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Kenneth Allen McDuff is one of the most hated and reviled names in Texas criminal history. Often called "the Poster Boy of Capital Punishment," he is the only man in US history to be sentenced to death, released from death row and then sentenced to death again and executed for a different crime.


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Texas Justice and the Death Penalty

To those who argue that the death penalty has no deterrent effect on crime, writer G.D. Blackmon says, “Kenneth McDuff unarguably disproves that theory, since it is a fact that at least twelve women would be alive today had he been put to sleep when he should have been.” The next time Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton complain about the death penalty in Texas, ask them about the McDuff case.


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Kenneth Allen McDuff (March 21, 1946 – November 17, 1998) was an American serial killer suspected of at least 14 murders. He had previously been on death row from 1968 to 1972.

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**An Exclusive for the Rosebud News**

Why Write About Kenneth McDuff?


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2009: Danielle Simpson, “If I can’t be free – Kill me!!”
1998: Kenneth Allen McDuff, Texas nightmare

Kenneth Allen McDuff grew from the small-time bully of tiny Rosebud, Texas, to a feared and reviled killer finally apprehended with the help of the America’s Most Wanted television series. By the time of his execution on November 17, 1998, he stood as a symbol of how the best-intentioned prison reforms could bring the most hideous results.*