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10-10-2011, 03:50 PM
Ricky Eugene Dykes. There's been lots of rumors about him being linked to the three missing women because of a connection between the case and the Galloping Goose motorcycle club. His wife, Judy K. Dykes, admitted to her hospice nurse on her death bed that she witnessed her ex-husband and son handle a dead body in her own kitchen once. Dykes has been charged with a number crimes and has served jail time. However, he was in Springfield in summer of 1992, most likely living at a trailer park on W. Chestnut at the time. He also tried forcing ant poison down an ex-wife's throat in California. Judy said she drove the two split window Dodge van. It was titled in California. There have also been a number of Goose biker threats on the local judges in town.

Ricky Dykes owned at one point in time (this can be found on Google Street View at 708 N. Fremont) the same truck used by Glennon Sweet, the man who shot and killed Trooper Ralph Harper off Highway 60 near Rogersville in 1989. Sweet, was also a Goose. Who's another Goose? Steve Garrison and brother Mike. Who employed Ricky Dykes? None other than Gerald Carnahan. On Case.net, it shows he worked at Carnahan's Diversified Plastic in Nixa MO. (Could Dykes have been the driver when Carnahan tried to abduct Starky on Ingram Mill...was she applying to PFI? Randy Little has been linked to the Gooses)

Here is a pic of him from his latest arrest: http://springfieldmugshots.com/mug/ricky-eugene-dykes

There's supposed to be a clubhouse off KK or B highways in Webster county where the bodies could be.

If anyone can get information on property(ies) owned by Sweet in the area and the location, that'd be a big hand in this case. Larry Wallace's Webster County farm may be another place to look because of his connection to the GGMC.

The Judy Dykes confession, IMO, has to be taken real seriously.

10-19-2011, 01:17 PM
The Cassville dig was on Hoods' property IIRC. Hoods old T-stop in Bois D'Arc was a hangout for the Gooses. For what that's worth... sounds like the cops have known, what I've recently discovered, for years.

03-07-2013, 01:39 PM
I have always seen this as a plausible theory, despite some aspects of what I have been told that I do se as more fantastical fiction than fact. I must question why Judy would confess this on her deathbed were it not true. Personal guilt at the time of death a confession makes... few give false confessions as a last act of revenge on their abusive husbands, although I am sure some have done this. still, Judy's statement had some air of truth to it. The question remains as to whether she witnessed the crime or if her confession is merely hearsay, which could then lead back to the idea that Ricky may have been "talking big;" although, given his crimes, as well as the way he treated his wife, I could definitely see how he might have been involved in some way. I heard there was another deathbed confession, and I ned to read up on this because I wonder how two people, if not related to the same circle, might confess to knowledge of this crime, having held onto this information right up until the end - a very difficult feat, even with fear of retaliation in mind. I know without a doubt that some aspect of this angle is the appropriate direction for this case. However, I stop short of believing Ricky Dykes is either the sole perpetrator or the mastermind, and I do not believe it comes back to the Galloping Gooses as a whole but that certain members or associates were involved and others do have knowledge. I also thin that things are on the right track with regard t property and possible owners or former owners, but I am also of the opinion that any digs need to go south of the MO border.

04-23-2014, 01:48 PM
Does anyone have Ricky Dykes bday?