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Alina Burroughs crime scene investigator-Orange County Sheriff's Office

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Alina Burroughs

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Witness has been excused.

SA calling Alina burrows CSI with OCSO \since nov 18/2003

Working dec 2008

assisted in collection evidence at site of remains

assisted in search warrent in anthony home dec 20th 2008

BT for Identification

Fairly and accurately depicts the distance between house and remains site?


LDB accidentally published picture early.

AB circles in blue the location of remains.

picture unpublished

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Alina Burroughs - CSI @ OCSO since 11/2003(?)

(audio cut out)....remains found 12/11/08

search warrant on Hopespring Dr. on 12/20/08 -
overview photo (satellite?) pic of Hopespring and where remains were recovered....received publish

LDB - notation on the pic of the A home....circle area where remains were located...
during search warrant she served, obtained evidence, and collected them from A residence....she might have seen them in present location or sometimes they were brought to her....heart shaped stickers found @ the A home....QV exhibit ....pic of items in KC room...defense objects - Sidebar - approach

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CSI with OCSO. Worked there for 7.5 years.

In December of 2008 she assisted in recovery of evidence on Suburban Drive and with the execution of a search warrant at the Anthony's on December 20, 2008.

She was shown a photo and agreed it showed the distance between the Anthony residence and the recovery scene. Photo was marked as Exhibit 305 and published to the Jury.

Photo ha an arrow marking the Anthony home on an aerial map. She then circled the area where the remains were found.

Regarding search warrant - she collected items from the Anthony home.

There were heart stickers found in ICA's bedroom.

She was shown a photo of a box with heart stickers in it.

SIDEBAR #2 regarding photos of the heart stickers found in ICA's room.

She found a box inside a dresser. The box included an envelope and there was an envelope with a missing sticker. The photo of this was admitted into Evidence as 306 over JB's objection.

The next photo was a close-up of the sticker backing. This photo was admitted into Evidence as 307 over JB's objection.

The next item was the actual heart shaped sticker backing which was marked as Exhibit 308 over JB's objection.

The next item was a photo that showed other stickers she collected. It was a sheet of stickers, cut in half, that was in a black binder in ICA's bedroom. The photo was marked as Exhibit 309 over JB's objection.

The next item is the actual sheet of stickers previously mentioned. Item was marked as Exhibit 310 over JB's objection.

The next item was a photo showing a sheet of heart stickers (looks like the stickers are gone). Photo was marked as Exhibit 311 over JB's objection.

Next item is a sheet of metallic red heart shaped stickers with 3 stickers left on the sheet. Item was marked as Exhibit 312 over JB's objection.

No further questions by LDB.


Regarding Exhibit 307 (close up of sticker backing) the postage stamp on the envelope was 37 cents. She could not say the date of the letter. She didn't feel comfortable commenting on the age of the items in the box. She agreed there were items relating to a baby shower.

Regarding Exhibit 311 (photo of red heart stickers) there were also star stickers.

She did not recall art work by a child on the wall. She recalled pictures.

She searched other areas of the home for stickers. She did not recall if she found stickers in Caylee's room, but she did find a scrap book page.

She did not find any stickers in the master bedroom.

(ICA writing things and then talking with DS)

She was shown Defense Exhibit W - a photo of the item at the recovery site. She has only seen it in pictures. She did not feel comfortable whether she saw anything like that at the Anthony's home.

To her knowledge, she did not actually find that item at the house. She felt uncomfortable saying whether she found that particular item at the house.


She agreed there was an elementary school close to the recovery site. She did not feel comfortable estimating the distance.

She was shown Exhibit 305.

There is an elementary school in the vicinity. She did not feel comfortable making an estimate.


She agreed Suburban Drive dead ended. She did not know if there were residences down there.

She was at the scene for 9 days. She agreed school buses were the only traffic allowed thru, and families picking up children.



No further questions.

Witness is excused.

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LDB attempted to get Exhibit K-B entered into evidence - previously identified by Robin Maynard.

JB objected as to the timing and inability to question last witness about it.

ALINA BURROUGHS brought back to the stand.


JB withdrew objection and item was marked as Exhibit 315.

JB showed the witness the package and she identified it as the sticker found at the scene.

She agreed she did not find that at the Anthony home. She agreed it was a raised surface.

No further questions by JB.

Witness excused (again).