View Full Version : DA told second time he can't use statement allegedly made by defendent

06-12-2005, 08:32 AM
The cover sheet stated authorities were searching for the remains of Michael J. Kerkowski, 37, Tammy L. Fassett, 37, and a shovel with a green handle.
Authorities subsequently recovered the bodies of Kerkowski and Fassett from a shallow grave, and the charred human remains of Adeiye Ossasis Keiler, 22, Frank James, 29, and an unidentified person in garbage bags.

Trooper Yencha was unaware of the search at Selenski's home, and after reading the cover sheet, he told Selenski, "It looked serious."

Trooper Yencha asked Selenski if any bodies would be found. Selenski allegedly replied, "Yeah, five of them."
When Selenski voluntarily replied to Trooper Yencha's question, he was in custody on charges he robbed and threatened Kerkowski's father, Michael Stanley Kerkowski.