice Department's criminal investigations unit sent an e-mail Friday to the offices of all 132 state lawmakers warning them of e-mails that have been sent containing child porn.

"The sender acknowledges that the intent of the note was to place child pornography on the recipient's computer as leverage to attain a desired legislative agenda," he wrote...."


"....A person must knowingly be in possession of child pornography in order to be in violation of state law. The person must also know the material they possess is sexually explicit and involving children under age 18."

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08-06-2010, 08:59 AM
I don't get it. Blackmail for what? Was it a political agenda? I don't see how they will achieve their goal once their name is out there as a child porn enthusiast and extortionist, which will happen once computer forensics traces the source.

smart blonde
08-06-2010, 09:10 AM
This is really scary, because my gmail account was hacked recently, and everyone on my email list was sent email in my name, that looked like it came from me, telling them to try a new Canadian Viagra type drug.

I mean, my boss, my boss' boss, the owner of the company, my ex-boyfriend, friends across the country I hadn't contacted in a couple years, everyone on my contact list was sent these emails!

It was embarrassing- but just think if the emails included child porn, instead of just a letter that looked that it came from me, along with a link to the male enhancement drug?

This email hacking just happened about 3 weeks ago. It took me 2 days before I was able (with Google's help) to even access my own account. Ugh.