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05-30-2011, 09:45 PM
Don't really know 'where' to post this, but a few people were asking during testimony - how many 'sidebars' - soooo, I took the time and went back, yes I did :crazy: and here's my count:

5/24 Day One: 6 (all of these occurred during JB's questioning of GA; a few of them HHJP teaching Law 101 to JB!) :floorlaugh: also QUITE a few "Objection", "Sustained" - at least 16 to 18!!

5/25 Day Two: 9

5/26 Day Three: 15 (per Wise Old Owl, so I didn't count them!)

5/27 Day Four: 7

5/28 Day Five: 4

Total first week: 41

Editted to add: I will continue to count them...

06-04-2011, 11:10 PM
Insight into jurors per Steve Helling via Twitter (on June 2, 2011):

1)mwf, 60s, leaned toward Melich, often looks to prosecutor Burdick for reaction. Didn't seem to like George.

3) (made no comment on this one)

2) MBM, 30s, hardly ever reacts to anything. 3) SWF, 32, looks over at Casey frequently. Watched her during Cindy testimony.

4) SBF, 40s. Doesn't want to judge. Pays close attention to Baez. Often stony faced, but did shake her head when hearing lies and swears.

5) DWF, late 50s, 3 kids, long gray hair, glasses - no reaction.

6) 33yo MWM, 2 kids, slouches, often seems to be dozing, no other reaction.

7) DWF, no kids, lawyer's daughter. Pays close attention to both sides, swivels her chair to watch the witnesses. Arms folded always.

8) MWF, 50s, dad was cop. Never reacts.

9) SWM, 53, retired logger, thin, gray hair, glasses. very attentive, takes lots of notes.

10) SWM, 57, takes many notes, seldom reacts facially.

11) SWM, handsome, PE teacher, very engaged. Leans forward for defense. Fascinated.

12) MWF, 60s, 2 kids, 1 grandkid. Looked sympathetic to Cindy, often looks at Casey or at the prosecution for reaction when defense speaks.

06-05-2011, 08:29 PM
Insight into jurors via Twitter (on June 3, 2011) “Melt-down” Jailhouse 8/14/08 Video GA, CA, & a frustrated ICA:

CFNews13Casey Casey Anthony News13
#CaseyAnthony is flipping out on the camera. She is upset no one will listen to her or let her talk. Jurors are feverishly taking notes.

CFNews13Casey Casey Anthony News13
One juror just put her pen away, crossed her hands over one another and is staring at her monitor. #CaseyAnthony -fell

Taking notes about this #CaseyAnthony recording: jurors 1, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 17.
by stevehelling via twitter at 11:04 AM

Juror 11 (younger white man -gym teacher) is leaning forward closely watching, and taking notes. #CaseyAnthony -fell
by cfnews13casey via twitter at 10:03 AM

CFNews13Casey Casey Anthony News13
#CaseyAnthony is flipping out on the camera. She is upset no one will listen to her or let her talk. Jurors are feverishly taking notes.

Juror 2 (black man) has never shown any facial reaction whatsoever. # 7 (white woman) has her arms crossed. 17 continues to look around room
by cfnews13casey via twitter at 11:05 AM

(video) Cindy asks about clues in Lake Co and #CaseyAnthony says she is going to leave. Alt 1 writes, looks at monitor, goes back to writing
by cfnews13casey via twitter at 11:06 A

#CaseyAnthony this is as close as jury has watched video all day. Casey: I have nothing!
by bobkealing via twitter at 11:07 AM

Juror 6 and 17 glance up at #CaseyAnthony Juror 15 has been writing a lot!! So is 14 (govt teacher) -fell
by cfnews13casey via twitter at 11:08 AM

#CaseyAnthony Usually stoic juror/woman on the end of front row smirked at Casey's tantrum.
by bobkealing via twitter at 11:10 AM

A few jurors are taking notes about this angry exchange between #caseyanthony and parents. #fox35
by anthonycase via twitter at 11:11 AM

Juror 17 just looked over at juror 16 and then back at the video. in video -#CaseyAnthony says she is all alone. "you guys have each other"
by cfnews13casey via twitter at 11:11 AM

#CaseyAnthony Jurors 11 and 16 have raised eyebrows watching this. Both men.
by bobkealing via twitter at 11:12 AM

Juror 13 just took a long look at #CaseyAnthony while on the video she talks about not wanting to give media "anything to run with" -fell
by cfnews13casey via twitter at 11:12 AM

The jury is watching this tape very closely. In my (untrained, speculative) opinion, this shot by the prosecution has hit its target.
by stevehelling via twitter at 11:13 AM

Juror 11 watches #CaseyAnthony he isn't leaning forward anymore. Now sitting back. -fell
by cfnews13casey via twitter at 10:16 AM

#CaseyAnthony Jurors now starting to
Look around 16 just closed his eyes and shook his head was Caseys bible quote
by bobkealing via twitter at 10:17 AM

During nearly 5 hours of video this is the first time (I've seen) juror 4 (black woman) has looked at #CaseyAnthony it lasted just a second.
by cfnews13casey via twitter at 11:23 AM this is re: KC: the media is obscene. If people don't have anything nice to say, they should shut up. All I want is my "kid" back.

#CaseyAnthony Juror 13 woman in back row also smirked at Casey's comment of wanting baby back.
by bobkealing via twitter at 11:25 AM

#CaseyAnthony Several jurors in back making notes now.
by bobkealing via twitter at 10:26 AM

Jurors take notes when #CaseyAnthony says she chooses George bc they've had a broken relationship. Says starting fix it "day this started"
by cfnews13casey via twitter at 10:26 AM
Seeing the most reaction from the jury yet. #JoseBaez is closely watching the jurors' reactions.
by stevehelling via twitter at 10:26 AM

After video, some of the jurors are looking towards George and Cindy Anthony who are in courtroom. #CaseyAnthony -fell
by cfnews13casey via twitter at 11:39 AM

06-06-2011, 04:35 PM
5/31, Tuesday, Day Six: 6

6/1, Wednesday, Day Seven: 8 – side note on objections when Yuri Melich on stand:
Defense – 4, State – 10;
When Lee on stand - sidebars – 4

6/2, Thursday, Day Eight: 3 (another was asked for by the defense, but denied… )
Sidebars while Y. Melich on stand 3
- Total objections for the day: 15 (when Yuri Melich on stand: Defense – 1; State 9)

6/3, Friday, Day Nine: 3
- Total objections for the day: 17

6/4, Saturday, Day Ten: 6
- Total objections for the day: 37

Total for second week: 26

Grand total so far: 67

06-11-2011, 03:26 PM
Week 3:

6/6, Monday, Day Eleven: 10 (this was Dr. Vass testimony)
- Total Objections: 59 (Defense: 29 with 2 sustained; State: 30 with 1 overruled)

6/7, Tuesday, Day Twelve: 6 (Testimony of FBI Chemist, Dr. Vass & Dog Handler)
- Total Objections: 59

6/8, Wednesday, Day Thirteen: 3 (computer forensic people)
- Total Objections: 16

6/9, Thursday, Day Fourteen: 5 (Testimony from: Computer guy: Bradley/LeeA/911tape/crime scene pix/ Investigation to ME/Dep Chief ME)
- Total Objections: 14

6/10, Friday, Day Fifteen: 7 (Testimony from: Dr Utz/Dr Schultz/Dr. G/Dr. Warren)
- Total Objections: 29

6/11, Saturday, Day Sixteen: 1 (Testimony from: Dr. Haskell/J. Welch/ Murdock/Johnston
- Total Objections: 16

Total week 3: 32

Grand Total: 99 sidebars!

06-14-2011, 06:36 PM
Mistrial motions denied:

#1 – 5/27/11: Attempted character assassination of defendant…

#2 – 6/2/11: Mis-statement of facts…” request a mistrial because of the statements heard during the video especially about the defendants council...including that her council may withhold evidence and destroy evidence. The jury heard and it ruins credibility...other than filing motions and renewing objections that is all we can do. There are future videos that have further slanders against the defnese's council...other legal and um also misstakments of law and fact surrounding the legal representation of Miss Anthony and the visitors in these tapes. I understand part of what the State of FL is doing how ever they should be relvant they should not be prejudicial where you have statements that may confused the jury as to what the law may be and issues related to the defendants council. On those grounds we ask for a mistrial the motion as it relates to these tapes it went exclusively to the Anthony's being agents of the state. He did not state which parts are prohibitive, he did not file in a timely fashion.” Per Baez. Didn’t like Lee’s comments about Baez re jailhouse video of 7/25/08 w/KC.

#3 – 6/14/11: Video of animation with duct tape, Heart Sticker – speculation, and issue of remorse regarding getting tattoo.

06-18-2011, 03:53 PM
Week 4: Sidebars and Objections:

6/13, Monday, Day Seventeen: 5 (Testimony from: Shaw & Fontaine)
- Total Objections: 20

6/14, Tuesday, Day Eighteen: 8 (Testimony from: C. Theisen (FBI DNA/A. Burroughs (CSI)/CindyA/J. Welch (CSI/B Williams/Tattoo artist)
- Total Objections: 35

6/15, Wednesday, Day 19: 1 (State rests, plus affidavits for acquittal)

6/16, Thursday, Day 20: 10 (Defense starts Testimony from: G. Bloise (CSI)/H. Seubert (FBI DNA Lab/J. Welch (CSI)/L. Gottesman (FBI Lab-For Doc)/C. Oien (FBI Lab-Hair&Fiber trace evid.)
- Total Objections: 51

6/17, Friday, Day 21: 10 (Testimony from: Dr. Timothy Huntington (Forensic Entomologist)
- Total Objections: 83

6/18, Saturday, Day 22: 8 (Testimony from: Dr. W. Rodriguez (Forensic Anthropologist, US Armed Forces) partial testimony; Dr. W. Spitz (Med. Dr, Forensic Pathology (NOT a chemist!)
- Total Objections: 27

Total Sidebars for week 3: 42

Grand Total Sidebars for trial: 175

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Black Water
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06-25-2011, 02:29 PM
first, Post #7 above SHOULD have read Week 4 total not week 3... :crazy:

Week 5:

6/20, Monday, Day 23: 1 (No testimony – Defense had no witnesses show up!)

6/21, Tuesday, Day 24: 6 (Testimony from: J. Welch (CSI)/ Dr. Jane Bock (Forensics Botanist)/Mr. Eikelenbloom (DNA Scientist)/Yuri Melich (Lead Det)/ Dr. M. Wise (Research Scientist-Analytical Chemistry)
- Total Objections: 95

6/22, Wednesday, Day 25: 7 (Testimony from: M. Bottrell (FBI Trace Evid-Geologist)/ M. Montgomery (FBI-Forensic Toxicologist)/ Dr. M. Sigman (Univ Centrl Fla-Chemistry Prof)/ S. Marus (OSCO-CS Suprvr)/ Dr. M Rickenbach (FBI-For. Chemist)/K. Korsbere-Lowe (FBI-Hair & Fiber Anal)
- Total Objections: 17

6/23, Thursday, Day 26: 10 (Testimony from: S. Mears (OSCO CS Spr)/S. Shaw/ Dr. B. Logan (Natl Forensics-For Toxicologist)/J. Welch (CSI)/Cindy A.)/S. Osborn (Det/Computer For Exam.)/ Sgt K. Stenger (Computer Fore Exam.) And Pro-Offer from: Agent N. Savage & Agent E. Martin (FBI)
- Total Objections – 84 *note 37 objections & 6 sidebars for Dr. B. Logan only!

6/24, Friday, Day 27: 13 (Testimony from: Cindy A./Lee A./Cindy (again)/Office B. Eberlin/Corp. Edwards/Linda Tinelli/Yuri Melich
- Total Objections: 79 (Total objections while Cindy & Lee on stand: 63)

6/25, Saturday, Day 28: 2 (No testimony – trial postponed until Monday, 6/27th @ 8:30am)

Total Sidebars for week 5: 39

Grand Total for trial: 214

07-01-2011, 03:26 PM
Week 6:

6/27, Monday, Day 29: 11 (Testimony from: Y. Melich/M. Vincent/Blaise/J. ForgeyDr. K. Furton (Prof Chemistry)/Sgt. J. Allen (OCSO)/James Hoover (Lic. Investigator)/D. Casey (Private Inv.)
- Total Objections: 69

6/28, Tuesday, Day 30: 8 (Testimony from: Joe Jordan (Volunteer TES)/George A. /Cindy A./Lee A./Yuri Melich/Roy Kronk/David Dean (Meter Reader: co-worker of Kronk/Alex Roberts (Suprv of Kronk)) (ProOffer: Sgt. D. Moonsammy (OC Corrections)/M. Baker (OC Corrections)/Jesse Grund (ex-boyfriend of ICA)
- Total Objections: 53 (Total Objections for: George: 9, 1 sidebar; Kronk: 11, 1 sidebar; D. Dean: 13)

6/29, Wednesday, Day 31: 16 (Testimony from: Cindy/George/Brandon Sparks (R. Kronk’s son)/Roy Kronk/Dep. E. Turso (1st officer at scene)/Y. Melich/Dr. Sally Karioth (Grief Counselor)
- Total Objections: 150 (Total Objections for: George: 78, 6 sidebars; Dr. Karioth: 37, 6 sidebars)

6/30, Thursday, Day 32: 14 (Testimony from: Krystal Holloway aka River Cruz (Volunteer @ Command cntr & “supposed” lover of GA)/D. Casey (Investigator)/ George/Cindy/Lee/Alina Burroughs (CSI Tech @ OCSO))
- Total Objections: 50 (Total Objections for: K. Holloway: 38, 6 sidebars; George: 5 objections, 1 sidebar)

b]7/1, Friday, Day 33: 7[/b] (State Rebuttal: Testimony from: John Camperlingo (Compliance Officer & Genl Counsel for Gentiva/Cindy’s workplace)/D. Plisano (Cindy’s Sprv)/B. Goldberger (Prof & Dir Toxicology @ UoF)/M. Warren (Member of Scientific Work Grp re protocol autopsy)/K. Stanger (Forensic Comp Ex-OCSO)/ S. Osborne (For Comp Exp-OCSO)/Y. Melich/
No further State rebuttal…
- Total Objections: 31

Ending Week 6 with Friday, since we don’t know what will be happening tomorrow, Saturday! Closing Arguments Sunday!!

Total Sidebars for Week 6: 56

Grand Total Sidebars: 270

07-04-2011, 03:07 PM
Week 7:

Closing Agruments:

7/3, Sunday, Day 34: 1 (When all hell broke loose with JB Saying “Laughing Guy” re Jeff Ashton)
- Total Objections: 2 from Baez on State Close; 11 from State on Defense (Baez) close.

7/4, Monday, Day 35: 0 (Rebuttal by J. Ashton & LDB)
- Total Objections: 24 (9 from Baez to Ashton Rebuttal, 1 from Cheney to Ashton; 14 from Baez to LDB Rebuttal; 1 ask for sidebar – no per HHJBP!)

Grand Total Sidebars Week 7: 1

Grand Total for Trial – Sidebars: 271