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Kathy C
01-06-2005, 12:53 AM
A judge tossed out a lawsuit brought by a woman against Dr. Smith, nephew of President Kennedy, in which she said he had raped her once. After this alleged occurrence, she continued working for him as his personal assistant for 6 months, having consensual sex with him during that time. She wanted a $3 million payoff. Not getting this, she brought a lawsuit.

When this lawsuit was first made public, Dr. Smith was so upset he was visibly shaking as he denied having raped this woman.

Thirteen years ago Dr. Smith was accused of raping a woman he had had sex with after a night of drinking. He won that case.

Kathy C

01-11-2005, 11:35 PM
I remember watching the trail from jury selection to the verdict (on Court TV) and I have to say I would not have convicted him either.

I don't know why, but I just had a feeling this gal was trying to extort money from him. He rapes her, then she continues to work for him for six months? Right.

01-17-2005, 11:10 PM
I knew this particular case would be tossed.

I, too, watched his rape trial and I, unlike the jury, would have voted to convict. I believed her. A whole bunch of other women that he has done this to came forward but their testimony wasn't admitted.

01-21-2005, 04:51 PM
I agree Lisa- I think he was guilty the first time, but this most recent thing was a scam. There were a lot of ugly stories that came out about him the first time around.