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08-18-2005, 07:17 PM

[url="http://www.mymotherlode.com/News/article/kvml/1123869342"]Searchers Pull Back In Search For Missing Nevada Woman-myMotherlode.com (http://www.missingabducted.com/?p=8)
Friday, August 12, 2005 - 10:50 AM
Eric Nelson
News Director

Sonora, CA — Authorities are on the lookout for a 64-year-old woman from Hawthorne, Nevada missing since Monday.

George Ruckman of the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s department says Nita Mayo told family members that she was going through Sonora Pass to a “village” at about 10:00 Monday morning. Authorities say it is unclear what village she was talking about.

08-18-2005, 07:25 PM
I have loosely been following this, and the one thing I keep thinking about is how the daughter said her mother was deathly (sorry to use this term) afraid of heights.

08-23-2005, 11:41 AM
We have posted a comment that Cindy Mayo (daughter) posted to us on the blog. There are 2 funds set up for Tracy (daughter) and Pete (son) to continue searching for Nita (mother). Tracy is from North Dakota and Pete is from Tenn. The cost of living out of state and the expense off meals and flyers as well as search efforts are mounting.

08-23-2005, 12:48 PM
Since they found her car that means she didn't go over a cliff in her car. I've been over that pass at night, and I can tell you it isn't for the faint of heart or anyone afraid of heights. I was petrified.

08-23-2005, 03:49 PM
Tracy Mayo is setting up another search for Saturday. If you are in the area please lend a hand.

08-23-2005, 08:42 PM
How horrible. Was there anything wrong with her car when it was found? Had she run out of gas or had the car broken down? If there was something wrong with the car she may have taken a ride with someone. If there was nothing wrong with the car then someone must have taken her.

Her poor family. What a nightmare for them. I hope they find their mom alive and well real soon.

08-23-2005, 08:48 PM
From what we understand she got out to take pictures and possibly to have a picnic lunch.

08-24-2005, 08:33 PM
This post will give those around the country a better feel for the area that law enforcement and the family are trying to cover and clear as a target spot.

Donnell’s Vista-Stanislaus National Forest (http://ponderosascenery.homestead.com/donnell.html)

Union Democrat article with some picturesque descriptions of the area. (http://www.uniondemocrat.com/news/story.cfm?story_no=18123)

More details about the climbing and terrain of the Highway 108 area from SonoraPassClimbing.com (http://www.sonorapassclimbing.com/)They have also put out a call to all climbers on their site for any information.

These are the areas that Pete and Tracy Mayo are spending there days traversing and looking for Nita Mayo.

08-26-2005, 01:29 PM
When I was in my teens, our church youth group would take backpacking trips in the Sierras. There is a lot of wild, desolate country out there.

I think stores should invest more in their surveillance and hold on to tapes longer than they do. If there was a picture to put out on the wire services of the scruffy-looking man hanging out at the store, I think we might find out what happened to Nita Mayo.

08-26-2005, 02:30 PM
It looks like Tim Miller and Texas Equu-Search is joing the search for Nita. This may lead to more promising searches based on horseback.

09-01-2005, 12:55 PM
I live in Hawthorne...and know Nita well. She was a nurse at my Doctors office. I would love to help with the search but cant find out when they are doing them again. If anyone could help that would be great! Thanks!

09-01-2005, 01:20 PM
This weekend they are doing massive searches with Tracy and Texas Equusearch. They are using the Holiday/extended weekend for a larger scale search.

09-01-2005, 11:26 PM
The Tuolumne County Sheriff's Office wants to question a woman in connection with the disappearance of Nita Mayo.

Tuolumne County officials say they are interested in talking to 39-year-old Jewel Jeanne Rice of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Mayo, a 64-year-old Hawthorne resident, was last seen when she left to go shopping near Sonora, California. Her car was later found abandoned in Tuolumne County.

Officials say Rice, who also uses the alias Atencio, was in the area at the time of Mayo's disappearance. They say Rice's car may have had mechanical problems and that it is possible she was looking for help with her vehicle.

Authorities are not calling Rice a suspect in Mayo's disappearance, only that she may be a possible witness. She is described as being a white, female, standing 5'1" tall and weighing 185 pounds. She has brown hair and hazel eyes.
Mugshot of POI at link

09-03-2005, 10:41 PM
Volunteers, including an internationally-known horseback search team, plan today and Sunday to continue the search for a Hawthorne woman missing near Sonora, Calif., since Aug. 8.

“Our meeting place will again be the Dardanelle’s Resort today and Sunday with the check-in between 8 and 9 a.m.,” Mayo said. “We’ll be searching all day. We are asking for help from anyone with horses, ATVs, jeeps, or just on foot.”
The Dardanelle Resort is on U.S. Highway 108 near Sonora Pass, about 150 miles from Reno.
Mayo said authorities also are trying to locate a potential witness, Jewel Rice, 31, formerly of Colorado Springs, Colo. “Ms. Rice’s U-Haul broke down and was left in the Strawberry area the same time of my Mom’s disappearance, so she may have witnessed something,” Mayo said.

Mayo's family is asking anyone camping, hiking and fishing in the Sonora Pass area to keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

Tomorrow night, a benefit concert will be held in Twain Harte to raise money and awareness to help find Mayo, a 64-year-old nurse from Hawthorne. The Silvermoon All Stars band will wear shirts with Mayo's picture on them as they perform from 6 to 8 p.m. at Eproson Park.

The Tuolumne County Sheriff's Department considers Mayo's disappearance a missing person case, but investigators have also said she possibly was the victim of a crime.

The family is asking for anyone with horses, ATV's, Jeeps, or people just on foot to go out and help in the search for Mayo, who has been missing for close to a month.

09-07-2005, 07:11 PM
The Tuolumne County Sheriff's Office says the investigation into the disappearance of a Hawthorne, Nevada woman is still active and ongoing.

Lt. George Ruckman of the Sheriff's Department says investigators are following every lead in an effort to locate 64-year-old Nita Mayo who has been missing for nearly a month.

Ruckman says the sheriff's department is working closely with investigators in Nevada to turn up clues in the case.

He says the sheriff's department has gone to Mayo's house and talked with her co-workers and neighbors in Nevada.

So far the investigation has come up empty. Ruckman says a forensic examination of Mayo's car turned up "nothing unusual."

10-10-2005, 10:33 PM
Mayo Family Members Gearing Up For Major Search

Monday, October 10, 2005 - 08:45 AM
Eric Nelson News Director

Sonora, CA -- Family members of a missing Nevada woman are once again organizing a major search effort this weekend.
The group Texas Equusearch will also participate along with the Carole Sund Carrington Foundation in an effort to locate 64-year-old Nita Mayo who has been missing since August 8th.

Organizers are seeking volunteers to join the search, especially those with Horses, ATVs, dog teams and four-wheel drive vehicles.
Search parties will be staged at the Strawberry Inn on Highway 108 at 9:00 a.m. Saturday and Sunday.


11-13-2005, 04:26 PM
Nita Mayo: Search on Nov. 19th and 20th (http://www.missingabducted.com/index.php/2005/11/13/nita-mayo-search-on-nov-19th-and-20th/)

We are having another volunteer search on November 19th and 20th, for Nita Mayo, our Mom. The search will be headquartered at Walker River Lodge, 100 Main st. in Bridgeport, California. We need as many volunteers as possible and especially need those with atvs, horses, dogs, jeeps, etc…. Also cameras and ropes. My brother Pete will need a truck with an atv. We must get this out to as many people as possible, winter will soon be here and also the holidays. We need our Mom back home with us.

We really need your help! If you have any questions, please call Pete at (615)566-1158.

Thank you very much.


Cindy Mayo

11-15-2005, 12:13 AM
Nita Mayo: Search on Nov. 19th and 20th (http://www.missingabducted.com/index.php/2005/11/13/nita-mayo-search-on-nov-19th-and-20th/)

We are having another volunteer search on November 19th and 20th, for Nita Mayo, our Mom. The search will be headquartered at Walker River Lodge, 100 Main st. in Bridgeport, California. We need as many volunteers as possible and especially need those with atvs, horses, dogs, jeeps, etc…. Also cameras and ropes. My brother Pete will need a truck with an atv. We must get this out to as many people as possible, winter will soon be here and also the holidays. We need our Mom back home with us.

We really need your help! If you have any questions, please call Pete at (615)566-1158.

Thank you very much.


Cindy Mayo
Just got an update from Tracy Mayo

The search will be headquartered at El Capitan at 9am, in Hawthorne, Nevada. Not in California as listed above.

11-15-2005, 01:45 PM
Nita Mayo: MAYO FAMILY DOES NOT GIVE UP THE SEARCH (http://www.missingabducted.com/index.php/2005/11/15/nita-may0-mayo-family-does-not-give-up-the-search/)

NOVEMBER 15, 2005: Another search is being organized for missing Hawthorne, NV woman, Nita Mayo on Saturday and Sunday, November 19th and 20th. The Mayo Family will be organizing a search in the Hawthorne, Nevada area. Anyone wishing to join in this search is asked to meet at the El Capitan Restaurant/Casino, 540 F Street in Hawthorne at 9am. We are especially requesting people with Horses, ATVs, dog teams, and Jeeps to help us in our search for our Mom, Nita Mayo. We at this time would also like to make an appeal to all property owners to please drive around and look at your property for anything suspicious. We feel it is now necessary to start looking at the last place that we KNOW she was, and that is in Hawthorne where she has her home. Please help us in our continued search for our Mother….and please help us bring her home for the Holidays……we are DESPERATE and in urgent need of your support.


The last search that the Mayo family and Texas EquuSearch conducted in the Sierra Mountains in October did not result in finding Nita or any signs of her, however America’s Most Wanted spent the entire 2 days filming the search and interviewing the Mayo Family. The segment on the Mayo Search, as told by the producers, is set to air the middle of December. This could be the exact break that is needed in the Mayo case due to the fact it is a resort area….National coverage is imperative to try and reach the people that may have seen something but have no idea to give the information due to not knowing about her disappearance.

11-15-2005, 03:15 PM
Thank you Absolut, for keeping this search updated.


11-16-2005, 09:18 AM
Case of missing woman to be featured on ‘AMW’


Pete Mayo of Charlotte says he’s hoping an upcoming segment on America’s Most Wanted will help locate his missing mother, Nita Mayo of Nevada.

Nita Mayo, 64, was last seen in Donnells Vista in Sonora, Calif., on Aug. 8.

“They (the television show) shot all over the foothills at Sonora Pass and Donnells Vista, where she went missing,” Mayo said. “I just think this show will reach more people. It’s just going to take that one person out there with the right information that could lead us to her.”

Mayo recently returned to Charlotte from California where he and other members of his family participated in the search for their missing mother along with EquuSearch, a horse-mounted search and rescue group, organized by Tim Miller, a Texas man whose daughter was abducted and murdered in 1984.

Producers of America’s Most Wanted, which airs on Fox 17 in Nashville on Saturdays at 8 p.m., tell Pete Mayo that his mother’s segment should be shown sometime in late November or early December.

“I’m not going to think the worse has happened. My older sister keeps having dreams that she’s OK,” Pete Mayo said.

Mayo’s mother had breakfast with a friend at 10 a.m. on Aug. 8 before leaving for Sonora Pass. She was supposed to call a friend when she arrived back home from her drive to Sonora Pass. But she never called nor did she ever show up for work at Mt. Grant Hospital in Hawthorne, Nev., where she lived, according to her son.

“Our mother’s car was found with all her belongings inside, but she was nowhere in sight…our mom loves and lives for her family…this is not a case of her walking away from her life. This is either a case of some sort of medical condition that has her disoriented and not knowing who she is (though she was in perfect physical condition before she left) or she was abducted,” he said.

“The area around where her car was found is a resort area with lots of vacationers. Her car was found at the Donnells Vista overlook off Highway 108, east of Pinecrest. We need to get the word out across the nation to people that may have been in that area around Aug. 8. If someone saw something that day, they may never know to tell us because they do not know she disappeared. Please help us. We are desperate and in urgent need,” Cindy Mayo, the daughter of the missing woman said in an e-mail to The Herald.

Cindy Mayo added that another search is taking place for their mother Nov. 19-20. The search will be headquartered at El Capitan Hotel/Casino in Hawthorne, Nev.

“We need as many volunteers as possible and especially need those with ATVs, horses, dogs and jeeps…cameras and ropes would also be helpful. My brother Pete Mayo needs a truck with an ATV. We must get this out to as many people as possible. Winter will soon be here and also the holidays,” Cindy Mayo said.

Please call the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Department at (209) 533-5815 or Texas EquuSearch at (281) 309-9500 or toll-free at (877) 270-9500 if you have information on her whereabouts.


11-17-2005, 11:55 AM
Children of missing nurse won't quit search

November 17, 2005

The family of a Nevada woman who disappeared three months ago will continue the search for her this weekend.
Frustrated that several searches on the California side of the Sierra Nevada have uncovered few clues, the family of Nita Mayo will focus efforts around Hawthorne, Mayo's hometown.

"We have searched several times (in California) and Tuolumne County officials have searched several times," said Tracy Mayo, one of Nita Mayo's daughters, from her home in North Dakota. "And there's nothing. We haven't found anything.

"But we just can't quit," she added. "I've got to be doing something. I'm not giving up."

Family members have not heard from Mayo since she left Aug. 8 on a trip to Sonora.

Mayo, 64, worked as a nurse at Mount Grant General Hospital Clinic in Hawthorne, about 175 miles east of Sonora.

A sheriff's deputy found her 1997 silver Mercury Sable station wagon at the Donnell Vista overlook off Highway 108, east of Pinecrest, on Aug. 10.

Mayo's purse, with her identification, credit cards and cell phone, were in her car, but her camera and keys were not, deputies said.

A store clerk in Strawberry told deputies he believed he saw the woman about the time she was reported missing.

"She's somewhere, she's got to be somewhere," Tracy Mayo said.

Continued at link:

*Anyone wishing to join in the search in Nevada this weekend is asked to meet at the El Capitan Restaurant and Casino, 540 F St., Hawthorne, at 9 a.m. Saturday and Sunday. Organizers said all are welcome but urge residents with horses, ATVs, dog teams and 4-wheel-drive vehicles to volunteer.


11-18-2005, 09:18 AM
Family of missing Hawthorne nurse seeks help

November 18, 2005

The family of a missing Hawthorne mother is asking Churchill County residents to help in a search of the Mineral County area planned for Saturday and Sunday.

Anyone with ATVs, horses, search and rescue dogs and four-wheel drive vehicles is asked to help look for Nita Mayo, a Hawthorne nurse who disappeared in August.

Search teams will meet at El Capitan Restaurant/Casino in Hawthorne at 9 a.m.

Mayo, 64, left home Aug. 8 and planned to take a day trip over Sonora Pass in California. Her family believes Mayo would stop to shop in small towns along the way.

She never made it home.

Her car was found at the Donnell Vista Overlook on Highway 108, which is about 12 miles east of Strawberry, Calif. The location is a two-and-a-half hour drive from Hawthorne.

The keys were inside the vehicle, along with Mayo's purse, wallet and cell phone. Her camera was missing, and she was wearing her prescription sunglasses. Mayo's family said their mother could have entered her locked car by using a keypad.

A search of the Sierra Mountains last month where the car was found did not turn up any clues.

America's Most Wanted spent two days filming the search and plans to air a segment on Mayo's disappearance in mid-December, her family said.

The case has now been assigned to the FBI and classified as "a missing person with suspicious circumstances."

Tracy Mayo, the daughter of the missing woman, said in a prepared statement that the family thinks it is important to begin searching the area where Mayo was last seen, which was at home in Hawthorne.

"We are especially requesting people with horses, ATVs, dog teams and Jeeps to help us in our search for our mom, Nita Mayo," she states. "We, at this time, would also like to make an appeal to all property owners to please drive around and look at your property for anything suspicious...Please help us in our continued search for our mother and please help us bring her home for the holidays...we are desperate and in urgent need of your support."

Mayo is a nurse at Mt. Grant General Hospital in Hawthorne. She is 5-feet tall and weighs 140 pounds. She has dark brown hair with frosted ends.

She left Hawthorne at 10 a.m. after having breakfast with a friend.

Anyone who wants to assist in the search can contact Tracy at 701-730-4949 or Pete at 775-945-1714.


12-04-2005, 10:12 PM
I was wondering if there is any new info inthis case? I'm in Nevada, so of course there is nothing in the media here.

12-05-2005, 11:21 AM
The case of a missing Hawthorne woman last seen in the Sierra Mountains three months ago has been turned over to the FBI.

Officials say the August disappearance of Nita Mayo has been re-classified as a case of a "missing person with suspicious circumstances."

They aren't releasing details about the decision to change the classification.


12-05-2005, 12:58 PM
Tracy Mayo, the daughter of the missing woman, said in a prepared statement that the family thinks it is important to begin searching the area where Mayo was last seen, which was at home in Hawthorne.

I think that's a good idea....going back to the beginning.

12-05-2005, 11:12 PM
I think that's a good idea....going back to the beginning.
What great children Nita Mayo has. They are certainly doing all they can during what must be aa absolutely awful and trying time for them. I am sure their mother is very proud of both of them.

Bless them. Sending them my prayers and hoping for some answers soon.

12-20-2005, 11:07 AM
North Dakota woman continues search for missing mother

Dec 20, 2005

The daughter of a Nevada woman missing for four months is hoping a segment on "America's Most Wanted" will help find her mother.
Tracy Mayo of Fargo, North Dakota says she's not giving up the search for her mother, Nita Mayo.

The 64-year-old mother hasn't been seen since August eighth when she had coffee with a friend near her home in Hawthorne, Nevada.

Nita Mayo's cell phone, purse and keys were found locked in her car two days after she disappeared.

Mayo, a licensed practical nurse, had left her home for a drive over the Sonora Pass in California and a day of shopping.

The Tuolumne County Sheriff's Department continues to investigate the disappearance with the FBI in a supporting role.

Tracy Mayo says family members are hoping her mother's profile on "America's Most Wanted" will generate more leads.

The show hopes to air the segment during February sweeps.


01-28-2006, 12:18 AM
Saturday, January 28, 2006

Tracy Mayo is trying to solve the mystery of her mother's disappearance on a trip through the California mountains, and she hopes national television coverage will help.

Mayo's mother, Nita, has been missing since Aug. 8. Authorities report no leads, despite dozens of searches and a $20,000 reward.

Nita Mayo's cell phone, purse and keys were found locked in her car two days after she disappeared. The 64-year-old nurse had left her home for a drive over the Sonora Pass in California and a day of shopping.

Tracy Mayo, of Fargo, appeared on the CBS "The Early Show" Friday for a segment on her mother's disappearance. Early next month, "America's Most Wanted" will feature the story.

"She's a very loving, caring person," Mayo said of her mother. She said a prayer vigil is planned.

"Now that the new year's here, we're motivated, we're determined and we're so desperate to get her back," Tracy Mayo said.


02-09-2006, 02:42 PM
A prayer vigil will be held tonight for a Fargo woman’s mother, who has been missing since Aug. 8.

The service for Nita Mayo, who turns 65 today, will begin at 6:30 p.m. in Hope Lutheran Church’s south campus at 3636 25th St. S. in Fargo.

More……. (http://www.in-forum.com/articles/index.cfm?id=117068&section=News)

07-12-2006, 03:06 AM
Nita Mayo 5k Run/Walk set

for Aug. 12

It has been almost a year since our beloved Nita has disappeared from our lives. Over the past year, her family, friends and investigators have agonized over her whereabouts. The searches will continue until we find her.

This event provides great support for the family in the search for clues to Nita's whereabouts. Last year, the Nita Mayo Run/Walk was extremely successful in raising funds for the Nita Mayo Family Fund.

This year, it is hoped the 5K run/walk will be even more successful in the support for the family. This event creates an outlet for all of Nita's friends, family and co-workers to gather together with memories, hope and love for Nita. So please mark Aug. 12 on your calendar as the day that you do all that you can to support the search for Nita. Bring your friends and family and participate in a great event that honors our beloved Nita Mayo.

This year's event will be Aug. 12 at Lady Bird Park in Hawthorne at 8 a.m. Pre-registration until Aug. 4 is $20. Registration after Aug. 4 and race day registration will be $25. For an entry form and more information, please call Cheri Lockwood at 775-773-2329.

08-05-2006, 07:33 PM
August 05, 2006
Search for woman begins 2nd year

By Cass Rains, Staff Writer

Relatives of a missing former Enid resident still have hope and are continuing their search for their mother today and Sunday.

Nita Mayo disappeared Aug. 8, 2005, after having breakfast with a friend at Mayo’s Hawthorne, Nevada, home. Her plan was to drive over Sonora Pass for the day and return home that night. She was not reported missing until a day after her expected return, when she failed to report to work.

Mayo’s car was discovered Aug. 9, 2005, in the Donell Vista area of California, which is on Highway 108 about 12 miles east of Strawberry, Calif., which will be the starting point of the weekend search. --->>

Daughter Cindy Mayo said Sunday also will serve as the date for a dedication to remind people the family still is dedicated “to continuing our search and that we will not give up until we find her.”

The second annual 5K run/walk for Nita Mayo is set for Aug. 12 in her hometown of Hawthorne. Money raised will go to Mayo’s family to aid search efforts.

“America’s Most Wanted” aired Nita’s story June 24, and it netted about 32 calls, several of which are being investigated by Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Department, the agency investigating Mayo’s disappearance.

The sheriff’s department has received calls from viewers of the show who said they saw Mayo. --->>


09-20-2006, 04:29 PM
Bumping for Nita.

I haven't heard anything new for a long time but this is one of those that I think about almost every day.

02-01-2007, 03:34 PM
Bumping again for Nita. It's been such a long time without any news.

02-07-2007, 05:52 PM
Bumping again for Nita. It's been such a long time without any news.
I will do one more bump..Where is this poor woman?

02-09-2007, 02:00 PM
I have taken some Google shots showing where the car was located.

I have lost my email to cindy..
But just to let Cindy know we have not forgotten..
I hope this is ok with her.
I am going to record my info here at websleuths and we will do one more search of the area on foot..I will post my findings.


This image shows 395 in the background in "green" and you see the Donnell lake in blue outline as well as 108 which connects to 395..


This image shows the parking area..Where her car was found.
That little swirl in white headed towards the cliff.


This images gives a better view of the terrain..
As you can see very steep. Many drop offs..

I am going on the assumption she went for a walk, as her keys and wallet were inside of her car.


Shows surrounding area.

02-09-2007, 11:39 PM
http://www.missingabducted.com/?cat=8Thank-you Absolut for posting this.

04-15-2007, 08:34 PM
Bumping for Nita again.

Somewhere someone knows something.

08-23-2007, 09:13 PM
We did one more search..
There have already been many searches performed.

We have recorded that information at Blogs for Natalee.


08-24-2007, 04:07 PM
I do not want to join another site, but I really want to know if the search yielded any results that might help to find Ms.Mayo? Any info is appreciated...we send prayers to her family...nothing was posted yet on her yahoo site about the search...anyone know anything?

08-25-2007, 04:49 PM
This case has bothered me because it appeared to defy explaination. Last week I happened to drive over Sonora Pass so I stopped and took a look at the Donnel Overlook, where Nita's car was found. This spot is truley remote. There is nowhere near it that anyone whold reasonably attempted to walk to from there. The nearest structure is Strawberry that is at least 5 miles away. There are no trails or landmarks of any kind anywhere near. There is a small area of semi-flat land between the highway and the cliff like drop-off to the north and west. There is no way she could have just walked into the forest and gotten lost. In every direction, a five minute walk would have put in steep, rugged terrain that no 64 year novice hiker would ever attempt. There are only two possible explainations: 1) She went out a little too far to take a photo and slipped and fell (or more likely slid) down one of the slopes. Has the steep area been thouroghly searched? 2) She left the outlook with someone else in a vehicle. I assume that she did know how to use her keypad (so she wasn't locked out of her car) and the care was driveable. What possble motive would someone have for abducting, killing and concealing the body of a 64 year old woman? There was some speculation regarding a woman in the vicinity with a stuck car asking for help; but again, How would this fit in? There is the possiblity she was abducted elsewhere and the vehicle was just abandoned there. This would require a second driver and vehicle and, and the very least, the cash in her purse would have been taken. Again, what possible motive? I considered suicide but the "cliffs" just aren't high and steep enough to be a "sure thing" . In any event a good search should have yield the body.

One reason people who are lost in the wilds are never found is that when you are weakend, cold, injured or dying, it is natural to seek out any kind of shelter you can find. Perhaps between rocks, in brush or under a downed tree. This shelter can make it difficlt for a body to be found. I think she is there somewhere and her skeleten will show signs of serious injury.

08-26-2007, 11:43 PM
The search did not find anything, but we did another section on foot that had not been searched..The front of the cliff has been traversed many times and a helicopter came in..below the cliffs have been looked through by many many searchers..Still there are large and small crevases in the rocks and thick manzanita as well as fallen trees, we did a very detailed search of all crevases and under trees and in the middle of heavy brush.
This was the east side of the vista.. There are search tags 200 yards out on the west side and all the way down to the water.
No sign of her or anything that belonged to her..
Many many items have been found throughout the searches just none of these found items pertained to the missing person nita mayo.

09-03-2007, 09:07 PM
Are there any web sleuth's in the house ? :waitasec:

I need help on research.
All missing persons, murders, male suicides in the area of Tuolumne County.
2 years prior or in and about..
and 2 years past..up to today.

Just post it here for research..:rolleyes:

09-06-2007, 07:14 PM
sleuth (slūth) http://content.answers.com/main/content/img/pron.gif

A detective.
See sleuthhound (http://www.answers.com/topic/sleuthhound) (sense 1).
v., sleuthed, sleuth·ing, sleuths.

To track or follow.
To act as a detective.
[Short for SLEUTHHOUND (http://www.answers.com/topic/sleuthhound).]
WORD HISTORY Tracking down the history of the word sleuth requires a bit of etymological sleuthing. The immediate ancestor of our word is the compound sleuthhound, “a dog, such as a bloodhound, used for tracking or pursuing.” This term took on a figurative sense, “tracker, pursuer,” which is closely related to the sense “detective.” From sleuthhound came the shortened form sleuth, recorded in the sense “detective” as early as 1872. The first part of the term sleuthhound means “track, path, trail,” and is first recorded in a Middle English work written probably around 1200. The Middle English word, which had the form sloth, with eu representing the Scots development of the Middle English (ō), was a borrowing of the Old Norse word slōdh, “a track or trail.”

01-10-2008, 05:21 PM
Bumping for Nita...
cazador, why the interest in Tuolumne county? are you searching for someone there also?

In another voice here, about the above kemo post, I disagree on a few points..first of all, dardanelles resort is right there, and I have traversed this area on foot for years,(know cabin owners) and finding a body of an accidentally injured person is likely impossible, due to wildlife. I know someone who 'disappeared' in the exact same area, in the winter, and was found by search and rescue and the sherriff in a few hours, these folks who work this area and live in it in the winter are very very adept at the terrain and finding things or people, so I think that abduction or wanted disappearance are the closest to reality IMO. Just my perspective, please feel free to elaborate on your ideas...thanks

01-17-2008, 04:11 PM
I have some oddball questions here, so bear with me, I am asking in case they pertain to another missing person case I have looked at

Was Nita someone who enjoyed occasional gambling?
Did Nita have any ties to the states of either Oklahoma, or to Missouri?

thanks for any info

02-11-2008, 06:01 PM
Well I had moved the information over to BFN "Blogs For Natalee" as we had the mayo family as members.
We organized and did a full 3 day search of the area..
There were no new leads developed by that search.

I can answer your questions.

1.The information on Tuolumne county was needed to develop history of crimes in that area over a period of time.. Done.
2.Nita did not appear to be a gambler or have any bad habits..
3.Nita was only noted in and around Hawthorn Nevada.

The F.B.I. now has the case as they have considered some other angle.
They are not sharing info.. :rolleyes:
We are in a holding pattern at the moment,.

02-11-2008, 10:46 PM
Can I join this other site to follow? I cannot find it anywhere...

I have my ideas that she went with another person, possibly a missing person, but it is a theory.

Thanks for the info, please let me know where to continue...

02-27-2013, 12:21 AM
NamUs - https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/191/6/

Charley Project - http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/m/mayo_nita.html

AMW - http://www.amw.com/missing_persons/case.cfm?id=35514

08-08-2013, 11:06 AM
Bump! Nita has been missing for 8 years today.

04-24-2014, 10:09 PM
CA CA - Patricia Sue Tolhurst, 46, Tuolumne City, 18 April 2014 - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community (http://websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?p=10485271#post10485271)

Patricia Sue Tolhurst disappeared in the same location where 64-year-old Nita Mayo of Hawthorne, Nev., disappeared in August 2005.