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05-27-2011, 09:24 AM
Will Waters on Stand w/Mr. G . . .Engineering . .. didn't graduate . . . lives in Central Fl area . . .knows kc . . met kc on 7/4/08 @ his home for 4th July party . .. worked w/AH @ Houlihan's, they were decorating his house when got off work . . . BBQ during day, after fireworks drinking . . .AH & KC came over same time around 1:30 . .. first met kc she was (Objection - overruled) polite, said hello, regular conversation, didn't tell him Caylee mising/kidnapped/activly looking for her (object-overrule) knew she had a child . . .told by AH and KC told him that evening . . . he was doing a lot of running around making sure everything not broken and people having a good time. . .kc taking of his home while he was outside . . .kc made sure nobody left his house with his laptop . . . while he was outside playing kickball . . . Thorton Park near lake Eola(sic?) about 4 blocks away . . . photo (LH) of KC & AH, (objection - overrule) move to place into . . .defense objects to relevance it is cumulative have an add'l objection . . .Approach - Sidebar

05-27-2011, 09:24 AM
FG: LH do you recognize that photo?

yes, I took that photo

JB: objection

HHJP: overruled

it is Amy and Casey

FG: is that a fair representation of them?


FG: enter into evidence at this time

JB: objection, relevance

(side bar)

05-27-2011, 09:37 AM
Picture admitted into evidence over objection . . . (tech difficulties) . . .person in foreground is AH and kc behind her . . . taken on 7/4/08, during course of 7/4 party . . .speak to kc about employment (at the time no) . . .kc mentioned Caylee . . . short . . . you know I have a daughter . . yes AH told me . . . went to fireworks . . . big group WW, KC, AH bunch random friends . .heard conversation kc talked about TL moving back to NY . . .she didn't want him to . . .focus on fireworks . . .KC was a little angry at end of fireworks. . . went back to WW house . . .everyone contineud to drink . . ended 1:30 or 2:00 . . . kc was drinking and watching over the house . . .mood change but not still angry . . .mood (objection-overruled) carefree . . . KC was still there @ end of party . . .she left with AH, got KC's phone number planned on going to Ikea the following day . . kc wanted to go . . . no set time to meet . . . on 7/5/08 @ 7:30 or 8 in the morning didn't expect kc to arrive @ WW's house, she had AH's car . . . red toyota corolla . . . kc had AH car something wrong with her car . . .alignment or tuneup . . .WW's roommate let kc in as WW getting out of shower . . .went out shopping for the day . . . spunky & good attitude . . .nothing wrong . .. on 7/5 kc didn't tell child missing/kidnp/looking for her/no mention anything wrong . .. WW drove to Target across from Ikea . . . got coffee & bubblegum . . . nothing else purchased . . . went to Ikea

05-27-2011, 09:45 AM
FG: the State moved that it be moved into evidence.

HHJP: admitted into evidence over the defense's objections.

FG: may I publish?

HHJP: you may

FG: Is that amy?


FG: is that casey and is it july 4th?


FG: july 4th party did you speak to miss a about employment.


she mentioned Caylee. I have a daughter.

FG: anything else about her daughter?

no sir

FG: did you go to the fireworks?


FG: who went?

me Casey Amy a big group.

FG: were you close to her at the party?

no she was talking to her boyfriend the whole time

FG: what were they talking about?

about Tony moving back to NY, just the base line about it, he was moving to ny and she did not want him to.

FG: any change in her demenor?

she was angry

FG: she say anything to you after hanging up?


FG: after fireworks where did you go?

back to my house, to play games and drink

FG: after the party what was the defendant doing?


FG: watching over the house still


FG: the defendants state of mind during this period

HHJP: it is not an objection


HHJP: anything else mg?


FG: at one or two when the party ended was the defendant there?

yes, she left with amy

FG: see her again?

i got her number because I wanted to go to IKEA, she wanted to go

FG: July 5th 2008 see the defendant?


FG: what time?

eight in the morning.

FG: did you expect her at eight?


FG: what car did she come in?

Amy's car, red Toyota Carolla

FG: why did she have amy's car did she say?

something was wrong with her car, tune up or alignment

FG: when she showed up did you let her into your home?

my roommate did, she hung out and I got ready and we went shopping

FG: attitude?

spunky, happy

FG: did she tell you her daughter was missing?

no sir

FG: kidnapped, looking for her, help to find her?

no sir

FG: where did you go from your home?

to target

FG: which one?

the one on Kirkland, across from IKEA, we got coffee and bubble gum

FG: did the defendant purchase anything else from target?


FG: then?

IKEA, Xaxbies, a resturant.

FG: any change in demenor?


FG: from Xaxbies?


FG: IKEA was before lunch

two two and a half hours

FG: why did you need to go to IKEA? did the defendant want to go?


FG: did she tell you what she was shopping for?

furniture her and a friend were getting a house soon

FG: what did she tell you about her living sit?

her and a friend who has kids were looking for a nanny so they could have a house together.

FG: name of friend?


FG: when she was moving?

next two months

FG: and she needed furniture?


FG: convo about her job?

yes, event corrordonator at Universal, she did a lot of work at home on her computer.

FG: mention any co workers?


FG: other than doing work from home, anything else?

she loved her job

FG: she tell you how long?

no sir

FG: did she ever mention her daughter Caylee?


FG: did you ask?


FG: was july5th a good day for you?


FG: any plans after that?

a couple of days after that

FG: what was it?

I had free passes and we were to go to dinner

FG: who was going to go on the helicopter ride?

me and Casey

FG: did she agree? did she go?

yes, no she did not go. I texted her and she said she was tied up

FG: how?

a nanaw

FG: a nanaw? do you know or ask what that is?

no sir

FG: remember the date of that?

the wed or thur after july 4th

FG: after those plans cancelled did you have contact with the defendant?

lots of text messaging

FG: did you ever seen her again after july 5th?


FG: did you make plans but they didn't happen?

yes, a couple of time we were supposed to meet up, I had meetings.

FG: directing your attention to july 12 2008 did you have plans to meet Casey?

no sir

FG: were you aware she had a boyfriend?


FG: you other convos it was your understanding she had a boyfriend?


FG: were you interested in Casey?


HHJP: next question

FG: did you receive a text message?

from a FBI agent

FG: did you hear from the defendant on July 15th?

I don't remember

FG: in any of those texts up until july 15th did the defendant ever tell you her child was missing.


05-27-2011, 09:49 AM
(sorry I got phone call . . missed some testimony)

WW w/JB . . . shopping for furniture . . .no indication she was faking . . .was going to get a place w/live in Nanny . . .kc was friendly . . .care for people . . barely knew WW and watching his place . . .he trusts anybody unless you do something to not to . . .she didn't steal his laptop. . . .no info on Caylee when/where/how Caylee drown. . . .

Mr. G . . . buying a house & getting a live-in Nanny were lies . . . was kc convincing? no reason to believe any different . . .so yes . . .

Witness excused

05-27-2011, 09:50 AM
JB: i wan to see if I understand. you had just met CA?


JB: in this world she had a job


JB: and she loved that job, talked about it...you know that is not true right?


JB: did she give you any indication she was lying about that job?

no sir

JB: she was happy in this world and there was nothing wrong in her life.

other than her relationship with Tony

JB: that ocurred on July 4th not anywhere near june 16th


JB: the Casey you knew was going to move in with amy and they were going to bring their children and they were going to have a nanny.


JB: and she would pay for it with event planning

I dont' know how she would pay for it

JB: was she faking looking for furniture?


JB: you believe she was going to get a roomate?


JB: Casey was friendly to you?


JB: she appeared to care for people, she was watching your place? you trusted her?


JB: she make off with one of your lap tops?


JB: do you have any info about june 16th when Caylee died?

no sir

JB: how she died?

no sir

FG: the statements about having a job and having a nanny, were incorrect or lies...


FG: based on your observations, was she convincing?

there was no reason to believe any different so yes.