View Full Version : Murder suspect with bloody chainsaw agrees to extradition

07-22-2005, 11:39 PM
US Customs' role scrutinized after slaying in Canada

A 22-year-old man who crossed the Canadian border into Maine this spring carrying a bloody chainsaw agreed to be extradited to Canada yesterday at a hearing at which US prosecutors said blood found on his clothing matches the DNA of a slaying victim in New Brunswick.

A day after Gregory Despres crossed the border in April raving about being a Marine sniper who worked for President Bush, Canadian police found the decapitated body of his neighbor, 74-year-old Frederick Fulton. Fulton's head was in a pillowcase near his body; police also found the body of Fulton's companion, Verna Decarie, who had been stabbed to death.

Despres was arrested late the next day in Mattapoisett, where he was seen walking down a road wearing a sweatshirt that appeared to be covered in blood.

On April 25, the same day he entered the United States, Despres was to have faced sentencing on a conviction for assaulting and threatening neighbor Frederick Mowat in Minto, New Brunswick. Authorities said Fulton was Mowat's grandfather.