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06-20-2005, 07:42 PM
The following items were found with the remains: a blue winter coat with a faux fur collar, blue jeans, a leather belt and a distinctive necklace.

Forensic experts who examined the remains believe them to be those of a white male who was possibly in his late teens or twenties, and who stood at least 6-foot-2, Babst said.

picture of necklace at link

01-24-2011, 04:16 PM
The original link is dead but this person is still a John Doe.

* The victim was discovered on March 24, 2005 in Estacada, Clackamas County, Oregon
* Estimated Date of Death: 2001-2005
* Skeletal Remains

Vital Statistics

* Estimated age: 20-40 years old
* Approximate Height and Weight: 6'0-6'5"; 200 lbs.
* Distinguishing Characteristics: Signs of osteophytic lipping present on several metacarpals. Endocranial sutures not fused.
* Clothing: Five-pocket style button-and-zip denim jeans; leather belt; dark blue coat with ribbing at the waist and a faux fur-trimmed lapel collar. Leather belt with etched design. A distinctive necklace (pictured) was found in a pocket.
* Dentals: Available. Significant wear on dentition.
* Fingerprints: Not available.
* DNA: Available; CODIS.


His Namus page lists some ruleouts:

06-30-2011, 08:04 PM
I stumbled across this website - started looking at Oregon posts - noticed this one and went to look at the necklace. I have one that is VERY similar - the one in the picture could almost be the one my dad had made from gold melted down from our Celtic ancestors (rings etc). My dad lives in Coos Bay Oregon -

Don't know if asking my dad who the jeweler is would be of any help - but it stood out because it was not store bought but hand made.

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Lived pretty close by. Missing since 2000, listed height as 75. Pictures don't show necklaces, though.