View Full Version : WELCOME to Allison's new forum!

07-08-2012, 04:13 PM
This is Allison's new forum! Everyone has been so active in this case that we thought it was time - if not overdue!

Summer_Breeze is going to be our "point mod" in this forum. :rocker: That means that she's going to be our mod squad and members coordinator. I'll still be here as your administrator and Imamaze will continue to be a core member of Allison's mod team. We are also adding a new mod to your case named Daisy7. I've enjoyed working with her in two other forums and although she's a daisy and not a sunflower, you'll love her! :heartluv: We also have Salem, Ynotdivein, Bessie and all the other great mods who can help you if we're not around.

New threads can only be opened by moderators as this is called a "subforum" rather than a "forum". Technical boring terms, I know. :blushing:

Please remember to use the Threadiquette thread if you want to make sure a question for the mods is answered. We don't read every post and might miss something.