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02-21-2011, 08:15 AM
Meet the private investigator who’s made it his personal mission to find the killer or killers responsible for the disappearances and deaths of more than 30 women along the 742-kilometer stretch of Highway 16 between Prince George and Prince Rupert—the “Highway of Tears”—since at least 1974.

Speaking from his office in Surrey, he remembers how he became involved. “I’d been following this for more than a year, and I was ranting to my wife about it,” he relates. “My wife said, ‘Why don’t you quit talking and actually do something about it?’”

April 2007

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02-23-2011, 11:55 PM

Ray Michalko is a former member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and has been a private investigator for more than ten years.
Ray Michalko
Valley Pacific Investigations
(604) 831-5585 or Toll Free at (866)962-5585
or Fax at (604) 909-1787

03-01-2011, 10:31 PM
i'm very happy that michalko is interested and working on the case, he seems to be making more progress than the rcmp.

rcmp are so uninterested in this case, it makes me wonder if it's that they are racist against first nation (native) women, or are they covering for someone?

from the above link whyaduck gave, michalko says:

“One year later, I still hear stories from people about how they tried to talk to police but ended up being told to call elsewhere or were passed off to answering machines, their messages never returned,” he says."

people are actually trying to call in tips to police who don't care! it makes me so upset =(