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Witnesses called as of June 4, 2011 (36)

May 24, 2011
- George Anthony

May 25, 2011
- Cameron Campana
- Nathan Lezniewicz
- Clint Roy House
- Maria Kissh
- Brian Burner
- Jamie Realander
- Erica Gonzalez
- Anthony Lazzaro

May 26, 2011
- Anthony Lazzaro (again)
- George Anthony (again)
- Ricardo Morales
- Melissa England
- Troy Brown
- Iassen Donov
- Danti Salati
- Christopher Stutz
- Matthew Crisp

May 27, 2011
- Mallory Parker
- William Waters
- Catherine Sanchez - Amscot
- Simon Birch
- George Anthony (again)
- Anthony Lazzaro (again)
- [all store surveillance videos played]

May 28, 2011
- Anthony Lazzaro (again)
- Cindy Anthony

May 31, 2011
- Cindy Anthony (again)
- Amy Huizenga
- [audio of KC first call home played]

June 1, 2011
- Amy Huizenga (again)
- Lee Anthony
- Rendon Fletcher
- Adriana Acevedo
- Amanda Macklin - Saw Grass Apts
- Reginald Hosey
- Yuri Melich

June 2, 2011
- Jeffrey Hopkins
- Leonard Turtora
- Yuri Melich (again)
- [audio interview of KC at Universal played]
- [jail visit videos played]

June 3, 2011
- [more jail visit videos played]
- Charity Beasley
- Awilda McBride
- Christine Narkiewicz
- Gerardo Bloise

June 4, 2011
- Karen Korsberg Lowe
- Michael Vincent

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https://docs.google.com/document/edit?id=1SJuT6ZnZa_DMbH7rK5QXMFWMCG9xV7KVoIjLLRZfg _E&hl=en


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State witnesses testified

June 6, 2011
- Dr. Arpad Vass - all day [air samples from trunk]

June 7, 2011
- Gerardo Bloise - [empty items in trash bag in trunk]
- Dr. Arpad Vass - [only to correct an Exhibit number IO to IR]
- Dr. Michael Rickenbach - FBI [ tests for chloroform items in trunk]
- Jason Forgey - [OCSO dog handler of Gerus and Bones- search of car and backyard]

06-08-2011, 05:21 PM
June 8, 2011
- Kristen Brewer - Osceola County Sheriff's Dept - cadaver dog handler
- Sandra [Cawn] Osborne - OCSO forensic computer examiner
- Kevin Stenger - OCSO computer forensics - Osborne's supervisor
- John Bradley - Cacheback - internet searches for chloroform, etc.

06-09-2011, 04:46 PM
June 9, 2011
- John Bradley - Cacheback - [Baez finished re-cross]
- Lee Anthony - Baez does cross - new version of Zanny taking Caylee at JBlanchard
- audio played of Roy Kronk finding human skull
- Edward Turso - OCSO - went to Suburban Dr. with Roy Kronk and saw skull
- Jennifer Welch - OCSO CSI - photos of crime scene, skull, duct tape, bags, blanket, Disney bag
- Steve Hanson - Chief Investigator for the Medical Examiner's office - photos of skull [Mason cross exam]
- Gary Utz - Medical Examiner - photos of skull, shorts, Henkel duct tape, laundry bag
and garbage bags with tight knot in yellow handles
[court recessed for day after afternoon break - Inmate "ill"]

06-10-2011, 05:23 PM
June 10, 2011
- Dr. Gary Utz - Medical Examiner's office - continuation [shorts and shirt and tags]
- Dr. John Schultz - Univ of Central FL Forensic Anthropology [bones found] - Mason cross exam
- Dr. Jan Garavaglia - Medical Examiner [manner and cause of death] Mason cross exam
- Dr. Michael Warren - PhD C.A. Pound Human ID Lab -video superimposition played showing skull/face with duct tape wide enough to cover Caylee's mouth and nose
- Michael Vincent - again -CSI with OCSO - insect evidence/maggots from trash in car sent to Dr. Neal Haskell
- Robin Maynard - CSI with OCSO- insect evidence from Suburban Dr sent to Dr. Neal Haskell and the pink heart on the cardboard on Suburban Dr.

06-11-2011, 01:54 PM
June 11, 2011
- Dr. Neal Haskell - entomology/insects - flies in trunk and woods, napkins with adipocere from trash in trunk, and filters from vacuum trunk of car
- Jennifer Welch (again) - OCSO CSI - photos at recovery site - bones, lettering on Big Trouble shirt, duct tape, machete, palmetto trunks, paver stones
- Ronald Murdock - forensic supervisor for OCSO - created Total Station program 3D birds eye view of recovery site on Suburban Dr where bones and duct tape found, also did search warrant on Anthony home and collected gas can, heart stickers, photos of KC and Caylee bedrooms, Winnie-the-Pooh bedding, Whitney canvas laundry bag, black garbage bags in garage, photos of sheds and contents at Anthony home
- Gerald Johnston - Owner Allen & Company surveying - created video animation of fly through of recovery site on Suburban Dr - purple markers are bones found

[*** NOTE - Gerald Johnston - Allen & Company - see witness Kim Cannon - Allen & Co - architecture - EXPERT - added March 23, 2009 - testimony combined with witness Fabiano Santos [no Defense depo]
witness Gerald Johnston testified at trial on June 11, 2011

06-13-2011, 12:56 PM
June 13, 2011
- Stephen Shaw - FBI - hair and fiber examiner - photos of hair with post mortem root banding and hairs from live people showing decomposition without post mortem root banding - no root banding in hair from live people only from deceased people in process of decomposition

- Elizabeth Fontaine - FBI physical scientist forensic examiner in latent print division - examined 3 pieces of duct tape on remains - no fingerprints found - saw heart shaped residue on duct tape in the size of a dime - her supervisor saw it also

Court dismissed early until tomorrow at 1:00
State may rest its case in chief tomorrow or by noon on Wednesday
Jury may be in deliberations by June 25th or June 27th

06-14-2011, 09:46 PM
June 14, 2011

- Catherine Theisen - Chief Quality Assurance - for FBI Lab Quantico, VA
forensic mitochondrial DNA examiner - did exams on hair in trunk
and Caylee's hair mass - they match
also includes anyone in Casey's maternal line, Lee, Cindy, Grandma Plesea

- Alina Burroughs - CSI with OCSO - testimony about aerial map showing
distance from Anthony home to Suburban site, also about heart stickers
found in Casey's bedroom

- Cindy Anthony - testimony about
hair lengths and colors on KC, Caylee, Cindy, Lee, Mrs. Plesea and her sons
duct tape at the command center
Whitney canvas laundry bags
black garbage bags in garage
Caylee's Big Trouble shirt
George using duct tape
Winnie The Pooh blanket missing
shorts Caylee outgrew - while bouncing on KC's knees

- jury shown puffy heart sticker on cardboard

- stipulations regarding WFTV video on July 20, 2008, Lee at command post with
duct tape on Caylee missing poster

- stipulations regarding Cindy employment at Gentiva - January 1, 2008 through
July 16, 2008 - time card history report

- stipulations regarding George employment at Security Forces
Jan 16, 2008 through July 4, 2008 - weekly time reports

- stipulations regarding Photobucket photos from May 24, 2007 through
July 16, 2008

- stipulations regarding the identity of remains being Caylee Marie Anthony

- stipulations regarding identity of defendant being Casey Anthony

- Jenny Welch - CSI with OCSO - testimony regarding her photos of
Casey's tattoo

- Bobby Williams - Cast Iron Tattoos - did Bella Vita tattoo on Casey on July 2, 2008 and saw her on July 15th when she made an appointment for July 19th

- Defense made Motion for mistrial - DENIED

- State will enter 2 items of evidence on Wednesday morning, then rest their case

- Mason said the Defense will file for a Judgment of Acquittal on Wednesday

- Defense will start their presentation on Thursday June 16, 2011

- State will take deposition of Defense proposed expert witness in Grief Therapy, Sally Karioth, on Saturday June 18, 2011

06-15-2011, 11:48 AM
June 15, 2011

- no witnesses today

- State and Defense agreed to stipulation that the tattoo "Bella Vita" is an Italian phrase meaning "beautiful life" - the Judge read this to the jury

- the State entered into evidence Exhibits IP/#322 and IQ/#323 - samples of spare tire cover in metal cans - Baez said they would want a proffer if anything else is done with this evidence [such as open cans]

- the State rests their case in chief
the jury is dismissed for the day

- Mason gives argument to the Judge for Motion for Judgment of Acquittal
LDBurdick gives the State's position
Judge DENIES the Motion

Judge: in this case there is more than a single act ... those acts consist of duct taping, the nose and mouth, the presence of chloroform in the trunk, coupled with fact that there is evidence that the child was placed in a trash bag and other container and
statements introduced into evidence that during this time period Ms Anthony through statements, said that the child was alive during various segments of this time.
It is quite clear in this case more than one single act which satisfies the test of Brooks vs State.
Considering the evidence in the light most favorable to the state and reviewing all evidence and tests laid down by Florida Supreme Court the defense motion for judgment of acquittal on counts 1-7 are hereby denied.
These are strictly questions for the jury to decide
The court finds State has presented substantial competent evidence for this jury, the trier of fact in this case to decide this particular issue.

06-16-2011, 05:21 PM
June 16, 2011 - Defense begins case

- Gerardo Bloise - [State witness] CSI with OCSO - examined Tony's car, found no blood
LDB said Tony's car did not smell like a dead body
examined KC's clothes - no stains on pants from car on June 16th - Cindy
had washed them

- Heather Seubert - [State witness] FBI Lab - supervisor forensic DNA examiner
expert in serology and DNA analysis
no blood on spare tire cover or trunk liner
no DNA typing on items from trunk
no blood on clothing from KC's closet
no blood on shovel or DNA
3 pieces of duct tape - all Anthonys excluded from DNA profile
DNA on duct tape from FBI Lorie Gottesman
inconclusive DNA on sticky side of duct tape
shorts - no blood or semen
Big Trouble shirt - possible blood - no DNA
blanket - possible blood - no DNA and no semen
laundry bag - possible blood - no DNA
Q103 blanket - unrelated to case - possible blood
doll - no blood
carseat - no blood
steering wheel cover - no biological stains no testing
Lee and George excluded as father of Caylee
not George's DNA on duct tape
Ashton - not blood but could be decomp fluid on items from trunk
Ashton - no blood because killed in manner that blood not shed
no DNA on duct tape because of exposure to elements for 6 months
all this witness can say is no blood in the trunk and only DNA is from
lab personnel

- Robin Maynard - [State witness] CSI with OCSO - puffy heart sticker was found in lane 6,
45ft from baseline [no cross exam]

- Ron Murdock - [State witness] forensic supervisor for OCSO - created Total Station program
3D birds eye view of recovery site on Suburban Dr where bones and duct tape found - heart sticker in lane 6, 45ft from baseline - 30ft away from skull in
area A [ no cross exam]

- Jennifer Welch - [State witness] OCSO CSI - no bones found past lane 6 where puffy heart
sticker found
lots of photos of trash photographed and collected from scene
LDB - Caylee Marie Anthony was discarded in a TRASH DUMP

- Lorie Gottesman - [State witness] FBI - supervisor Forensic Document Examiner
examined 3 pieces of duct tape for heart sticker residue - none found
her DNA profile was on the duct tape after she examined it
she examined pieces of black plastic from scene and also black garbage
bags that Caylee was in, from the scene and compared to black garbage
bags from Anthony home - no match conclusively
Ashton - some were inconclusive - could be - maybe - maybe not match

- Cary Oien - [State witness] FBI Lab - expert in hair and fiber analysis
examined Brian Burner shovel - found fragment of hair - not enough to
compare to known samples
Ashton - means nothing

06-17-2011, 06:06 PM
June 17, 2011 - Defense case

only one witness today - Dr. Timothy Huntington
Asst Professor of Biology at Concordia in Nebraska
expert forensic entomology consultant
LKBaden asked him to get involved with the case the day Caylee found - Dec 11, 2008

he was trained by State expert Dr. Neal Haskell
he said human decomp fluids will KILL GRASS [Cindy said there is a spot of grass in
their backyard which will not grow grass anymore]
he says his conclusion is that there was never a dead body in the trunk, and stain in the
trunk is not from decomp fluid
Ashton had him admit that the trunk still stunk after 2 years, and that the body was placed at the Suburban site in June/July 2008
Ashton gave a hypothetical where Caylee could have been ALIVE in the trunk
hypothetical - body in trunk day or two, perhaps even placed there alive
object overruled
in trunk alive, dies in trunk, if large amounts of chloroform on body or in air, what affect would chloroform have on early colonizers/flies on this dead body? no research on that topic I don't know good answer

06-18-2011, 01:56 PM
June 18, 2011

only two Defense witnesses today

-Dr. William Rodriguez - Forensic Anthropologist with Dept of Defense Armed Forces Medical Examiner Office in Washington, DC
expert in Forensic Anthropology, Taphonomy, and Forensic Entomology
unpaid consultant
one of the founders of the Body Farm in TN
he said decomp fluid kills vegetation, by smothering it, at initial deposit site of human body decomposing
[Cindy said grass will not grow in a spot in her backyard since 2008]
he started to say how he can tell how the duct tape was applied but going into this area is a violation of the Court Order for all experts to write in their report all opinions they will testify to
Dr. Rodriguez must do a deposition with the State today at 1:00, then return to continue to testify on Monday, next week.

Judge withholds ruling on possible contempt of court finding against Baez for not disclosing to the State the info about Dr. Rodriguez' testimony regarding the positioning of the duct tape

- Dr. Werner Spitz - professional medical doctor and Forensic Pathologist
Chief Medical Examiner of Wayne County Michigan in Detroit
he did 2nd autopsy on Caylee's remains (actually just an exam of her skeleton)
he cut open her skull and claims to have found brain dust sediment inside, meaning her skull decomposed laying on the left side
he says no DNA on the duct tape from Caylee's skin
no fractures or blows on skull
no damage to bones except animal chews and the thigh bone cut open for testing
Dr G did not take bone marrow from thigh bone for testing to help determine cause of death
he says manner of death could be accident [not homicide as Dr G says]
he says duct tape not placed prior to decomp [as Dr G says] - he says duct tape placed after decomp - to hold mandible to the skull
he says nothing on bone to indicate duct tape affixed to skull
he says no skin on the duct tape
he says no adipocere on skeleton - forms in 10-12 days

Ashton cross exam of Spitz
Spitz says somebody draped strands of hair on skull for photo
Spitz says residue inside skull is brain dust, not just dirt
Ashton said no need to cut open the skull, can just look through the bottom
Caylee's hair was stuck to the duct tape and fell to the back, not to the side
Ashton brought out Spitz' attraction to high profile cases and interviews with media
- local Orlando TV interview
- local Detroit TV6 interview this week
- Detroit newspaper interview
- interview with Orlando Tony Pipitone
- interview with female Detroit reporter
- TODAY Show in 2009
- 48Hours show interview
- in high profile cases of Phil Spector and OJ Simpson

06-20-2011, 11:19 AM
June 20, 2011

No witnesses today
recessed at 11:00 until 9:00am tomorrow

Baez was going to call Dr. William Rodriguez but Ashton told the Judge he needed more time to review Dr. R's deposition transcript from Saturday, and time to prepare for cross examination.

Ashton said Dr. R prepared to state opinion which he is not qualified to give: opinion that other people can't distinguish human decomp from other odors. This opinion was not in Dr R's original Report.

Then Baez wanted to call Defense expert Mr. Richard Eiklenbloom - but Ashton said there is nothing in his Report, so Ashton did not do a deposition with him, with no info.

Ashton said Mr. Eiklenbloom showed up at my office yesterday afternoon [Sunday] w/o depo, had no report and I just got a 2 page report and 45 slide PP presentation yesterday [Sunday]

Ashton said he will prepare another Sanctions package against Baez for this deliberate violation of the court order.

Ashton said he will take a deposition of Mr. Eiklenbloom on Tuesday at 5:00pm.

The Judge reviewed his previous Orders regarding expert witnesses, from Dec 10, 2010 and Jan 6, 2011.

Judge granted State request to defer testimony of Dr. Wm Rodriguez.
Judge said he will deal with the Sanctions issue after the trial is over.
Judge said the Florida Bar may get involved when the trial is over.

Judge said if there are repeated violations of his Orders, then exclusion of the witness testimony may be the proper remedy if it continues.

Judge said Wednesday will be a short trial day.

Defense said Dr. Rodriguez was first witness - second witness was Richard Eiklenbloom - third witness was a woman they were trying to get. She never arrived.

Judge told all attorneys to be in court at 8:30am every morning from now on.

Judge said we would go all day on Saturday [not stop at 1:00].

Judge said by stipulation between Defense and State court is in recess until 9:00am tomorrow morning.

06-21-2011, 08:29 PM
June 21, 2011

- Jennifer Welch - CSI with OCSO - Atty Sims did direct exam photos of vegetation and log removed
Ashton said in cross that she has no idea how close to skull photo of vegetation removed, was

- Dr. Jane Bock - Botanist - Atty Sims did direct exam
shortest time Caylee's remains could have been at recovery site was
two weeks - because of pattern of leaf litter
said no camphor tree at recovery site and camphor leaves found in
trunk of car
Ashton said in cross that she cannot say for sure only 2 weeks
because leaf litter was up to the nose of Caylee's skull and her hip
bone was buried in 4 inches of muck
there were roots growing into Caylee's hair mass and into the
laundry bag and bones

- re: witness William Rodriguez - Forensic Anthropologist with Dept of Defense Armed Forces Medical Examiner Office in Washington, DC
expert in Forensic Anthropology, Taphonomy, and Forensic Entomology
left Saturday because of discovery violations about opinion re duct tape
Ashton said about him not coming back, at some point the Judge needs
to tell the jury about that
Judge will craft some language for that
Baez said they have further inquiry, discussing that as a team now

- Richard Eikelenboom - DNA scientist
Judge read an instruction to jury that his Report was not provided to
the State until Saturday June 18th

Eikelenboom wanted to testify about lack of DNA testing on
carpet stain in trunk, with low copy DNA testing

** Judge said the Defense will still be going on for next two weeks

** Judge said this discovery violation was willful, not inadvertent
and substantial, not trivial - sanction is to not allow Eikenlenboom
to testify about possibility of testing decomp fluid in trunk
will allow Defense to file a Motion for a Frye hearing by Saturday
will hold a Frye Hearing on Wednesday or Thursday evening

used PowerPoint slides to explain touch DNA
says DNA could have been collected from sticky side of duct tape if
it had been put on Caylee's mouth
could have got DNA from maggots or flies
Ashton on cross said flies were very tiny and had been dead a long time
hot, wet environment worst things for DNA
extremely remote possibility to find DNA on duct tape after body
sits in hot swampy area for 6 months and completely skeletonized

he did not do DNA testing on duct tape - question raised objection that Judge has to research

the examples on slides of panties, jacket and hand in water for 3 weeks - not
dealing with skeletonized remains

- Yuri Melich - conducted 3 search warrants on Anthony home and found no
printouts from computer search for how to make chloroform or items
related to chloroform
LDBurdick on cross said that Casey was out of jail during this time
on first search warrant in late August Melich did not have preliminary
results from Oak Ridge Lab on high levels of chloroform in trunk carpet

- Dr. Marcus Wise - research scientist at Oak Ridge Lab in TN
analytical chemistry
Baez asked about protocols and quality control measures and tried to point
out errors in Dr. Wise testing methods
Baez mentioned contamination of air samples by gasoline in trunk
Ashton on cross talked about highest peak of chloroform in air samples

- State gave Defense new supplemental Discovery
CS of info about Inmate April Whalen who was in jail at same time
with Casey and whose son drowned in pool, found by grandfather
and info on computer activity and IMs on Anthony HP desktop computer
on June 16, 2008 - State may use evidence to rebut Baez' opening statements
about what happened on the morning of June 16, 2008
photos of shot girls

- Judge said short day on Wednesday, work until noon, because Judge has to
attend a meeting regarding trial court budget, he is on the executive committee

06-22-2011, 12:38 PM
June 22, 2011 - short day due to Judge Perry's trial court budget meeting

- Maureen Bottrell - FBI Trace Evidence Unit - geologist forensic examiner
did analysis of soil from Suburban Dr, soil in trunk of Casey's car,
Casey's shoes, Brian Burner shovel, and a shoe transport bag - no
match of soil to Suburban Dr - but cannot say Casey's shoes were never
at Suburban Dr for several reasons

- Madeline Montgomery - FBI Lab - Chemistry Unit - forensic toxicologist
tested Caylee's hair mass for Xanax, Valium, chlonopin, rufies (date
rape drug), and Ketamine - all negative
Ashton said if Caylee died immediately from chloroform, then it would
not be detected in her hair, but not mean she was not ever given drugs

- Michael Sigman - Mason did direct exam
Univ Central FL - PhD in chemistry
was at Oak Ridge Lab in TN from 1990-2002
tested air samples in trunk using different equipment than Dr. Vass used
found ordinary gasoline in air samples
found small amounts of chloroform, concluded from dry cleaning products
or bleach - can't say there was human decomp in trunk
Ashton said the trunk liner and spare tire cover had already been removed
from the car 4 days earlier before Sigman ran air sample tests
Sigman said chemicals could be related to human decomposition, and not
from a bathing suit in the trunk or swimming pool water

- Susan Mears - Crime Scene Supervisor for OCSO
collected red World of Disney plastic bag with Gatorade bottle inside
no cross exam

- Dr. Michael Rickenbach - FBI - Forensic Chemist Examiner
tested Gatorade bottle with syringe with unknown substance in them
found testosterone in both with small amount of chloroform which
could be from a cleaning product
tested carseat and steering wheel cover - no chloroform on them
small amounts of chloroform on doll but not enough to make a conclusion

- Karen Korsberg Lowe - FBI - hair and fiber analysis
no decomp on hairs on Casey's clothes from closet in Anthony home
no decomp on hairs from trash in car
no decomp on hair on trunk liner
no decomp on hairs in debris in trash and on paper towels
no match on fibers from Medical Examiner office from Caylee's remains
compared to fibers on trunk liner, spare tire cover, and vacuumings
no match on fabric portion of duct tape at scene and tape at Anthony home
hair in Caylee's hair mass compared to hairs in debris, plastic, blanket,
bag, tape - found one caucasian head hair and unknown who it came from
Ashton said that Casey was not living at the Anthony home in 30 days
from June 16th - July 16th, when her clothes collected for testing

- Judge told Defense to give him an estimate on Friday of when they might wrap up
their case so the State can prepare for their rebuttal case

- Defense taking deposition of Vasco Thompson today - they claim he had phone contact with George Anthony on July 14, 2008 - he says he did not have the phone number until Feb 2009

06-23-2011, 06:02 PM
June 23, 2011

- Susan Mears - Crime Scene Supervisor for OCSO
brought Gatorade bottle with syringe and Disney bag - entered into evidence
no cross by LDBurdick

- Stephen Shaw - FBI - expert in trace evidence hair and fiber
showed his PowerPoint slides of hairs taken from live people not showing
post mortem banding as in hairs taken from deceased people
none of the hairs in his study, taken from living people had the PM banding
2 examiners in the study first mistook hairs for PM banding but corrected
their original findings
he examined hair from Caylee's hair mass, debris from the skull, and
3 pieces of duct tape
Ashton in cross - all hair on tape and hair mass from same person [Caylee]
some of the hairs from living people, in car trunks in the study, had
darkening but no PM banding
it is well established that PM banding relates to decomp in deceased people

- Dr. Barry Logan - forensic toxicologist and analytical chemist
he is National Director Forensic Svs for NMS Lab Willow Grove, PA
Atty Sims did direct - all about use of the GCMS equipment and how
a research lab (Dr Vass) differs from a forensic lab (Dr Logan)
Ashton on cross - when Vass or Wise found a problem, they did the right
thing and stopped, corrected problem, and ran test again
Sims tried to bring in several issues which were not allowed in

- Jennifer Welch - CSI with OCSO - no socks or shoes from Caylee at
Suburban Drive site
no cross exam

- Cindy Anthony - says she did computer searches on March 17, 2008 and
March 21st for chlorophyll and chloroform, and alcohol, acetone, and injuries
she was at home using computer even when work records say
she was at work - she says she made all the computer entries
did not have to use password - computer always on
everyone uses the desktop computer even Casey's friends
Lee, George, and Casey all drove the Pontiac
stain in trunk was there when they bought the Pontiac for Lee
LDBurdick on cross - Cindy did not have a MySpace or Facebook account
on those days
Cindy knew computer searches were an issue in this case since Sept 2008
Cindy did not tell detectives that she made computer searches
Cindy only told LDBurdick in depo in 2009, that she searched chlorophyll
spelled wrong
Cindy did not do searches on self defense, household weapons,
neck breaking [except article about skate boarder doing a neck breaking
feat], no searches for shovel, possibly did search for inhalation
Cindy did not look up chloroform 84 times
Cindy did not look up chloro2 or chloroform habit or how to make weapons
out of household products

- Sandra Cawn Osborne - OCSO computer forensic examiner
did not do spreadsheet on hit on keyword "chloroform"
computer password was rico23, set on May 14, 2008

- Sgt Kevin Stenger - OCSO computer forensics - Osborne's supervisor
did Net Analysis Report and cacheback reports on keyword hits for
"chloroform" - the two reports are different
Net Analysis report shows MySpace visited 84 times, 83 times, 82 times
and 81 times on March 21 through March 13th
Net Analysis shows sci-spot...chloroform visited one time
found keyword "chloraform" [with an "a"] and did Excel spreadsheet
LDBurdick on cross - the MySpace visits were at same time as visits on
how to make chloroform [Cindy did not have a MySpace acct]
"how to make chloroform" would not show up if typed in "chlorophyll"
Casey could have had tabs open for chloroform while opening other
tabs and still reading - even though opened new tab 3 minutes later

- proffer on testimony of FBI agent Nickolas Savage and FBI Erin Martin
Ashton said their testimony is not relevant
Mason argued to the Judge [no jury present] why the defense wants them to
testify - regarding emails which prosecutors asked them to get of
the duct tape on Caylee's skull while at the ME's office with
scale to show the measurements - implied prosecutor misconduct
in trying to create evidence
Judge ruled that both witness testimony on this subject is not relevant to
any material issue in the case

06-24-2011, 08:59 PM
June 24, 2011

- Cindy Anthony
shorts found with Caylee's remains not fit her - 3T
photos of Caylee climbing ladder of pool - did not need much help
photo of Caylee at sliding glass door - could reach it
Cindy told co workers about ladder up and gate open June 16, 2008
and called George at work and told Det Yuri Melich
Caylee never left house barefoot
LDBurdick in cross - Cindy not believe Caylee drowned and was never
told that Caylee drowned
Cindy said previously ladder up incident was before gas can incident
on June 24th sometime that week, not specifically on June 16th
Cindy has made errors on dates before - ex: last seen June 9th
no way Caylee could lift the pool ladder by herself and put it on pool
no way Caylee could open the sliding glass door by herself
no way Caylee could open the outside side gate
Caylee was obedient and followed instructions about pool safety
adult standing at edge of pool could not reach in and grab an item
without getting wet
Cindy kept clothes that Caylee outgrew in the house
tags on Caylee's clothes Circo brand from Target

Baez tried to ask if Cindy George having marital problems and objection
Judge said your theory of defense was that this was accidental drowning, that
your client's behavior subsequent to drowning was caused by long term sexual
abuse of Ms A at hands of father and brother
Judge said you cannot use broad blanket of theory of defense to just get any and
everything in - Defense told Judge current theory of defense in private at sidebar

- Lee Anthony
owned Pontiac before Casey from 2000-2005
had three stains in trunk when he bought it
he knew Casey was pregnant in early 2005 but was told to let it go by Cindy
knew Casey was not just putting on weight [as Cindy said]
he was hurt and angry that he was not included in Caylee's birth
Lee sobbed on the witness stand under direct exam by Baez
Ashton on cross - Lee met with Baez to tell about something Lee heard
his parents discussing while waiting at courthouse
Lee refused to meet with the State regarding testimony today
Lee did not call out Casey on the pregnancy bump or bulge - not a big deal
today Lee said he asked Casey and his mother if she was pregnant
Cindy and George were over the top and excited about birth, not hiding it
Lee saw all the preparations for Caylee's arrival and the baby shower not a
Lee's bedroom right next to redecorated room for Caylee
the one basketball sized stain in trunk not in car when bought it
the other stains Lee claims there when bought car, did not make a stench in the
car like the basketball sized stain
Lee did not cry during his depo when asked the same questions today
Lee said it was because he did not believe Caylee was dead back then
but Lee spoke at Caylee's memorial [she was dead] six months before
his depo
Ashton brought out how Lee is cooperative with defense but not the State
State had to show him his depo transcript several times, but not Baez

- Cindy Anthony (again today)
did not believe Casey was pregnant at Rick's wedding
baby shower for Caylee was held after her birth because she was born early
no males were present at the baby shower - no Lee [said he was not invited]

- Ryan Eberlin - OCSO - Mason direct exam
did not notice odor in car on July 16, 2008
put handcuffs on Casey for 2-3 minutes because Cindy said she committed
crimes of fraudulent use of credit cards and stole car

**Judge gave jury instruction that jury to know that Casey not on trial for
crimes of fraudulent use of CC, only to explain why deputy put on handcuffs

- Cpl Eric Edwards - OCSO Homicide unit - Mason did proffer
interviewed Linda Tinelli - not allowed to tell jury that LE wanted her to
wear a wire to get info from George and Cindy
Linda told LE that she saw George with duct tape
Judge said testimony not admissible

- Linda Tinelli - volunteer at KidFinders tent end of July to Dec 8, 2008
Mason direct exam
saw George with duct tape at command center to tape down tablecloths and to
put up missing child posters
LDBurdick no cross exam

- Yuri Melich - OCSO lead detective on case
George told him about smell in the car in private in driveway July 16, 2008
George directed focus on to Casey
Melich and Metro Bureau Inv got Anthony home phone records, not cell
phone records for George, Cindy, Lee - only Casey cell phone records
pulled cell phone records on Roy Kronk and got statements from him and his
co workers, did not take RK's computer
Det Gerald White had tip on dead end of Suburban Dr - Melich said area
already searched by cadaver dog and Kevin Forgey - tip not near remains
did not investigate duct tape at remains site and duct tape with George at
command center connection - Henkel duct tape on gas can

- Houskeeping matters
Defense wrap up case by Wednesday or Thursday
State one day or two for rebuttal case
Judge will not allow attorneys to split up on rebuttal -
closing arguments will take as long as opening statements took - one day
Judge will issue Order on Monday regarding closing arguments

Baez said there are discovery violations over Roy Kronk phone records
and George phone records and Anthony family phone records
LDBurdick said they have been given discovery
Defense already gave subpoena for Roy Kronk phone records
Defense gave Anthony family phone records to LDBurdick
Judge said it is late in the day for red herrings [phone records]

Attorneys argued over jury instruction regarding witness Dr. Wm Rodriguez
who is not coming back - he did not have permission from his employer
the Dept of Defense to testify - could get fired
Ashton received a phone call after DoD saw it on TV from supervisor Dept Defense Cpt Malick (sp?)
Defense wants a different jury instruction than Ashton wants
Defense implies that Ashton called the DoD instead of DoD calling him
and did not tell Defense about call until after Rodriguez' depo
was taken on Saturday June 18th - Baez said they will file a
Motion about this - Ashton said bring it on!
Judge said Rodriguez' Captain can testify if it is against DoD regulations
for Rodriguez to testify and if he asked permission, then Judge can decide
what kind of jury instruction to give about this issue
Defense told Judge they had another witness who could testify to the
same things and chose to let Rodriguez go

Judge will have proposed jury instructions for them to look at on Tuesday
Will have proposed verdict forms on Wednesday
Judge wants State to have witnesses ready to go on Wednesday
Judge to decide if give jury instructions on Friday evening or Saturday - will take
45 minutes
Judge needs to decide on lesser included offenses, depending on Defense renewed
Motion for Directed Verdict - will finish over the weekend and give to attorneys
on Monday

Judge asks if Defense gave State a copy of the Motion they filed?
Ashton said something about happy to provide ... supervisor ...
Judge said Motion to Dismiss will require an evidentiary hearing, not just attorneys flapping their gums - Judge said do it in the morning or at end of the day
Baez said he will take name and we can inform court when ready to have heard
Ashton slapped down a piece of paper in front of Baez at end of today

LDBurdick followed by Mr. George stomped over to Mason and LDBurdick
said something angrily to Mason and then stomped back to her desk

06-25-2011, 09:54 AM
June 25, 2011

no witnesses - court dismissed due to legal matter arising

- issue brought up by Ashton that Defense witness Dr. Kenneth Furton has new information which was not in his report nor his depo and new slides to use in a PowerPoint presentation wherein he indicates the source of the decomp odor in the trunk of the car - which he did not state in his depo nor report

Ashton told the Judge this is another discovery violation
Baez argued that it is not new opinion and he would tailor his testimony
Judge said he needs a copy of Dr. Furton's report [which has not been filed] and will read it along with his depo to see if new info - they will have a hearing on this later

- Mason brought up an entirely different subject to the Judge at sidebar
all the defense attorneys met in the back with the Inmate

Judge comes out and says both sides concur that a legal issue has arisen, different from the issue of Dr. Furton, which necessitates dismissing for today - in recess until Monday morning at 8:30am
Judge takes court reporter to jury room

06-27-2011, 08:36 PM
June 27, 2011

NOTE: Juror has London vacation planned for July 14th
# 8 JUROR RECAP #3015 - Female, white, 50s
has London vacation plans for July 14th

- On Saturday, Defense filed Motion to Determine Competency to Proceed
Judge ordered 3 doctors to examine Defendant - they gave reports
Dr. Daniel Tressler, Dr. Harry McClaren, and Dr. Ryan Hall
Judge Order finding her competent to proceed
Reports are SEALED, but Motion was published

- Defense withdrew Motion to Dismiss based on prosecutorial misconduct

- Yuri Melich
saw one car being searched by Dep Forgey with cadaver dog
made a mistake re: Kronk phone records - got cell phone records for
June 1 - July 1, no records August - December 2008
did not get George's cell phone records except June, July 2008
got cell phone records for Amy, Jesse, Ricardo, Tony, Chris Stutz,
Diane Taylor, Stephanie K, JP Chatt, Ronald Westenberger,
Troy Brown, Jenna Prentiss, Jamie Realander, Brittany Scheiber,
LDB in cross said they are related to the search for Zanny the nanny
never took Roy Kronk computer, but took Joy Wray computer and Ricardo's
2 search warrants at Anthony home, first one listed Winnie the Pooh bedding
did not search George or Cindy cars with cadaver dogs, or Anthony home
LDBurdick - their cars did not smell like dead body
showed aerial map of distance from Anthony home to Suburban Dr
Casey arrested July 16th and Oct 14, 2008 - out on bond Aug - Oct
LDBurdick on cross - Melich was busy with thousands of tips when got email
from Joe Jordan

- Michael Vincent
saw one car being searched by Dep Forgey cadaver dog
Baez used their drawings on the large paper as evidence

- Gerardo Bloise
saw one car being searched by Dep Forgey cadaver dog
LDB in cross exam said their focus was on the Pontiac Sunfire

- Jason Forgey - OCSO dog handler
two cars were searched by cadaver dog
Baez said first time he said his supervisor was present during searches

- Dr. Kenneth Furton - Professor Dept of Chemistry - FL Intl Univ
has not testified about human decomp before this trial
showed PowerPoint slides regarding GCMS equipment
says no instrument method can identify presence of human remains
based on chemical residues available
says trash in trunk could be source of decomp odor
Ashton on cross exam - his students did research, not him
nothing in trash would account for smell of decomp 2 years after
trash removed
chemicals mean human decomp in trunk

- Sgt John Allen - attorney Finnell direct exam
he handled (3) James Hoover videos of Dominic Casey in woods

- James Hoover - P.I. worked with Dominic Casey
they were looking for 3 paver stones and looking for Caylee's remains
Dominic knew Hoover was video taping him searching
tried to sell video to Fox news
Bounty Hunter Padilla told him it was worth $ 200,000

- Dominic Casey - P.I. worked for Baez and Anthonys
did not give Hoover permission to video record him
Cindy and George did not tell him to search woods
a psychic Ginette Lucas told him where to search Nov 15th and 16th
he marked on maps where he went into woods and where he parked
Mr. George cross exam - Inmate Casey was out of jail August 2nd through
Oct 14, 2008 and Dominic had contact with her
prevented from getting an answer to whether he ever asked Inmate ....
during time Dominic worked for Anthonys, still had contact with Baez
he did not see red Disney bag or any other items found with Caylee

06-28-2011, 06:14 PM
June 28, 2011

- Confirmed Gentiva witnesses: Don Platt, lead tech. specialist, Kansas; John Camperlengo, senior VP/general counsel, Atlanta #CaseyAnthony by oscaseyanthony via twitter at 9:02 AM

- Joe Jordan - TES volunteer - team leader on Suburban Dr search
went 5ft into woods had standing water, found red cooler and pink
baby blanket - 2 dogs sniffed items found
sent email Dec 13th said thought he was in the area, but that was a mistake
kept detailed TES records of where he searched
water was knee deep
Mason asked if he was threatened with felony prosecution - caused a stop
LDBurdick gives JJ use immunity for today
Judge told jury to disregard questions about felony prosecution and his
5th amendment rights not to answer

- George Anthony - does he know Krystal Holloway aka River Cruz
says no romantic relationship - went to her house to console her because
she had a brain tumor and dying - just a volunteer at command center
says he did not tell her it was an accident that snowballed out of control
sent her a text saying needs her in his life - needs all the volunteers
left a letter at her house - to cheer her up
said she has a questionable past, arrested for fraud, breaking and entering,
not a good person...
Ashton on cross exam - did you ever tell RC that while dtr was home on bond
that you grabbed her by throat, threw against the wall - said no

- Cindy Anthony - said she never told Dominic Casey and James Hoover to go search off Suburban Dr for deceased Caylee
told Melich that she had people walk that area in Nov and no body there
told Melich a WTPooh blanket was missing
asked if she told Lee that she sent Dominic and Hoover to Suburban to search
she said never told Lee that and never told those guys to search
LDBurdick no cross exam

- Lee Anthony - says he had argument with Cindy over her sending Dominic to Suburban drive to look for deceased Caylee to follow psychic tip and Lee was
angry because parents should be looking for live Caylee - this was in October
Mr. George cross exam- Lee had argument with mother in October - BEFORE
Dominic went to Suburban Dr in November
Lee was sold on all his sister's lies - Lee said yes and no

- Det Yuri Melich - on Dec 20, 2008 search warrant, Cindy told him she had people walk the area in November and no body there
LDBurdick no cross exam

- Roy Kronk - Mason direct exam
called authorities on Aug 11, 12, and 13th
skull did not roll out of bag - did not say he found a bag of bones
he put his meter reader stick in eye socket and pivoted up the skull
never told his son in November that he would be rich and famous
he took $ 255,000 reward
got $15,000 from Good Morning America Show for photo of snake
got $5,000 from crime line
needed $1,000 on Dec 10th for car repairs
LDBurdick cross exam - Kronk does not know George, Cindy, Lee, Casey
Dominic or Hoover
Kronk just moved to Florida in Aug 2007 - not familiar with area
lives in St Cloud - not Orlando
got assignment for routes the night before
area full of water on August 11th
he needed money every month not just on Dec 10th
Kronk never had access to Anthony home or computer or Casey's car
or Caylee's clothes, or Anthony yard or Caylee diapers or
laundry bags or garbage bags or duct tape or Caylee's blankets

- David Dean - Kronk coworker
he suggested to Kronk that Caylee may be in that area
good place to hide a body and Casey said she is close to home
Tropical Storm Faye hit Orlando shortly after August 11th

- Alex Roberts - Kronk supervisor
Kronk did not read meters in Anthony neighborhood on Dec 11th
not allowed to talk about what Kronk said about reward
LDBurdick no cross exam

- Sgt Dennis Moonsammy - OC Corrections - Supervisor Women Detention Ctr
asked if Casey under special custody status - sidebar
proffer of his testimony with no jury present
said Casey was always pleasant
Judge ruled his testimony is not relevant or material

- Marlene Baker - OC Corrections
proffer of her testimony with no jury present
said Casey was always pleasant
Judge ruled testimony is not relevant or material

- Jesse Grund - proffer of his testimony with no jury present
says Lee was standoffish around him and sullen with Casey and Caylee
Casey told him she did not want Caylee around Lee
Casey told him that Lee stood over her in her sleep staring and
another time groped her in middle of the night
whatever Casey said to him was truth and fact, he wanted nothing to do with Lee
Mr. George no questions in proffer
Judge will decide if testimony is admissible or not - attorneys are looking up
case law over the evening - will discuss more tomorrow

- Finnell wants to argue Death Penalty motion at 8:30am - do it by phone

- Sally Karioth - grief expert
Ashton wanted a proffer of her testimony
decided she will come in tomorrow and see what she has to say
if objections they will deal with it then
she never interviewed Casey and knows nothing about the case
will testify in general about grief

- Defense says they have about half a dozen more witnesses
Judge said at conclusion of Defense case he will ask Casey if it is her
decision alone, not to testify

06-29-2011, 07:04 PM
June 29, 2011

- Finnell's Death Penalty Motion heard via phone
Judge will reserve ruling on it

- Cindy Anthony
does not remember incident with Lee going into Casey's room at night
6 months believed Caylee still alive even though held Memorial Service
told Casey about new media theory that Caylee drowned in the pool
told LE about pool ladder incident

- George Anthony
he believes the smell in the car trunk was human decomp - 100% sure
he told Melich that the car smelled
said Casey lives on the edge, takes lies as far as she can take them
he didn't bond her out - not put house up for collateral
he testified at grand jury under subpoena
he attempted suicide with blood pressure pills and beer
his media appearances, got $ 20,000 from 48Hours appearance
he would never harm his daughter by molesting her
gas can and duct tape ....
Ashton cross exam - he no longer believes Caylee died in custody of
someone other than Casey
Jan 22, 2009 he bought a gun to force people to tell him what happened
to Caylee and then to kill himself

- Brandon Sparks - Roy Kronk's son
his father called him in November 2008 and said he would be on tv
Defense P.I. Mortimer Smith interviewed him
LDB cross exam showed him phone records, he could not find the call
father did not tell him he had taken this skull and had it at his home, in his
car, or done anything else to it, he didn't tell son taken skull from some sort of
scene, he found skull and reported to LE

- Roy Kronk
statements he said skull rolled out of bag, other statements said he put his
meter reader stick in the eye socket
did not tell detectives he had called 4 times in August
LDBurdick no cross exam

- Deputy Edward Turso - OCSO
first LE to talk to Roy Kronk - RK did not tell him that he called
crime line in August 2008
LDBurdick no cross exam

- Yuri Melich
Roy Kronk did not tell him he called 4 times in Aug 2008
said the skull rolled out of the bag
LDBurdick no cross exam

- Sally Karioth - grief expert - Sims did direct exam
hypotheticals on young mother who lost a child and grief reactions
Ashton cross exam - hypotheticals on mother who deliberately killed her child

- Baez says the defense will wrap up case tomorrow/Thursday
State have witnesses ready to start rebuttal case
have Charge conference on Friday - tentative
Closing arguments on Saturday - tentative
LDBurdick asks if closing will be on Sunday or 4th of July Monday?
Judge said he will ask jury what they want to do
Judge told attorneys not to make any plans for Sunday or Monday

06-30-2011, 06:33 PM
June 30, 2011

- Krystal Holloway aka River Cruz - claims affair with George
claims George told her that he really believes it was an accident that snowballed
out of control and she tried to cover it up
George never said he was there and knew it was an accident
George never said that Casey told him it was an accident
George sent her a letter from Cindy and George
sister sold her story to National Enquirer for $4,000
she first told LE that she did not have a romantic relationship with George
Judge read instruction to jury that KH's statement is used only to impeach
George on previous testimony, not as any evidence of how Caylee died
or the defendant's guilt or innocence

- Dominic Casey
he put pin marks on areas he searched on Suburban Dr.
not exact markings, just general locations
Orlando is 101 square miles - only place he searched for a deceased Caylee

- Baez showed video of news report of George at tent with duct tape

- George Anthony
George not know if that is his duct tape or not
asked how their pets were buried - with blanket, plastic bags and tape
Ashton cross exam - never took dead pets and thrown in swamp

- Cindy Anthony
asked how pets were buried
she handled most of the burials after Veterinarian prepared them in plastic bags
with clear wrapping tape [not duct tape]
LDBurdick cross exam - never euthanized pets with chloroform
did not put duct tape on animal's faces
Casey was a senior in HS when mom and baby cocker spaniels died within
6 months of each other - Casey was present at burials

- Lee Anthony
asked how pets were buried
his parents handled burial of pets

- Baez said they had no more witnesses, and Casey would not be testifying
Judge asked Casey personally if it was her decision not to testify

- Stipulation read to enter Shurtape Henkel brand duct tape records into evidence


- LDBurdick says they need less than a day for rebuttal case

- Mason presents argument for discovery violation regarding new Gentiva records
Judge rules it is not a discovery violation, and gives Defense Sims time to
talk to the Gentiva rep - Judge wants him to testify tomorrow

- Ashton wants jury to be able to open can with carpet sample smelling of decomp
Judge will not allow the can to go back to jury, so jury will not open it
Judge will not allow State witness Michael Vincent to testify in rebuttal
about the can

- Alina Burroughs - crime scene tech with OCSO
entered into evidence photos she took of clothes in Caylee's room

- LDBurdick enters into evidence drawings by Dominic Casey

- LDBurdick enters into evidence modified TES documents re: Joe Jordan

- Ashton enters into evidence George's suicide letter and shows all 8 pages
to the jury

- Judge tells jury it is his hope that Saturday morning hear closing arguments,
then he will give jury instructions, then they start deliberations

- Judge deals with young man who shot bird during Ashton's arguments at podium
sentenced to 6 days in jail and fine of $400 plus court costs $ 223.00
he wants to appeal - appointed a public defender

- Baez says they are filing a subpoena for more Gentiva records for July 15, 2008
Gentiva rep cannot get records until Wed or Thurs next week

07-01-2011, 05:55 PM
July 1, 2011

- Baez asks Judge to reconsider Motion to exclude rebuttal testimony re:
Gentiva records and rebuttal testimony of Dr. Goldberger and Dr. Warren - DENIED

- Court recessed while Defense took depo of Dr. Goldberger and Dr. Warren

- John Campelengo - Gentiva Health Care Chief Compliance Officer
has computer activity records of Cindy on March 17, 2008 and March 21, 2008
shows she was on a work computer on those dates and at times of computer
searches on Anthony home computer
Baez cross exam only said this man asked for this info last Friday

- Deborah Polisano - Cindy's supervisor at Gentiva
Cindy worked in an office and did not leave during day for work purposes
each employee used their own login user name and password
against HIPPA regs to use anybody else's login name and password
Cindy could not work from home on Gentiva website
Polisano never fixed Cindy's timecard
timecard shows Cindy worked on March 17th and March 21st
timecard never showed Cindy at work when really at home - illegal to do
Baez cross exam - allowed to run errands during day

- Dr. Bruce Goldberger - Prof Director Toxicology Univ FL Dept Pathology and Psychiatry
tested samples from the cranial wash of Caylee's skull
nothing from saline wash in skull was residue of brain
nothing of decomp in skull cavity [Spitz said it was brain dust]

- Dr. Michael Warren - Directo CA Pound Human ID Lab Univ FL
no protocols that require or recommend opening of a skull for exam in a skeletal
case especially on a child's skull - could fracture the skull [Spitz did break it]
no need to saw open the skull - just look through the large hole at base of skull
use dental mirrors and flashlight
Baez cross exam - says Dr. Spitz knows better what to do in autopsy

- Kevin Stenger - OCSO computer forensic examiner
did keyword searches on Anthony home computer for chlorophyll, neck
, hand sanitizer, bamboo, and Gentiva and found NONE of those
words anywhere on the harddrive
"neck breaking" was not a popup - someone typed in those words in Google
Baez cross exam - something about domain names like yahoo

- [B]Sandra [Cawn] Osborne - OCSO computer forensic examiner
search for chlorophyll, hand sanitizer and bamboo and Gentiva website
chlorophyll was only found in the MS dictionary which comes with the
MS software when you buy a computer
did not find the other words on the harddrive
found nothing related to bamboo leaves being poisonous
only search related to dogs was how to get rid of fleas
no remote login onto Gentiva website
Baez cross exam - suggested files could have been deleted and written over

- Yuri Melich
turned over cell phone records of Cindy and George and home phone records
no call from home phone to George cell phone during week of July 16th
Cindy said she called George from their home phone about pool ladder incident
on July 16th
Baez on cross exam - George had multiple cell phones, all Anthonys had several

- No further rebuttal from State

- Defense has no sir rebuttal - Judge ask if they will put Mrs. Anthony on stand - no

- Judge dismisses jury and says reconvene on Sunday at 9:00am for closing arguments and instruction on the law

- Mason renewed Motion for mistrial related to video superimposition by Dr Warren - DENIED

- Judge will reserve ruling on Finnell's death penalty motion

- Mason argued renewed Motion for Judgmental of Acquittal
says State has not proven any of the charges and Judge can acquit
DENIED - the jury will decide

- Ashton says attorneys will have a telephone conference at noon tomorrow

- Judge says attorneys be in court at 8:30am on Sunday to finalize jury instruction