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08-16-2005, 03:38 PM
Woman Killed Hours After Honeymoon; Husband Arrested

Newlywed's Body Found By Dumpster Three Years Ago

MIAMI -- Police have arrested the husband of a woman who was found three years ago beaten to death and tossed behind a trash bin just hours after the couple returned from their honeymoon.

A sanitation worker found the body of Wendy Trapaga, 21, early in the morning on Monday, Oct. 14, 2002. The body was next to a Dumpster along the 7200 block of Northwest 70th Street. Her face was badly beaten, according to police.

She and her husband, Michael Escoto, 35, had come back from her honeymoon late Sunday, Oct. 13, 2002. The couple had eloped, according to family members.

According to an attorney for the Trapaga family, the couple took out a life insurance policy worth $1 million just before their Oct. 10, 2002 wedding. Escoto was the beneficiary.