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07-03-2011, 09:19 AM
Are both sides ready to proceed?
Let's return the jury.

The state may proceed.

JA: good morning. I want to be the first and I know what I will not be the last to thank you for the time you have given this case. All of us appreciate the sacrifices you have made. Our job here is virtually done and your job is about to begin.

07-03-2011, 09:36 AM
It's easy to be a parent when the children or the joy. But we all know being a parent is so much more than playing with your children. Being a parent is about sacrifice. Sacrificing your time, sacrificing your love, sacrificing your dreams, and sacrificing your life. The child becomes your life.

This case is about the clash between that responsibility and expectatons that go with it and the life Casey Anthony wanted to have. those expectations were not just from society but from her parents. She was expected to work and help support her child. Response to those new responsibilities was to lie. The first expectation of her parents was that she would work, that she would help support her daughter, no longer relying on the contributions of her parents. For whatever reason she decided to lie. she told her parents she went back to the same job she had before Kaylee was born. Her parents accepted that, they believe that.

when Casey is faced with a problem or solution is to change her lie. Casey is very bright, and her lies are very detailed. when Casey wants to do what Casey wants to do, her solution is to lie. When you are working and you have a child, you make up a lie. So Casey makes up Zanny. For almost 2 years Casey Anthony pretends to have a job and pretends to have a nanny while she is at work. That creates a problem. The problem is that she is with Caylee 24-seven/.when her parents believe she is at work she missed with Caylee. she gets a new job, as an events coordinator. And if she was to go out at night, to see her friends to see her boyfriend she says I have to work. Any mother would say I'm happy to watch Caylee.

But then she meets Ricardo Morales, and he accepts Caylee as part of that relationship. but how do you include Kaylee in the relationship without showing you are lying. 3-4 nights a week in early 2008 she tells a lie that they are staying at Zanny's. But Ricardo decides he really doesn't want a relationship.

The solutions of the lies are no longer giving Casey what she really wants. Cindy is resisting. The excuse isn't working anymore. Cindy isn't allowing her to go out whenever she wants and babysitting. Her parents become suspicious. George is getting suspicious and then George is trying very hard to find out what really is going on. In his suicide note George says he was trying for months to get beneath a layer of lies, but he has been told to stay out of it. So Casey's lies continue.

the only way Casey's life's work is if Caylee isn't talking. She was starting to talk.
At some point Caylee was going to say something. it just can't keep going. Casey meets Tony and Tony has this life: freee, he's a club promoter, he's out there at nights with the loud music and dancing. With Tony she can do anything she wants.

The nightclub Fusion is fantastic. there is nothing wrong with young people drinking and dancing and having fun. There's nothing wrong with that. But that's not the life that Casey can have, because Casey is a mom. Whether she likes it or not.but that life is so much of what she wants. June 2 to June 9 Casey has a chance to truly embrace that life because Cindy is on vacation. That whole week Casey is essentially free. She had a taste of that freedom. She didn't have to lie to get around that and it is fantastic. So she has a choice, a life tethered to a child, or a life free to be what she wants to be.

Why not just give Cindy custody and walk away, because Cindy would never permit Casey to walk away. Cindy wanted her daughter to be a mom and act like a mom. And there Is No Way, Cindy Anthony would ever permit Casey to walk away.

So those were Casey's choices: the life that she wanted, the life that she had. And as hard as it is to imagine she had to choose between two things. The dream life that she wanted and second the life of the child. In this case we know that the choice he made was not her child.

On June 16, 2008, Casey left the house with Caylee, her excuse wasI have to work late and we will stay with Zanny. it was something they had done before it didn't seem strange. what this tells us about her plan is this: she wasn't going to stay at Tony's because of Caylee because that was not their relationship. she knew that that night she would be the arms of a boyfriend and Caylee would be dead.

So for June 16 was the same old excuse, I have to work late. It made perfect sense. She actually spent the night at Tony's. on the 17th, was spending the night at Zanny's again. But by June 18 Casey knew that Cindy would not accept that excuse, so Casey had to change a lie. So Casey as the conference in Tampa lie, "we have this conference in Tampa and I'm going to take Caylee with me along with Zanny. and there will be another mother there with her child and this will be great for Caylee." She adds the element of an out-of-town trip to a fun place and a playmate for Caylee. but the fact Kasey was staying with her boyfriend Tony and Caylee is in all likelihood in the trunk and decomposing.

07-03-2011, 09:57 AM
Casey goes to the next door neighbor to borrow a shovel. That was too much work for her so Casey decides to throw her in swamp.
On the 20th she extends the lie to they are now at Busch Gardens.
Casey tells send issue will be back on the 21st. On the 21st she tells Cindy that the conference is still going on and still at Busch Gardens and speaks of fictional people.
These people are somehow imaginary in the sense that they are not deliberate fabrications. But in fact they are fabrications to help tell Cindy that they are in fact at Busch Gardens. And then she tells Cindy that Kaylee is with the nanny at the beach. Casey's lies fit the audience.
By the 22nd Cindy is told the conference ran late, we planned on coming back but we decided to stay late.
Casey is still of course at home in Orlando, and Kaylee is in her resting place off suburban drive.
On the 23rd when they are supposed to be home Casey needs to come up with some other reason why they are not there. Casey comes up with the story of the accident and is now in an imaginary hospital.
she says Casey is having such a wonderful time that they are going to extend their stay.
Casey continues to update her mother about the imaginary injury and decides to stay even longer.
On the 24th however she has a problem. She runs into her father in the gas can incident. Just to come up with something for why Caylee is with her. Casey is smart is amazing how she comes up with her lies.
On the 25th she says she's still in the hospital being supportive of Zanny. She says they decide to stay at the hotel and spend one more night at the hotel, and finally Cindy thinks Caylee is going to be home the next day.
the next day comes, June 27, Casey says they met up with Jeff Hopkins, an imaginary connection to Zanny. imagine being able to remember the lies you told the year ago and incorporate that into a new lie. so now Jeff Hopkins is in town and they staying at the Hard Rock. there are some contradictory lies, but says she is having a wonderful time, everyone is having a wonderful time.
June 29 gee mom we are having just so much fun we cannot come home.
June 30 she tells Cindy that Jennifer and Caylee are going to Universal Studios
on July 1 Cindy is on vacation. She she makes the mistake of telling Cindy that Jennifer and Kaylee at Universal. Cindy goes to Universal and calls Casey on her phone to say she wants to see her granddaughter. she arrived at universal and says to KC I'm here. Casey says oh no we're in Jacksonville. She says that she has some romantic interest in Jeff Hopkins. this is the beginning of Casey's long-term strategy. reember timer 55, the password you created for her MySpace account. timer55 is related to Caylee (per Casey). Casey told him timer 55 represents the 55 days between June 16 and Caylee's birthday. it is supposed to represent the time that is and she will have Caylee and then bring her back. The MOST she could do was 55 days. The Jeff Hopkin story is a long-term strategy.

Cindy created a MySpace page and she and Casey already had a heart to heart. she says Jeff Hopkins is someone she could have a long-term relationship with. he is a wealthy man who lives out of town. She comes up with a long-term strategy. Maybe she'll marry Jeff Hopkins. Maybe they'll move to Europe.

She tells Cindy her cars being fixed in Jacksonville and she will return on the 12th. On July 13 she tells Cindy that Jeff Hopkins mother is getting married and she will stay for the wedding. But instead she is just an imaginary friend.
Cindy was smart and leaving her alone after that until July 15. On that day all hell breaks loose. If Cindy and George had not gotten the core I don't believe that Cindy would have seen a granddaughter until at least the child's birthday.

On July 15 Cindy is on a mission. Cindy is going to find and see her granddaughter and will not be denied. She is going to track down Casey and you will going to give me my granddaughter now. Casey keeps saying she said Zanny's. ZannyZannyZanny. her brother says, take me to your granddaughter. NO, she's sleeping. And she convinces her of the reality that at this point allies will not succeed. And the pattern you will see repeated is a face of a lie that simply cannot stand.

Zanny, yes there is a Zanny. Casey had the number of days right but the wrong date. 31 of the 55 days are gone. she says I looking for her. I've been doing my own investigation. She makes up an elaborate story, a consistent lie. And she portrays herself as a victim. but the more she tells a story the more it seems to fall apart. If it weren't true you could write it this good.

she maintains a story about the kidnapping. She takes the police to universal walks from the security gate and entered the building with absolute confidence, walks down the hallway, turns around with her hands in her pockets and says okay I don't work here. When she is at the end of that hallway, she realized the lie has failed me, so I must abandon it.

She admits to lying about working Universal but she maintains the nanny story. she maintains a light through conversations with law enforcement and through conversations with her parents for all of July and August. but her claim of where she dropped Caylee off has been proven to be a lie. It has been conclusively disproven. realizing that when she is briefly release from jail on bond, she comes up with a new story. The forcible kidnapping story in Blanchard Park. Yes, Zanny did kidnap Caylee but it was by force. They held my arms they held me down, because I was a bad mother. But she is faced with overwhelming evidence that the story is a lie. Call it KC 3.0.

The problem with that version comes up in December 2008. Caylee's remains are found within a quarter of a mile of the Anthony's home. Some very important items are found.

07-03-2011, 10:00 AM
The tape is found on Kaylee's remains you need to look at. Three pieces of duct tape with a distinctive brand on it. Duck tape, found on Caylee's body. the same tape that was found on Caylee's body was also found from a gas cans from the Anthony home. very unusual tape and it is on Kaylee's body and on that exhibit and in fact it has to be the most bizarre part of this case. That very tape was used by her own father displayed in a photograph. The tape that was used to kill Caylee was used to implore people to look for her.

This bag in this exhibit, this is the tag from that very same bag.

07-03-2011, 10:20 AM
This is the make of the bag that served as Caylee's coffin. this is the square one there is a cylindrical one. The cylindrical one is case Exhibit 264.

This is a photograph of the shorts found in the area Caylee Anthony. 233.
This is a photograph of Kaylee Anthony wearing those very same shorts.
can I see Exhibit 237?
this is photograph of lettering found in the bag, the last remnants of the shirt. The haunting left of the shirt was stitching around the collar and these letters.
Here's a photo of Caylee Anthony wearing the shirt in which she died.
More exhibits: this is a photograph of a blanket that was with the remains found on December 11 of 2008. You notice in the middle of the photograph you see there is a character of Winnie the Pooh with ??? on his shoulder.
Exhibit 288 is the bedding that was on the bed at the home of the grandparentsyou will see the Winnie the Pooh theme but also you'll see the exact same figure from the bumper for Kaylee Anthony said. this was not taken from the home of some stranger, it was taken from the home of Caylee Anthony.
to claim that some strange abducted Kaylee Anthony is no longer tenable. just like the claim about Universal Studios. Just like the claim that Casey left Calee was left at the family's home. There was no question left that Caylee Anthony died at the hands of someone in that house.

when we started this trial the defense in opening statements gave you a very detailed explanation story of how Caylee Anthony.with dramatic flair told you about Casey Anthony being awakened in the morning by her father asking where's Kaylee, bout a frantic search for the child, about the grandfather bringing her up from the pool and laying her Casey's feet saying this is your fault, this is your fault.

The defense's opening statement has not been established by any evidence in this case. in fact the only evidence that has been presented in this case is that it did not happen. George Anthony told you that it did not happen. You may not speculate. You may not imagine. And there is simply no evidence to support defense and you must, you must, reject it.

The defense is opening was not enough to purchase one person or two, but to hurt another person who was called morally bankrupt, Roy Kronk. Somehow George Anthony disposed of Kaylee's body and that George Anthony and RK were somehow connected remember how he suggested to you that Kronk somehow took the body and then returned it. either George Anthony is the person who put the tape on, or Roy Kronk is a person who put the tape on. You can't do both.

The arguments made by the defense in this case require you to suspend your common sense. It is a trip down the rabbit hole, there are men who love the granddaughters, find them drowned and do nothing. For there on men who find it granddaughters in an accident, an innocent act, and hide a murder for no reason. The granddaughter was the love of his life winds up in a swamp, this is the world the defense invites you to occupy.

in a world where a man find a skull and reports it three times to the police takes the skull and the mandible, which is worth a lot of money and takes it home stores it for four months puts tape on it for somehow in and brings it back, and sets it bck where it was. in any worldthe most morally bankrupt world possible, even motivated by money, you walk down the street and you tell any number of reporters come with me yet that story for you. And you would get your reward. no one wanted to listen to him, so he gave up.

anyone can tell the looking at that body that had been there for a very very long time. Now you know that because the tape is decomposed just like everything else in there. That tape has been out there for very long time. The psychoanalyst told you that that tape didn't even have any cottons in it. the tape did not just get out there. All the evidence says that is impossible.

look at the facts of this case and you will see there is absolutely no possibility, reasonable or otherwise, that George Anthony had anything to do at the disposal of this body. He loves that child literally more than life itself. you saw the pain. You saw the anguish.

George wanted and his life to be with Caylee. And when you read that note, there is absolutely no way the man who wrote that note did anything and didn't know what happened to his granddaughter. He did nothing.

cases car when it was retrieved from the tow yard reaked of death. the manager of the tow yard, a guy who fits 30 years was involved in towing cars, were for two years and waste management, he said I have smelled everything. People leave their groceries in the car, groceries rot in the back. I've had five or six cars with dead bodies in them. I smell them all. And he told you when he approached the car the first time he smelled something, and he knew it was. and to tell you when he went that there with George Anthony in the trunk was opened, whoa, it was decomposition. Mr. Birch had no reason to lie about anything.

You heard from professional witnesses. They all said it was an unforgettable smell. they also that smell that before and they all know what it's most like. But we didn't stop there. We got help from one person who had studied the odor of decomposition within anyone else, Dr. Arapod Vass. in less 10 he specifically studied the odor of decomposition. When he opened that can he jumped back and said I know what it is.

07-03-2011, 10:26 AM
Dr. Furton studied the carpet. It was decomposition. could the smell of been from other things in the trunk that smelled? Of course. But those other things don't smell like the competition. The smell of decomposition is unique. there had been a dead body in the back of Casey Anthony's car.

Dr. Furton's main area of interest in human scents in living humans, yet he agreed that the smell coming from the car was human decomposition. Milk cheese create odors, but he had to admit that the items in the car which was the garbage (TH spoke of salami, cheese), but he agreed that what was in that garbage was not sufficient as a source of the odor. Dr. Huntington said that the odor still smelled two years later. when you remove a bag of garbage from the trunk the order goes with it. The smell was there because Caylee's body had been there.

A single hair was found in the trunk. it was an artifact when you heard more than you ever wanted to know about it, was a hair of the type that is only found from human decomposing bodies. You heard a lengthy testimony from Steven Shaw about a test they did, where he literally told you I was trying to create of an artifact, I tried every method I can think of to try and re-create an artifact, and he couldn't do it.

07-03-2011, 10:35 AM
That hair was from a dead body. How do we know that was from Caylee's body. Mitochondrial testing was done on the body. the testing proved that that hair came from the maternal line of Caylee's. We know it's not Casey's because her hair is treated and it is too long. We know it's not Cindy's because it's the wrong color, is treated, and is too long. We know it is not Lee's because his hair is too short. We know it is not Cindy's mother, because her hair was treated. the hair in the trunk was not treated.

Casey Anthony was at Blockbusters walking arm and arm with her boyfriend Tony as Caylee was in the trunk in the early stages of decomposition. When Casey backed the car into the garage, she had the intention of varying Caylee. she went to Brian Berner to borrow a shovel. She most likely took Caylee's body and put in the backyard and set it down for a short time. she might have buried Caylee's body there but then decided to throw it in the swamp. Casey chose to sacrifice her child, she took the child, she took a life, she put her in the trunk, and forgot about her. After a few days, she disposed of her body in the swamp. Casey Anthony is guilty of murder in the first degree. That murder was premeditated.

The defense will say you can't prove how Caylee Anthony died. Let me give you the words of Dr. G. There is no good reason to put duct tape over the face of a child. Why would you put duct tape over the face of the child? Two reasons. One is perhaps to silence them. But then why put three pieces of tape on Caylee's face? Why do you need three? What does 3 do that 1 does not? One will silence her. Why do you need three? You need three because your purpose is not to silence the child; your purpose is to make sure the child cannot scream. The first piece goes over the mouth. The second goes over the nose. You have to have three, and then the child dies. You have no reason to put duct tape over the face of a child living or dead. And that ladies and gentlemen is proof for how Caylee died. There is simply no other explanation. That tape was on Caylee's face before her body was decomposing. The duct tape was under the jaw. The tape was placed there with one singular purpose. Now we can only hope that the chloroform was used before the tape was applied so Caylee went peacefully without pain. She died because she could not breathe. She died because she had three pieces of duct tape over her nose and mouth. She died because her mother decided that the life she wanted was more important. The murder was premeditated and the defendant is guilty. Thank you.