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Wise Old Owl
07-05-2011, 02:46 AM
Websleuths Trivia Contest

Day 2

Every day that the jury deliberates, we will have a trivia contest for our members. We are now on Day 2.

Please Check the Day 1 Thread for the Winner!

Here's how it works:

Each day we will post a new thread of 50 trivia questions for you to answer. All questions will be pertaining to this case and every answer can be found on this forum. These questions have very short answers. If you want to play, please put your answers in an email to Trivia@websleuths.com Make sure your answers are in a list form and numbered. Spelling and neatness count :crazy:
1. Answer
2. Answer
3. Answer


We will check each email answer and mark the number correct. The winner will be the one with the most answers correct. In chance of a tie - all members that have the largest number of correct answers will be considered winners.

There is a time limit on each day. It will be posted in each thread what the cut-off time is for that day's answers to be in. (Email must be received by this time.)**PLEASE NOTE THAT TIMES GIVEN WILL BE EST AND TO ADJUST FOR WHATEVER TIME ZONE YOU ARE IN**

Winners will be notified by PM and also posted on that day's trivia thread. All winners will receive a "goody" from Tricia's handbag of Websleuths merchandise! All info needed to get your prize to you will be collected at the time of notification. If there are multiple winners - as noted above - all of those winners will receive a prize.

DO NOT post answers or questions in the threads - we want it to be a fair game.

This contest is only open to Websleuths members which means its a great time for all our guests to register and participate. Non-members are not elligible for prizes, so sign up today!

The trivia threads will be locked and you will not be able to post in them.

Please thank this post so we know that you have read the rules and agree to abide by them.

With that, the following are the questions for Tuesday, July 5, 2011.


Wise Old Owl
07-05-2011, 02:51 AM
Here are the trivia questions for Tuesday, July 5, 2011

All answers must be recevied by 1:00AM est Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Please email your answers to trivia@websleuths.com and be sure to include your Websleuths hat/screen name.

Winners will be notified by PM as soon as all entries are scored.

1. What did Leonard Padilla park in front of the Anthony’s house?

2. What restaurant did Tony Lazzaro take KC and Caylee to eat for lunch?
The Cheesecake Factory

3. Who did KC “high five” at the courthouse while out on bond?
Lee Anthony

4. What was Fusian Ultra Lounge during the daytime hours?
A sushi bar/restaurant

5. What two things did Dr. Spitz do that Dr. G didn’t?
He opened the top of the skull and he cracked the skull

6. What were the LE K-9’s names that were used in the case?
Gerus and Bones

7. What was the name of the business where KC dumped the car?
Amscot Check Cashing Store

8. Who is Cookie?
Robyn Adams; inmate that was pen pals with KC

9. What holiday/year was the “Anything But Clothes” party?
Memorial Day 2008

10. What was the reason KC told Cindy that she had to go to Tampa in June?
To attend a work conference

11. What media outlet had the Anthony house web-cam?

12. Which foot of Caylee’s wasn’t found?

13. Where was jury selection held (city)?
Clearwater, FL

14. Did Annie Downing testify at trial?

15. How many bedrooms are in the Anthony’s house?

16. Who now lives in Long Island, New York?
Anthony "Tony" Lazzaro

17. Did the Anthony’s bar anyone from attending Caylee’s Memorial?

18. Did any of KC’s friends ever post on Websleuths?

19. Who cut the cord when Caylee was born?
George Anthony

20. What store credit card of Cindy’s was found in KC’s wallet?
JC Penney

21. Who is the “dessert lady“?
A lady that brought baked treats to the jury

22. What piece of jewelry of KC’s is missing?
A Tiffany ring

23. Did the defense ask Dr. Vass if he ever tied leashes on flies?

24. What was the name of Caylee’s favorite doll?

25. Did LE ever luminol the Anthony home?

26. What food did Cindy attribute the smell in the car to?
Rotting pizza

27. Who is Nick Savage?
FBI investigator assigned to the case

28. What river did Leonard Padilla have divers search for Caylee?
Little Econ River

29. Did the protestors throw pennies at the Anthony’s garage door?

30. What did ABC pay Roy Kronk $15,000.00 for?
A picture of a dead rattlesnake

31. Does Cindy Anthony have any sisters?

32. What type of plant did the Anthony’s move in their yard right before the investigation started?
A hibiscus bush

33. What was the name of the judge that was recused from this case?
Judge Stan Strickland

34. Was the roll of duct tape ever found?

35. From what state did the Anthony’s move to Florida?

36. Do the Anthony’s use chlorine in their pool?

37. What did Lee Anthony do to a protestor and her dog that was captured on the webcam?
Destroyed her sign and dumped out the dog's water bowl

38. Who told LE about KC’s childhood pet cemetery?
KioMarie Cruz

39. According to Jose Baez, who is the forty thousand dollar man?
Dr. Neil Haskell

40. What is the name of the street that the Anthony’s live on?
Hopespring Drive

41. Where does Cindy’s mom live (city)?
Mt. Dora

42. What TV show was Cindy and George Anthony on the night before Caylee was found?
Larry King Live

43. What was the date of Zanny’s accident in Tampa?
June 23, 2008

44. Did Cindy ever take Caylee to the beach?

45. What was the brand name of the laundry bag that was found with Caylee?
Whitney Designs

46. Who is Annabelle?
Fictiticous Juliette Lewis' daughter

47. What were the passwords for KC’s MySpace and Facebook pages?
Timer 55

48. When out on bail, did KC have to wear an ankle monitor?

49. Who sold their story to the Globe?
Ricardo Morales

50. What was the command for K-9 Gerus to search?
Find Fred

Wise Old Owl
07-05-2011, 09:09 AM

07-05-2011, 10:39 AM
Today's winner will receive a pair of Websleuths Pajamas.

Get going and answer these questions.

Thank you Wise Old Owl for putting this together for us.


Wise Old Owl
07-05-2011, 01:35 PM
the verdict is in!!!!!

as of 2:15 est on July 5, 2011 the Trivia contest for Day 2 will close.

Hold your breath guys - here we go.

:rollercoaster: :rollercoaster:

Wise Old Owl
07-05-2011, 09:05 PM
I have scored the entries for the day.



:fireworks: :fireworks:

2nd place

3rd place

I will now go and post the answers to the questions. I will put the answers right after each question.

Thank you all for participating - I hope you enjoyed it. I am so awfully sorry that it all had to end this way.

Chin up, shoulders back, and stand proud.

Wise Old Owl
07-05-2011, 09:25 PM

Answers have been posted.