View Full Version : Found Deceased VA - Marquis Jobes, 13, Chesterfield County, 25 Oct 2003

10-28-2003, 03:31 PM

11-02-2003, 08:00 AM
Hunt for suspect leads to arrests
http://www.timesdispatch.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=RTD%2FMGArticle%2FRTD_BasicArti cle&c=MGArticle&cid=1031771868568&path=!news&s=1045855934842

11-05-2003, 09:01 AM
Arrest warrants out for Rankine
Police also seeking to question him in boy's disappearance
http://www.timesdispatch.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=RTD%2FMGArticle%2FRTD_BasicArti cle&c=MGArticle&cid=1031771930754&path=%21news&s=1045855934842

11-05-2003, 10:21 PM
Here's a link; man found dead, was sought for questioning:


12-13-2003, 01:53 AM
I live in Richmond, Virginia, and they found this 13 year old boy's body last night, behiind a Kmart. The police received a tip from someone that led them to the body. One of the news stations is reporting that the tip also identified the killer, and they expect an arrest.

School officials pulled his friends out of school so their parents could tell them, rather than have them hear it on the news. It is so sad. It does sound like they have lots of evidence at the crime scene, so that will help catch whoever did this. Whoever it was, also killed this boy's mother and her boyfriend. The boyfriend was a drug dealer, but the mom and the 13 year old boy were innocent.


12-13-2003, 06:08 AM
Police have recovered a body believed to be that of Marquis Anton Jobes, the 13-year-old Chesterfield County boy who has been missing since his mother was found slain in their home on Oct. 25.
http://www.timesdispatch.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=RTD%2FMGArticle%2FRTD_BasicArti cle&c=MGArticle&cid=1031772587343&path=%21news%21localupdates&s=1045855935074

12-13-2003, 12:15 PM
Do they know the distance from the house? Keeps us posted Doyle.

Sounds like someone who was involved might have called the tip in.