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06-10-2011, 04:57 PM
Robin Maynard, crime scene investigator up next. Direct by LDB

Show OX for ID.

Evidence collected from Suburban drive location.

Collected items over a period of days. She documented the locations of her findings, as did other invesigators.

Showing many items to Robin now ...

They are ID'd by witness.

Are these items you collected?

JB wants to come up close to see what items are being given to witness. SIGH.

06-10-2011, 04:58 PM
Robin says she recognizes these items.

JB still hanging out by witness and LDB.

06-10-2011, 05:01 PM
He's going to blame the heart sticker on school children?

The woods look like JUST the path I would like my children to take to school...

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06-16-2011, 03:18 PM

In 2008 she was a CSI with OCSO.

She collected Exhibit S-313.

She recognized a photo of the cardboard mat with a raised pink heart shaped material. Photo marked as Defense Exhibit 16.

She was in charge of the sifting items. Items were coming in buckets with the searchers initials, lane numbers and coordinates. If they found something in the sifting, they would photograph it and indicate the lane and coordinates. This item came from Lane 6 - 45 feet west of the baseline.

Defense Exhibit A-T (stipulation that it is not to scale). Marked as D-17. It was published to the Jury. JB then published the prior photo because he forgot to do it earlier and the Jury did not get to see it. (What is it about this exhibit - it was the same item that had to be put back up by JA and passed around to the Jury).

She indicated on D-17 where lane 6 is and where 45 feet from the base line was. She then indicated where the bones were found in the sifting only. It can't be exact because it came from a bucket that was sifted. 13 bones were found in the sifting. She believes there was a bone found in lane 6, but doesn't recall how many feet west of the baseline it was.

No further questions by JB.

No questions by LDB.

Witness is excused.

06-16-2011, 03:18 PM
Robin Maynard - former CSI w/OCSO - photo of pink raised heart on cardboard backing...photo may have a 2nd number...introduce into evidence.

record where find out?
in charge of sifting - items coming from sifting ....map couldn't be made - buckets come from buckets with initials the lane and coordinates....note on the bucket where it came from lane coordinate...this item appears from lane 6, how many from baseline 45' west of baseline....publish with conditions that it is not to scale...received publish....kc looking @ screen....

bones found in sifting station with grid lines....defense 16....

now blurry pic of heart and scale lines.....tech difficulty...
indicate to jury lane 6 45' from base line....written on the scale....
publish defense picture of the lanes....show jury where lane 6 is...and 45' from base line and lane 6....not to scale....where are areas bone found in sifting....there are other items not here...bones in found in sifting area...cannot be exact came from a bucket sifted in area 5-10 feet....white dots indicate....just general ...13 bones found -did a general map of where bones were found...believe there was a bone found in lane 6 but not sure how many feet west of baseline it was....

Cross - no questions
excuse witness