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06-10-2011, 02:41 PM
Hope these pics come out ok.

Standing at the side street beside Smallwood, looking up the alley toward the boys appartments.

Moved forward approx. 1/2 block closer toward his apt. area.

Another 1/2 block (approx.)closer to his apt. area.
In the below pic, there is a photographer in the middle of the alley at the top of the hill near the boys apartment pointing his camera my way. I didn't want to go further.

Looking back at Smallwood.

There are very few street lights in this alley. The lights that are there are focused on apt. parking areas, not the alley.

06-10-2011, 06:06 PM
Since I'm local, I went looking for the "Alley Cam" that shows Lauren at 3am. This is the last location that she can be proven to have been.

Actually there are several camera's. All of them are at 10th & the alley. 3 of them have tinted covers. You can't tell where they point, or if they are real. 3 of them are old school "box" camera's.

2 of the box cameras point directly at the alley. If you go up the alley there is no way to avoid them.

This is 1 block before they "got to the boys apt."

2 Box cams center, circled in red are unavoidable if your walking up the alley. I did not circle the box cam to the right, since it points toward College.
There is no way to tell where the tinted camera on the left is pointed.

Tinted cameras probably point at the fenced in pool, but there is no way to know if they are real, or where they point.

06-10-2011, 10:19 PM
I'm back from looking around the area between Morton, 11th, & College. I was mainly looking for the handrail. Below are some pics. I'm not much of a photographer, so its not much, but its all I can do to help find Lauren at this point.

I've updated that area of my original "map" to help clarify some things.

5 North Apartments 11th & Morton

Back side of 5 North, from Gravel area.

Back of Apartments between 5 North, and 11th & College.

Back of Apartments between 5 North, and 11th & College. Back of 11th & College. Dr. Office.

Gravel Lot, Handrail, 10th & College Village Apts. 10th & College Apts. Security Cameras.

06-14-2011, 08:41 PM
Starting at 9th Street in front of Bubs (http://www.bubsburgersandicecream.com/), behind Smallwood, looking North on Morton toward 10th, & 11th St. You can follow along on Google Street View. There is nothing to see on the west side of the street, (farthest from Smallwood).

There is an empty lot at the corner of 9th & Morton, then the first building is an apartment complex named Morton Mansions at 10th and Morton St. with for lease signs, cameras pointing to the parking lot, which is toward Smallwood and College, One camera at the main entrance, and more in the distance on the next building.

At the corner of 10th & Morton, I looked East up 10th, toward College Ave. There are 6 Cameras. The far building on the left with cameras is 10 & College Apartments.

Continuing North on Morton, are 3 more cameras on 10th & College Village apartment building.

Further North on Morton, another camera at the main entrance to 10th & College Village apartment building. As I took this picture, a friend pulled up to the curb. I leaned in his car as he asked what the heck I was doing. As a silly excuse came out of my mouth, 2 unmarked police cars pulled up just in front of him. 4 uniformed officers got out of each car, and fanned out thru the neighbor hood. You can see a few of them in a couple of these images IIRC. So, they are still out working the case. I worried a bit they might stop me and want to know why I was taking pics. :-)
As I was typing this, my wife said she saw on the news that a drone was flying over Bloomington to help with the search.

Just North of that, a glimpse inside 10th & College Village apartment building.

Still on Morton, a little farther North. Another Camera. North West corner of the 10th & College Village apartment building.

Looking East up the alley beside 10th & College Village apartment, eastward toward College Ave.

Continuing East up the alley toward College Ave. The 2 guys in the alley were changing a light bulb on the 10 & College apartments building, at College Ave. I asked them about the bulb, and they said it didn't fix it, that it must be a bad fixture. The could not say if it was functioning when Lauren went missing.

The North East side of 10th & College Apartments alongside the alley. There is the camera I missed in my first post about 10th & College.

The cameras view, facing south.

Further up the alley across College Ave. Looking back westward, back at 10th & College Apartments.

Moving back toward Morton, facing west on the alley

Almost back to Morton St.

More later moving up to 5 North Apartments, where the boys live, then down College Ave., back toward Smallwood.

06-14-2011, 10:07 PM
In previous posts, I put pictures of the alley that runs from 9th St. to 11th Street, between Morton St., and College Ave.

I have a few more pictures now.

Moving back up North on Morton St. There are no security cameras on this block that I can see.
You are already aware of the pictures of gravel lot, the back of 5 North Apartments, and the side view of 5 North Apartments.

The next building on Morton is 5 North where the boys live. It faces 11th St.
Here is their dumpster. It says Sears & Son.

Corner of Morton St. & 11th St. 5 North Apartments, where the boys live.

Across the street from 5 North. The ReStore, and a couple of abandoned buildings.

Facing East toward College Ave. walking in front of 5 North.

Further East, looking toward College Ave. At the end of 5 North Apartments. This is the end of the alley that goes to Smallwood.

Looking right, (South), down the alley toward Smallwood.

Stil going East, the next building is another apartment building. Don't know its name, and although its small, there is nowhere to go to get it all in one image. The other side of the street is closed due to construction.

Between buildings, looking south.

Moving farther East toward College Ave. This is the last house on the block.

Looking across the street (11th St.) at the construction.

Construction (Continued) at the North East corner of 11th & College Ave.

Across the street at the North West corner of 11th & College. The Lofts Apartments

Across College Ave. on the South West corner of 11th & College.

We'll take a walk down College Ave. in the Next Posting.

06-15-2011, 01:02 AM
I have a few more pictures now.

Starting to move South on the west side of College Ave. 11th St. is just behind me. So, the corner of 11th & College on the West side of the street.
The pics bounce back and forth between the East side of the street, student rental houses, and the West side of the street.

There is a blue house on the North West corner of 11th & College. Its a student rental apartment. Just next to it, (South), is another student rental house. After that is a Dr. Office.

Standing beside the blue house on the West side of College Ave. Looking directly South toward 10th & College from the corner of 11th & College Ave.

I tried to get pics of both sides of College. The East side is mostly houses that students rent. No obvious video cameras.
East side of College, between 11th & 10th.

East side of College, further South between 11th & 10th.

Looking South on College. 10th & College Apartments in view.

Looking right, (West), between the Dr. Office, and the last house on the block.

Continuing South beside 10th & College Apartments. Almost to 10th & College.

Across the street, East side of College. Last house.

10th & College Apartments. View from across the Street looking Southwest.

Salzman's Law Office, East side of College. Corner of College & 10th. Across from 10th & College Apartments. His cameras point at his parking lot. I don't think they get the sidewalk or the road. Lawyers are careful like that.

Waffle House, East side of College Ave. across the street from Salzmans office. Diagnal across the street from 10th & College Apartments. On 10th & College.

More Waffle House, and the new apartments under construction. The traffic lane closest to the apartments was closed. Now its open.

West side of College. Looking South toward Smallwood. The 10th & College intersection is behind me.

Still at the intersection of 10th & College. Looking right, (West).

A little farther South on the West side of College. Looking down a small alley between College and Morton. 1/2 block before Smallwood.

Looking South on College, almost to Smallwood.

The apartments under construction on the East side of College. The traffic lane in front of it was closed. Its open now. Smallwood is diagnal across the street from this building.

West side of College. Last lot before Smallwood.

At 9th & College on the West side, facing South. Looking at Smallwood. You can see the next search party gathering.

Where are you Lauren?
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06-15-2011, 01:41 AM
OK, VeryVeritas talked me into messing around with "the map" a little more.
Its no work of art, and needs more work, but its a start.
Please feel free to make any corrections, additions, etc.


I'll try later to one up Bessie and see about connecting the pics to a map location, but time is my enemy.

06-16-2011, 03:17 AM


Re: the photo released Wednesday, 06-15-2011 of Lauren leaving Smallwood Apartments the evening of June 2, 2011.


06-16-2011, 03:21 AM
June 20, 2011 - Truck ruled out

Truck caught on video not part of the case, police say (http://www.heraldtimesonline.com/stories/2011/06/20/news.qp-1784939.sto)

Photos of the truck caught by surveillance cameras near 10th St. and Morton Ave at approximately 4:14-4:24 a.m., Friday, June 3, 2011




07-25-2011, 08:34 PM
I took this on Day 50. It's the door to the apartment next to JR's. Not sure if this is CR/MB unit. I was glad to see the sentiment and I hope it is for Lauren. I left the reflection of the construction in this photo because it symbolizes the danger behind her. And then there's the door. I hope a door opens for her soon. XO