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09-06-2005, 11:14 AM
Diocese of Texas Relief Bulletin

Here are several sources of information:

Episcopal Diocese of Texas www.epicenter.org
Episcopal Relief and Development www.er-d.org
FEMA Charity tips www.fema.gov/rrr/help2.shtm [fema.gov]
Red Cross 800-HELP-NOW or www.redcross.org
Salvation Army 800-SAL-ARMY or www.salvationarmyusa.org
Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Red Cross Shelters
If your church is a Red Cross shelter and is activated, please notify the Diocesan Center at 800.318.4452 and let us know of any immediate needs you may have. Be sure you have sufficient security.

Astrodome Volunteer opportunities
Volunteers are still needed and will continue to be needed to staff the Shelter at the Astrodome. An unprecedented attempt is being made to care for persons who were not able to leave New Orleans because of age, physical condition, transportation or economic means before the flooding--their recovery is magnified by being 350 miles from home with no real timetable for their return home, if that even becomes an option.

Anytime your schedule permits, please go to the Astrodome using the McNee entrance. Identify yourself as a volunteer and follow the parking attendants' direction to the Volunteer Parking Lot. The volunteer entrance to the Astrodome is near the parking. Please go to the Volunteer station, get a nametag and ask for an assignment. Volunteers are especially needed after work and through the night. The Red Cross has especially asked our help in those time periods.

Waldenbooks and Borders are accepting donations of used books that will be given to folks in the Astrodome or other shelters, to give them an opportunity to occupy their mind. To locate a store, go to www.borderstores.com.

Special Requests
The Prince Center in Houston's 5th ward is looking for adults and youth to come and help with structured activities for the kids staying there. The Center took in 100 evacuees Thursday night and will be getting another 200 on Friday. The are specifically looking for people, Saturday, September 3rd from 9-3, however they will need help on an ongoing basis in the days and weeks to come. Contact: Program Director: Sandra Prince or Executive Director: Kendra Wheaton at 713-227-0535 or 832-725-9877 The Prince Center is located at 3030 Jensen.

Specific Food Band requests:
Paper Goods - plates, cups, diapers, tissue
Cleaning Supplies - Bleach, Top Job, Mr. Clean type products
Water - Bottled drinking water (NO glass containers)
Single Serving Snacks - Pop Tarts, Cereal Bars
Peanut Butter
Heat and Eat Foods - Chili, stew, canned pasta with sauce, canned vegetables etc.
Lunchables or other single serving foods that DO NOT REQUIRE REFRIGERATION
MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat)
Personal care items

In addition to the Houston Food Bank, donations can be dropped off at the following six locations.
KPRC Local 2 Studios, 8181 Southwest Freeway near Gessner
Riverpark HEB, 19900 Highway 59
Gulfgate HEB, 3111 Woodridge
Fountainview HEB, 2660 Fountainview
Woodlands Market HEB, 9595 Six Pines Dr.
Mason HEB, 1621 Mason Rd.

Capital Area Food Bank, Austin
This organization has asked for the following supplies to be used in the Austin area, to be delivered to 8201 S. Congress Avenue, Austin TX 78745.
Bottled water
Peanut butter
Canned meat
Granola bars

School Supplies
Houston ISD has requested school supplies for refugee children (list below). Beginning Tuesday, September 6, contributions of school supplies gathered by Episcopal congregations can be delivered to St. John the Divine Church, 2450 River Oaks Boulevard, Houston. Houston Independent School District Coordinator, Ms. Samples, can be reached at 713.892.6052.

Elementary Level - highest needs at top of list
Glue - bottle and stick, washable only
Construction paper
Pencil Bags
Back Packs (small)

Middle & High School - all equally needed
Colored pencils
Notebook paper (wide and with college rule)
White out
Divider sets
Paperback dictionaries