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Okay, here is the revised info that I promised. Nurse, can you replace the timeline with this info? A mod said this morning that he/she could do so, but that mod might not be around at this time of day.

Case Timeline

Jan. 27, 1984: Gary Bain marries Pamela Mayes, who becomes Pamela (Mayes) Bain.

1988: Gary Bain fathers a child. It COULD have been with Pamela Bain.

1998: JoAnn gives birth to Adrienne

2000: JoAnn gives birth to Alexandria

2000: Adam Mayes marries Teresa Mayes. She is approximately 19. He is approximately 23

2001: Gary Bain marries JoAnn.

2004: Kyliyah Bain is born.

Approximately 2009: Gary and JoAnn Bain moved from Tennessee to Arizona.

Early 2010: Mayes family moved into a rented trailer in Union County, Mississippi

Approximately Thanksgiving 2011: Pamela (Mayes) Bain contacts her brother, Johnny Mayes II, for the first time in six years.

Approximately Winter 2011: Gary and JoAnn Bain TEMPORARILY moved back to Tennessee after a family death and listed a home for sale in Whiteville, Tennessee.

Thursday, April 26: Bain family was packing a U-Haul in anticipation of a move to Arizona; Gary Bain, JoAnn Bain, Adrienne Bain, Alexandria Bain, Kyliyah Bain are present; Adam Mayes is present and is helping to pack; Gary Bain’s adult daughter was present with Bain’s grandchild(ren).

Thursday, April 26, 10:33 p.m.: Adrienne Bain says on Twitter that she feels like crying. Theories range from sadness about moving away to something traumatic that occurred on April 26.

Friday, April 27, approximately 1 a.m.: Gary Bain goes to sleep.

Friday, April 27, afternoon: Gary Bain discovers that his family is not home after his girls do not return home from school on the bus, and he calls the police. A local resident spots JoAnn Bain’s SUV parked on the side of the road.

Sunday, April 29: Police question Adam Mayes about the disappearance of the Bain women, but they release him.
Sunday, April 29: Jo Ann Bain’s abandoned vehicle is found in Hardeman County after a resident reports that it has been there since he first saw it on Friday afternoon.

Monday, April 30, afternoon: Adam Mayes shows up at a convenience store in Guntown, Miss. He has cut off his hair and died it a darker color.

Tuesday, May 1: Mayes last seen in Guntown, Miss., according to published reports; Police contact Mayes to interview him about misleading information and discover that he has fled.

Thursday, May 3: Teresa Mayes begins to call, text and Facebook with her sister, Bobbi Booth, with details related to the abduction, and Booth tells her to notify police. Teresa doesn’t tell the police anything.
Friday, May 4: Warrant issued for Mayes and authorities begin digging in back yard at Mayes home. Amber Alert issued for Bain girls and mother.

Saturday, May 5: Two bodies are discovered at property where Mayes lived with his wife and parents. Bobbi Booth finally notifies police that her sister told her about the abduction and murders.

Monday, May 7: Bodies identified as Jo Ann Bain and 14-year-old daughter.

Case Names

Adam Mayes: 35 years old; Wanted for abduction of JoAnn Bain and her three daughters; Suspected of murdering JoAnn Bain and 14-year-old Adrienne Bain; Said to be friends with Gary Bain; Knows Gary Bain because Bain was once married to Adam’s sister, Pamela (Mayes) Bain; Said to have worked with Bain as an auto mechanic; Said to have been abusive to mother, Mary Mayes, and Teresa Bain, who is currently his ex-wife; Lived in Union County, Mississippi on parents’ property; Mayes lived with his ex-wife; Said to have claimed he was the father of a Bain daughter; Said to have spent time with the Bain girls in his trailer; Ex-wife’s sister says he locked himself in bedroom with girls; Believed to have dated JoAnn Bain before she married. May have heart condition; May have tried to buy Viagra from a neighbor; Spotted in Guntown, Mississippi on April 30 and may have been driving a white Oldsmobile Alero.

JoAnn Bain: 31 years old; Wife of Gary Bain for 11 years; married Gary Bain when he was about 49 and she was about 20; lived in Hardeman County, Tenn.; had three children, Adrienne, Alexandria, Kyliyah; was pregnant with Adrienne when she was 16-17; was pregnant with Alexandra when she was 18-19; was pregnant with Kyliyah when she was 22-23; Said to have dated Adam Mayes when she was a teenager; May have dated Mayes around time that she became pregnant with Alexandria; had lived in Tennessee, moved to Arizona, moved back to Tennessee temporarily in late fall/winter 2011 after family member’s death; was planning to move back to Arizona in May 2012; vehicle found in countryside in Hardeman County, TN; body found in back yard of Mayes family property near Guntown, Miss.

Adrienne Bain: 14 years old; Daughter of JoAnn Bain; Said to be biological daughter of Mr. X; Was planning to meet some friends from school on evening of April 27; Murdered at her home; Body was discovered buried in shallow grave behind Mayes home; Thought to have been murdered by Mayes; May have been strangled; Had asthma.

Alexandria Bain: 12 years old; Daughter of JoAnn Bain; Said to be biological daughter of Mr. X; In danger; Kidnapped by Adam Mayes; Whereabouts unknown; Has asthma; Whereabouts unknown.

Kyliyah Bain: 8 years old; Daughter of JoAnn Bain; Said to be biological daughter of Gary Bain; In danger; Kidnapped by Adam Mayes; Whereabouts unknown.

Teresa Mayes: 30 years old; Lives in Union County, Mississippi; Raised in Lawtey, Florida; Wife of Adam Mayes; Erroneously said to be an ex-wife of Adam Mayes; lived with Mayes in Union County, Mississippi and previously in Jackson, Tennessee; Stated on her Facebook page that she was on medication; Said to have mental health problems; said to have been abused by Adam Mayes; Said to have gone by bus to see her mother in Georgia two years ago, but she returned to Mayes at some point; Arrested in Bain case and charged with two counts of first degree murder and especially aggravated kidnapping; Confessed to police that she witnessed Adam murder JoAnn Bain; Confessed that she drove a vehicle containing bodies of JoAnn and Adrienne from Tennessee to the Mayes home in Union County, Mississippi.

Mary Mayes: 65 years old; Mother of Adam Mayes; Lived on same property as Adam and Theresa Mayes; Arrested on charges of conspiring to kidnap Bain children; Said to have been victim of abuse by Adam Mayes; Said to have moved around a lot before settling in Tennessee.

Johnny Mayes Sr.: Father of Adam Mayes; Lives in Union County, Mississippi; Previously lived in Jackson, Tennessee and once lived next door to Gary Bains in Whiteville, Tennessee; In poor physical and mental health; Not charged in Bain case; Recent reports say he is located in county seat of Union County.

Gary Bain: 60 years old; Husband of JoAnn Bain; adopted Adrienne and Alexandria Bain; Said to be biological father of Kyliyah Bain; Was previously married to Pamela (Mayes) Bain, who is Adam Mayes’ sister; Was married to another woman when he was 19; Erroneous reports incorrectly stated that Bain and Adam Mayes were married to twin sisters; Has an adult daughter from a previous marriage; Adult daughter might be biological daughter of Pamela Bain. If so, it would make Gary’s adult daughter the biological niece of Adam Mayes and the biological daughter of Pamela (Mayes) Bain. It also would make Teresa a niece and Mary Mayes a biological grandmother to Bain’s eldest daughter.

Father X: Said to be the biological father of Adrienne and Alexandria; Would have fathered the two oldest Bain girls when JoAnn Bain was in her teens; Is not named here because he appears to have nothing to do with the case.

Johnny Mayes II: Lives in Cowpens, NC; Brother of Adam Mayes; Does not communicate with Adam or parents Johnny Sr. and Mary Mayes; Asking public to be on watch for Adam Mayes.

Pamela (Mayes) Bain: Sister to Adam Mayes; Ex-wife of Gary Bain; Mother to Gary Bain’s adult daughter; Daughter of Johnny Sr. and Mary Mayes.

Bobbi Booth: Lives in Georgia; Sister of Teresa Mayes; Has spoken out about Adam Mayes; Claims Mayes abused her sister and did not allow her sister to have contact with family.

Adam Mayes's Geographic Connections

Whiteville, TN: Mayes has lived in Whiteville.

Jackson, TN: Mayes had lived in Jackson, possibly before moving to Mississippi

Union County, MS: Mayes lived here when he abducted the Bain family.

Lawtey and Starke in Bradford County, FL: Lawtey is the hometown of Teresa Mayes. She may have attended Bradford High School in Starke, FL.

Gaffney, SC: Adam Mayes once lived here with his parents, Johnny and Mary Mayes.

Texas: Adam Mayes lived in Texas with his family for nine years, and Gary and Pamela Bain once lived in Brownsville, Texas.

Arizona: Mayes reportedly has connections to the Tucson area.

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5/9/12 Affidavits for both Teresa and Adam: http://localtvwreg.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/affidavitagainstadamteresamayes.pdf

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Tennessee Kidnap Suspect Adam Mayes Put on FBI's Most Wanted List

WARNING-IT PLAYS AUTOMATICALLY AND EVEN WHEN I MUTE, THE SOUND COMES BACK ON. If you happen to be at where you don't want people to hear.


Mayes, wife charged with two counts of first degree murder


Former FBI profiler weighs in on search for Bain girls

Attorneys for Mayes' women speak out about the case

FBI News Conference 2.00 PM CDT/3:00 PM EDT - Wednesday, 5/9/12


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Whiteville House location:

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Nicole Jefferson's ex husband was arrested for her murder yesterday. So I do not think she has anything to do with AM

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Paraphrased from sijiazhentan posts:

Bain's appear to have been residing in Arizona until 2011; here is a website for the "ranch" they were operating:


Yet on this page, it appears they were in Tennessee in 2010.


The address listed on the website posted above appears to be owned by JB's father Joe Thompson:


Timeline for Bain family residence appears to be:

1) JB, GB, and kids lived in Tucson, AZ area from 2003-2009
2) JB and family return to Tennessee in 2010 and have a ranch in Whiteville, TN called "Painted Corners"
3) JB and family return to Saint Johns, AZ in late 2010/early 2011 to be with her ailing father Joe Thompson
4) Joe Thompson passes away in March 2011 http://www.tributes.com/show/Joe-Mca...mpson-91178027
5) JB and family take care of the property owned by her father; possibly sell it
6) JB and family return to Tennessee in April 2012; plan to move all their property from the ranch in Whiteville to a new home in the Tucson area

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GB married AM sister in 1984 - her name is PJM.

Upper left page


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Reports may or may not be accurate. Sometimes the reporter puts their own interpretation on a story

This site keep updating
UPDATE: FBI says Adam Mayes now on 10-most wanted list


Action 5 News


GoUpsate.com Interview with Adam Mayes Brother Johnny Lee Mayes II

Video Footage from Convenience store

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Amber Alert

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thought it might be a good idea to keep track of specific cities Mayes has connections

Tucson, AZ http://www.kgun9.com/news/local/150887555.html

Cowpens & Gaffney, SC http://www.goupstate.com/article/20120509/ARTICLES/120509630?p=2&tc=pg

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thought it might be a good idea to keep track of specific cities Mayes has connections

Tucson, AZ http://www.kgun9.com/news/local/150887555.html

Cowpens & Gaffney, SC http://www.goupstate.com/article/20120509/ARTICLES/120509630?p=2&tc=pg


Lawty FL Bradford County

Whiteville, TN

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case map

(also has linda reed case locations)

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Mother of Accused Killer Speaks Out About Adam Mayes

05-10-2012, 06:43 PM
Classmates deal with the disappearance of the Bain sisters

... Despite rumors the family had already relocated to Arizona, all three Bain sisters were still attending classes in Bolivar, Tennessee. ...

... For the youngest students, the Bain family tragedy is the stuff nightmares are made of. ...


05-10-2012, 06:57 PM
Murdered mother's best friend speaks out to squash rumors

... Bryant says Bain had daughters Adrienne and Alexandria with her high school sweetheart from Bolivar Central High. After the two divorced, Bain remarried and had her third daughter, Kyliyah.

"She was a joy to be around, she never met a stranger, she was happy," Bryant explained.

She said the Bains moved from Whiteville to Arizona, but in 2009 they relocated to Missisippi in order to take care of Jo Ann Bain's mother-in-law.

Bryant believes that is when Bain met Adam Mayes, ... Bryant resents speculation that Mayes and Bain were anything more than friends. ...

Bryant was texting with Jo Ann on April 26, the day before she disappeared. She was excited about returning to Arizona. ...


05-10-2012, 07:52 PM
Statement from Adam Mayes Friend

Former pal says FBI fugitive Adam Mayes 'obsessed' with missing girls

Mayes' best friend claims murder suspect needs heart transplant

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You can find almost anything here:

05-11-2012, 10:44 PM
Town Heals After End of Mayes Incident

... In Hardeman County this week, there's been a show of support for the Bain family. Driving along Market street, you will likely notice lime green ribbons. The ribbons welcomed the two girls home. ...

"We had heard that the girls favorite color was lime green, so similar like Holly Bobo went missing and they're town painted the whole town pink with ribbons draws your community together," said S****. ...

In just three days, they've managed to sell hundreds of bows. The shop raised more than $2,000 to help cover burial costs for Jo Ann and Adrienne Bain. ...

[HS principal] describes 14-year-old Adrienne as sweet, quiet and a lover of the outdoors. Since her tragic death, he says there's an emptiness in the school's halls. ...


05-11-2012, 11:54 PM
Bain Sisters Strength Inspires FBI Agents

... Alexandria and Kyliyah and their family are now get that help through the FBI victim’s assistance program.

“We have a trained counselor that has been working with Mr. Bain since the inception of the case, and she will also be working with the two little girls to provide them assistance, pretty much whatever they need,” said Agent Ford.

Agent Ford says the counselors will work with them as long as the girls need. ...


05-12-2012, 09:13 PM
Trauma experts help question girls in U.S. murder, abduction case

Child trauma specialists are helping investigators interview two girls about being seized ...

Investigators believe the girls had been out in the woods since April 30 or May 1.

The area where they were held in Mississippi is remote, heavily wooded and a prime hunting ground. ...

"It had been raining, it was just miserable conditions. They had no shelter. ... . To my knowledge, they had no change of clothes, they had no shelter. Basically, they were just hiding out."

Mayes had brought a backpack of food and water, but supplies ran out about three days before they were rescued. ...

Agents immediately shared with them the water and snacks they were carrying with them. ...


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Alexandria's bio dad seeking custody.


05-15-2012, 10:08 AM
Bain family focused on healing

... [ B ] family representative said family members are not talking for fear of influencing the ongoing investigation ...

... rumors swirled that [AM] was the father ... that is a rumor ...

"Let me emphatically say there's no way that [AM] is the father of any of these children," said L*. "And that when confronted about that, [AM] would say, 'Oh, I know I'm not the father, I just love them like I'm their father.'"

[GB], ... , said he is focused squarely on his young daughters and their healing.


05-15-2012, 07:33 PM
Bain Friends Urge Privacy For Girls

... [AB and KB] are being interviewed extensively by the FBI ...

... [ B ] Family hasn’t gotten the bodies of [JB] and [AdB] back, but they are moving forward with funeral plans.

... it’s time for life to return to normal and let the healing process begin for the [ B ] girls. ...


05-16-2012, 08:53 AM
Bain sisters’ dad shares gratitude on Facebook

... "I wanna say thank you to everyone for the help and support to get the girl home. And a special thanks to heaven's new angels Jo Ann and Adrienne. We will always love and miss you," [MJ] posted to his Facebook page. ...