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12-13-2010, 02:02 PM
Websleuths Lingo

Websleuths Lingo

BARD= Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
BBL= Be Back Later
BBM= Bolded By Me
BRB= Be Right Back
BTW= By The Way
BUMP= "Bumping" this post to the top of the thread
COD= Cause Of Death
ETA= Estimated Time of Arrival OR Edited to Add
FB= Facebook
FWIW= For What It's Worth
GMAB= Give Me a Break
HNN= Headline News Network
HTH= Hope This Helps OR Happy to Help
IIRC= If I Recall Correctly
IKWYM= I Know What You Mean
IMO= In My Opinion
IMHO= In My Honest Opinion
ITA= I Totally Agree
JK= Just Kidding
JVM= Jane Velez Mitchell (crime talk show on Headline News)
KWIM= Know What I Mean
LE= Law Enforcement
LOL= Laughing Out Loud
ME= Medical Examiner
MOO= My Own Opinion
MS= MySpace
NG= Nancy Grace (crime talk show on Headline News)
OMG= Oh My Gosh/Oh My Goodness/Oh My God
O/T= Off Topic
OW= Outstanding Warrants
PC= Press Conference
PD= Police Department OR Physical Description
PO= Police Officer
POI= Person Of Interest
POS= Piece of *****
PM= Private Message
ROFL= Rolling On The Floor Laughing
SF= Stepfather
SM= Stepmom/mother
SMH= Shaking My Head
SW= Search Warrant
TIA= Thanks in Advance
TOD= Time of Death
TY= Thank You
WTH= What The Heck
YW= You're Welcome