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There is no COD listed for these victims.

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Rhonda Johnson – Age 14. On August 5, 1971, two 14-year old Webster girls, Rhonda Johnson and Sharon Shaw, disappeared from an outing in Galveston. An investigation was launched the same day by the police department in Webster in Harris County. Their skeletal remains were discovered about five months later in the Taylor Bayou near the community of Shoreacres in southeast Harris County.

Michael Lloyd Self confessed, but recanted the confession he made to Officer Tommy Deal & Chief Don Morris (both whom are now incarcerated for bank robberies in Texas during this time). Self is the only person convicted solely on a confession in America. Ed Bell is also a suspect.


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Sharon Shaw – Age 14. On August 5, 1971, two 14-year old Webster girls, Rhonda Johnson and Sharon Shaw, disappeared from an outing in Galveston. An investigation was launched the same day by the police department in nearby Webster in Harris County. Their skeletal remains were discovered about five months later in the Taylor Bayou near the community of Shoreacres in southeast Harris County.

Michael Lloyd Self confessed, but recanted the confession he made to Officer Tommy Deal & Chief Don Morris (both whom are now incarcerated for bank robberies in Texas during this time). Self is the only man in America convicted solely on a confession. Ed Bell is also a suspect.


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Allison Craven, 12, remains found near Pearland February, 1972

Alison Craven - Age 12, Caucasian. Her mother returned home from after running errands for 1 hour on November 9, 1971. Her daughter was missing from their apartment near I-45. Police later found partial remains in a nearby field, two hands along with bones from an arm and some teeth. On Feb 25, 1972 the rest of her skeleton was found in a Pearland field, also near I-45 and 5 to 10 miles from where she was last seen.

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Suzanne Bowers, 12, body found 03/25/1979 in a field near Alta Loma, Galveston County


First posted by Ikoihil

Suzanne Bowers – 12 years old. May 21, 1977 disappeared from Galveston - Medical Examiner said Bower's dental chart matched that of a skeleton found Sunday 03/25/1979 in a field near Avenue P1/2 in Alta Loma. The Galveston girl disappeared May 21, 1977 while walking from her grandmother's home in the 4000 block of Avenue S1/2 to her own residence in the 3100 block of Avenue P. Authorities Tuesday said the cause of death is still unknown. "She had a skull fracture. The cause of death has not been determined.

It was about 10:30 a.m. May 21, 1977 when the seventh grade Lovenberg School student left her grandmother's house, Mrs. Bowers recalls. "She was going home first to get her bathing suit. She wanted to go to the beach. Suzanne walked that same route many times. She never did reach home," said Mrs. Bowers. "The case has been turned over to them because it originated in Galveston. There are no suspects. There appeared to be gunshot holes in her skull."

Skeleton Identified as Missing 12 Year-Old

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Case # 79-16610
Murder of Lesia Michelle Jackson
September 7, 1979 – Lake Wildwood Subdivision, Conroe, Texas
SYNOPSIS: Lesia Jackson was 12 years of age and resided with her
parents inside the Lake Wildwood Subdivision off FM 1485 in Conroe.
She had attended Washington Jr. High. Lesia Jackson had been
swimming in the subdivision lake with friends and relatives about her
same age. Lesia Jackson was last seen walking alone on Creek Bend
Street in the direction of her residence. Her relatives arrived at Jackson’s
home a short time later and her parents inquired about her absence. A
search of the neighborhood began and lasted through the evening. The
following day, Lesia’s eyeglasses were found at the intersection of
Creekwood and Deep Forest within the subdivision. On September 13,
1979, an oilfield worker found Lesia Jackson’s remains in a heavily
wooded area along a pipeline off Exxon Road in Conroe. This scene was
approx. 5 miles from Lake Wildwood. An autopsy determined that Lesia Jackson had been sexually assaulted and murdered.Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Unsolved Cold Cases (http://Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Unsolved Cold Cases)

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Human skull found 11/11/1980 - Hoskins Mound, TX


Hoskins Mound is right next to Danbury, surrounded by small bodies of water

Jane Doe – Hoskins Mound - She is thought to be 12 to 17 years old, Caucasian Female, death estimated to be around 1975 - November 11, 1980 - HUMAN SKULL FOUND IN HOSKINS MOUND in Brazoria County (Torso, limbs, hands not recovered); Sheriff's Office investigation is currently underway in connection with the weekend discovery of a human skull in the Hoskins Mound area, Sheriff's Office Captain Gene Smith said Monday.

Danbury resident was "working some cattle" in a pasture located near CR 203, approximately one half mile off of FM 2004, when he noticed the skull, according to Smith. Sgt. Harry Stiles of the Investigation Division subsequently recovered the skull, which appeared to have been in the pasture for an extended period of time. Smith noted that even though the skull appeared bleached out, the teeth were intact except for two upper teeth which appeared to be missing. No dental work was evident. "It was pretty well weather-beaten," Smith said of the skull. He added that the skull showed no sign of fracture or gunshot.

A Monday search of the site resulted in the discovery of two additional bones, which investigators believe to be arm and leg bones. The bones were found within close proximity of the skull, which was located near a drainage ditch, Smith said.


Interesting thing about this map is that it shows how remote Hoskins Mound is, yet is easy to reach just by driving to the south-western tip of Galveston and then over the San Luis Pass to the mainland...


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Headless body recovered April 1986, Galveston Island State Park

April, 1986:

Police recover a woman's headless body from a garbage bag in a state park in Galveston. The body remains unidentified.


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The victim was located on October 15, 1980 along an unpaved road at 15100 I-45 North Houston, Texas. The body was found on roadside beneath barbed wire fence.

Unidentified Black Female
The victim was discovered on October 15, 1980 in Houston, Harris County, Texas
Estimated Date of Death: 3 months prior
Cause of Death: Homicide
Decomposed Remains

Vital Statistics

20-30 years old; 4'8"-4'10" (57" Measured); 90-10 lbs. (est); May be a mix of black and Indian or Asian heritage. Black hair with many small braids over entire head. Clothing: White head scarf with red, black and blue leaf design, long sleeve blue and white Madra pullover shirt (medium), Fad blue jeans (size 5/6) with large orange colored embroidered flowers on rear pockets, white bra, red bikini underwear, and carrying a large woven rope style handbag.
* Fingerprints: Not available
* Dentals: Available One or More Teeth Present, Restorations, Upper Jaw Present, Lower Jaw Present, areas of bone loss associated with remote periodontal problems.
* DNA: Available in CODIS





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Skeletal Remains - Caucasian Woman Found 5/31/1986; Chambers County


http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/images/84UFTX.jpg http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/images/84UFTX1.jpg

Unidentified White Female - Located skeletal remains on May 31, 1986 in Chambers County, Texas; Estimated Date of Death: 1 - 2 months. 30 - 45 years old; 4'11 - 5'1"; 110 - 115 lbs. May be mixed race. Auburn, collar-length hair (with some grey); gray eyes. Both ears pierced twice. The victim was located beside SH 87, circa 2.3 miles east of Highway 124, near High Island, TX.



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Unidentified Female found December 29, 1989 - Houston, Harris County, TX


Unidentified White/Hispanic Female

Located on December 29, 1989 in Houston, Harris County, Texas.
Estimated Date of Death: 1989
Recognizable Face
Estimated age: 19 - 29 years old
Approximate Height and Weight: 5'3"-5'4" (64"); 161 lbs.
Distinguishing Characteristics: Black hair approximately 20" long; brown eyes.
Marks, Scars: Small half moon scar below the right knee; smal fine scar on right forearm
Clothing: Black corduroy pants; a white pullover shirt; black socks; white panties; a white bra and black lace-up shoes.
No sizes given on items listed.
Personal Effects: A handwritten schedule was located near her body.
Fingerprints: Not Available
Dentals: Not Available
DNA: Not Available

The victim was located at 5433 Westheimer Road in Houston, TX.

The Doe Network: Case File 96UFTX
Agency Case #: ML89-8294
NCIC Number: U-430004278

http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/96uftx.html (http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/96uftx.html)




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The Doe Network: Case File 137UFTX

Princess Blue

http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/images/137UFTX3.jpg http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/images/137UFTX4.jpg

Unidentified White/Hispanic Female

•The victim was discovered on September 10, 1990 in Brazoria County, Texas.
•Estimated Date of Death: 1-5 years prior
•Skeletal Remains


Vital Statistics

•Estimated age: 15 - 25 years old
•Approximate Height and Weight: 4'11" - 5'3"; with a slight to medium build.
•Distinguishing Characteristics: Originally thought to be Hispanic, the new analysis indicates the young woman was White, with the probability of some Black traits. According to the forensic analysis, it is likely one parent or one grandparent was Black.
•Skeletal Findings: Two fractured ribs; and a defect on a bone beneath her left knee. The victim possibly had a tumor on her knee.
•Jewelry: One pearl, beaded bracelet. Six rings. One gold band ring with six clear stones; one silver band with a scroll design; two thin silver bands; one silver-colored ring with a turquoise horse or unicorn. One 1975, size 9 1/2, Robert E. Lee, Houston, TX, High School ring. This ring has a blue stone with a silver colored, inexpensive metal band. It is unknown whether or not there were ever engravings on the inner side of the ring's band. The ring was up sized twice, which would have removed evidence of previous engravings. However, it does have an inlaid, "L" which many students chose as an option that year that stands for the school mascot, Robert E. Lee himself.

•Dentals: Available. There were several teeth with untreated carries, and two amalgam fillings. Tooth #10, an upper left, lateral incisor, which is right next to her two front most teeth was surgically removed prior to death and the corresponding space was partially obliterated by mature bone


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18 Mile Road is found near the bottom tip of the island, located in the lower left corner of this image.

Skull Found – Galveston - August 15, 1980 - A human skull was found on West Beach near 18-mile road Friday evening by two beachgoers. The skull was partially buried in the edge of a sand dune. The people who discovered the skull took it to Galveston Island State Park where they called police.

Sgt. Danny Perez of the Sheriff's Department said the discovery of the skull is a new development in an investigation that has been going on since Monday 8/10/80 when a jawbone was found on West Beach near 7-mile road. Since then, a human leg bone was found at 11-mile road and a human forearm was found on the beach near Galveston Island State Park. After the skull was returned to the area where it was found, Galveston Police and Galveston County Medical Examiner Dr. W. M. Korndorffer searched the sand and found no other human remains. Korndorffer said the skull may be that of a young female; the skull contained no wisdom teeth which would indicate the person was young. Based on an initial examination of the skull, Korndorffer said it may match the jawbone that was found earlier in the week.

A small amount of blonde hair was still attached to the skull and a handful of hair was in the sand below the skull. Korndorffer said there are missing persons in the area who match the description of the skull, believed to be a teenaged female. He then said "the rest of the skeleton will probably show up later." He said he doesn't believe any more bones are in the area where the skull was found. Korndorffer said he will put all the bones together Saturday morning, and try to see if they belong to the same person. He said it is too early to guess at the cause of death until more tests are performed.

1980: Sandra Degrassa Found Buried on Beach - Cold Case Investigations



Sandra was last seen on December 18, 1979 in the vicinity of 8th and Seawall
Blonde hair
brown eyes
5'2" tall
106 pounds




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Sarah Trusty, 23

Possible lead fizzles in missing woman case

By Scott E. Williams
The Daily News

Published July 21, 2002

ALGOA — A possible lead that developed in the disappearance
of an Algoa woman led to the latest dead end in the case.

Sarah Trusty, 23, went for a bicycle ride the night of July 12
and never came home.

Trusty had been known to go off for a day at a time, but her
husband decided a week ago that 36 hours was enough. He
reported her missing to the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office.

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Sarah Trusty

Height: 5-foot-5.
Weight: 130 pounds.
Eyes: Blue green.
Hair: Light brown.
Information: Authorities are urging anyone with information
concerning Sarah Trusty’s whereabouts to call the Sheriff’s
Office criminal investigation division at (409) 766-2333 or
dispatch at (409) 766-2322.


Found Deceased: Sarah Trusty, 23 Yrs., Algoa, TX, 07/12/02

Posted on 12. Jul, 2002 by smckinney in Located Persons, Memorials

Sarah left her residence on Avenue E in Algoa druing the evening hours of Friday, July 12 to go for a walk then a bicycle ride. She was last seen after 11 pm near the Baptist church on Orange Street in Algoa. On Saturday morning the bicycle was found in the foyer of the church.


Sarah Trusty, 23, was last seen 7/12/2002 riding her bicycle near Algoa Baptist Church. Fifteen days later, two fishermen found her decomposed body on the Texas City Dike. She was still wearing the clothes she was last seen in. Her death was ruled a homicide, and doctors determined she had been dead more than a week when her body was found.

Galveston County Sheriff’s investigators said the cause of death was not yet known, but there were no apparent wounds from a gun or knife. ***UNDISCLOSED COD***




The Texas City Dike (Pre-Hurricanes Katrina and Ike)