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08-11-2011, 02:34 AM
Man arrested by Pearl police claims to be serial killer
Suspect recants story 'after intensive questioning'
by Therese Apel, Clarion Ledger
Aug. 10, 2011

A Tennessee man told Pearl police he may have killed as many as 11 women in five states but then recanted his statement, according to information the Pearl Police Department shared with other agencies.

Charles Timothy Krauss, 49, whose last known address was in Knoxville, Tenn., was stopped in Pearl on Saturday for driving a stolen white 2001 Chevrolet Z71, according to Pearl police. During questioning, Krauss admitted he had killed women in Tulsa; Athens, Ga.; Perry, Ga.; Indianapolis; Knoxville; and Dallas.


Knoxville police told Knoxville television station WBIR they are aware of Krauss’ claims.
What Krauss does for a living is unclear.

If what he says is true, his case would be similar to that of trucker Chester Leroy Todd, 66, who was arrested in Las Vegas in February.

Police believe Todd is responsible for a series of rapes and murders of prostitutes who frequented truck stops in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Indiana and Pennsylvania.
Full article: link (http://www.clarionledger.com/article/20110811/NEWS/108110353/Man-arrested-by-Pearl-police-claims-serial-killer)

08-11-2011, 07:40 AM
Yikes. That's a big guy too.

Krauss also known as Tim Foster has two ex-wives, has an arrest for commercial sex, has been in prison and worked for a prison based ministry. Well volunteered.

Kruass told Detectives a tale of going to pawn shops, going to see the movie Thor and telling "Nikki" he'd meet her the next day.

08-11-2011, 08:15 AM
Ugh! Can you imagine THAT being the last face you ever saw?

I wonder what his connection is to the Carolinas?


08-11-2011, 08:27 AM
Claims he killed two in Tulsa during the '80s....

Missing women from Tulsa, 1980s, Charley Project:

Lisa Karen Addington (http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/a/addington_lisa.html)

Francine Frost (http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/f/frost_francine.html)

Donna Kay Kingston (http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/k/kingston_donna.html)

Christine Miller (http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/m/miller_christine.html)

Tammy Dawn Risenhoover (http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/r/risenhoover_tammy.html)

Annette Michelle Craver Vail (http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/v/vail_annette.html)

08-11-2011, 09:43 PM
Says he sells mobile homes. Held on that $500,000 receiving stolen property. Hmmmm, ya never know.

More at link about the MO, and he claims he murdered a woman in Perry, Georgia. So, would a serial killer have a social network on the internet? The people he's friendsies with mostly all are with different prison based ministries. One being in Georgia. Maybe it is near Perry?


In 2005 Sandra Hale aka Sandra Plumley went missing from Perry, Georgia.


Wondering what this guys timeline is. How often does he travel selling mobile homes?

08-12-2011, 12:49 AM
Ugh! Can you imagine THAT being the last face you ever saw?

I wonder what his connection is to the Carolinas?



I need to make sure I look at something else before I log off tonight or I will most definitely have trouble sleeping!

08-12-2011, 09:03 AM
A self-proclaimed serial killer changes his story while in custody (http://www.kjrh.com/dpp/news/local_news/a-self-proclaimed-serial-killer-changes-his-story-while-in-custoday-)

TULSA - A self-proclaimed serial killer who claimed to have ties to Tulsa has had a change of heart.

According to Tulsa Police detectives, 51-year-old Charles Timothy Krauss admitted to murdering 11 women after getting arrested in Mississippi.

On Thursday, he changed his story and no longer says he committed the crimes.
---more at KJRH link above

08-23-2011, 12:29 AM
Investigators Doubt Validity Of Self-Proclaimed Serial Killer
Pearl Police Still Plan To Give Charles Krauss Polygraph
POSTED: 11:31 am CDT August 22, 2011
UPDATED: 1:33 pm CDT August 22, 2011

Charles Krauss
PEARL, Miss. -- Investigators from two states said they are washing their hands of a man who told Pearl police he was a serial killer, but later recanted.

Investigators in Pearl said they are still investigating the claims of Charles Krauss, who was arrested Aug. 5 and is facing charges in connection with a stolen truck. Pearl police said they still plan to give Krauss a polygraph test to get to the bottom of his claims that he killed women in Tulsa, Okla., and Knoxville, Tenn., Indianapolis, Dallas, Athens, Ga., and Perry, Ga. Investigators wouldn't say when Krauss would take the polygraph test.
Full link: click here (http://www.wapt.com/news/28938649/detail.html#ixzz1Vp5OCDeQ)