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Richard Fran Biegenwald (August 24, 1940 March 12, 2008) was an American serial killer, who committed his crimes in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Between 1958 and 1983, Biegenwald killed at least nine people, and he is suspected in at least two other murders.

Early life

Born in Rockland County, New York, Biegenwald was frequently beaten as a child by his alcoholic father. At the age of five, Biegenwald set fire to their home and was sent for observation at a Rockland County Psychiatric Center.

[edit] Capture

Police surrounded Biegenwald's home on January 22, 1983, while Dherran Fitzgerald was visiting. Both Biegenwald and Fitzgerald were arrested, and a search of the home revealed a small cache of weapons and drugs. Police confiscated a pipe bomb, handguns, a machine gun, Rohypnol, marijuana and a live puff adder, as well as floor plans for several area businesses.

During questioning, Fitzgerald told police of a third body, that of a young woman, that Biegenwald had shown him hidden in his garage. Fitzgerald told police that he helped Biegenwald transport the body to his mother's house in Staten Island and bury it in the basement. Fitzgerald went on to say that while he was digging in the basement, he exhumed a body that Biegenwald had buried there some time before. Fitzgerald led police to three other bodies in addition to the two buried in Staten Island.

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When Maria Ciallella, 17, set out on the evening of Oct. 31, 1981, it was likely she was going to run into all manner of ghosts, goblins and ghouls, all in the spirit of Halloween.

But Ciallella never dreamed that she was also about to encounter a real-life monster.


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Richard Biegenwald, ‘Thrill Killer’ of Five People, Dies at 67

TRENTON (AP) — Richard Biegenwald, who was known as the Thrill Killer and was convicted of killing five people, including three young women, died on Monday, a state corrections official said.

A Corrections Department spokeswoman said that Mr. Biegenwald, 67, died at St. Francis Medical Center in Trenton, which treats inmates of New Jersey State Prison, where he was serving his sentence.


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Part One Trial of Richard Biegenwald


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Richard Biegenwald

New Jersey's 'Thrill Killer,' Richard Biegenwald, dies at 67

Richard Biegenwald, the "Thrill Killer" who took the lives of at least five people but quashed the state's attempts to execute him, died Monday, a state official said. He was 67.

Biegenwald died at St. Francis Medical Center in Trenton, said Corrections Department spokeswoman Deirdre Fedkenheuer. He had been ill, but the cause of death was not determined Monday, she said.

Biegenwald tried to burn down his family's home at age 5 and was taken to a psychiatric hospital in New York. Three years later, records from a private school for disturbed children showed he had a drinking problem, according to a 1983 New York Times article.

Biegenwald was 18 when he killed Stephen Sladowski, a store owner in Bayonne and an assistant city prosecutor, in a robbery in 1958. He was paroled in 1975 and spent the next several years in and out of jail for parole violations.


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882 F.2d 748: Richard F. Biegenwald, Appellant, v. William H. Fauver, Both Individually and in His Officialcapacity As the Commissioner of the New Jersey Department Ofcorrections; Howard L. Beyer, Both Individually and in Hisofficial Capacity As the Warden of Trenton State Prison;and W. Cary Edwards, Both Individually and in His Officialcapacity As the Attorney General of the State of New Jersey,and His Predecessors


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Richard Biegenwald vs Robert Charles Browne


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For five months, Anna Olesiewicz's parents waited. Their 18-yearold daughter had disappeared from the boardwalk in Asbury Park, N.J., last August, but it was not until the morning of Jan. 14 that two boys, building a fort in dense underbrush behind a fast-food restaurant in Ocean Township, stumbled upon her body.


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Biegenwald received his first life sentence after being convicted of killing Sladowski; he was released in 1974. In 1977 he stopped reporting to his parole officer and the system seemed simply to forget him. He was picked up on a rape charge, which was dismissed, but he served time for the parole violation.


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Betsy Bacon was a neighbor of my parents, when my Dad was stationed on the East coast. I remember my Mom talking to Betsy's Mom; Maria Ciallella's Mom had talked to her about being asked to come to the police station to identify jewelry they believed may have been Maria's. When Mrs. C. walked in the room there were 2 tables with a lot of jewelry laid on the tables. She asked the detective 'how many girls did he kill?'. The response was that they did not know yet. :(

Maria C. was an atheletic girl, Biegenwald had cut her legs from her body, Mrs. C. believed it was because Maria fought back and kicked him.

The same goes for serial killer Richard Biegenwald, who died last week in the prison ward of a Trenton hospital.

He had no visitors or family at his bedside, and now lies unclaimed in the Mercer County morgue. In time, he will be buried or cremated with other unclaimed persons. The notorious with the anonymous.

Biegenwald left the world a far worse place than when he entered. He killed at least six people, mostly young girls, mostly in the early 1980s. Anna M. Olesiewicz, 18, of Camden. Betsy Bacon, 19, of Sea Girt. Maria Ciallella, 17, of Brick. Deborah Osborne, 17, of Seaside Heights.


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There were many other deaths that occurred within Biegenwald's 'reach'. He lived next to a rooming house in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ that burned and people died in the fire. Biegenwald was seen watching the fire. Another neighbor, an elderly lady that Beigenwald had done some handyman work for, was found dead in a trunk in her attic. Another neighbor, a pregnant woman who commuted on a train that Beigenwald also took was found murdered in her home. None of these cirmes were ever solved.