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11-06-2003, 07:41 AM
I have posted a few messages on the Chandra Levy forum at websleuths, and someone over there posted a message saying that they had posted it here first without any response, so they took it over there.

I am a Chandra Levy investigation nut, so I will try what the other poster did, in reverse. I will bring Chandra Levy over here. I have never seen what I am going to mention anywhere in the news, so you may see it first here.

After the Connie Chung interview of Congressman Gary Condit in August of 2001, Congressman Condit went around to various other news media the same day, and maybe a few days afterwards, doing interviews for the media. I have looked, and I have checked, but I have not found anything, and what I was looking for is why did not Connie Chung, or any of the other media interviewers, ask Condit if Chandra had keys to his apartment?

That would have been a much better question than asking him about an affair with Chandra.

Keys are pretty hard to sidestep, keys are not very mysterious, and they more or less take a yes or no answer. Someone might have been able to pin Condit down, but none of the interviewers did (that I could find).

Did Chandra have keys to Condit's apartment? Well, Paul Katz, Chandra's uncle, said she did on the Larry King Live Show July 30, 2001, which was before the Connie Chung interview in August, and all of the other interviews.

Rep. Condit seemed to be lucky one more time. He seems to be able to dodge the punches. In the meantime I can not even find an address for Connie Chung so that I can tell her what she did, or did not do. <smile>

Maybe someone has some comments about Chandra, or Gary Condit, etc. Maybe you know who did it. That would be interesting.


11-06-2003, 09:01 AM
There is already a Chandra Levy thread here for those of you who can't accept a simple mugging victimized because she went jogging wearing a walkman and was not alert enough to threats in the area.

11-06-2003, 11:13 AM
Toth, hello, I am a new poster here. I will tell you what a Congressman's staff member told me once, and also a police sergeant. "You don't know that."
Why didn't Connie Chung ask Rep. Condit if Chandra had keys to his apartment? Why did it take the Washington police 11 weeks before they searched Condit's apartment.

11-06-2003, 12:35 PM
Is it true that there were several Washington interns that wound up dead over the last few years and they thought it might be some kind of serial killer?

11-06-2003, 02:24 PM
Baby Blue, that is true. I really haven't looked that up much lately. Joyce Chiang was one intern some posters got concerned about in the Washington area. I was concerned there, but there was not a lot of evidence with Joyce. There seemed to be some feeling by some that Joyce had committed suicide, but I don't think anyone knows that for certain.

I could say a little more, but it would be off the top of my head and might not be 100% correct.

If you are really interested in more of what has occurred in Washington, DC, you can try going to www.justiceforchandra.com and there are various news items there, and people who are also interested in the Chandra Levy case and other similar cases.

Myself I am a Californian, living only about fifty miles from Modesto, California, and I wish that the local law authorities around Modesto could get more involved with the Chandra case. Right now Modesto is concerned with the Scott Peterson and Laci Peterson case, but the Modesto authorities have been working hard, and they do not back down.

When Chandra first disappeared the Stanislaus Sheriff's department sent a deputy to Washington to see if Chandra's home county could help in the search. The Washington police promptly sent the deputy back to Modesto, told Modesto not to investigate, and to turn over all of their investigation papers.

That atitude changed on the part of the Washington police a little later, but the Stanislaus County Sheriff's department was a little confused at first as to why Washington did not want Chandra's home county to participate in the search for her.

I don't know what the relationship is now between Stanislaus County law enforcement and the Washington, DC police.

In one instance, which I refer to a little over at the regular Chandra Levy forum here, the Washington police asked for assistance from the FBI to interrogate at least one witness in Stanislaus County, because of course the Washington police could not do that themselves, in another part of the country.

It seems like local law enforcement around Modesto could have handled the situation much easier, knowing the territory, and the residents in that area.

Thanks for the remarks, Baby Blue, and sorry that I am not more up to date on missing interns in the Washington area. It does seem that interns are fairly young people, and they should not be dating elderly Congressmen, or Congressmen should not be dating interns.


11-07-2003, 09:47 AM
Originally posted by BABY BLUE
Is it true that there were several Washington interns that wound up dead over the last few years and they thought it might be some kind of serial killer?

Baby Blue, maybe Toth is right, maybe I should not be posting here about Chandra Levy. I found an article, accidently, that might interest you. It is not about interns, but it is about pregnant women in Washington, D.C.

It was written before Chandra Levy disappeared, so it is an independent report.

It may be of interest to others, so I will make a separate topic for it also.


cheers, benn8